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Visiting Niece Ch. 02

by tankrabbit©

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I came out of the restless sleep earlier than I usually woke up, just before 7:00 AM with my hand wrapped around my hard cock. At first I thought it was another of the dreams I had had throughout the night inspired by the guilt and desire I was feeling about the previous evening's encounter with my niece, who had come to stay with me for the summer.

As I lay in bed going over the events of last night I realized that I could smell that distinctive odor of fresh brewed coffee. It made sense that my 19 year old niece Becky would be up earlier that me seeing that she had a 2 hour time shift to deal with. It took me a few minutes to decide that the best approach was to deal with the issues caused by last night's activities was to just bring it up and not avoid the obvious.

I got out of bed sporting my morning wood and after relieving myself and brushing my teeth I jumped into the shower. As I was rubbing soap over my body the images of my niece modeling her sexing see through lingerie for me kept going through my head until I found myself stroking my cock as my sexual arousal built. With an extreme amount of willpower I reluctantly removed my hand from my member and repeatedly told myself that jacking off to the images of your very own niece was morally wrong and that I had to stop thinking about fucking her.

Somehow I managed to finish my shower, dry myself off and get ready for the day without getting hard again. It is very difficult to slip into even the loosest pair of jeans if you're sporting a massive 8 inch long and thick hard-on. I managed though and was able to tuck my semi-hard cock down the inside of my pant leg which allowed me the comfort I was looking for. I left my room determined to discuss this with my niece Becky and setup the necessary boundaries that we would need to employ to make the next three months as comfortable as possible.

That determination lasted all the way down the hallway until I got to the kitchen. As soon as I turned the corner and looked at Becky standing in front of the stove with her back to me all my resolve to deal with the situation faded. It was not her fault, she couldn't help looking sexy and desirable, even when she was wearing a simple pair of blue jeans and a tee shirt. She had a perfect hourglass shaped body which was only enhanced by the tight jeans stretched over he ass, the belt sitting across the widest part.

The light blue tee shirt hugged her waist perfectly and accentuated her perfectly shaped back. After taking in this simple view I could already feel my cock reacting, and thought that maybe I should have jacked off in the shower after all, which may have helped me control this. That, in addition to my imagination trying to visualize how the tight tee shirt would make her tits look, made my head start spinning again in the conflict of thought between my wanton desire and what many considered the most taboo act imaginable.

Becky had not noticed my arrival as I gazed upon her from across the island counter in the kitchen. I moved in further and made a deliberate noise opening the cupboard door to grab a coffee cup, saying good morning at the same time, all the while keeping an eye on my niece. She turned her head and looked over her shoulder wearing a bright smile and saying good morning.

"I figured eggs and ham were fine because that's what I found, over easy is what I can remember, is that right?" she asked nonchalantly as she turned back to the stove.

"Over easy is fine," I replied as I made my way over to the island counter opposite the stove with my coffee. I continued watching her of course, I don't think I could have removed my eyes from her even if I tried. Suddenly the toaster popped up a couple of slices which she grabbed, buttered, placed on a plate along with the eggs and ham and finally turned towards me. She placed the plate in front of me and asked if there was anything else I wanted. What I wanted was to get my head clear so I could deal with the situation developing between me and my niece. Instead I felt my cock twitch as she went and poured herself some coffee,

I decided that eating may help clear my head so I dug in like I hadn't eaten for days. I wolfed down a few bites while watching her in my peripheral vision. When she turned back and came to sit on the counter stool next to me, I got a good look at her tits pushing the thin blue material of her vee-neck tee shirt to the limit. I could also see the outline of her bra, and how the upper edge of the cup pushed her tits a little higher causing the flesh above the cup to jiggle with each step. I had to force myself not to stare, although I'm pretty sure she noticed where my eyes had wandered.

I turned back to my food and took a few more bites before sitting up and taking a gulp of coffee. I figured I had to get the subject of the previous evening out for discussion before she drove me completely nuts. "Becky, about last night," I started to say while setting my coffee down on the table. Before I could say another word however Becky jumped right in. MARK "Oh I am so sorry Uncle Pete, all that wine must have gone right to my head. I certainly don't want you to get the wrong idea you know. I hardly ever drink and I should have stopped after the second glass but the wine was so good. It's not like I'm a lush normally but we were having so much fun I guess I forgot stop. When I ran off to bed I was feeling the effects of the wine a lot, and I don't do well when the room starts spinning, if you know what I mean." She sat there smiling at me innocently.

Her explanation almost made me feel relieved. Was her drinking the excuse I needed, or did I need something more? I had already figured that she probably would of acted a lot differently if it wasn't for the wine. I could easily forgive myself for getting a 19 year old desirable young lady drunk, where I would probably have a lot more difficulty forgiving myself if I had been bold enough to fuck her last night. At least that's what flew through my mind in the seconds following her announcement about the booze.

As much as I wanted to I could not let sleeping dogs lie and to just tell her to forget about it, and maybe scold her about the responsibility that goes along with alcohol consumption. She just sat there looking at me with that big beautiful smile of hers, as it she was expecting me to say something, which was natural seeing that she had just offered up an explanation as to her hurried exit last night. Did her explanation include her behavior before her exit? I had to find out if the booze was the only reason why she had modeled the negligee for me.

I continued eating all the time this was going through my head, allowing the silence to go on a lot longer than it should have. After finishing of the last bite, I turned to her, deciding that I had to get it out in the open, and perhaps by doing so release some of the tension caused by my conflict.

"We need to talk about last night," I started, "if everything that happened was just because of you having too much wine, than that's fine. The only advise I can give you is to be careful how much you drink in the future, bad things can happen when you lose control because of alcohol."

"it's not like I was drunk Uncle Pete. I think the wine did make me feel dizzy but the lack of sleep and jet lag, and excitement all added to it. I definitely wasn't drunk," she replied in a matter of fact tone.

It's like she is telling me that she was totally aware that she had stood in front of me posing in all those positions and fondling her meaty breasts. Maybe, I thought, she was just too innocent for her own good. Maybe she thought that it was okay to pose like that for her Uncle, that she felt like it was a natural thing to do. That was ridiculous though, for Christ's sake she was 19 years old and looking at a career modeling bikini's and lingerie, she had to be aware of the affect she had on men. Either way I felt I had to continue on the path I had started down.

"There's something else actually that I wanted to discuss," I paused thinking about the words to use. "What I mean to say is this. I understand your position in regards to the decision you have to make about the modeling opportunity, but at the same time I see your mothers point. I thought that maybe we got carried away a little last night when you were showing me that it wasn't that big a deal for you. I see your point, and it is your decision." I thought this was a good start and was about to get to part about her not having to model anything for me any more when she jumped up and put her arms around me and thanked me for supporting her.

She turned and picked up the dirty plates and proceeded to put them in the dishwasher and tidy up the kitchen. I sat there wondering what had just happened. I don't think I got my point across about how we could have easily crossed a line last night the way she was modeling for me, that there was after all only so much a man could take. The other side of me was glad I didn't get the point across, the side of me that look at her and let the lust filled desire creep over me and fill my cock to the point it was hurting it was so fucking hard.

As she worked she continued to talk. "What should we do today Uncle Pete? I need to go to a drug store and pick up a few things and get a prescription taken care of. Is there a mall close by, I guess I should get to know where things are in the neighborhood. When do you need to go back to work anyway? I really want to get the most out of the next three months with you Uncle Pete."

The conversation was nonstop like that for the rest of the morning, and into the early afternoon. We ran our errands, went to the mall and the supermarket, and ended up back at the house around 1:00 in the afternoon. It was a bright sunny day, and the forecast looked great so I decided I would get the pool ready that afternoon, before dinner. I told Becky my plan and she got pretty excited about the pool until I told her it would likely be a few days before it was warm enough to be comfortable in.

"Oh," she said clearly disappointed, "I was hoping to catch a few rays and relax in the pool." She got this pouting look on her face which nobody would be able to resist.

"No worries," I replied, "the sun has nothing to do with the pool, except they go well together, and I will set up the hot pool first, it will be warm in short time and we can relax, catch some sun and get wet." Becky was clearly excited and ran over to me and gave me a big hug and thanked me yet again for letting her stay with me.

As she walked towards her room she turned at the doorway and said "this will be so great Uncle Pete, now I can model some of my new swimsuits for you!" She turned and disappeared down the hall. I stood there thinking the obvious, what would she look like in a bikini. When I looked at her lingerie site the previous evening when I was jacking off I remembered seeing a category for swimwear but didn't look at it. For now all I could do is imagine.

I went out to the pool area and started my chores. I pulled out some of the lounge chairs and cushions first thinking that Becky would be out looking for some sun tanning time. When she didn't show I removed the covers from the hot pool, tested the water and checked the filters, turned on the heater and pump before starting on the pool. Still no sign of Becky though.

I stopped and went in to get a drink of water and change into some cooler cloths before continuing my chores. I found Becky in the kitchen still dressed as she had been, but with some sandwiches for lunch waiting for me.

"I thought you would be out be the pool by now," I commented, "you were so excited earlier."

"Don't worry Uncle Pete, I still plan on lazing a bit in the sun later. When I went to my room mom called me on the phone to see how things were going. I totally forgot to let her know I had arrived okay. She told me to tell you that you may have two of us in a couple of weeks though. Her work may require a trip to the coast but she's not sure exactly when yet. She'll let us know. Anyway we talked for awhile or and when I hung up I realized I was hungry so decided to make a couple of sandwiches. How you making out with the work."

"Not too much more to do now," I replied. I just came in to change, it's getting pretty hot out." We chatted over lunch and when we were done I said I was going to change while Becky cleaned up the dishes. I went to my room and quickly changed into shorts and a tee shirt and went back out. I passed Becky on her way to her room to get changed and she said she would be right out to help me.

The hardest part about getting the pool ready is getting the cover removed and stored away. I have a roller mechanism for taking in off, but it's still a pain keeping the material straight without any unwanted folding. By the time I had unhooked all the tie downs Becky had just walked onto the patio. She had a light wrap covering her body to mid-thigh, she had pinned her hair up showing her neck, and was wearing some very sexy high heel sandals.

Even with the wrap covering her upper body and hips a person could not help to admire the perfection, at least in my eyes she was perfection. She immediately asked it she could be of some help, so I told her she could be a great help guiding the pool cover onto the roller. She agreed and walked over to the patio table kicked off her shoes, and removed the wrap.

Here it comes, I thought to myself as a watched her. Her back was to me as I watched the wrap fall of her shoulders revealing her upper back. I could tell from the material she had on a light blue bikini, but just from the thin straps that went around her neck and across her mid back, both smooth though with no bows.

As the wrap continued to drop over her hips she looked over her shoulder, "this is on of the suits I modeled for online but the photos never made the cut." she stated. The panty part of the bikini was very traditional in the world of bikini. I half expect, or was hoping for a thong style, but these were more of a triangle that fully covered her butt crack. Regardless, she looked stunning and not surprisingly I could feel my cock growing.

She turned and walked towards me. The bra part was a lot different that I would expect, with two triangle pieces barely covering her tits, with the string attached at the top of each triangle loop over her neck. This formed a teardrop like look exposing her cleavage, and making her boobs more securely fitted. The cups of the bra were tied together with a bow and the third corner of the triangle held the string that went behind her back.

The front of the bikini panty was a match of the back, except smaller of course. The material was formed nicely to her body, not too tight causing bulges and looked comfortable. She moved towards me with a knowing look on her face. She knew the reaction she was having on me, I could sense it in her smile. She was used to the attention her beauty brought, and I could help but dart my eyes between her smiling face and her boobs bouncing with every step she took.

I told her to stand at the end of the cover roller and just guide the cover as it came out of the water so it rolled up evenly. I will be doing the same on the other end, but cranking it also, so if you get into trouble just yell and we will get it straightened. I started the procedure and kept getting my side messed up because I was watching her bending over, opening up her cleavage enough that I could see clear through to her stomach, if the angles were just right.

The constant moving of my nieces upper body as she bent over, grabbed the cover and guided it onto the roller was overwhelmingly sexy. Even from my distance I could see the effect of the exertion and the heat on her skin, making it glisten in the sun from the sweat. The work made it even sexier because it wasn't just the amount of exposed skin, or the fleeting glances down the front of her top. I was the way her muscles tightened and loosened with each pull, and how she seemed to love the work.

After flubbing things a couple of times I had to start paying more attention to the work or we would be doing this all afternoon. We eventually finished but even the help it was past four by the time we had everything stored away and could take a break. I had taken my shirt off at some point because of the heat and I was starting to feel the sun and decided I had better get some screen on.

I looked over at Becky and finally came to the conclusion that I could not spend the next 3 months developing a hard on every time I looked at her. I knew deep down somewhere inside that I was going to have to do something drastic to break through the barrier of guilt that surrounded my sexual feelings and attraction for my niece.

"Oh oh" I said to no one except myself, "I'll be a lobster soon if I don't get some sun screen on." Just then Becky walked up to me from behind. The work had made my cock deflate to a semi-hard state which changed as soon as heard her voice beside me.

"What was that uncle Pete?" She asked, having overheard me talking to myself.

"Nothing," I replied, "I just need some sun screen if I plan to stay out here any longer, and so should you," although I couldn't see where she was burning. "I will go get some, why don't you relax in the lounge chair under the umbrella," I suggested.

"I sprayed some on before I came out so I should be good for a bit, maybe I'll go make some lemonade and we can sit and relax for a bit before making dinner." She said this as she slipped her high heeled slippers back on and started walking into the house beside me.

"Sounds like a plan," I said as we entered the house and I went to my bedroom to change into a swim suit and spray on some sunscreen. I pulled out several pairs of trunks and stood there looking at them trying to decide what would work while I slowly rubbed my cock wondering what Becky would think if I wore something as daring as she did. This question to myself was a turning point for me actually. Deep down I knew that she had to be aware of the effect she was having on me. I didn't know if it was just a game she decided to play, to see just how I would react, or if she was just as innocent as she portrayed.

I made a decision at that moment that I should see if I could push my niece even further than she had allowed things to go last night. At the very least I would find out if she was just cock teasing her old uncle or was seriously wanting to get fucked, or maybe just something between those possibilities. I did know for sure that regardless of her motivation I wanted more of her and if I allowed this teasing to go on too long I would either have to send her home, have an aneurism or force myself on her. None of these appealed to me but I figured if push came to shove I would just call my sister and say it wasn't working out like I thought and Becky would just have to make other arrangements.

I decided on one of the suits I typically wore when doing laps. It was fairly tight, but not binding and was big enough in the crouch to accommodate my tool even in a semi-hard state as I was now. I looked in the mirror as I headed to the bathroom and couldn't help but admire the package I presented to anyone that cared to look. It would be interesting to see how Becky reacted to my obvious presentation.

When I returned Becky was already laying on one of the lounge chairs. I could see the interest in her face when she took note at the natural bulge of my cock on display for her. She even lifted her sunglasses over her forehead to get a good look. The smile on her face gave her away even though it all happened pretty fast.

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