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Husband Or Lover Or Why Not Both

by Omega12©

Kathy was kind of bored after only 6 months of marriage. What did she expect? She wasn't sure. She didn't have to work in that crummy office anymore; Billie, her husband had a very good paying job, but there had to be more to life than that. She pictured getting a tan lounging by their backyard swimming pool; they didn't have one, or sipping cocktails with her friends after a game of tennis; she didn't know how to play tennis, so it was just kind of a letdown. Billie tried his best to please her, he had bought her that red convertible she had always wanted, but there had to be more than just owning things.

Maybe marriage was just dull compared to when she was single. In college, she was a cheerleader, one of the elite. She definitely had the looks for it. She had very long dark chocolate brown hair and sparkling deep brown eyes. Her breasts were small but perky and a cute ass that always sticks out like it wanted someone to feel it. Being a cheerleader, she was awarded college credits for physed, could skip classes for practise; and of course the boys.

Being a cheerleader, she was one of the most desirable girls in college and the wet dream of every boy who watched them do their sexy dance routines. They had their pick of all the boys so naturally they chose the jocks, the muscular athletes that played football, basketball and baseball. Being cheerleaders they went with the teams on their out of town games and it was party central. Win or lose there was always a party after the game in the hotel they were staying in. This was the life, party all day and fuck all night.

The college paid for the hotel, two to a room, their transportation and their meals. It was supposed to be two girls to a room and two boys to a room. That was the way when they checked in but it soon became boy girl, boy girl as they switched rooms for the night. Every away game it was booze, drugs and sex and the college paid for it all.

That all changed when she graduated with a liberal arts degree. That didn't qualify her for much and the best job she could get was an administrative assistant in an insurance company; in reality it was nothing more than an office girl job. The pay was lousy and the boss was always hitting on her. Had he been good looking she might have given him a break, but he was fat and ugly. Only in your dreams, Kathy thought. She had to share an apartment with another girl because she didn't make enough money for her own place. The girl's name was Heather, but Kathy called her horse face because that was what she looked like. She was the kind of girl that Kathy would never have associated with in college unless it was to carry her gym bag or her books. Life was the pits.

That changed again when she met Billie. The company was having severe computer problems, sometimes crashing all together. They called in a computer expert to fix their problems; enter Billie. He was only 5 ft. 5 in., the same height as Kathy. She always wore 2 in. high heels. That made her taller. He was only 8 years older than she was but he was already starting to go bald. He reminded her of the geeks and dorks in college that would try and get a good look at her in the college cafeteria when she would sit down allowing her mini skirt to rise up her legs almost to her panty covered pussy.

That was exactly what Billie was doing. Her desk was close to the large company computer and Billie often had to change the tape in the tape drive to run his diagnostics. {Since most of you are to young to know what a tape drive is, I'll explain it. It's about the size of a filing cabinet and a tape on 2 reels used to hold information, like a CD-ROM these days} You have to bend down to load the lower tape reel and Kathy's desk faced it She noticed Billie often sneaking a peak at her legs as she sat at her desk.

She decided to tease him a little and when she would see him glancing at her legs she would slide down on her office chair to expose more of her beautiful legs and spread them a little so that he could see her panties. Anytime she looked toward him he would turn away, but when he thought she wasn't looking he would glance over. She was sure he changed tapes a lot more than he needed to.

One day she said, "Billie come over here," and she was pleased to see how quickly he responded. He came over to her desk, blushing because he thought she had caught him looking up her skirt. He started to stammer out an apology when she interrupted him. "You're a computer expert aren't you?"

"I don't know about being an expert but I do know computers."

"My home computer has got so slow I can't download anything. Do you think you could come to my apartment and fix it for me?"

"I would be glad to come to your place and take a look."

I thought you would she thought. He had a hard time trying to hide how pleased he was. "Come by my place tonight at eight o'clock. Here's the address."

When she got home from work, she saw Heather already starting the dinner. "Horse face, I'm having someone over tonight so I need you out of the apartment by 7:30 and don't come back until at least 11:00."

"But I have nowhere to go and please stop call me horse face."

"Go to a movie or something."

"Movies are 2 hours long, so what do I do from 9:30 until 11:00?"

"I don't know, that's your problem, just be out by 7:30." She thought Heather and Billie had a lot in common. He was a dork and she was a dorkess; she could control both of them. Maybe she should mate them for her entertainment. She went to change into her favorite shorts. "Horse face, how come my shorts aren't washed?"

"Kathy, you know I do the laundry Wednesday's, I'll wash them along with your other clothes then." She's getting pretty uppity Kathy thought. Maybe I should whip her bare ass and watch her dance in agony for me.

Billie arrived promptly at eight. She was wearing a short sheer nightdress under her bathrobe. "I just came out of the shower Billie; I hope you don't mind me not being dressed?"

"No, not at all, "Billie said staring at her nearly naked body.

"You are supposed to be looking at my computer, not at me," Kathy said with a smile.

"Sorry Kathy. I'll get right on it," he said going over to her computer. It didn't take him long before he said, "You have a virus infecting your computer, and no wonder, you have no virus protection."

"What's that?"

It's protection for your computer. I didn't bring anything with me but I could come back tomorrow with a virus diagnostic to clean your computer and I could install virus protection so it doesn't happen again."

"That's so sweet of you. Look it's still early, would you like to stay for a little while?"

"Yes Kathy, I would like that very much."

"Good, go into the kitchen and make me a rum and coke with a slice of lime. You do know how to make a lady a cocktail don't you?"

"Yes Kathy." He found everything he needed but since she didn't say he could have one, he just made hers. She was sitting on the recliner seat when he re-entered the living room so he handed it to her.

"Thank you Billie, now come sit on the floor beside me." After a few sips she said, "Billie you put in too much coke and not enough rum."

"I'm sorry Kathy."

"Well, remember for next time." He was pleased to hear that there would be a next time. Later she said with an evil grin, "Do you know how to please a woman Billie?"

"You mean kissing and stuff?"

"No, I mean pussy sucking. You're a virgin aren't you?" Billie didn't want her to know that he was, so he mumbled something hoping that would be enough. "I can see that I have to teach you everything," she said lying back on the recliner letting her nightie rise up almost exposing her bare pussy. "First start at my knees and slowly kiss your way up my legs until you reach my pussy. You do know what a pussy is, don't you." She giggled. "When you reach my pussy, stick out your tongue as far as you can and lick me from bottom to top. If you can, try and lick my asshole before licking your way up my pussy. When I hold your head in place I want you to thrust your tongue as fast and as deep as you can. When I clamp you in place with my legs suck me, and keep sucking until I push you away."

Billie followed her instructions as best he could and she had her orgasm on his tongue, He was pretty good for his first time, but no point in letting him know that. She had not had sex for a while and it felt good cuming all over his face. "OK Billie, time for you to go home. I'll see you tomorrow at work."

The following day she enjoyed teasing Billie at work, asking him if he had a good time last night and watching him blush. She told him to come again at eight and to also bring a bottle of rum because she was running low. When she got home she told Heather that she would have to go out again.

"Please, please, don't make me go out again. I'll stay in my room and be very quiet and he'll never know anyone else is here."

"OK, you can stay," thinking she might get some amusement out of having Heather there. Billie arrived promptly at eight bringing his stuff and Kathy's bottle of rum. She was dressed the same way as yesterday. "Good Billie, you brought my rum. Make both of us a drink and this is my roommate horse, I mean Heather.

He brought their drinks saying, "I hope I made it better this time."

"Thank you Billie, now get busy, if you get done fast enough, we can have some fun afterwards."

It didn't take him long. "I have cleaned up your computer and installed an anti-virus program, but I notice your computer is old and the operating system is way out of date. I have a second computer that I don't use and if you want I'll give it to you. If you like I could bring it tomorrow and set it up for you."

"OK and when you come, I have enough rum but I'm running out of cigarettes, so bring me a carton of Lucky Strikes."

"But I don't smoke."

"Did I ask you if you smoked?"

"No Kathy, I'm sorry."

He's soo easy Kathy thought, and for the first time thought about making him her husband. He is rich and will probably do anything I want. "Billie make me another drink and come sit by my feet. After he brought it to her, she still didn't say he could have one, she continued; "Billie my feet are tired; be a dear and massage them for me." She enjoyed his attention to her feet while she finished her drink. "That's good Billie; now start kissing your way up my legs to my pussy."

Heather spoke up, "I think I'll go to my room now."

"No, stay here and watch. Maybe I'll make Billie do this for you sometime. Now Billie, do you remember your lesions from last night?"

"Yes Kathy."

"Good because tonight I want you to suck me off. Now get started and show some enthusiasm by making noises sucking, kissing and licking me. I want Heather to hear how much you enjoy pleasuring me. Right now I want you to only kiss and lick me. I'll tell you when to start sucking." After a few minutes, "That's a good boy Billie but now I want you to tongue fuck me. You do remember how I trained you last night, don't you?"

"Yes Kathy."

"See if you can synchronize your tongue thrusts to my face fucks better than you did last night."

"Yes Kathy."

She kept him at it for quite a while until she felt her orgasm build. "Oooh, that feels good now suck me hard," She said as she yanked him by his ears, tight to her pussy.

"Now while I enjoy the afterglow, I'm going to turn over and I want you to kiss and lick my ass. Try and reach my asshole with your tongue, but if you can't reach it, don't worry about it, because it's your attempt to please me that counts."

Thinking back Kathy remembered how that eventually led to marriage. She already had him pussy whipped. He was a submissive that she could easily dominate. But now after several months it was getting boring again. She had her new car and in bed she amused herself by getting Billie all hot and bothered and then denying him any sex with her. She would say things like I'm tired so just go and jerk yourself off; but that was getting old also.

Then her neighbor Courtney told her about a women's health club. It was very expensive and very exclusive. It had exercise equipment, sauna and hot tub, swimming pool, massage rooms, tennis courts and a cocktail lounge. Each woman had a personal trainer assigned to her to monitor and assist her in her health program. All the members were women, but all the staff were male. She told Kathy the men were all hunks, and the wait staff in the lounge wore only bowties and shorts, eye candy she called it.

When she told Billie she wanted to join, she thought he might baulk at the price, but he didn't. She had trained him like a dog. He knew the only way he got to have sex with his wife was to keep her happy, otherwise it was frustration and unsatisfactory jerk offs for him.

She went with Courtney that first day, and they became friends, often taking turns driving to the club. She gave Billie's cheque to the manager, and older man with gray hair but still sexy, and he introduced her to her trainer. "Kathy, I want you to meet your personal trainer Frank. His job is to look after you, help you reach your goals and assist you in any way he can."

Frank was tall, darkly tanned and wearing just a thin T-shirt, you could see his muscles ripple when he moved. He had a great smile and he held her hand in both of his as he shook it saying, "I'm pleased to meet you Kathy." He was wearing those long cotton workout pants with an elastic top that all the trainers seemed to wear. She wondered what she would see if she pulled his pants down. "You are one of the most beautiful customers I've had the pleasure of meeting." Kathy thought to herself, he's charming and sexy, I think I'm going to enjoy this place. Courtney had already left with her trainer Chuck

"We'll start by taking your height and weight and your measurements. Then I want to get an idea of what your goals are. After that I'll put you on a treadmill to assess your cardio physical condition and your stamina. That may be more physical exercise than you're used to so I will give you a massage to relax your muscles. After that, take your shower and go home; that's more than enough for the first day."

They went into the gym where he weighed her and recorded her height. When he measured her bust he put the tape measure behind her back and brought the ends around in front to measure. While he fumbled to get the right measurement his hands were brushing back and forth across her tits. Measuring her waist was normal but again while he measured her hips his hands were in front of her pressing into her pussy as he tried to get the correct measurement.

Next was the treadmill; "Walk quickly for as long as you can. How long you can do that will give me a good idea of your physical condition." She started out walking easily but he kept raising the incline of the tread making it more difficult all the time. In the end, totally exhausted, she stopped the tread mill. "You are in very good shape and now I'll give you a massage to relax your tired muscles. Go into massage room #6, Strip naked and lay down on the table on your stomach. You will find a towel to lay across your bum. Bum, Kathy thought, nobody has called my ass a bum since I was ten years old.

Frank entered the massage room, but not before a light knock asking her if she was ready. What a gentleman she thought. He had some kind of warm oil on his hands as he started massaging her shoulders and digging his fingers in, to give her a deep massage. He would rub his thumbs up each side of her neck and then down her spine to the towel covering her ass before stopping. With more oil on his hands he massaged her back and her ribs coming close but not touching the sides of her breasts. The thumb massage had been relaxing, but his hands rubbing her were starting to make her feel horny. She wondered if she lifted up a bit would he bring his hands around to massage her tits. Again his hands stopped the massage when they touched the towel.

With fresh oil on his hands he started at her ankles, massaging his way up her legs. When his hands passed her knees to massage her upper thighs, she spread her legs a little to make it easier for him. This was no longer a relaxing massage, this was erotic. Much to her disappointment he stopped when his hands reached the towel, so close to her pussy. Then giving her a slap on the ass, he said, "OK, time for your shower. I'll see you next week."

She went home feeling very horny and the feeling lasted to bedtime. Billie as usual was eager for sex and his hopes went up when she didn't instantly reject him. She had slept nude ever since she convinced Billie to buy silk sheets for their bed. She liked the feel of silk against her skin. He rolled over on top of her and tried to kiss her, feel her breasts and get his penis in her all at the same time. She let him work himself up by kissing and feeling her tits but she kept her legs closed so that he couldn't get his cock in her. She could tell his frustration was building.

"Billie said, "I love you so much; please let me make love to you."

"That's what you are doing Billie." He couldn't see the smirk on her face.

"But I want to; you know..."

"You want to fuck me?"


"That is not the way you talk to your wife; that's the way you talk to a whore. Are you calling me a whore?"

"No Kathy, that's not what I meant. It's just that it's been so long since you let me..."

Again she interrupted him. "Now you're saying I don't treat you right? I think you had better stop talking before you get yourself in deeper trouble than you already are. You can put your mouth to better use by sucking my pussy," and at the same time pushing his head down her body. She didn't know why she enjoyed teasing and denying him so much, but she knew she got better orgasms from his tongue when he was frustrated and horny. Maybe he just tried harder. Shortly afterwards she had a great orgasm from his tongue love. She had made his nose bleed a few times by bucking her hips against his face while having her orgasm, but that was a small price for him to pay to give her sexual bliss.

"You have become soo good at that Billie. I'm glad that all my training did not go to waste. Now I know you want to jerk yourself off but do it in the bathroom because I don't want any of your cum on my silk sheets. She thought a nice big hard cock in her pussy would feel good too; but she just didn't want Billie's.

The following week Courtney and Kathy decided they wanted to learn tennis, so their personal trainers were going to teach them. Learning the basics like how to hold the racket, and how to position yourself involved a lot of close body contact, like when the trainers was behind them with their arm about their waist holding them tight while they showed how to follow through. Kathy thought Frank, her trainer, was not wearing any underwear under his soft cotton trainer pants because she could feel his cock pressed against her when he taught her backhand and forehand swings. Kathy liked that; it added to the fun.

When they knew enough to play an actual game it was men against the women. Of course the trainers knew a lot more so they would always return a soft serve to the girls, making it easy for them to hit. After each game they would kiss them saying how good they were becoming. After one game when they beat their teachers Courtney said, "Let's play the next game where the losers have to buy the winners drinks in the lounge, Of course they let the girls win and bought them drinks until they said they had to go home to make dinner for their husbands. It was fun to drink and flirt with handsome young guys. Both women went home wishing they could trade their husbands for these guys.

The 4th of July weekend was coming up and the health club was having a party to celebrate. Frank asked Kathy if she would like to go with him and she eagerly agreed. Billie had his own idea. He wanted to take her to the movie Independence Day and then go to a nightclub. "Sorry Billie, I have other plans."

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