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Uncle Bob

by tantricjim©

Bob pulled into his brother's driveway, pausing before he got out of his car to look over the yard and neighborhood. It had been over a year since his last visit and he enjoyed the familiarity of what he considered home. It had been his family home until his brother had moved in after their parents died. Bob kept much of his belongings stored here.

He basically lived out of a suitcase and slept in hotels, motels and other temporary accommodation. His arrival must have been unnoticed by anyone in the house, so he pulled his suitcase out of the trunk and let himself in through the unlocked front door.

He heard someone busy in the kitchen. He set his suitcase down and walked quietly down the hallway. He smiled when he saw Maggie, his brother's wife, humming softly while she worked. She was standing by the sink gazing out the window as he moved quietly up behind her and slipped his arms around her.

Startled, Maggie half turned and squealed, "Bob you buggar, you will give me a heart attack some day." His lips found hers and his tongue slipped easily into her mouth. He fondled her tits and rubbed his body on her butt.

"None of that this time Bob. Alison's getting married and I am too busy to worry about you trying to get into my panties." But she turned and pressed her body against him as they kissed passionately. She could feel his big cock stiffening as he rubbed it on her hip.

Bob knew that her protests were for show as he pulled back and looked into her eyes. He grabbed her pussy, squeezing it through her skirt. "C'mon Maggie, it has been over a year, we have time, nobody will be home for hours."

He turned and pulled her by the hand to the stairs. She started up them with him behind her, but stopped as he ran his hand up her leg to her pussy. She held onto the railing, closed her eyes and lifted one leg to the next step to spread for him. Try as she might she never could resist this man. "For God's sake Bob, not here on the stairs, take me to bed."

They remained frozen on the stairs as Bob moved her panties aside and slid a finger into her. Maggie groaned as she wallowed in the feeling of mounting desire.

He pulled his fingers from her pussy and said, "Hurry Maggie, it's been a while for me without any pussy. And I love yours."

Alison was in a high stage of excitement. It was only a few days before she would walk down the aisle with Hank. She had left work early to prepare herself for the wedding practice scheduled for that evening.

Her Uncle Bob's car was parked in the driveway. He had arrived earlier than expected. He was her father's younger brother and travelled the world in his profession as a consulting engineer. The family was always happy when he visited. He was full of stories of his travels and exploits in foreign lands. He brought exotic gifts for each of the family. He was their hero in so many ways.

He was a great looking guy, tall and well built. Most women, single or otherwise, looked longingly at him. Alison got a little warm surge in her pussy as she recalled the way he had looked at her these last few years as her body had filled out.

Alison was aware that Bob had screwed her mother on several occasions. She had never revealed that she knew this to anyone else, including her mother or her uncle.

Her mother appeared flustered and excited whenever he was around. They made contact often, a soft hand on an elbow, a little hug, hips touching, accompanied by giggles and little kisses.

A few years prior, she had seen her mother exit his bedroom while straightening her clothes. Her lipstick was smeared as she raced to the bathroom. She had left the door to Bob's bedroom slightly ajar and Alison had a peek at her uncle naked, his cock glistening wet and semi-hard as he pulled on a robe. Alison could visualize that scene any time she wished.

Alison had been both appalled and aroused at the realization of what they were doing. She watched for their assignation the next time he visited and listened outside the door as they tore at each other. "Oh Bob, Bob, Bob," her mother moaned softly, as the sounds of a cock stroking a wet pussy emanated from within the room. Alison hurried to her room and screwed herself with her vibrator, her hands shaking with excitement and arousal.

Alison was not promiscuous, but she had enjoyed sex with several boyfriends over the last few years. She was not shy about experimentation. She and her fiancé Hank had swapped partners with another couple one drunken night.

Alison waited a while in thought, and then slipped noiselessly around the outside of the house. She stopped under the second floor window of the spare room. Sure enough, there were the unmistakable sounds of love making coming from the room.

She quietly entered the back door. She removed her shoes and stood at the bottom of the stairs listening. She hesitated before cautiously climbing the stairs. She was overcome with curiosity. Her nipples were cramping and her pussy felt damp and slippery.

The door to the spare bedroom was wide open. Alison had to take a peek, she had always been tempted to do so on those earlier occasions. She had often imagined being naked with her uncle and was overcome with this need to watch him.

The soft grunts were from her Uncle, the whispered "Bob, Bob, Bob," were from her mother. She could hear the sound of a cock swishing in and out of a wet pussy. She eased up to the door. She stood quietly as the lower half of the two bodies came into her view.

They were sideways to her, her mother on her hands and knees on the bed and her Uncle crunched over top of her humping her like a dog. Alison took in her breath as she saw his long thick cock diving in and out of her Mother's pussy. It was curved upwards like a banana as it swooped in and out, his belly slapping against her ass cheeks with each stroke.

Alison's slipped her fingers up her dress and into her panties and played in her pussy. She moved ahead, needing to see more. Uncle Bob's hands were around beneath her mother crunching her tits as he pulled her up against his body. Her mother's eyes were closed and the pitch of her voice increased as she was obviously about to cum. Her butt cheeks began to clench and release involuntarily.

Uncle Bob was good; he could sense his sister in law coming and quickened his pace to join her. His body jerked with each desperate stroke. "Just for you Maggie, here it is," as Maggie collapsed, her arms giving out as she flattened on the bed.

Alison pulled herself away from the door, not wanting to be caught watching them. She eased herself down the stairs and back out around the house. She opened and closed her car door with a bang. She gave them fair warning by noisily re-entering the house.

She went to the kitchen as if fussing with something or other, made a cup of tea until her mother appeared, her eyes wild but trying to ask casually, "Hi Allie, home early today? Guess who is here? Your Uncle Bob came a few days early for the wedding."

"I thought that was his car," said Alison, "how is he? Is he in good spirits?"

"Oh yes, he is excited about your wedding," her mother answered.

Alison did not linger to chat, she had to get to her room and make friends with her vibrator. She was starting to come when she heard her Uncle enter the bathroom and turn on the shower. The thought that he was naked and so close put her over the edge as her legs squeezed together trapping her little helper inside her pussy.

There were a few friends and relatives at the ceremony practice that night. As they piled into cars to return to their homes, Uncle Bob took Alison by the arm and directed her to his car. "Ride home with me," he smiled.

Alison's heart was pounding with excitement. She had thought of little else since watching him pound her mother. The sight of that big cock slicing in and out of her mother's pussy could not be driven from her mind. She could only think of what it would feel like to have him mount her the same way.

Her body trembled at the memory of the frantic orgasm she had enjoyed with her vibrator that afternoon. Even the soft tender kiss with which she had said goodnight to her fiancé Hank had not cooled her lust.

Bob smiled to himself as he looked at his niece sitting beside him. He was an excellent reader of women's minds and could sense when the sex bug was worming its way through their minds and bodies. He reached over to her with one hand and stroked the inside of her knee.

"You watched me and your mother this afternoon, didn't you. I saw you Alison, I could see your reflection in the full length mirror as you peered through the door at us," he said smoothly.

"Oh God Uncle Bob, I did not mean to watch, but I could not stop, forgive me," she whispered.

"No need to forgive Alison, I was very aroused, I very much enjoyed performing for you. No worry, I did not tell your mother, I am not sure how she would feel knowing that you knew what we were up to. She and I have been fucking for years. It is all about sex, and has nothing to do with love or a need to be a couple. We are happy with our own lives. We just enjoy each other on occasion."

Alison's heart was pounding. She had no idea why he had mentioned it. But her nipples were pinching and her pussy was clenched tight. She could not look at her Uncle as he talked easily about such a taboo subject.

Would he make a pass at her now? How would she react? The memory of that big cock of his returned and she suddenly realized that it was within arm's reach of her, and probably getting hard. He had to be thinking of fucking her.

Bob smiled inwardly as events were developing just as he had hoped. He could sense the confusion of his niece, and recognized the alternating issues of desire and despair with which she was dealing. He knew that he could take her any time he wanted, but he would do just enough this time to set up a more relaxed encounter on a later occasion.

His hand slid easily up inside of her legs. Despite herself Alison automatically spread for him, even lifting the hem of her skirt. God she wanted to feel his hands on her, and closed her eyes as the edge of his hand rubbed her pussy through her panties.

Bob pulled off the road and into a picnic park; the lot was empty this late in the evening. He said, "Take your panties off Alison, and unhook your bra."

"Oh God Uncle Bob, what are we going to do?" she mumbled as she rushed to carry out his wish. She could not believe what she was doing, or what she was going to let happen. She willingly followed his orders and pulled her panties off and unhooked her bra.

Bob pulled her to him, turning her with her back on his chest and her legs spread out away from him. It was cramped, but there was enough room to accomplish what he set out to do. "Pull your skirt up to your hips Alison and unbutton your blouse. I have been wanting to see you naked for some time."

He had watched her become a woman. He had gazed at her long legs and tight round ass. He had looked on hungrily as her tits filled her bra, how they hung just a little, how the nipples poked out through the cloth when she noticed him looking at them. She was ripe for fucking.

He expertly fondled her tits, rolling the nipples in his fingers and telling her how much he wanted to suck them. He massaged the inside of her thighs before rubbing her mound with his fingertips.

Alison lifted one knee up to spread and expose her slickening pussy. She gasped as his fingers squeezed and rubbed her pussy lips together. She arched upwards as one finger slid easily into her hot cunt. Another finger joined the first as he explored her depths, and she opened wider for more.

"Uncle Bob, you will make me cum," she moaned.

"Exactly what I want Alison. No time to fuck tonight. I am saving that for a night alone with you. I did the same for your mother. I fucked her the night before she married your Dad. She wanted it as much as I did. I want to do the same to you. So just relax and let go, come on my fingers."

The words did not sink in to Alison's mind at that time, she just let herself get off, her hips thrusting upwards as his relentless fingers plundered her cunt. She went rigid for a few minutes and then settled back. She could feel his hard cock on her back. He was rubbing it on her. Did he want her to touch it? Maybe get him off?

She sat up and straightened her clothes. She looked over at him, still slumped back against the door of his car. He was rubbing his cock through his pants, a bemused smile on his face. She knew what he wanted and she wanted desperately to hold it. She felt quite bold knowing that he desired her. Remorse could come later; it was time to realize a dream.

She turned to her knees and ran her fingers along the outline of his cock. He took her hand and pressed it hard against him. "You want that cock don't you Alison. You want to feel it in you don't you. You will have it all in a few days. In my bed, when everyone else is sleeping. We will be naked together. I will prepare you like you have never been prepared before. And then together, we will work my big cock into you and enjoy the ultimate. Take it out now and make me happy."

She focused totally on his cock. She fumbled a bit getting it out, finally pushing his cock to one side so that she could lower the zipper. It bulged inside white jockey shorts, the knob peeking out at her from under the band. She rubbed its length with the palm of her hand. He raised his hips as she pushed the shorts down to spring his cock loose.

"Oh goodness," she whispered, "This will be a challenge. I am not sure that I could take it Uncle Bob." Her hand closed around the hot velvet skin covering the steel shaft. She felt it throb in her hand as she started to stroke it.

"You can take it Alison, I have made it into every pussy that I have tried, and yours will be no different. Think of it Allie, that knob parting your lips, working its way up your pussy. Bet you can feel it now."

Bob clenched his teeth in an agony of pleasure as his niece began to stroke his cock. "Ah you are good at it Alison, you know the right way to stroke a cock. Keep it up and you will soon have me. Better get a Kleenex, there will be a mess in a minute or so. Ah God."

Alison was in control of matters. She smiled up at his grimacing face as she stroked, "No need for a Kleenex Uncle Bob." She bent down and closed her lips around the big knob and continued to stroke until he blew his load in her mouth. She kept it in her mouth until it began to soften, and even then continued to suck and lick it clean. Her Uncle Bob's legs shook and trembled.

"Ah God Alison, not sure if I can wait, I have the urge to fuck you right now. That was beautiful, you surprised me."

Alison was more certain of herself now, "Wait until we meet again. I will show you what a full blow job is like."

The ensuing week passed quickly. They acted discreetly when others were near, but they touched at every opportunity. She would rub a tit on his arm; brush his cock with her hand and always with an inviting smile. He would slide his hands down her ass, crunch her cheeks and occasionally grab hold of her by the pussy. The need was building.

There were several family members at the house the night before the wedding. It was all drinking and laughing and reminiscing about days gone by. Everyone was tired however, and the party broke up at about midnight. Uncle Bob and Alison were on fire the entire night and found it very difficult not to indulge themselves in each other.

Alison waited for an hour after it appeared that everyone was sleeping. She stripped in front of her mirror and felt herself, lifting her tits in her hands, rubbing her mound and feeling her pussy. She sprayed a musky scent on her bush.

There were no thoughts of Hank or of her wedding the following day. She had fucked him many times already. This was her night to take on a family hero. She pulled on a sheer negligee', one that she planned to wear for her wedding night. She felt no remorse, this was different from her feelings for Hank, this was pure sex and she wanted the experience.

Uncle Bob was lying on his bed in the dark as she entered the room and quietly locked the door. He switched on the table lamp as she approached. He lifted the sheet in invitation. She trembled at the thought of what would be happening very soon.

She took in her breath as she stopped beside the bed, fumbling to remove the negligee'. His cock was sticking straight up from his dark bush, his balls splayed out between his partly spread legs. She slowly opened and discarded her negligee'.

"You are beautiful Alison," he whispered. "Let me taste you before we get started, climb up over me."

Alison's cared not about anything else in the world at that point. As she climbed over top of her uncle, her knees each side of his hips, he pulled her down and fastened his lips on the first nipple. His fingers crawled behind her and between her ass cheeks, seeking her pussy lips. He sucked one and then the other nipple as he fingered her pussy, turning it into a quivering wet mass. He slipped his arms between her legs, clasped her ass cheeks and pulled her pussy up over his face.

Alison was trembling as she felt his hot breath between her legs and jolted at the first flick of his tongue.

Uncle Bob loved the taste of a hot fresh pussy. He could make out the tip of her clit pointing out from between her lips. He licked slowly, from the back of her cunt to the clit, teased it with his tongue tip, and then repeated it.

He held her ass cheeks in his hands and pulled her down. Alison leaned ahead bracing herself against the wall. The only sounds were that of her slow groans of pleasure and the sound of her uncle's tongue lapping at her pussy. He captured the clit between his lips and sucked gently, flicking his tongue around it. Alison almost came and leaned desperately against the wall to hold herself upright.

He pulled himself out from between her legs as she slid her body down his, her wet pussy rubbing his belly until it sought his big hard cock. He paused to let her reach back to find his cock and move it between her legs.

"Oh my goodness," she moaned, "Let me rub it in my slit first, let me take it myself, let me work it in before you start fucking me."

"Take your time Allie, just keep quiet and we will have all night together. Hmm, feels good, hot pussy lips licking my knob, beautiful titties rubbing my chest, hot soft cheeks filling my hands. Ah that's it, feed it in, fuck it a bit first, now lower, and take more. Ah what a beautiful cunt you have, just made for a cock like mine. A little deeper baby, take more now, your pussy is ready for more now. Lift up a bit, let me fuck it. Ah god yes, I knew it, I knew it."

Alison paused, lifting her ass up enough to give him room to maneuver; she pushed herself up on her extended arms as he began to drive his cock up into her. His thighs slapped against her ass with each thrust; 'whap','whap', 'whap'. She started coming at his relentless stroking.

Uncle Bob felt a warm discharge seeping out around his pounding cock. Alison suddenly collapsed down on him, splayed out like she had been shot, arms and legs spread wide to each side of her.

He quickly rolled her to her back while she was still semi-conscious and jerking from coming, pulled her up against his chest in a fetal position, her knees pressed up against his shoulders. He came with a convulsive series of jerks, crushing her knees against his chest and shoulders.

He released her, and her arms and legs fell back each side of her body. He rose up to his knees between her legs. She peered downward, looking at his cock still buried inside of her. Her pussy lips squeezed his cock, slowly forcing it out.

"Leave it in me as long as you can," she groaned. Her uncle lay down on top of her and with some stiffness still present, slow fucked her for as long as it could penetrate.

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