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A Gift From His Father Ch. 04

by Absolutelywickedthoughts©

Mary Smith was in love. She was in love with her new freedom, being able to enjoy herself as she pleased untethered by the bonds of her service to Dr. Zachary Smith, the father of her son Johnny. Now that he was dead she was free, free to date and even marry if she wishes. This was the first time she had been with another man in a very long time and she wasn't sure exactly how to behave, but she was thoroughly enjoying her weekend with Jim; the Cabo San Lucas weather was delightful this time of year. They participated in every outdoor activity from parasailing to water skiing and at Jim's suggestion even tried snorkeling for the first time. Jim had rented a boat that first day, she felt so uninhibited and relaxed that she actually removed her bikini top while working on her tan and reluctantly put it back on when returning to the harbor.

Although she had a great deal of experience in most forms of sexual intimacy, she was a little rusty having not been able to practice in many years. Jim was the perfect gentleman, and followed Mary's lead so as not to push her faster than she wanted to go, which turned out to be further than Jim could have hoped, this being technically their first date. Both quickly became so very comfortable together you would have thought they had been a couple for years. It turned out that Jim was also very experienced and to Mary's delight was endowed with a larger than average extension of manhood and knew just how to use it.

Mary decided to play it cool, and slowly over the next several days reveal to Jim the variety of sexual pleasures she enjoyed. Jim for his part turned out to be quite the cunninglinguist, and seemed to love feeding on Mary's juices more than breathing. Mary was happy that she had taken her girlfriends advice and stopped at the salon to have her pubic bush tamed to a small "landing strip"; it was that first night that Jim saw the diamond stud piercing her labia that told him he was in for a great weekend.

He slowly licked around the jewel pulling it occasionally with his teeth which caused Mary great pleasure. They moved into a classic sixty nine and Mary displayed her latent oral skills, swallowing not just the entire length of his manhood, but the sweet nectar that she coaxed from him. Each encounter seemed to be a contest of one-upmanship each time; they raised the stakes to see who could give the other the most pleasure.

On this their final night in Cabo, the romantic dinner, plenty of liquor, and soft jazz music combined to create the perfect effect and when Mary and Jim returned to their room they were like a couple of teenagers who had finally been able to sneak away to have sex.

As soon as they entered the room Mary jumped to her knees and released Jim's straining tool from it confinement. She wasted no time licking up and down the shaft and holding his shaft with one hand while she sucked his large balls into her mount one at a time, before deep throating him again. As he began to feel the pleasant itch of the impending release, he gently tugged and reluctantly she allowed him to slide from of her throat. Mary rose, turned and bent over the bed leaning on her out stretched arms; Jim tossed her long skirt over her glorious ass and was ecstatic to see she hadn't worn any panties. He fingered her moist pussy rubbing the diamond stud and then pushed his stiff rod deep into her hitting bottom and eliciting a passionate moan from Mary. Then pulling back slowly until the head was close to her opening, he could feel her lips pulling at the helmet head. It felt so good, then forcefully he pushed back mightily as Mary pushed back to meet his stroke. He pushed his hands under her loose fitting blouse and grabbed both of her hanging tits and Mary screamed in delight, while he continued to saw in and out of her slowly increasing his pace.


After three days, people at the bank were beginning to notice that the fat young receptionist had lost significant weight and was no longer fat; in fact she was beginning to give the office "hotties" serious competition. Since she mostly went unnoticed no one knew when she began to lose the extra pounds. She was down to a size 8 and measured 36-28-36 and young enough that her skin was tight leaving nothing to show that she had been anything more than her current size. With her new wardrobe many of her regular customers didn't recognize her and though that sweet Tammy had been replaced with a new girl until they saw her face, which was usually the third place the men seemed to look. She had taken a few chances with her attire choices, revealing much more skin and cleavage that she ever dreamed that she could. No one complained and it did seem to increase foot traffic into the bank particular after her daily walks. She was even able to steer a few new customers to the little boutique where she had a special arrangement with the store owner/sales clerk.

She was so pleased that things were going so well and when she learned that John Smith had an appointment with Mr. Adams the next day she was determined to ask him out and wouldn't accept no for an answer. All the women seemed to know about the pending appointment, she learned through the office gossip, John Smith apparently had made quite an impression on the female staff. Tammy may have some competition for his attention, she thought, but she was determined to do whatever it takes, she swore as felt her panties dampen.


April returned home with several bags of clothing, she had bought several bras, surprised to learn the variety of choices one had with ample breast and learned that she was now the proud owner of a pair of double D's hanging from her formerly small chest. Her measurements went from 32-26- 34 to 38-26-34 and she loved all the new attention that she was receiving. She reluctantly gave out her cell number to three guys and was so turned on, that she visualized herself giving head to all three. That wasn't like her, but she couldn't get the idea out of her head and she needed to take the edge off, so locking her bedroom door she pulled off her off her clothes and looked at the new April in the mirror. Her new titties (she giggled aloud when she thought of them in that way) were stunning. They jutted off her chest, defying gravity and obscuring her view of her feet. She had to bend forward to see her toes and further to see her navel and below. Acting as if it had a mind of its own, her left hand found her puffy and moist pussy lips; she inserted one finger and then another, while her right hand lifted her left tit and long nipple to her mouth. The feeling was amazing and she found herself become too weak to stand and all but tumbled into her bed coming quickly and powerfully. April screamed into her pillow as the first of a series of explosive orgasms ripped through her just minutes apart. She frightened herself, she was becoming addicted to these new feeling, she worried, just as another wave took her and she was lost to the passion once again.


John had been on top of the world since he first receives the ring his father had bequeathed him. And who could blame him; he was finally getting sex on a regular basis and with a promise of much more. He learned that he had also inherited over $2 million dollars and that the ring gave him the ability to change people's lives for the better while he also benefited. But now there was a new wrinkle and as good as had been feeling he suddenly felt even better, surging with this new energy and strength. It was kind of like a battery being recharged, but there was more, this new infusion of energy seemed to open his mind unleashing new previously hidden abilities. In his mind he was able to see the source of this new energy. When he felt that he couldn't absorb anymore it seemed to trail off. The ring on his finger had reverted back to its natural state; every diamond in the ring glowed brightly casting a rainbow of colored light throughout the room.

"I don't know what that was but I like it," John said as his vision increased in clarity. "It seems that the source of this energy came from two gorgeous women, lesbians it seems, dad can you see what I am seeing?"

It took John's father, Dr. Zachary Smith a minute to recover, the charge was so intense within the ring that he forgot where he was and that he no longer possessed a body. It was a familiar feeling only magnified several times. Not only was Elizabeth still alive but she was active and transmitting sexual energy back to the ring as she had done for almost two hundred years.

"I can, Johnny. And I can't believe she is still alive, after all these years," he replied.

Focusing his mind like a camera lens John was able to zoom in, pan and see the two women in real time. "I assume that you are talking about the older of the two, what a knockout. Who is she and why is she sending me this energy?'

"How can I put this, " his father said, "she is an agent of the ring, and she is doing her job, although she has been missing and thought dead, long ago. In short, Johnny, she works for you. She has been out of touch for a very long time and since she had reconnected will find you soon enough. And, I wouldn't call her a lesbian, although she has been with her share of women. No, she is simply loves sex more than anyone I have ever known, in almost all of its various forms." He said this with deep admiration in his voice.

"I can't wait to meet her," John said.

"Then don't," his father said. "Send her your beacon, you know how."

He was right. John did know how to send out his beacon. All he had to do was flex all his muscles at one time and imagine his energy radiating out of his body in every direction. So, he balled his fist, leaned over slightly and flexed his pectoral, shoulder and arm muscles, like a body builder and then leaned back and he watched the energy radiating outward. He did this for about thirty second and rested.

"Very good Johnny, it may take a few minutes, but she will know who you are and how to find you. If Elizabeth is true to form, I would expect to see her within 24 hours or less."


Ms. Lizzy recovered quickly from the sexual energy explosion with interesting results. She no longer resembled a woman in her fifties, but looked like she was in the prime of her life, somewhere in her thirties. Her hair had become black, long curly tresses cascaded down from her head. Her face was lovely a rich caramel color and her eyes green with a hint of mischief to them. To say that she was beautiful didn't do her justice; she looked like a cross between Lena Horne, Halle Berry and a voluptuous 5'10"a body like Tyra Banks. Her diamond pulsed connecting her once again to the ring and she knew that it had a new owner and her new boss. Although, some would call the owner of the ring her master, that wasn't the case. Besides Elizabeth Brooks had no master, she had out lived three of the previous owners of the ring; this one was but one more.

She climbed out of the bed and rubbed where the jewel pierced her pussy lips, causing her to shudder and have what she would describe as mini orgasms, which acknowledged the receipt of the beacon. She admired her beauty in the glass and then turned to her unconscious protégé. There was much to do and little time. She walked over to the young woman, trailing her fingers over her from her foot to where her lovely legs met bent down a kissed her on the mouth as she fingered her wet sex. The effect was immediate; Penny trembled and as her sexuality awakened her.

"Come along little one, we've things to do and places to be," she said.

"Ms. Lizzy, is that you," she asked already knowing the answer, but thinking that her eyes may be deceiving her.

"Call me Elizabeth." She said in a voice so sweet, "Go shower and be quick about it."


Jim and Mary continued their most intimate love making session since their weekend began, shifting from one position to the next feeling like teenagers who didn't know when they would be able to get together again, making the most of every minute. Mary was now riding Jim in the "cowgirl" position while Jim enjoyed watching her breast bounce and sway from side to side, thinking that he could easily get used to this view. They were getting very close to a simultaneous release, which they had both been holding out for; suddenly it was upon them and all their effort and all their passion exploded in this single moment!

"Ahhheeee," Mary screamed not caring who heard, while still frantically bouncing up and down upon Jim as he squirted pulse after pulse of his seed into Mary. As Mary was calming down from the intense passion and anticipating sharing the afterglow cuddling with Jim, she felt her passion stimulated and instead of subsiding it was burning hotter, she began to renew her writhing upon Jim who was starting to soften, but he too was surprised to see that his recovery was almost immediate and he too found that he was also in the grip of another much more powerful release. Jim jerked forward and wrapped his arms around Mary holding her tightly as they both shouted announcing their prolonged climaxes. Unseen by Jim was the intense glowing of Mary's diamond jewel. It was throbbing against her clit and pushing her rapture to new heights as she clearly saw a vision of a naked Johnny flexing his powerful muscles, every one of them as she collapsed.

(To be continued)

Written by: Absolutelywickedthoughts

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