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Our First Cuckold Experience

by BlueAngel1©

I can't recall how or when the subject came up or even who brought it up, but for months we have discussed a combined fantasy ... that of a cuckold experience. We had discussed it for months and began a search for a Bull. After searching and interviewing many prospects, for what seemed like forever, we finally found Sir Jay. We had many conversations with Him outlining some of our thoughts and desires, along with His. Of course, it would be His choice as to what ideas He would use.

The long awaited day has finally arrived ... we are to experience our very first cuckold session. I've been thinking about this all day, as I am sure You have been. You arrive at my house to pick me up for our meeting with our bull at the hotel. We kiss deeply, feeling the anxiety and nervousness we are both feeling.

We arrive at the hotel, check into our room and eagerly await our Bull, not quite sure what is going to happen. We hear a knock on the door, You open it and our Bull, Sir Jay enters. As soon as the door is closed, He sits down in the chair and tells us to undress each other while He watches. Then He tells us both to come to Him, He stands up and tells You to kneel down in front of Him while He fondles my breasts and twists, pinches and licks my nipples, first the left tit and then the right. He then tells us both to climb on the bed next to each other, bodies touching, with our faces down and asses up.

We look at each other in anticipation of what is to come when we both feel His hands rubbing our asses. Suddenly He starts spanking us, first You and then me, alternating His spanks between the two of us. After spanking us for a while, He tells You to kneel in front of Him and has me unzip His pants and pull His cock out. He then has me kneel next to You.

"Suck my cock cocksucker", He tells You. After a few minutes of You sucking Him He pulls out and places His cock next to my lips saying "open slut".

I eagerly open my mouth and He tells me to suck. Suddenly He starts thrusting, mouth fucking me hard.

He tells You to open Your mouth also and says "I'm going to cum in both of your mouths cum sluts but do not swallow. I want you to kiss each other with your mouths full of my cum." With that, He groans and moans loudly and starts squirting His cum in my mouth, pulls out, slides His cock into your mouth and squirts the remaining cum into it.

"Now kiss deeply and passionately" He tells us. Eagerly, we turn to each other and kiss, sharing His cum. My pussy has started getting wet and Your cock is beginning to harden throughout.

As He tells me to climb on the bed and lay on my back, He beckons to You. "Get up there and prepare her pussy for me. Lick her clit and pussy well and make it nice and wet," He tells You.

Without hesitation You climb between my spread legs and start licking my pussy and sucking my clit while our Bull is twisting, biting and sucking my nipples, making me writhe on the bed moaning. When You have prepared me for Him, He tells You to sit in the chair next to the bed to watch Him fuck me. You are to sit there quietly and are not to touch Yourself or You will be punished.

He slowly inserts his cock into my wet waiting pussy and starts fucking me. After a while He has You lay under me licking my clit while He fucks me hard from behind, His balls slapping against my ass. He groans loudly and cums deep in my pussy. He then has me move up so that my pussy is over Your face and tells You to clean my pussy. You eagerly begin to lap up His cum mixed with my juices. When my pussy is clean, He tells me to lie next to You and stands next to You. "Now cum slut, clean my cock" He tells You. Gladly, You lick all His cum and my juices from it.

We are now all spent but very happy. After resting for a few minutes Sir Jay gets dressed and is ready to leave. You and I thank Him for our cuckold experience. He leaves and now You and I are ready to have some fun.

Written by: BlueAngel1

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