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The Masquerade

by HexingGirl©

Every year the Company held a Halloween party and it never failed to be a masquerade though the theme changed every year to keep the concept from becoming boring. This year the theme just happened to be 'favorite actor/actress'. Mya didn't go every year, actually her track record was one party every two years for the past eight years that she had worked for the Company which only put her at four parties total. would be four after this year's party, at least. For weeks she had struggled to pick a costume that would match the mask she had designed and had made especially for the event. There was only two days left until the party and as a last ditch effort Mya decided to fly into the heart of the real fashion capitol of the world two days early to shop there in hopes that she would finally find something. The entirety of her first day there was spent shopping but the only thing she had been able to find was a few hair accessories that matched the vintage finish of the mask.

I know what your imagining; the cute plastic berets that were huge back in the early and mid nineties. I am here to burst your pretty little bubbles, the clips were a dark tarnished gold with wispy puffs of feathers that formed a small bed of light beige down for the tiny clay formed bird skulls. Yes, I said bird skulls and no it's not disgusting, it's actually quite elegant when paired with the right style of clothing. Besides, it would be hard to tell exactly what they were unless someone was right in her face and examining them with a magnifying glass. The people at these masquerade balls always went big, it's very difficult to guess who is who until midnight when everyone removes their masks though she was normally able to pinpoint people by their mannerisms alone.

Her second day in Paris turned up a beautiful beige satin layered skirt edge with faux-fur and a pair of gold shoes to go with the image forming in her mind. On her third break-stop at a street side cafe she was about to give up when she spotted a shop across the street from where she sat beneath a green and blue umbrella shading her from the rays of the sun. Finishing her cappuccino, she collected her shopping bags and tucked the thick ribbon handles into the crook of her elbow. Crossing the street, she smiled at the people she passed and pushed the frosted glass door open; a set of chimes signaling her presence.

"Hello miss, how can I help you?"

"Oh, hi there. I..I have a company party to go to and I'm looking for the perfect top to go with these.." At this the matte black shopping bags were set on the counter as she fished the skirt out from one to show the woman. Settling the soft fabric back in the bag, Mya showed her the shoes next only to hurriedly put them back and pick the bags up as Michelle, the sales woman, turned on her heel and headed for the back wall. She waited for Mya to catch up before gesturing to a gold steel-boned corset with pearl accents along the top and bottom. Mya was completely speechless at it's beauty though her hand rose to trail along the form front of the corset. "That's not fabric..."

"Non, it is a very, very thin layer of plexiglass that has been molded into this shape. It's very flexible as well and it is lined with six layers of thick satin and the steel bones are wrapped in a thick layer of cotton to prevent bruising or indenting the skin. The laces are pure satin, also six layers worth so it remains as strong as possible, no matter how tightly you lace the corset."

Mya turned the mannequin to survey the back and the laces, her eyes wide with awe. "It's beautiful. It's perfect, I'll take it." Even though the price was a little high in her opinion, she couldn't deny the fact that it was indeed perfect for the occasion. Plus, it wasn't as if she couldn't afford it, her job was a high salary catch and she was very good at what she did.

She still had one more thing left to find to complete her costume for the following night; a wig. After paying for the corset she was just about to leave when she turned back to Michelle. "Do you know a quality wig shop that's relatively close by?"

"Oui, there is one a few blocks away, Don Marke's. He specializes in custom fit wigs but he has display sets that he sells as well."

"Thank you, have a nice day!" Pushing the door open, her sunglasses were lowered to shield her eyes from the sun as she turned to the left and started walking. Michelle had gestured this way while talking about the shop so she could only assume, and hope, that this was the right way. Weaving in between the happy couples that strolled the sidewalks of the city of love, for once she found herself wishing she had a man by her side, a hand to hold as they walked from store to store, a man that she could entrust with her heart. It seemed the Fate's just didn't think to put it in her cards, though she had caught the boss man looking a time or two. His reputation preceded him though, so even though she definitely would have went home with him after any number of the Friday night company drink soirees, he was known for his lack of personal relationships. He never got involved with anyone and the only time he was ever seen out on the town was when he treated his colleagues to drinks every Friday. If he ever married, it would definitely by the job that ended up as his bride, or so said the office gossips. It wasn't as if girls hadn't tried to hook up with him; they had but they always failed in one way or the other. Shaking the thoughts from her head, she looked up at the sign above the glass window display and pushed the door open, another tiny set of chimes betraying her entrance just like the corset shop.

"Welcome to Don's, how may I help you today?"

"Hi, yes...I'm looking for a very..aristocratic, old world elegance wig. Preferably a deep golden blonde, to match this." She lifted the skirt fro the bag once more, just enough for the woman to see the color scheme; a faint sense of deja vu washing through her. The short, plump woman seemed to think for a moment before bustling into a back room, leaving Mya standing in the middle of the shop with nothing to do. Moving towards one wall, she browsed quietly until the woman, Madeline, came out to find her and guide her to one of the many vanities lining the back wall. Seeing the huge mass of tight golden brown and blonde ringlets, Mya nodded furiously. "This is gorgeous!"

"Is it what you are looking for, miss?"


"Then let us make sure it fits you properly first, just in case it needs to be tightened before I ring you up."


The rest of the day was spent doing idle pleasure shopping since she had finally found her full costume. After dropping all four bag off at the hotel, on her way out she just so happened to run into her boss on the elevator going back down to the lobby. Greeting him with a smile she stepped in and stood by the front corner as he lounged against the wall beside the command center.

"I see I am not the only one enjoying the sights a day early. How are you Mya?"

"Aleksandr. I am doing well, what of you? And yes, I suppose great minds really do think alike."

"I am doing fantastic, just heading out to grab something from my favorite cafe before I pick up my costume from the tailors. What about you?" "Oh, just some leisure shopping." By then the elevator had finally reached the ground floor and as the heavy silver doors lid open he touched her arm softly to catch her attention as they stepped out of the confines of the elevator.

"Would you like to join me for a cup of coffee? It would be my pleasure to treat such a lovely lady to a mid-dusk caffeine break at the very least."

The sight of his warm smile combined with his steady voice and the still present touch of his hand on her arm had her nodding before she could even think of saying no. (Not that she would've sad anything but yes anyways.) "I'd like that, Aleksandr..Thank you."


They sat in that cafe for two hours until they realized how late it was getting. They had talked about anything and everything except for work and they found out that they actually had quite a bit in common; more then they realized.

"So the way I see it, we have two options. We can go our separate ways or we can continue the night together. You said you were going shopping, I don't mind the idea of getting a sneak peek into the Mya I never get to see at work, unless, of course, you don't want company."

"I would love the company actually but don't you need to visit the tailor?"

"Eh, we can stop on the way back to the hotel."

"Well, when does the tailor close up shop? That way time doesn't fly by and we lose track of it."

"He closes at eleven, so we have roughly three hours."

"Plenty of time. I wouldn't want you to have to pick up your costume the day of the ball."


They visited almost every shop within those next three hours, bags upon bags on both of their arms because he was such a gentleman and wouldn't let her carry all of the by herself. They did remember to stop at the tailors and if you, my dear readers, thought that you would get a glimpse of what his costume is, let me remind you that I am the only omniscient party here. When they arrived back at the hotel, instead of handing her all the bags he was carrying, Aleksandr accompanied her to her room on the eighth floor.

"Where would you like these?"

"Oh...The dresser is a suitable spot I suppose. Thank you for carrying them up for me, I appreciate it Aleksandr."

"It was nothing, Mya. I am glad we got to spend some time together, I enjoyed your company." He paused on his way to the door, looking down into her beautiful crystal blue eyes; laying a much larger hand over hers, he smiled to her. "Have I ever told you how beautiful your eyes are?"

She had no idea why but a very light blush crept into the apples of her cheeks, her eyes sparkling as a bright smile danced across her lips. "You have now. Thank you, for the compliment and your company. I will see you tomorrow night, then. I wouldn't wish to keep you up too late." Her smile was back, softer then before as he pressed an unexpected kiss to her cheek.

"Even if you did I wouldn't mind at all. I shall leave you with your new purchases, no doubt you'll have a fun time organizing them into your luggage, no?"

"Most likely. Good night, Alek."

"Good night, Mya."

He had a point, she would need another suitcase if she ere to take all of this back to New York with her. Calling down to the concierge, she asked the man where she could find a store that sold luggage only to find out that she had passed the shop at least three times that day. Thanking the man, she looked to the clock and figured she had plenty of time tomorrow morning to buy a suitable carry-on as well as a suitcase or two. As she turned on the radio, she found a station that constantly played music with good, strong drums and began dancing as she busied herself with readying a shower. Getting the water to the perfect temperature, she pulled the red sundress off over her head and laid it on the counter by the sink. Unfastening the satin bra, she settled the scrap of fabric on top of the dress and then the matching panties were laid hap-haphazardly over it. Stepping into the shower, she ducked under the spray and soaked her hair, just standing there for a long moment before washing her hair and the rest of her body. The touch of the soft, sudsy washcloth against her pierced clit had a sudden jolt of pleasure shooting through her, almost as if she had been left hanging a moment before she reached orgasmic bliss. To bad that wasn't the case. Rinsing off, she shaved her legs and the firm flesh of her mound and slit before finally turning the water off and wrapping a huge, fluffy towel around her body.

Collapsing onto the incredibly soft bed she tied her hair up and wrapped her headscarf around the messy silver-blonde tendrils before laying back against the pillow. For once she fell asleep easily, not even caring that the towel was still wrapped around her lithe form.

[Her dream was so vivid it felt like reality, right down to the last tiny detail. The main setting was the hotel pool and she was even wearing the bikini she had packed, the red flowers popping beautifully against her skin. With her hair tied back in a french braid, she sat in the hot tub with two other guests who got out and left within moments of her dream beginning. Rolling her towel up, she used it as a pillow for her head and shoulders as she laid her head back and closed her eyes. Listening to the soothing sound of the jets whirring beneath the water, she was completely unaware that someone else had joined her until a pair of rough yet gentle hands brought her feet into the owner's lap beneath the surface of the water. Her eyes popped open and as she recognized who it was she soon relaxed and began to truly enjoy the foot massage he was treating her to. Not a word was spoken, their actions spoke volumes as did the expressions on their faces; the looks in their eyes. His hands slowly climbed up her calves, all the while massaging her muscles with the tips of his fingers. Watching as he shifted closed, she didn't mind the fact that his hands continued to climb until the reached the tops of her thighs where his touch encountered the edge of her bikini bottoms. By this time he was kneeling in the center of the hot tub, the frothy water just barely bubbling over the width of his shoulders as her knees rested against the sides of his chest.

Just looking into those beautiful blue eyes she could tell her wanted her just as much, just as badly as she wanted him. Walking her burgundy tipped fingers up his arms, she cupped the slope of his neck between her soft hands with a faint smile and pulled him closer. She was pleased to notice that he didn't resist at all and in fact leaned in and took the initiative, lightly skimming his lips across hers before gradually deepening it until their tongues were tangled in a web of their own desires and need. He tasted like the finest strawberries and the most decadent of chocolate and felt even better as he pulled her much smaller form into his, her legs wrapping around the thickness of his waist as he held her head above the water easily. The feel of his hands roaming the bake skin of her midriff and the slope of her back had a soft moan escaping only for him to swallow it and replace it with one of his own; grant it his was much, much deeper then hers.

In the next second the scene changed, jumped forward and all of a sudden they were in on of the many grotto's hidden in the massive rock sculpture that also had a place to jump from accompanied by a waterfall. They must have been dead center because the sound of the rushing water was faint, a background noise that only served to make her focus completely on him. The tight knots that held her bikini top up were loosened one by one, first the one against her back and then the one resting at the back of her neck. As it fell from her handful sized breasts, it landed in the churning water of the grotto jacuzzi and promptly floated away. The faint groan he let out at the sight of her piercing topped breasts made her bite her lip but the feel of his hands moving to cup them, the faint massage in his touch made her moan through the grip her teeth still had on her lip. Watching as he lowered his head, her legs squeezed tighter around his hips as he enveloped first one nipple within his mouth and then the other, keeping the pierced buds prisoner for long moments as he tasted and teased her sensitive flesh. One of her soft hands cupped the back of his neck, the other trailed down along the ridges of muscle along his side before finally reaching the waist band of his dark green swim trunks. Following the edge of the fabric, her relatively short nails danced back and forth across the patch of skin beneath his naval, soliciting a soft moan from him that was quickly pressed against the curve of her neck. Nimble fingers untied the drawstrings as her other hand dropped from his neck to help push the offending material down his hips until the shorts rested around his knees, unable to do further as he perched on the bottom of the jacuzzi on his knees. His hands did the same, they caressed every inch of creamy skin on the ay down, the ties at her hips quickly pulled loose so he could fling the sodden fabric away from them.

"I've wanted so long Mya.."

The head of his shaft teased her soft folds, driving her crazy every time he intentionally brushed the engorged bud of her clit. Just as he pressed against her entrance an annoying, shrill tone of music broke through the sound barrier; her alarm.]

Awakening to the feeling of damp thighs and her nails digging into the pillow she was clutching against herself, she drew her face back from its softness and sighed quietly. These dreams would be her undoing, especially with the masquerade later that night; inhibitions fled when full costumes and alcohol got involved. She still had a few hours before the party would start and she was no doubting her decision to go based solely on the dream she had just enjoyed thoroughly. It left her wanting more, quite a bit more actually and she was slightly afraid of the fact that her identity would be a complete secret. She could do almost anything she wanted and she would never be found out. She had a habit of leaving before the unmasking at midnight and this year would be no different. Removing the scarf from around her head, she took her hair out of the messy bun that it had become and went into her bag, fishing for a brush. Finding it at the very bottom. She took it out and ran it through her hair, wincing occasionally whenever it caught a particularly nasty knot. When it was completely tangle free she figured the piling it around her head in a dutch braid would be the most comfortable once the wig was on, plus it would give an added layer of security; the wig wouldn't be able to slip out of place or come off until she took it off herself.

Heading down to the hotel salon, for the next two hours she pampered herself with a mani-pedi and had her make-up done in a dramatic fashion that would make her sky blue eyes pop from behind the mask. Tacking the total onto her hotel bill, she tipped the women that had worked with her and headed back up to her room to get ready.


Calling down to the front desk to make sure that Aleksandr had already left, the receptionist confirmed that he had left ten minutes ago in an old fashion suit with a waist coat and a vibrant gold handkerchief tucked into his breast pocket. Thanking the woman, she hung up and grabbed the cashmere scarf off the end of the bed, winding it around her bare shoulders as she brushed the heavy curls of the wig back behind her shoulders. Tucking her key card into the tiny pocket sewn into the inside of the corset, she adjusted her breasts to be more comfortable and tightened the silk laces just a tad more before finally heading down to the company car that waited outside for her.

"Courtesy of Mr. Aleksandr, Miss Mya." The driver said to her as he held the door open for her. Thanking him, she wondered how he knew who she was and simply figured that he had told the man that there would be a woman who would come down in an elaborate costume and that that woman would be her. Sliding into the back seat, she rested her mask in her lap and sat back, content to watch the beautiful scenery pass by as the car headed for the Chateau. Pondering every detail of her plan, she had come to the conclusion that if something did happen, she wanted to be the instigator and not just another pawn that Fate decided to finally put into play. Looking up as they arrived roughly fifteen minutes later, she couldn't help the smile at the line of cars that led all the way around the half-circle drive. Listening to the crunch of gravel beneath the car, she tied her mask into place and made sure the double knotted bow couldn't come loose. Waiting for the doorman to open the car door for her, she stepped out gracefully, making her way up the stairs to the magnificent double doors that stood open to reveal a velvet draped foyer leading to the grand ballroom.

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