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The Diary of a Personal Assistant

by sexandthecity77©

My name is Dawn Hughes and I have been a personal assistant for business men and women, as well as a few B-list celebrities sprinkled here and there. I've been doing this for 5 years since I graduated from college. And I have to say that I enjoy the job. It's not to say that I haven't had my fair share of incidents occurs on and off the job as a personal assistant. There's always some client that think that personal assistant means that I get to do all the menial and degrading jobs under the sun. One of my clients called me over at 5 am to unclog a toilet....I had only been working for her for 2 days before I had decided enough was enough. But, that's not even the worst experienced I had while working for someone. But that particular story should be explained in more detail...

Monday morning, I woke up bright and early for my interview at Clarke, Patterson, and Schwartz. Clarke, Patterson, and Schwartz is a high end Banking and Insurance corporation downtown. They rarely ever have job openings for personal assistants since their offices are never short of busty blondes and brunettes looking for their future husbands among the middle aged partners. I, on the other hand, am far from that description. I am a beautiful black woman...well I think my complexion is more milk chocolate than black but you get the picture. I have long beautiful black wavy hair thanks to my Native American background, Cherokee Indian to be exact. I stood at about 5'8 with long shapely legs. I have always been told that my body is curvy in all the right places, which is true. I have a plump butt, a narrow waist, and a round set of 36 C breasts. I was blessed with great facial features as well. Oval face, high cheek bones, big expressive almond shaped brown eyes, and luscious full lips. I wouldn't change a thing. But enough about my looks. I was nervous about the interview because I didn't consider myself Clarke, Patterson, and Schwartz material. But mostly, I was nervous because I needed this job badly. This was my last shot and if I didn't get this job, I would have to move back home. And I was not about to let my dream of living and making a name for myself in the city come crashing down like that.

It seemed as though I had entered a modeling casting call rather than a personal assistant job interview. There were gorgeous women everywhere waiting for their chance to get the coveted Clarke, Patterson, and Schwartz personal assistant position. I felt awkward and out of place with my black pinstripe skirt and jacket combo. I paired my outfit with black pumps and I had somehow tamed my hair into a business appropriate bun. Luckily, I didn't have enough time to overthink the situation because I was the next to be interviewed. I was called into a midsized office where 3 men and a woman were waiting for me. I felt somewhat uncomfortable under their scrutinizing gazes, each of them analyzing me to find anything wrong or out of place. My interview training kicked in.

"Good morning, name is Dawn Hughes," I said as I reached out to shake each of their hands.

The introduced themselves as Matthew Clarke, David Patterson, Ted Schwartz, and Veronica Stone. It was then I realized that I was actually interviewing to be the personal assistant of one of the partners. Jesus, I thought it was just going to be some secretarial job. I felt like a minor league player in the starting lineup of the major leagues. The nerves started to kick in immediately. The partners and Ms. Stone, who was the head of human resources, each asked me questions about my background and other personal assistant and secretarial jobs I held in the past. The interview lasted about 30 minutes and I thought it was a homerun. I found out a lot about the partners. Matthew Clarke was all business but also liked to have fun outside the office, David Patterson loved to crack jokes and he had a fiancée who used to be a secretary there, and Ted Schwartz was basically an ass who kept visibly staring at my boobs during the entire interview...I hoped to God that I didn't have to work with him if I got the job. And that was a strong IF. To my surprise, I got the job. Ms. Stone called me the next day to tell me I got the job and that I was a perfect fit for what Mr. Clarke was looking for. I would be starting Monday.

It was Monday and I had started my job. I was running around little things here and there. Going downstairs to get copies of this client's paperwork or going out to get coffee for Mr. Clarke. It wasn't boring, I was always doing something. Two weeks into the job and I had gotten everything down to a science, everything came easy. I knew where everything was. I had gotten lost going to the break room 3 times since I had begun working there and I had finally gotten there with no problem 4 times straight. Mr. Clarke had unintentionally made me work through lunch and offered to take me out with him after work. I needed to learn how to relax and have fun, as he put it. I's awkward to turn down your boss...especially since it was his first time reaching out to me as his employee. I felt accepted. We went to a nice little jazz spot called Grooves. It was a couple of blocks away from the offices.

It was sleek and new age with free form jazz musicians playing on stage. It was a nice place. We sat down in a booth that was close to the stage.

"Do you want anything to eat or drink...maybe both?" I checked the menu and decided to go with just a root beer.

"A root beer, really? I'm getting a scotch on the rocks...I need to unwind from today's work load." I instantly regretted my decision.

"Well, you've been here before right? What's a good drink?"

He looked me up and down and studied me intently, which seemed to go on for an hour. I blushed and fidgeted under his intense gaze. He turned away and checked out the menu for a second.

"You seem like a mojito kind of ever had one? Very good."

"Ok, I'll take it."

He went to the bar to place our drink orders. I looked around the lounge. It was very nice, the crowd was very sophisticated and laid back. Everyone was just there for the music and the atmosphere. I had to tell my friends about this place later.

"Here we go, a scotch on the rocks for me and a strawberry mojito for the lady."

Matthew, as he begged me to call him, placed my drink in front of me and slid into the booth next to me and smiled. I couldn't help but think about how handsome he was just then. He was a good looking guy; there was no denying that. He had light brown hair, light olive skin, and the deepest blue eyes I had ever seen. He had thick dark lashes that gave him a boyish charm. His chiseled face and masculine jawline complimented each other perfectly. And his thick lips only added to the already complete package. The way the candlelight only succeeded to make him look more tantalizing. My mind imagined what our bodies would look like in the throes of passion...

I quickly wiped these thoughts out of my mind...this is my boss...this is my boss...this is my boss. I repeated that phrase over and over to myself almost as if I was programming it into my head.

"So, how were your first weeks of work? Not too much work I hope. Last girl ran out in a month." Oh, God... I hope I wasn't in over my head with this job.

"Oh, it's been great! I haven't run into any problems yet so it's pretty much been smooth sailing."

I sipped on my strawberry mojito...he was right, it seemed like I was a mojito girl. We continued to talk and drank and sampled some of the lounge food...eclectic and delicious. Definitely coming back to this place again. By the end of the night, I had 4 mojitos and I was feeling all 4. I was so embarrassed. First time hanging with the boss and I had gotten drunk. I tried to hide it as much as possible. He paid for everything, which I insisted he let me pay for my drinks and he ardently refused. I was noticeably struggling to put my coat on. Matthew chuckled and held the jacket up while I slid my arms in; trying desperately to hold on to some dignity...I didn't want him to think I was a lightweight when it came to alcohol. I wasn't, I was actually known in college and among my friend as being somewhat of a tank.

We went outside and Matthew offered to have his driver drop me off. I didn't want to do that at all. He had taken me out for food and a night cap and paid for everything. Now he wanted to drive me home too? No, I couldn't allow it, I wouldn't allow it. He waved his hand and said it was a "business courtesy". Drunk me considered the statement and deemed it legitimate. We got into his town car and I told his driver me address and we were off. Before I knew it, we had arrived at my apartment. His driver got out and opened the door for me. My brain was so intoxicated I wasn't even on. I slowly slid out of the car and stood and let my legs get accustomed to walking again. Matthew laughed and got out with me. I was puzzled.

"What are you doing?" I asked, apparently drunk me had no filter.

He blushed a bit then said, "I want to help you get to your offense or anything but you look like you're going to need a bit of assistance. Don't worry, this falls under business courtesy."

He winked. This made me feel better. We walked up to my building and I punched in the code. The door opened and we took the elevator up to my floor. While we were in the elevator I felt something brush the hem of my skirt. I held my breath. Was he trying to touch my ass on the slide? I pushed these drunken thoughts out of my was probably and accident right? The elevator door opened and we walked down the hall to my door.

"Well, this is me."

I fumbled with my keys trying to make a dignified escape from the increasing strange situation.

"Let me help you with that...."

His soft hand guided my hand to the keyhole. I felt his breath on the nape of my neck as he tried to help me open my door. Matthew's body was right up against mine. He was hard! A cold sweat broke out on my forehead. Why was he so close....and aroused? The whole damn hallway was spinning. I needed to get out of there. I quickly turned the key and opened my door.

"Thanks for seeing that I got here safely, goodnight Matthew!"

He put his foot in the way so I couldn't close the door.

"Do you mind if I use the bathroom before I go?"

"Well, I was going to actually get ready for bed right now..."

That's when I could see him get irritated.

"Awwwhhh, c'mon! I rode all the way up here to drop you's a long drive back."

He started to push his way in.

I was getting scared now. He was getting aggressive and he was so strong. It was only a matter of time before he got in. He slammed his massive frame into the door and it flew open throwing me to the ground. I hit my head on my hardwood floor. Matthew was on me in a flash. He was quick as lightning as he used both hands to yank my white blouse open. Buttons scattered everywhere. My hands flew up to his face in defense. I landed a series of blows before he deftly grabbed my tiny wrists and pinned them over my head using one hand. Using his other hand, he ripped open the front of my black lace bra and began his assault on my breasts. He hovered over my boobs for a second as if to savor the scene and sucked my nipple into his warm mouth. He suckled it and licked the tip slowly and lightly biting it. His other hand gently massaging the other breast.

"Please, please, Matthew, stop. This is wrong," I begged.

He said nothing and moved toward the other boob. This time his treatment of the nipple was a bit aggressive. Matthew bit the nipple and sucked on it hard. I winced in pain and tried to move my body away from him. He stopped and looked at me intently. Then, he back handed me across the face. As if the throbbing pain from hitting my head wasn't enough, I now had to deal with the blinding pain that radiated from my cheek. I was seeing stars. He continued to bite and lick my boobs until he grew bored with them. He hiked up my skirt and yanked my panties down all with one hand...I wouldn't be surprised if he had done this before.

He parted my legs and put his face between my thighs. Ohhhhhh, god he was lapping at my inner most delicate and private place was on display to this man. He looked up at me from between my legs. Jesus, I have to be dreaming, this has to be a dream. My boss of two weeks had gotten me drunk and now was licking my most intimate area. I was ashamed and I felt stupid for letting myself get so drunk. All I wanted was for him to leave but my body was so weak I could barely move. The assault on my pussy continued. He was more earnest now in his licking and prodding my entrance with his tongue. His tongue was driving deep inside. He was working my body over. Matthew's lips held my clit in place while his tongue did everything it could to bring me pleasure. He sucked on it so hard; I thought I was going to die. He licked and massaged up and down my pink valley giving every inch of my pussy the proper attention of his tongue. It had been so long since a man had touched me like this and so well. But God it was wrong, did he take me being appreciative for going to the lounge as a green light for a quickie? My thoughts were interrupted by a blazing fire deep in my belly. I arched my back and let the orgasm roll through me. I moaned and bit my lip. My body returned to its catatonic state. He hungrily licked his lips and stood up to kiss me. His tongue snaked into my mouth as if to say "look at what I made you do...and you loved it." His kissed me passionately. He then moved between my legs and rubbed his hard shaft over my sensitive clitoris. I started crying then, the realization set in that I was about to be raped and no one was coming to help me. He forced his way in to my tight opening. I could feel every inch of him painfully pushing his way into somewhere he was not invited. I sat up to protest but he shoved me hard back on the floor.

He finally spoke, "don't make me hurt'll enjoy this. I promise." This could not be happening!

"Please, put a condom on at least," I sobbed.

"Condoms aren't my thing...and it's not exactly ladies night, if you know what I mean." He thought that was funny.

He started to slowly push in to me. Then pulled out, and slowly back in. He was getting a rhythm going. It started out slowly at first and then he built up power behind his cock. He thought he was a fucking champ. Banging some secretary with no condom...he didn't even have to ask. I hated myself. I closed my eyes and thought about anything but the present. He was really pounding me now. I cried out in pain with each of his frantic thrusts. I wasn't used to his girth and my pussy was sopping wet. Just gushing everywhere. When he slammed his cock inside of me, I could hear and feel the juices going everywhere. In and out in and out. Stroke after stroke, my pussy was expanding and taking more of Matthew's raging bull of a cock inside me. I guess he wanted me to join in on all the fun he was having and he reached down and started massaging my clit. It instantly sprang to life, my body eager to betray me.

"Uhhhhh fuckkkk! Are you ready?"

He exploded his manly musk inside of my bruised walls. Rope after rope of steamy cum coated my walls while he toyed with my clit. My body shuddered as a tidal wave of pleasure hit me. I moaned and writhed on the floor.

He pulled out of my drenched pussy and commanded, "Lick me clean."

I laid there in disbelief. He had raped me and now he wanted a blowjob? Matthew was obviously not going to wait for me to refuse. He pulled me up into a kneeling position in front of him and positioned his glistening cock in front of me. He grabbed my hair forcefully, causing me to cry out in pain. He took this opportunity to ram his cock in to the hilt. He groaned in sheer ecstasy at the feeling of my hot mouth encompassing his cock. He took both sides of my head and started to slowly slide his cock in and out of my mouth. I felt like a disgusting sex doll. He was gaining speed and ramming his dick brutally in my throat. I couldn't help but to cough and gag around him. He had his eyes squeezed shut and was moaning audibly now. Without warning, he pulled out of my mouth and ejaculated his hot semen onto my breasts. I was shocked and one had ever done that to me before. I closed my eyes tightly and a dozen hot tears rolled down my cheeks.

When I opened my eyes he was watching me...and he smiled and leaned down to kiss me. I turned my head away so fast I thought my neck was going to break. He grabbed the back of my hair holding my head firmly in place. Matthew pulled me up into him and he made out with me. Pushing his lips onto mine, desperate for some kind of pass for the events of that night. But I refused to give him one, he had raped me...plain and simple. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and found mine and messaged it. He finally gave up and removed his tongue.

He laughed, got dressed, threw me a towel and said "That was great, I'll see you Monday," and Matthew walked out and left me with my thoughts.

I hated what he did to me tonight and I hated that he thought I enjoyed it. But most of all, I hated that he was right. I would see him Monday bright and early with a smile plastered on my face as if nothing happened. I cried myself to sleep.

Written by: sexandthecity77

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