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Amber's Ordeal Ch. 01

by Francis_Nye©

Saturday, June 2, 2012

3:03 PM

Sitgreaves National Forest, Arizona

Amber loved the woods and any chance to get out of town. It was so boring living in the small town of Winslow. It was such a drag compared to what she was used to in the big city of Phoenix were she was originally from. Her dad, a rail road official for the BNSF Railway was transferred to this dreary little armpit of Arizona six months earlier and it just about killed her to pack up a move away from all her friends. Luckily she had graduated from high school just a few weeks ago and was now eighteen. This meant that the ordeal of living in a small tedious little town was just about over. She would be moving back to Phoenix to attend Arizona State University in the fall where she hoped to earn a degree in business management. She felt pity for anyone that grew up in this place. Amber had never been out on her own before. Her mother passed away when she was small and she lived under her father's care most of her life. She was looking forward to the next adventure in her life. The freedom and independence that university life would bring was very alluring.

However, today was a new day in and of itself and she was going to have fun. She was going to make the best of things until she left for college. Even though she had grown up in the city, Amber had a love for nature, especially the woods and the only saving grace about this pathetic little place was its location. It was less than an hour's drive to the forest. She had a lot of fond memories of her and her dad camping so it was no surprise that her passion was for the outdoors.

It was like any other day in this part of Arizona. The warm sun peeked in and out from the behind the clouds over head in a grand game of peek-a-boo. The breeze whistled through the swaying tree tops and you could smell the sweet scent of the pines as it drifted on the currents of air. It was an absolutely perfect day as far as she was concerned. What made this day even more special was a small town boy named Trent had asked her out for a weekend hike to these very woods.

Amber was in great shape and loved hiking. She was relatively tall, six foot-one and lean. She had long legs that were great for hiking. Her legs were the kind that only models could dream about. Boys were always hitting on her because of her beautiful figure, blonde hair and sky-blue eyes. She also had a large bosom and deep cleavage that always drew the eyes of any male in her presence. In a word she was a princess.

Amber was excited when Trent asked her out. Amber had always thought Trent was sweet if not the quintessential Prince Charming type. After graduating from high school Amber got a summer job at The Pizza Pub as a waitress just to earn a little spending money before heading off for school. It was a good opportunity for her to meet people. Amber had always noticed that Trent was not like the other small town boys that frequented The Pizza Pub. While other boys were being rowdy and obnoxious Trent was quiet and reserved, even to the point of being shy. So when Trent had asked her out for a weekend hike it was an utter and delightful surprised.

"This is such a beautiful place. So peaceful and full of life", Amber said feeling the warm sunshine on her face.

"I have been coming here most of my life. I love this place too. It has a very special place in my heart. Up ahead is something that you may find interesting. There is an old cabin not much further from here. We can stop there and rest for the night." Trent said pointing to the left of the trail. Trent was dressed in a loose fitting black tee-shirt and faded blue jeans. He was a handsome nineteen year-old, and most women wanted to be with him. He too was lean but not in anyway scrawny. He had very muscular arms and abs. He too loved nature and the outdoors and could attribute his muscles to hard work.

As they turned off the trail they began heading uphill though the woods at a good pace. Trent's tan skin was beginning to glisten with sweat as the trek became a little more strenuous. Amber loved the challenge. Amber thought it was nice to be with someone that was not afraid of a little physical exercise.

"Trent you never did tell me where you work at? Amber said as she tugged at the straps on her backpack adjusting it to ride better on her back.

"My family sells livestock to wealthy buyers overseas. We've been at it since the early nineteenth century. It's very exciting."

"That sounds fascinating. So you're like cattleman or something right?"

"Something like that. We think of ourselves as being in the animal trade. Once a year everyone goes out on a big roundup and whatever we gather up has to make due for the year. You never can predict how things will unfold during a yearly round up. It's important that we get the very best animals we can for our clientele. Our clientele is very particular and gives us a list of attributes that they are looking for in an animal. Sometimes it is damn near impossible to meet those expectations but if we do then the payout can be huge." Trent said as he ran his fingers through his thick black hair.

"That sounds exciting. I would sure like to see a roundup someday." Amber said.

"I can arrange that. I promise you it is like nothing you have ever experienced before."

"How much further? I am famished."

"It's at the top of this rise. I think you will love the view from up there." Trent said as he wiped the sweat from his face with his hand.

As they reached the top of the wooded hill it leveled out. Amber could see the old rustic cabin not more than one hundred yards away. It felt good to be on flat ground again. Amber's legs were starting to feel the strain and she didn't think she had another mile left in them. As they approached the cabin Amber notice a small aluminum trough of clear cool water. She was so hot from the climb she wanted to just jump in. Also there was a dog collar and chain that was cemented into the ground on a large pole next to the trough. The rest of the area was neatly kept. It was clear of any brush and a small wooden bench was placed next to the cabin. She looked around and as promised the vista was beautiful. The cabin was perched in such away that one had a wonderful sweeping three hundred sixty degree view of the complete forest for miles and miles around. It was an ideal little get away for anyone that loved nature.

"Whose cabin did you say this was?" Amber asked.

"It belongs to my family."

"That's a good size dog someone has." She said bending over and picking up the open collar. I hope it's not lurking in the woods waiting to pounce."

Trent just shrugged and opened the door to the cabin. "Come on in and take a load off. I'll get us something to drink."

Trent pushed open the small wooden doors covering the windows and let the lazy afternoon sun in. It washed over the interior of the cabin bathing it in a golden light. As the sun light streamed in at a low angle Amber couldn't help but notice how remarkably clean this cabin was. It was as if it had been recently swept and dusted. Trent poured two clean Mason Jars that he had found in a cupboard with water from his canteen.

"This place looks great. You must have a maid that comes in and cleans." She said jokingly.

"As promised." Trent said as he handed Amber one of the Mason Jars.

Amber quickly downed the water. It felt great going down and she passed him back the glass container, "More please." She said with a big smile.

The two sat there enjoying the sounds of the birds singing in the trees and the peaceful nature of these beautiful surroundings. As Trent began to pour more water Amber noticed that something was a bit off. Her vision became blurry and she had a difficult time concentrating. She tried to stand but she felt lousy. That climb up the hill must have been more demanding than she thought. Her eyes burned and felt as if they were full of grit. Her eyes began to flutter in effort to stay open. Her mind became cloudier with each passing moment and it became a real struggle to stay awake. Her neck could no longer support the sheer weight of her head. It started to teeter to and fro. The last thing she could remember was she sliding out of her seat as if she was water being poured onto the floor.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

6:22 AM

Sitgreaves National Forest, Arizona

Preston Family Cabin

Amber awoke outside. Squinting through her eyes she raised a hand to block out the bright morning sun beaming into her face. She felt a chill and her head was pounding like someone was inside her skull with a hammer. She also was experiencing some nausea as her stomach lurched. It threatened to bring up anything that was left inside of her. Oh God. I am so sick. She thought.

She bent over so she could throw up and that is when she realized something was around her neck. She grabbed at it. It was a metal band of some sort. She tried to stand but she was quickly snatched from behind and pulled to the ground. The metal band was a collar attached to a chain. With a sudden understanding she put the pieces together through the haze of her cloudy mind that she was outside the cabin attached to that dog collar she had picked up earlier. But why? Quickly she felt around her neck only to discover that there was a small padlock on the collar. Oh my God what is going on here? Her mind was racing ever faster. Trying to claw out the reason as to what this was all about she then discovered that she was completely naked. Not one scrap of clothing remained on her body. In a sudden shocking realization of panic she yanked and yanked on the chain trying to pull it free from the metal rod that was imbedded into the ground. She was like a trapped animal. Her fight or flight instinct took over and all she could think about was escape. She had to get out of this thing. Nothing else mattered. She could not be found by anyone like this; naked, vulnerable and exposed.

The door to the cabin door came open with a bang and Trent staggered out with nothing on more than his faded jeans. She noticed his strong chest had several imaginative tattoos. She noticed one in particular. A flapping confederate flag with the motto, "The South shall rise again" was emblazoned under it in fancy scroll work. The others had a similar motif as well. He's a racist. Now that is really disappointing. She thought to herself.

Rubbing his bare chest he stretched his powerful arms over his head and gave an immense yawn, and said "Well good morning sleepy head. You sure are making a lot of racket with that chain for such an early hour. I trust you slept well then?"

Quickly Amber crossed her legs tight and threw her arms across her ample breasts in an attempt to cover her nakedness. "Trent! What is the meaning of this? What is going on here?" She said with a voice of utter shock. "I don't understand. Where is my shirt and pants? What am I doing out here chained up like a dog?"

"Full of questions aren't we? Well, I promise I will explain everything." And then as an after thought said, "Oh and the pounding in your head and the queasiness in your stomach are from the Rohypnol. That will pass in a few hours."

"Ruffies! Oh my god you fucking drugged me! Why? What the fuck you little shit! You better let me go and give me my clothes back or you're going to be in big trouble mister. This shit isn't funny in the least little bit. When my dad finds out what you have done he is going to kick your fucking ass." She said with an edge of anger in her voice.

"Ya, about that, I don't think your dad is coming to your rescue anytime soon. You'll be long gone by the time anyone discovers your missing. Trust me."

Smugly Amber said, "I left a note before I went on this little hike with you. Everyone knows that I am with you and you'll be the first person they come looking for when I come up missing." She said crouching down further still trying to cover up.

Laughing Trent pulled a piece of crumpled paper from his pocket and tossed it in Amber's direction. Amber hastily reached for it so her tits were exposed only for a fraction of a second. Unfolding the crumpled piece of paper she began to read:


Went hiking and camping in the Sitgreaves with Trent Preston for the weekend.

Have a great weekend and I'll see you Sunday.



"How did you..." her voice trailed off trying to make sense of how he could have possibly managed to get her note. She left it for her dad in the house. Did she somehow forget to lockup? And how did he get in. He was with her the entire time.

"If you recall when I picked you up yesterday morning at your house I went inside to use the restroom. On my way out I grabbed that note off the refrigerator door where you had stuck it. If I was a betting man, I would bet no one knows where you are right now."

Amber just sat there in a ball of confusion as Trent disappeared back into the cabin. When he emerged he tossed Amber her socks and hiking boots. "Here put these on. We have quite a bit of a walk ahead of us today."

"This is a joke right? I am not walking all over this bloody forest in the nude. Especially in front of you, you little creep."

"It's no joke dear. You're my property now. I own you now. You are part of this years round up. And by the looks of you, you should fetch a tighty little sum. My family will be very proud of my catch I have no doubt.

White slavery is his game. That xenophobic piece of shit is buying and selling people. She thought.

"Here is how this works for now. You can either put those boots on or not. I would if I was you though. Just look around at the terrain." He said sweeping his arms around in a wide arc.

"There are a lot of sharp sticks and jagged granite between here and where we need to be. Your feet will be a bloody mess by the time we get there. I would prefer to deliver you in an undamaged condition if I can. But if you want to ruin your feet you will hurt yourself more than you hurt me. Be a good sport and let's do this the easy way for everyone concerned here."

Having no choice Amber reluctantly crawled over on all fours. Her tits swung back and forth, nipples barely touching the ground like cow full of milk. She hated revealing her naked body to Trent but she had no choice. She retrieved her tan boots and white cotton athletic socks. Trent just leaned up against the cabin and grinned as he leered at Amber's perfectly smooth pale skin and her pale-pink oversized areolas.

"Your fucking nipples are the size of pie plates bitch. They are almost freakish aren't they? But I do really like them you know. Really!" He said as he felt his cock begin to stiffen in his pants.

Amber just glared at his rising bulge in disgust. No man had ever seen her naked before. It was just humiliating to have this pig talk about her breast in such a degrading way. It was such a crude comment. He wasn't the nice boy she thought he was yesterday. He was a sick bigoted pervert.

Trent produced a pair of stainless steel hand and ankle cuffs from the back pocket of his blue jeans. They reflected sunlight like a polished mirror. He moved closer to Amber, "Put your hands behind your back. We need to leave that collar you're wearing behind for the next pair and I don't need your running off getting lost or hurt or something."

Amber crossed her arms in front of her chest in defiance and looked him right in his big brown eyes and said. "I don't think so." If looks were weapons she was now glaring daggers at him. There was no way she going to do anything to further this assholes cause. Enough was enough.

Trent swiftly crossed over to where Amber now sat and pushed her flat on the ground smashing her body into the dirt and pine needles. Roughly he put one knee squarely between her shoulder blades. He now could use his free hands to subdue the now besieged girl. She thrashed about wildly trying to get free but the weight of his body pinned her down. Within moments she now lay facedown with her hands secured behind her back in the handcuffs. It was now child's play for Trent to snap on the ankle cuffs.

Trent stood her up and she struggled to get some sense of balance in this awkward position. Forcefully he yanked her left nipple out while wrapping his index finger around it. He then gave it a hard jerk pulling her closer to his face. She was so close she could smell his breath. Amber gasped at the harsh treatment and as a sharp pain shot through her chest.

"Bitch" he whispered into her face. "Like I said, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. It really makes no difference to me. You are going to market and there is nothing you can say or do to prevent that."

Amber just stood there. She could not spread her legs more than shoulder width apart. She knew if she had to run her stride would only be half her normal gait, putting a strain on her body. Staring after him she watched as Trent went back into the cabin. She could hear him rustling around in there but could not ascertain what he was up to. It sounded like he was going through the cabinets as if he was searching for something. Within moments Trent appeared in the doorway with a pair of what looked like to oversized handcuffs in one hand and their backpacks in the other. The cuffs looked as if they were made for a giant's wrists. Trent smiled a large grin as he approached Amber. Stopping in front of her he opened the large metallic cuffs with a ratcheting sound. She was horrified when he first placed one around the base of her left breast and then the other over the right. He closed each one. It made a clicking sound as each tooth in the ratchet clamped down snugger and tighter on her chest. Though she was only eighteen her double d size chest had a sag to it due to the heavy weight of the breasts themselves. It was impossible for a woman of this size to have perky tits. However they now stuck straight out like two swollen balloons because the cuffs themselves provided a bit of artificial support. The breast-cuffs were very snug to the point of being painful and very uncomfortable. They bit into the tender underside of each of her well endowed tits. Protruding from the center of the metal breast-cuffs was a large metal D ring. To this Trent attached a chain with a snap hook. With a click she was swiftly leashed by the tits. If she resisted he could yank on this contraption and lead her anywhere he wanted sending waves of burning pain through her subdued milk-bags.

"I am going to release your hands so you can walk easier. You are going to put that pack on over there." He said pointing to the ground where it lay. "We are moving out soon and we need to get to the next point before sundown."

Trent swung his pack over his shoulders and cinched up his straps.

Looking straight into Trent's brown eyes Amber said, "I am not going anywhere. Get these things off me you asshole."

Trent then popped the quick release snaps on his back pack and it dropped like a bag of flour. As it hit the ground with a thud he yanked on the chain Amber was leashed too. The metal around the base of her ample tits bit into her flesh even more as she stumbled forward. Amber tried to maintain her balance but with her hands cuffed around her back and her legs hobbled the way they were she hastily pitched ahead and began to fall. Trent grabbed her and dragged her over to the wooden bench just outside the cabin. Rolling her over so her big white ass was over his knee he slapped her as hard as he could on her right ass cheek.

"It's time you learned who is in charge. I will not tolerate anymore disrespect from you." And with that he landed blow after blow on her now reddening bare ass. Fire shot through her ass as he mercilessly rained down her punishment. Howling from the pain her sky-blue eyes began to fill with tears.

"Please stop! Oh, god please!" she begged but to no avail. Ignoring the pain and his throbbing hand Trent kept slapping and slapping her brutalized ass cheeks. Finally after what seemed like an eternity he shoved her off his lap and into the dirt. Amber laid there unable to rub her still searing ass due to the restriction of the handcuffs. The only white left on her dark, almost purple ass was in her butt crack.

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