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The Bareback Club

by DenverYo©

As he was dressing to leave, I asked him if there was any way we could rig the drawing next week so that I could be with him again. "I don't think I can wait for what might be weeks."

"Well, it is totally random, maybe we'll get lucky. One thing, though, I don't want you to get preggo on me before I have another chance."

"I don't know. That looked like a pretty virile group of guys in the club." With that he and I kissed like he was being deployed to Iraq. We both had big smiles as he drove off and my heart was all a-twitter.

A few minutes later, Rob drove up and he looked like he was on top of the world. He kissed me and said, "I'm sure glad we joined. Did you have a good time? Amy totally drained me, of sperm and energy. Let's go lie down and rest."

We undressed and jumped into bed. Don hugged me and said, "I hope you won't be mad but I am all fucked out. I don't think I could get a hard-on if my life depended on it."

"Same here. All I want now is a little sleep. It seems like I only dozed a little all night." I half expected some response but Rob was already out.

It was two when we woke up and we both gushed over our first bareback sexing. We agreed that we had not made a mistake joining the club and we were looking forward to the next meeting on Friday. "I wonder if our next pairing will be as good as Don and Amy."

"That's hard to imagine," replied Rob. "Amy was fantastic. I could hardly keep up. She even wanted me in her ass but I told her it would have to wait till the next time."

"I knew you wouldn't want to waste your baby juice there. You men! I tried to suck Don off but he pulled out before he came. He really wanted to get me pregnant. Are you still sure you wouldn't mind if I turn up pregnant?"

"Don was right. I think that turns me on nearly as much as fucking these other wives bareback."

"OK, but next Friday will be very close to my ovulation, maybe right on the button."

"Oh, Sally. I can just see a million sperm swimming all over your egg looking for an opening. It's giving me the shivers! Are you up for one more load? I can hardly believe it but I am as hard as a rock right now."

"I can handle it but keep in mind- toward the end of the week, you will need to put the old raincoat on. Now is pretty safe."

Even though I was worn out and a little sore, Rob brought on another two orgasms. I was really aroused by his enthusiasm with the club. It was fast becoming an obsession with me. I couldn't wait till Tuesday when Amy and I would be able to compare notes.

When we were seated in the coffee shop, we both had big smiles. "I take it that you had a good time with Don."

"Amy, I'm almost embarrassed to tell you how much I was turned on by Don. He is so good and he made no bones about wanting to get me pregnant. He kept trying to find out if I was fertile, but I wanted to keep him on the hook. So I never let on that I probably wasn't. He was so eager."

"I know what you mean. Rob was the same. He never asked but I could tell he was hoping to nail me. I was actually pretty close and it wouldn't have disappointed me if he found my egg. Every month, I get excited, almost hoping that my period doesn't come."

"Amy, it is amazing how much my mind has already changed about the risk of getting pregnant. It is not even a risk anymore. I am going to embrace every opportunity to get knocked up. And it doesn't even bother me that it probably won't be Rob who scores the hit."

"I know. The club has totally changed me, too. You just know that it will happen sooner or later, and it's not bad. I assume that Rob is still on board with the possibility of your becoming a mommy."

"Yeah, but I don't think he is looking at it like that. I think he just gets turned on knowing that there is someone else's sperm swimming around in my pussy."

"Wow! I knew you guys would be a great addition to our club."

It took almost six months for me to cycle through all the husbands in the club. I was with Don once again during this time. I didn't tell Amy or my husband that he was my favorite. One night when one of the wives had to be out of town because her mother was ill, I was the last wife drawn and I had my first ever three-some. No sleep at all that night! I had detected absolutely no negative vibes from Rob about the club. It had become the highlight of our lives.

Amy and I were very good friends and continued to compare notes at our meetings at the coffee shop. That was great fun talking over the various characteristics of the husbands in the club. We were almost a year into the club when she announced that she wanted to have a baby. "I talked it over with Don and he said he felt that was time for us to start a family. He took me by surprise when he said he wanted to keep doing the club."

"You mean that he was still alright with you getting pregnant by someone else?"

"More than ever. He even wants to keep using condoms when I'm fertile. I guess the idea of the club has really gotten into his mind. I'm OK with keeping up our Friday activities myself. It will be even more fun since I will know that he wants me to get pregnant. There is one other thing. We wonder if maybe you and Rob would like to meet with us on our off-Fridays and maybe even during my fertile times. You know- sort of outside of the club- just to speed things up."

I smiled at her and said, "I can't speak for Rob but I would love that. You know how much I like being with Don. I'm sure that Rob would love to have more opportunities with you, too. Yeah, that would be great. You can count us in. I know Rob will want to jump right in. He'll want to start tonight."

"Well, you should probably still ask. Call me tonight if he agrees."

"I will. I just know he'll be all for it."

Two months later, Amy whizzed into our workout with the biggest smile on her face. I knew exactly what she was going to say when we got our coffee. "Sally, I'm pregnant! And I think it happened last month when you and Rob were over at our house for dinner on that Wednesday night. I was ovulating that night and you know we had a little fun after we ate."

"Rob is going to be elated. I can't wait to tell him."

"Sally, let's don't tell our hubbies yet. Not till I begin to show. That way we can still get some dynamite sex for another couple months. Rob will still be trying to get me pregnant."

"OK, it can be our little secret. I am so happy for you. This is going to be fun."

Another two months later, Amy told me, "I think it's time to tell Rob and Don I'm pregnant. I don't think I can hide it much longer."

"Why don't you come over to our house tonight and we can tell them then."

"Sounds good. About seven?"

They got there right on time. Amy gave me a little wink as we sat down for some snacks.

"Don, we are going to have a baby."

Both husbands broke out in big smiles. They both lined up to give Amy a big hug. I couldn't hold back, "And, Rob, we think you are the one that did the deed. About three months ago, we were together at their house for dinner and it was Amy's fertile time, and well, the time line is just right because our next club meeting was two weeks later. We are pretty sure."

Don then spoke up, "Good job, Rob. I just wonder why it took you so long. The way you two have been going at it, I thought you would have nailed Amy long ago."

"Don," I said. "You have been pretty busy yourself. I would like to tell everyone that I missed my period last week- I'm pregnant too!"

Written by: DenverYo

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