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by Ellie2©

My grandfather has the biggest dick of anyone in our family. I know, because I spend summers up at the cottage, and everyone goes skinny dipping when the nights are too hot to sleep. Every summer, my cousin Jake and my brother Tony coax everyone into the water, and there's been nothing but splashing fun and lying on the raft until the mosquitos get too bad, then we go back in the water. We always fooled around with each other after, taking turns feeling each other up in our sleeping bags, but we never went very far when we were kids, and I'm glad we waited until we were all older.

The summer I was 18, it was just us kids at the cottage. They trusted us to spend the weekdays up there, and my aunt and uncle would come up on weekends. Well, Grandpa was always there, since he lived there year round. I liked being the only girl. We made a big show about how I would do all the cooking and cleaning, and they'd haul wood for the campfire and be all manly.

There was something sexual even in washing the dishes at night. Tony would help dry, and inevitably get my shirt wet so I'd have to take it off and finish washing dishes in my bra. My grandpa saw, of course, but never stopped us. Infact, on the weeknights he even encouraged us, saying to Tony, "Your sister has big tits!" Then we'd go out to the screen porch and we would take our shirts off and lay in the hammock with Jake, like when we were kids.

"You do have big tits, Annie," Tony said one night. He was gently squeezing my left breast, while Jake massaged my right one.

"I guess I get that from dad's side of the family."

"Yeah, my mom has big ones," Jake said.

"You ever suck 'em?" Tony wanted to know.

"I wish!" Jake laughed. "She's so uptight, there's a reason I'm an only child. I bet she hardly ever gives it to my dad."

"That's sad," I said. "Sex is supposed to feel good."

"Does this feel good, sis?" Tony asked. I stretched my arms over my head and brought their mouths down on my breasts.

"Yeah, but it would feel even better if you could lick them," I said, as a light evening breeze wafted through the screen. The peepers were out in full force, the bug zapper was almost constantly going off, and my brother and my cousin were licking and sucking my tits.

From the corner of my eye I saw my grandpa sitting at the end of the porch, smoking a pipe and looking out at the water. He totally ignored us, but any time I let out a little moan he would glance over, then shift himself in the seat.

I wondered if he would come join us. I was pretty sure he'd want to touch me like the boys were, because he always rubbed my butt when I hugged him hello or goodbye. I think he was worried if we wouldn't want him, or something, which was ridiculous, since Jake and Tony had compared dick sizes with Grandpa practically every year, to see if they were getting to be his size.

Grandpa had to be about seven inches, but I'd never seen him with a hard-on, and I bet it would get even bigger. Jake was tiny when he was limp, but get that boy going and he pumped up to a solid six inches, nice and fat. Tony was a little longer, but not as thick.

Thinking of their dicks made me reach down and start rubbing the front of their swim trunks, which they wore almost exclusively. To this point, I'd given them countless handjobs, but never blowjobs, and they'd sucked my tits til I got hickeys, but hadn't found my clit, content to piston two fingers in and out of my hole.

I knew tonight we'd go even further than before. I couldn't wait to get back to the bunkroom. I could feel the wetness between my thighs, and started squirming around.

"Suck my tits harder," I begged softly, and then heard Grandpa stand up.

"Okay, kids, time for bed," he announced. Tony pulled my shirt down, and Jake got out of the hammock first, not even bothering to hide his hard-on.

"Yeah, time for bed," I said, similing and kissing Tony on the mouth. He caught me around the waist and we started making out. My brother's bulge was already rock hard.

The four of us went into the cottage, when suddenly Grandpa turned and took my hand, pulling me next to him.

"You boys are planning to fuck Annie, right?" he said, his hand going lower, rubbing my ass.

"Yeah," said Jake, crossing his arms over his chest like he was preparing to fight the issue.

"I think it's long past time I showed you how to take care of a woman," Grandpa said, and moved his hand up to my left tit, squeezing it.

"Annie, that okay with you?" Tony asked.

"Hell, yes!" I said. "I'm so horny I can't even see straight. I definitely want my first time to be with my family."

"That's the way it's always been," Grandpa said. "Annie and Tony, your father got initiated by his mom, God rest her soul, and Jake, your mother had me as her first. No offense, but I think your dad's dick isn't doing it for her."

"She still gets it from you!" Jake said, smiling.

"Yes, son, and I bet if you asked real nicely she'd let you suck on those massive tits of hers."

You'd think it was Christmas for my cousin Jake, he was so happy.

"Let's go into my room," Grandpa said, and we practically fell over each other trying to get there first.

Grandpa turned on the lights next to the bed and pulled down the windowshades.

"Annie, take your shirt off, but keep your panties on for now," he instructed. Tony lifted my shirt over my head and Jake unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down. I stood before them in a white cotton bikini pair of underwear.

"Last summer we popped her cherry with our fingers," Jake said, sounding nervous. "But we never went all the way."

"I know," Grandpa said. "And I know she can jack you off, and you're getting to be tit men, both of you. But there's a few things I can teach you. You'll never learn if you don't practice, so I expect to see lots of fucking during the rest of the summer, is that understood?"

"Yes, sir," we chorused.

"Okay, Annie," Grandpa said, stripping off his shirt, "Lie down on the bed."

Grandpa had an amazingly fit body, as did the boys. I couldn't believe I was going to be fucked by these amazingly hot men! I laid down in the middle of the bed.

"Now, you've already been sucking the tit tonight. But I heard her ask for a little more pressure, and that's when you have to go for it. Don't be afraid she'll break. Like this."

Grandpa laid on his side next to me, lowered his mouth to my nipple, and sucked hard. I moaned and arched my torso off the bed, one hand going to the back of his head to keep him there. Tony and Jake were both wide eyed.

"Now you try," he said.

Tony and Jake pressed up against me, and each took a tit into their mouths, licking at first around the nipple, the way I like it.

"Now suck down, as hard as you can," Grandpa coached. "Her nipples are big and hard for you, boys."

My cousin and brother sucked on my nipples til they were sore, and when Grandpa pulled their heads away, all four of us admired the red, swollen nipples and red suck-marks.

"Not all women are gonig to want you to really chew their tits, right?" Tony said, in awe.

"That's right. Your sister's a naturally hot-blooded woman and needs a little more attention paid to her breasts, but other women will want a back massage, or a foot rub, or for you to suck their neck. Don't be afraid to ask."

"Her panties have a wet spot," Jake noticed.

"Can I please take them off now?" I begged.


I pulled my panties down and Tony pulled them off the rest of the way.

"You can spend a lot of time licking up the sap that's left on a pair of panties," Grandpa said. "But tonight is just our first lesson, and she's too keyed up to go slow. Jake, bring that lamp a little closer."

I felt the heat of a lamp shining on my pussy.

"Lay back and spread your legs, honey," Grandpa said. "That's it, spread 'em wide, pull your knees back. Wider, don't be shy. We wanna get real close to your tight, wet pussy."

All the talk was making me practically drip down my thigh. I laid back and lazily ran circles around my nipples while the boys had their first lesson.

"The clitoris is right here, at the top. They come in different sizes. Annie has a small one." Grandpa pulled up with his thumb on the top of my mound. "See that plump little bit of flesh? You rub or suck that nub and a woman will have an orgasm. Sometimes it takes an hour, sometimes it takes a minute."

"I'm so wet," I moaned.

"Honey, we're gonna take care of that. Tony, rub your sister's clitty with your fingertip."

I felt Tony's finger worming around in my wet folds, and finally, he found the hard nub Grandpa showed them. He rubbed it slowly and gently, stopping only to let Jake have a turn.

"That's it, just like that," Grandpa coached. "Now press a little harder. Take turns, and watch the woman to see if she wants more or less pressure. Keep on rubbing her until she comes."

Grandpa scooped two fingers into my pussy and rubbed it on his cock, which was definitely close to ten, fat inches when it was hard. It glistened in the lamplight and I couldn't wait for it to be inside me.

"How will we know when she comes?" Tony wanted to know.

"Stick one finger inside her, and pay attention to how her pussy clenches around you."

Jake and Tony were really into it, rubbing my clit without stopping, and my brother had his index finger up inside of me, pumping very gently in and out. All of a sudden I felt a slow burn in my pussy that exploded and made me arch my hips off the bed, thrashing around and moaning. It felt so good!

"She exploded on my finger!" Tony said.

"Man, she was so hot!" Jake agreed.

"Okay, boys, now it's time for you to slip those cocks inside her. You won't last long the first time, that's okay. Just do what comes natural. Tony, you go first, since she's your sister."

Tony climbed on top of me and prodded me with his dick. I helped him guide it into my slick passage, and then he lowered himself down until we were face to face and could make out. He started grunting as he came, and I wrapped my legs around his back as he came in under a minute, spewing inside me in a few short spurts.

"That was excellent!" Grandpa said. "Come down here and see what you did to your sister."

"Annie, your pussy is oozing cum," Tony told me. "You're wetter than the lake and your clit is all puffy. God, sis, you're so beautiful!"

"My turn," said Jake, and pulled my hips to the edge of the bed. He wasn't as tender as Tony, and he immediately started thrusting really fast, pushing my thighs wide open. It felt so good, to be spread open like that for my cousin's fat dick to push in and out of me.

"Oh, Jake," I moaned. He was pumping in and out, and together we made wet, squelching sounds.

"I'm coming!" he shouted. "Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!"

Three times his cock spurted inside me, and then he was done.

"Now I'm going to take over, and make sure she's full to the brim with family cum," Grandpa said. "Stay on your back, Annie, we don't want any of it to spill out."

"Yes, sir," I said.

Grandpa put a pillow under my hips and beckoned the boys over so they could see his technique. I don't know if it was so much of a technique as it was I was pretty young and he was uncommonly huge. I started moaning the second he slipped the fat, mushroomed head inside me.

"You're going to take it all in, baby girl," he said. "It's family tradition."

"Oh, Grandpa, please fuck me," I begged.

Tony and Jake, without asking, helped me keep my knees up and back so Grandpa could really pound my hole. He slipped it in, inch by inch until I was practically crying for him to start banging me. And then, bliss. He groaned, and grunted, and thurst his big dick all the way inside me, then started pumping his hips in a steady motion.

No quick little minute for Grandpa, oh no. He was still hard after an hour of constant fucking, and I had had three orgasms, and Tony and Jake were jacking off onto my tits. Finally, when I just didn't think I could take any more, it happened.

"Spread those legs, honey! I'm ready to come! Oh, oh, oh, oh, here it coooooooomes!"

With a loud shout, Grandpa unleashed his load deep in my wet, swollen pussy. Beads of sweat dripped down his face as he spurted inside me several times, filling me to the brim with the thick fluid. He pinched my sensitive nipples as he came, holding onto me like I was the reins of a horse. Boy, was that the ride of my life!

When he slipped out, he gently closed my aching legs and removed the pillow.

"Jake, get me that box over there," he ordered, panting harhly.

Jake scurried across the room and came back with a plastic box of adult diapers, for incontinence.

"Grandpa, what is this for?" Tony asked. "Are you having problems?"

"Ha! No, boy, I just needed a big sized diaper for your sister. Here, let's slip it on her."
Together they slipped the adult diaper on me, making sure it was nice and snug. "We want her to keep all this cum inside her all night long, keeping that pussy very full and very wet."

"Then what?" Jake asked.

"Then in the morning, Annie's gonna be our baby girl. We'll change her diaper, clean up her poop and pee, give her a bath, and teach her how to drink a bottle," Grandpa said, stroking his dick so I would get his meaning. "For now, you should all get some rest. And I mean REST."

"Cause we have a busy week ahead," I laughed, stretching my arms out. I couldn't wait for the morning.

Written by: Ellie2

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