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Birthday Trip Ch. 01

by _a_friend_©

The rhythm of the boat hitting the waves started, and with it, the bump and grind. Mom's ass cheeks were doing a great job massaging my dick. I knew Mom felt it already. But she didn't say anything.

And then there was another problem: with every time Mom and my pelvis left the seat and gravity pulled us back down, Mom's ass slid the legs of my trunks higher up. And then, another push later, I realized that my dick was freed from the inner part of my swimming trunks and was now about to poke out.

And then it happened. The tip of my penis made contact with Mom's leg. No material was between the two.

I felt Mom freeze. But she couldn't. There was nothing we could do. The boat rocked us back and forth. So with the next wave, my dick poked out of my trunks even more, sliding along Mom's thigh.

It felt electrifying. I felt pre-cum ooze out of my dick. And with the next wave, I felt that Mom's thigh was moist from my pre-cum. Which made it much easier for my hard dick to slide up and down Mom's leg. Not only did it make it easier, but it made it even more pleasurable as well.

Of course Mom felt it. All of a sudden she had a moist thigh. But still, she didn't say anything. She kept still. Actually... she didn't keep still. So far, the waves were responsible for all the movements. They pulled us up and slammed Mom down on my dick. But then I saw Mom adjusting the sun hat a little bit. She slid it a little more to the side where all the other passengers were. And then I felt her hips move. Not up and down, but she moved forward and then backwards. Which had the effect that my dick wasn't slammed into her thigh, but it slid back and forth between her legs.

And by doing that, the legs of my bathing shorts were pulled up even further. Five or six waves later, my bathing shorts was pulled all the way up to my groin. By that time, even my balls sprung free. I was now basically naked. My dick was sliding between Mom's legs and now, with my bathing shorts all the way up, it made contact with Mom's hot pants as well.

But they weren't tight hot pants. They were cotton hot pants which left a lot of room. Soon the short legs of the hot pants were sliding up and down as well.

And then it happened. When Mom moved her hip back and then forward again, my hard dick moved into one of the legs of the hot pants and got trapped there.

Now something felt really different. My dick had made contact with something besides Mom's leg. The shaft of my dick was sliding along Mom's pussy lips. And all of a sudden it got really moist.

Oh my god. Mom is wet. She's turned on. A lot.

She continued to move her hip back and forth, with my dick now rubbing against her pussy.

And then I saw Mom look to her left and her right. And after a second she leaned back. Her back was now touching my upper body. I froze. But then Mom tilted her head back a little bit and whispered:

"Hold the hat for a second."

I didn't know what she had in mind, but I did what she told me. I grabbed the sides of the sun hat and waited.

And then Mom lifted her pelvis slightly. And with one hand, her left, the one that was at the side of the ocean, away from all the other passengers, she reached under the sun hat. I didn't really know what she did, but I felt it a second later.

Because when her hand came back up, and she was slowly sitting back down, I felt her hot pants down on my mid-thigh. Mom must have pulled them down.

So now, after some adjusting, my dick slid right between Mom's ass cheeks. My entire dick made contact with her skin. And then Mom continued to slide back and forth on me. Soon my dick was wet all over. And it transferred the fluid between Mom's cheeks as well. So with every new wave, my dick buried himself more and more between Mom's ass cheeks.

The feeling was incredible. My entire dick was now being massaged by Mom's cheeks. And when she moved backwards, I felt her pussy lips.

It was so hot. I didn't know why Mom participated. But she did. And she did more than that. Because now with every new wave, she lifted her pelvis up a little bit. Resulting in the fact that my penis didn't stay down, but wanted to push up.

And then there was no wave coming when Mom lifted her pelvis again. This time a little higher. My dick was so hard, it was now pointing to the sky. And then Mom slowly lowered her pelvis. And then I felt my dick enter my Mom's pussy.

Oh god. I was about to explode. All of a sudden my dick was surrounded by this warm and wet pussy. And it belonged to my mother. Oh my god, how did I get here?

Mom left me no time to think. She was pushing down on me, even when the boat wasn't hitting a wave. And then suddenly she reached back with her left arm and rammed her nails into the side of my stomach. I felt juices flooding my dick.

Damn. Mom just came. She scratched me, so she wouldn't scream. It was so hot. I couldn't hold it any longer myself. And then I came inside Mom's pussy. I came and came, shot my load inside her, I thought I was passing out.

I don't know how exactly, but somehow, we managed to get off the boat, without anybody seeing or noticing anything. We didn't talk on our way back to the hotel. But boy, what a start to my birthday vacation.

Written by: _a_friend_

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