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Amber's Ordeal Ch. 02

by Francis_Nye©

Sunday, June 3, 2012
6:35 PM
1 mile south of Mogollon Rim Rd.

The warm sun hung low in the late afternoon sky. And the forest was becoming less dense with each passing mile, a sign that they were on the fringes of the woods. Amber estimated it was about an hour until sunset and it soon would be a dark moonless night. It was apparent to Amber that Trent was avoiding established trails in favor of an overland route. Amber surmised correctly of course that Trent want to avoid running into anyone that could testify to his kidnapping of her. This decision that had a cost and that cost was paid in time. Time that was quickly running out for him and he knew it. He had to get to the compound before it was dark. The two, captor and captive had been traveling south over mostly wooded and uneven terrain since leaving the Patterson Cabin where this ordeal began earlier in the day. It had been slow going over the jagged terrain especially since Amber's feet had been restrained by shackles. It was very hard to walk with a chain between your ankles and even harder since it snagged on every loose branch or rock along the way. The sound of that very chain as it clattered and clicked on every pebble since it was put on her reminded her of the seriousness of her current predicament. What further aggravated the situation was Trent felt it necessary to lead Amber by her tits through the woods. Amber's large chest was shackled with a leash attached to it. The shackle was so tight that it was restricting the blood flow to her now plum colored tits making it difficult for Amber to concentrate on her footing.

"Let's rest here." Trent said as he stopped and dropped his pack.

Amber was looking a little worse for wear and just collapsed with a thud were she stood not bothering to take off her pack.

"God my legs are killing me." Amber said as she leaned forward with her legs locked straight out trying to touch her toes in effort to stretch her ever stiffing calf mussels. "Trent can I have some water?" She said in a pleading voice.

Trent reached around to his belt and pulled his canteen from its carrier and swished the half-empty canteen first before tossing it at her. "That's all we got left." He said shaking his head. "Make the best of it."

"Thank you." She replied unscrewing the cap from the green plastic container.

After drinking the remainder of the water which was about a half a pint she said, "Trent I need to pee; bad. Can you take the rope off this thing so I can go find a bush and have a little bit of privacy?" She said looking down at the shackle that encircled her breasts.

"That's not going to happen, sugar-tits."

"Then where am I to go right here in front of you?" She said unbelievingly. It was bad enough this freak took away all of her clothes and hauled her through the woods shackled by her tits and ankles in utter humiliation. Now he wanted to further her humiliate her and take away what little if any dignity that she had remaining by watching her pee.

Trent shook his head no and said, "We need to push on. So you can go now while we are stopped or you can piss on the move like a horse does, it makes no difference to me." He said running his fingers through his thick black hair staring off at nothing and lost in concentration.

Amber's bladder burned it was so full. She had to pee or she was going to burst. With a look of incredulity Amber pushed off her pack and stood up from the ground to squat. As she squatted she spread her legs wide baring her perfect pink young little pussy. Her plump little ass was a mere inch off the dirt. A slight tremor moved through her legs as she fought to balance herself in this position. She found it was difficult due to the strain of today's forced march trough the woods but not impossible. She reached down between her legs with one hand and with her index and middle fingers spread her labia majora as wide as her fingers would allow so she could piss without it spraying all over herself. She could feel the sudden relief as a warm stream of clear piss shot forth from her open and pink hole. The tepid unbroken stream shot nearly a yard in a perfect arc towards Trent. She knew she could not reach him from where he stood, but, still, it was a pleasant thought. She would have loved to piss on him for what he did to her thus far. With nothing to wipe her now dripping twat she moved back a few feet and sat back down in the dirt.

"Feel better?" Trent said with a huge grin on his face.

"What the fuck are you smiling at you sick fuck?" Amber said as she slowly stood up being careful not to trip herself over her leg shackles.

"Just admiring that pretty little pink pussy you have. That's all. If we weren't in such a hurry, who knows?"

"I am glad you enjoyed the show asshole." Amber said while flipping him off. "You're a freak and you will never get away with this."

"Anyway", Trent said rolling his eyes, "we have about an hour of sunlight left and I don't want to be fumbling around the woods trying to find Buckskin Trail. It would be too easy to get turned around and lost in these woods. We need to make up some time also. You being hobbled the way you are is slowing us down. The way I figure it we are only about a mile from the trail and then another two miles to the compound where we need to be before night fall."

Pulling two black zip ties from his pack he walked over to Amber and pulled her arms together behind her. To tired to resist she just stood there. He first zipped her elbows together then her wrists. Next he produced a key from his pocket and took off the ankle cuffs.

Looking down at her violet colored and raw tits Amber said, "Trent please, remove this awful thing from my chest."

Trent came around to the front of her and unlocked the leash he had on her chest.

"You may have wished I left this thing on you when we start our little run. It's the only thing that is going to support those huge milk-bags you got there." He said with a smirk.

Amber let out a sigh of relief when the horrible pulling and binding contraption was off from around her tender breasts. Two red angry imprints encircled each breast where the leash device was attached. Trent suddenly grabbed both of her tits and began to massage the area where the unyielding bands where in an effort to bring back some circulation and her normal skin color to her chest. She twisted and tried to pull away. Trent grabbed her jugs harder and yanked her toward him showing her that he was in control. He then began to run his fingers around each of her oversized pink areolas causing her nipples to stand fully erect.

Amber didn't want to admit it but it felt good after wearing that uncomfortable mechanism all day long. Her pussy rapidly became wet from the attention that was being paid to her ample size chest. She loathed that she was becoming aroused by his touch because he was such a revolting swine. But on the other hand she was not use to being touched by anyone in this way and it felt so good. She was feeling very conflicted to say the least. Did she demand that he stop or did she give in to these very real very visceral desires she was experiencing? He was so handsome, so hot but also a total asshole for abducting her. With her being so young and inexperienced with men she was quickly loosing the struggle to pull away from his advances. She felt herself give in to his tender touch and she closed her eyes and a small quite moan escaped her lips betraying her desire for him. Her juices begin to trickle down her inner thigh as she slipped ever deeper into the moment.

Trent noticed that she was becoming sexually aroused and pounced on her weakness by increasing her want and need for him. He slid his other hand down between her silky-smooth white thighs petting her blonde pubic hair but being careful not to drive his fingers into her now soaking wet cunt. Her hips began to gyrate first slowly and then more aggressively as her common sense flittered away from her. She yearned for him to slide his fingers into her slippery drenched opening. Her pussy was begging; no it was throbbing for his attention. She abandoned all sense of reason and wanted to be taken by him in the worse way.

Trent was now fully aware of her deep desire for him. So to add to her discomfort and frustration he stopped playing with her chest and removed his hand from between her legs and her yearning twat. With the abrupt lack of attention her eyes snapped open and she stared into his brown eyes silently beseeching him to continue.

Trent grinned a wicked and knowing smile. He turned away from the burning craving he saw in her eyes. Leaving her aroused and aching for more he just strolled off and began searching for something.

That total fucking asshole she thought. He is so cruel. Fighting to regain her composure after being fondled in such away she called after him. "Where... where are you going? What are you doing? What the fuck is your problem? You are the biggest fucking asshole I have ever met!"

He then stopped in front of a pile of broken branches and picked up a long stick about three feet long and two inches thick. He produced his knife from a scabbard that hung from his belt. He began to whittle and soon he produced a very sharp point on one of the ends.

She turned white when she saw that pole with the spear point in his hands. Oh my god what is he going to do with that thing? Maybe I have gone too far in calling him an asshole. Is he going to punish me with that? Is he really that deranged that he would use that thing inside me?

"We need to make up for our slowness through these woods. You are going to start running off in that direction" He said while pointing south. "until we come to a dirt road. You will run as fast as you can. If not, then this here will serve as a motivator. Do you understand?"

She nodded that she did with a small sigh of relief. Thankful he wasn't going to stick that thing inside her.

"So are we good then?" He asks curiously wondering why she looked so relieved.

Looking at the menacing looking piece of wood he held up she nodded again in understanding.

"Then let's move out. What are you waiting for?"

The two took off at a leisurely pace. Most of which was in a down hill direction. Amber had her hands and arms bound behind her with zip ties so she could not balance herself properly and run as fast as she would have liked. The terrain was mostly loose pea size stones which with the combination of her momentum and their current downhill direction of travel it threatened to send her sliding to the ground. It was apparent she was having difficulty maintaining her footing for from time to time she would slide on the loose granular soil nearly taking a nasty spill. Each time this happened she held her breath and waited for the inevitable. But her luck was holding out thus far. She knew in the back of her mind that if she did fall on this loose surface she would have some nasty scrapes on her bare skin. Trent was thus far kind enough not to jab her with that pointed stick he carried. Amber concluded it was because he didn't want her to fall and damage his property. What a saint she thought with a note of sarcasm.

It wasn't much longer until Buckskin Trail came into view at the bottom of the hill. As they arrived on the trail Trent called for a halt.

"Another two miles and we are there." he said. "I want you to run as fast as you can now. We are on level ground and you should have no problem. Amber's chest was heaving up and down as she tried to catch her breath. The mussels in her legs began to cramp from the overexertion of the day and sweat was running down her now glistening pale skin in rivulets of perspiration.

Trent poked her in the ass with his wooden spear and the needle point of the spear stung her tender bare ass. The pain was so intense that she took off in a dead run not needing another prodding to remind her of what she must do. Her poor already tender tits were bouncing up and down and back and forth uncontrollably with each footfall. This pace sent shock waves through her body because of the size of her tits. Each was heaving up with such force that when it reached the top of its apex, gravity would then snatch it back down with a slam. Because her arms and hands were secured behind her she could not offer any support to her breasts as she ran. This was excruciatingly painful, almost to the point of being intolerable but she knew she must keep up the pace.

After about a mile of her tits slamming up and down Amber began to slow. The pain in her chest was unbearable and her legs were starting to cramp up. She didn't think she had another mile in her. God please let this stop she pleaded to herself.

Trent began to close the distance to Amber due to her ever slowing speed. First with the blunt end of the stick he prodded her from behind a couple of times to remind her she needed to pick up the pace. Still showing signs of slowing, he then jabbed her in her ass with the sharp end. The point of the stick slightly pierced her skin and it began to bleed. It burned like being stung by a large bee. She cried out and lost her balance and began to stumble. She fought to regain her balance but without the use of her arms it was a lost cause. She twisted this way then that way and then with a crash skidded across the dirt on her side before coming to a stop in a jumbled heap.

"God dammit girl we don't have time for this." Trent said as he reached down and yanked her up by one of her arms. Steadying her on two feet he said, "You either get your ass in gear or else. We can't be out here on this road like this. Do you understand? Look, it's not much further. You can do this."

"Please Trent. I can't... I just can't go any further." She said weary from nearly fifteen miles of travel by foot since leaving the cabin.

Trent took his homemade spear a tossed it off into the brush and said, "You will. Just do the best you can. Now let's move or I will be forced to punish you."

The pair took off once again in more or less what could be described as a hybrid between a jog and a run. Amber figured Trent was thinking it would be better that she kept moving at any pace than to run her to death and have nothing to show for his efforts.

Soon the two ran past a white washed sign with black lettering that read:

Keep Out Private Property
Guests welcome all others will be shot
Northern Arizona Militia

As the sun was half below the horizon the pair heard some shouting up ahead. Two armed men stood outside of a large fenced area at the end of the trail. As they got a little closer Amber heard one of the men say, "Woo wee look what cousin Trent pulled in on his first year out on his own."

The two stopped in front of the gate that led into the compound. Amber collapsed on the ground gasping for air. She was spent. She couldn't walk another foot. She just laid there on her back with her hands and arms bound behind her, chest heaving up and down. She was soaked in sweat. Her hair was matted with perspiration and dirt. Her body was covered in grime from the arduous trek. She really did look like she had been to hell and back.

One of the men, that grabbed Amber by her filthy matted blonde hair and yanked her up to her feet. The fat round little man in his late thirties looked into her blood shot blue eyes and said, "My name is Corry and Darling, me and you are going to have some fun tonight. It's going to be a party in your sweet little pussy and my dick has an invitation. I think everyone here is going to want a shot at that little blonde pie." He laughed and slapped her right on her bare ass.

Her legs were like rubber as they shook uncontrollably. She wasn't sure if it was the sheer terror at being raped by a gang of unknown men or the physical exertion of the day or a little of both. She then felt a stream of warm piss run down her legs, and it was decided; it was the terror.

Sunday, June 3, 2012
7:45 PM
Northern Arizona Militia Compound

The sun was down now and the beautiful orange and purple sky quickly turned to night. There was a slight breeze and the smell of diesel fuel and human waste in the air. Amber tying to keep her head about her scanned the compound rapidly for any way of escape should the opportunity present itself later. The compound was what one might expect for a militia unit. It was relatively clean and clutter free. It testified to the organization and dedication to their cause. The perimeter fence topped by razor wire stretched back into the distance too an unknown point which meant it was large in scale. Amber could make out several wooden structures in the fading light. One of the structures sported an array of antennae on it. She surmised that this must be the communications shack. There were also a variety of four wheel drive conveyances. There was everything from Ford, Dodge, GMC and Jeeps. Not too surprisingly there were no foreign made vehicles anywhere to be seen. Buy American; was the mantra of most militia types. Amber also gaze upon a 1950's Dodge aviation fuel truck with a large Union gas decal on its sun bleached red tank. So there is an air strip here also.

She was led off into the dark by Trent's cousin Alex. Alex was not like Trent's other cousin Corry that she met by the gate when she first arrived. Corry was a fat piece of shit. Alex on the other hand was so skinny his clothes hung off his boney frame. Alex escorted Amber to a chain link enclosure that he called the corral.

The ground was muddy and the corral smelled like shit and piss. In the center of this enclosure was a thick tree that had its top cut off so it was nothing more than a post with roots. At the top of this dead tree was a rust colored steel ring with five very long rust colored chains attached to it. At the other ends were five rust colored collars. Four of these collars were occupied by four grimy nude women. The pair stopped in front of the tree and Alex picked up the last remaining collar and locked it onto Amber's neck. He then took his knife and cut her zip ties. Amber rubbed her wrists as she watched Alex depart without a word.

Three of the women were squatting down cowering with their eyes down cast too frightened to look up until Alex had left. The other woman just stood there in an obvious act of defiance. Even though she was covered in muck she had beautiful olive skin and short black curls. Amber guessed that she was maybe a mulatoo by the look of her. She had the most gorgeous brown eyes that were filled with a fire as she stared after Alex in rebelliousness. "Animal!" she yelled after him as he closed the gate to the corral.

"These men are all pigs." She said as she spat on the ground.

She then approached Amber and thrust out her hand, "I am Jamila."

"I am Amber, nice to meet you. What is this place?"

"It's a weigh station of sorts. We are here waiting on some buyers. They plan to sell us to the highest bidder. Animals all of them, they disgust me." She said as she spat on the ground again to punctuate her last statement. "They broke into my apartment while I slept a few nights ago. They had been stalking me for weeks, or so they told me. They said I made it easy for them and laughed at me. They said they look for girls that are new to an area and don't have a lot of friends. I suppose if I had a roommate they would have moved on and not bothered with me but I have always been a bit of a loner.

"You are definitely not from around these parts are you? What kind of accent is that?"

"I am from Morocco and I came to this country last year. I couldn't find any work in New York so last month I moved out west."

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