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A Proper Young Woman's Guide to Anal Etiquette Ch. 01

by lordodie©

Laura stood up slowly, allowing her muscles to acclimate to the new, vertical position. She walked over to her daughter's masturbation kit and selected a smallish, for her at least, butt plug that was two and three quarter inches at the base, three and a quarter inches in diameter for most of its body and about eight inches in length overall. Returning to her daughter's side she bent over and slowly extracted the ten inch toy already nestled inside the teenager's backside, causing Emily to moan in disappointment at the sudden feeling of emptiness. Quickly before the, considerably larger than previous, gaping hole could even begin to consider attempting to close, Laura lined the slightly thicker plug up with it and pressed inwards. Emily began to groan softly as the plug met with all the brief, pitiful resistance her battered anus could muster. That didn't last long at all and the plug quickly slipped past Emily's sore, ever expanding sphincter; eliciting a slight 'yip' from the young woman. It finally came to rest against the moistened ring of the forcefully loosened muscle; a ring of muscle that Laura had now made her personal mission in life to retrain in the ways of proper behavior.

Laura moved up to the head of the bed, rolling her daughter over onto her back as she went, in order to face her directly. "There. Now that is a much more reasonably sized plug to be wearing to bed for a girl your age. We'll work your butt up to something larger in the next few days." Laura reassured her daughter as she cupped the young woman's face in her hand. "I'm sorry I was so forceful with you earlier, but it was for your own good; you know that, don't you."

"Yes, mom" Emily replied, reaching up with her own hand to hold her mother's wrist. "I'm sorry I was masturbating wrong in the first place." She half lied. She really hadn't desired tonight's lesson but was glad for it now that it'd happened. The considerably larger plug wedged between her cheeks was uncomfortably wide but it felt good and proper in the afterglow of such a powerful anal orgasm.

"I'm glad to hear that, Emily." Her mother replied. Handing the glistening phallus to her daughter, "now be sure to clean up your toys and put them back where they belong before you go back to sleep or we'll have to add a spanking to your punishment first thing in the morning; and I know how much 18 year old girls hate to be spanked by their over bearing mothers!" she quietly half hinted, but with an underlying tone of complete certainty about the spanking if her orders weren't carried out to the letter. She routinely warmed the bottoms of her daughters when they got disrespectful or too lack-some; like skipping out on their full allotment of cleansing enemas. Cleanliness is next to Godliness, after all.

Emily took the sizable toy, which had until very recently been plowing into her unprotected rear end, from her mother and hugged it between her perky breasts with both arms like it was her cherished, girlhood teddy bear. "I will mom. Promise!" she whispered in response.

"Good girl." Her mother said proudly, bending down to kiss her youngest goodnight. It was a passionate, lingering kiss. A proper mother/daughter kiss. And as their tongues met, Laura's hand wandered down between her daughter's slender legs to the moist pussy between. She easily slipped two fingers into the post orgasmic slime she found there and worked their way around the inside of her daughter's front hole; it was the first time she'd touched that part of her daughter's anatomy this morning. In no time at all, the fingers were coated thoroughly with Emily's juices. While Laura was fingering her daughter, Emily's hand had found her mother's leg at the knee and had quickly navigated up the thigh to the dripping pussy at its apex. Emily's own two fingers had just as easily sunk into her mother's horny cunt and soon became drenched in the older woman's horny juices.

After a minute or so of hungry tonguing, Laura broke off the kiss with her daughter as four very wet fingers extracted themselves from two equally wet pussies. As if in unison, both women reached their dripping fingers up to the other's waiting mouth, which eagerly opened to greedily suck the offered digits clean. It was a practiced maneuver for Laura and her daughters; as it was for most close, female relatives in proper, conservative families. The exchange of pussy juice in this fashion was a common way for mothers and daughters to say good night to each other; once the daughter was of age and had started her anal training of course. Laura had always insisted her and her daughters say good night to each other in this way ever since each one of them had reached the proper age. After all, sucking your own juices off of the offered fingers of a loved one was always a great trust building exercise.

After they had finished sucking the other's fingers clean, Laura started to stand back up, but allowed her hand to drift back down to her daughter's gushing slit to go finger diving for a second time; this usually wasn't part of the normal routine but Laura wanted some of the teenager's succulent juice to go and Emily was in no mood to argue. "Alright, I'm headed back to bed. You get a good night's sleep and I'll wake you in the morning." She said as her third finger joined the previous two and slipped into her daughter's drenched pussy to scoop out as much of the sweet girl cum as she could. Emily only inhaled sharply and hugged the veined dildo to her chest harder with both arms, which caused her breasts mould themselves around the thick shaft in a very pleasing manner. Her mother continued to harvest Emily's juices for a few more moments as enjoyed the view of the supple breasts rising and falling in time with the young woman's steady breathing. "I love you, honey" her mother said, reluctantly removing her fingers and then bringing them up to her hungry lips.

"I love you to, mom." Emily said, finally devoid of her mother's questing fingers and with the early stages of horniness returning.

Laura smiled sweetly to her daughter and turned to leave as she tasted her juice soaked fingers. She moaned softly as the taste of her daughter's anal induced orgasms filled her mouth; closing her eyes in bliss. At the doorway to the bedroom, since of course there was no actual door, she turned to quickly wave goodnight to her youngest daughter a final time, not interrupting her fervent finger sucking in the process. She briefly noticed Cora still fast asleep, and blissfully unaware of what had just come to pass mere feet from her person, and smiled to herself. "Cora will be pissed as Hell in the morning when she finds out what I did to Emily; and that she didn't get to play too." Laura thought to herself as she turned and headed towards the master-less master bedroom, still relishing her Emily flavored fingers. "Cora really loves the taste of Emily after a really hard orgasm more than the taste of any of her other sisters; more than the taste of her mother even! I don't know how I'll ever make this up to her" Laura continued as she walked down the hallway. "I'm sure I'll come up with something" she reassured herself. But for now, there was a satisfyingly over-sized, veined dildo just waiting to ravage her own very hungry asshole just around the next corner. Her free hand moved up to her hard nipples to give them the attention then demanded as well as she made her way towards her own impending anal induced orgasms. "It's always such a rewarding experience teaching proper masturbation!" Laura concluded as she disappeared down the hall.

Minutes later, the soft sounds of wet slapping -- emanating from an exquisitely trained asshole sparring against a latex juggernaut that was utterly unimpressed with its opponent -- and deep, satisfied moans began drifting back down that same hall. The sounds continued for the better part of the next hour before all was quiet again inside the Wilder home.

Written by: lordodie

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