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Train Ride Home Ch. 2

by kahluayummy©

It took fifteen minutes for me to get inside my apartment after the train ride. Those fifteen minutes were agony. The ache in my pussy exceeded that of anything I could remember. I rushed inside, pulling my shirt over my head and unbuttoning my jeans, I collapsed on my couch and quickly fingered my clit to an explosive orgasm. I lay there quivering for a few moments before I pulled myself up and into the shower; where I masturbated yet again, the image of her in that seat and legs spread seared into my head. I had never been this affected by a complete stranger and my mind could not grasp the strength of it.

Now, it was two weeks later. Two weeks since the Spanish siren fucked herself just for me on that subway train. Two weeks of torture. Two weeks of obsessing over whether I'd see her again. My brain could not make sense of anything but her. My social life became non-existent and my work performance suffered to the point that I should have been fired. My friends and co-workers began questioning if anything was wrong and my boss began double-checking all my work. I couldn't blame him, my mind was anywhere but on my job.

I rode that train home at ALL possible hours of the day... morning, noon, and night; hoping I would run into her again. I became useless and pathetic. I was an unbelievable mess over this woman. But, no matter what I tried, I never saw her. I awakened on the fifteenth day, resolving that I would make every effort to forget her and move on. I did double my usual work in a regular eight hour day and left the office at 5:30pm, amazed at how little I'd actually thought about her.

I entered the rush hour crowded subway station and boarded a nearly full train, inching my way into an empty, slightly darker corner in the back of the car. Leaning against the wall, I pulled the business section of the newspaper from my backpack and read the latest news. Becoming engrossed in an article on the state of the current stock market, I didn't notice the person who filled the foot or so of space in front of me until I felt my paper being pushed towards my face. Moving the paper to the side, I noticed the backside of the raven haired woman standing before me and immediately knew it was her. Quickly dropping the arm holding the newspaper to my side, my heart jumped and my throat became thick as she turned slightly to the side, her deep brown eyes meeting mine in a heated gaze. My brain was screaming that this could not be happening, but the throbbing between my legs told my body otherwise.

The train lurched and the movement caused her body to fall against mine. With a lascivious grin she turned her backside to me and rested the luscious curve of her ass into the V of my legs and leaned her back into my breasts, pressing close. Over the movement of the car, I could feel her pushing her ass more insistently against my mound... slowly rotating. I moaned deeply and grasped her left hip, digging my fingers into her skirt and flesh, but was I trying to stop her or encouraging her to continue? I didn't have time to mull over the question. She turned to face me, her breasts pushed into mine and I could swear I felt her nipples hardening against my own through our respective shirts. Being a scant inch shorter than me, I could feel her hot breath cascading over my lower lip before she kissed me ever so lightly, pausing to pull my lower lip into her mouth with a soft suckle. Moaning again, my eyes drifted shut and my brain gave way to the exquisite feelings coursing through my body. The beauty's tongue slipped into my mouth and crashed into my own, its velvet roughness insistent in its probing.

She grabbed my right wrist and pulled it between our bodies, wasting no time in guiding it to her sex. My eyes flew open as my fingers came into contact with her mons pubis. I glanced around at the still crowded subway car, immediately fearing we had an audience. To my amazement and unwitting delight, no one seemed to be paying attention. My own attention was directed back to this nameless delicacy and my fingers, which began pressing into and caressing her sex through her clothing. She buried her face into my neck, creating incredible acoustics for her soft moans. I snaked my left hand around her waist, pulling her even closer against me as my right hand slithered down to the hem of her very short skirt. My fingers brushed the the silky soft skin of her inner thighs, inching up the hem as my hand travelled further.

Her heat was radiating through my hand and up my arm and I gasped when I came in contact with her labia. No panties. I lightly traced her lips, her trimmed pubic hair tickling my fingertips. Pushing inside slightly, her essence covered my index finger. Sliding up to her clit, I flicked at the engorged nub tenatively and smiled as her body twitched against me in response. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I became aware that my stop wasn't that much farther away. My attentions to her clity became more intense and insistent. I pushed into it, with no regard to how sensitive she might be. I pressed and flicked and teased the bud until her body was quaking against me and her teeth were sinking into the tender flesh of my neck.

I dug my fingers into her back as she bit my neck harder to stifle a loud moan. Her body reached the pinnacle of climax and stiffened briefly, her moans turning into soft whimpers. Our eyes met as the train pulled to a stop. The heat in her eyes nearly sent me over the edge, but as people began to file out of the exit doors, she pulled away quickly and I lost her in the crowd. My heart raced and I began to wonder if I had dreamed the entire episode, until I touched my thumb to my forefinger and realized it was covered with her essence. I unabashedly raised my finger to my lips and sucked it into my mouth, sighing deeply as the small amount of salty-sweet covered my tastebuds.

Written by: kahluayummy

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