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Too Horny to Study

by PreviaWynne©

'1942? No 1941!' Carley thought she knew the year, but when she looked it up, she was wrong. 'Dammit! 1940? I should know this stuff. This is supposed to be review. I need to move on to another subject. Why do I always put off studying until the day before finals start?'

That's when she noticed her hand at her nipple again. She quickly pulled it away and looked around the library to see if anyone had seen her. The other students all appeared to be studying like she was.

Except she was barely studying. Her boyfriend Will's classes all had a week off before finals, so he had gone home to visit his family, leaving Carley alone for the longest period of time since they had started dated six months ago. This was also the longest she had gone without sex for six months, and she was horny as hell.

'I just need to get off, then I can concentrate on studying.' She told herself for the third time as she headed to the restroom again.

She took the first stall, dropped her jeans and panties, sat down and immediately went to work on her clit with her right hand. Her left went up under her t-shirt to begin rolling and pinching her nipples. Her bra was already off and in her backpack from an earlier attempt at getting off in this same restroom

She closed her eyes and fantasized about Will going down on her. She was dripping wet, and she knew she should be able to come quickly. But it just wouldn't happen.

She couldn't concentrate on the fantasy, because she was busy analyzing her body's own responses (or lack thereof). 'Just come, dammit!' she yelled internally, but it didn't work.

Her clit was getting oversensitive from all the time she had spent furiously rubbing it in the last few hours, craving the release that still eluded her.

Finally, she gave up. 'I need to be fucked.' It was the same conclusion she'd drawn after her last two failed attempts. Will had texted her 2 hours ago to let her know he was back on campus. She could just go see him and be back to studying in less than an hour.

But she realized that wouldn't work. 'If I go see him, when I'm this horny, we'll be going at it for hours. And then I'll never get back to studying.'

She was mentally and sexually frustrated as she wiped herself and pulled her panties and jeans back up. She washed her hands and headed back out to the table where she was studying. She hoped nobody noticed how flushed her face was or how heavily she was breathing.

It was only a few more minutes into studying before she caught her hand at her nipple again. It felt so good, even through her t-shirt.

She looked around again. Nobody was paying any attention. She awkwardly tried to cross her arms to hide her hand's movements so she could keep going. She started to squirm a little in her seat, trying to bring some satisfaction to the increasingly wet area between her legs. She closed her eyes for second.

"Excuse me."

At the boy's voice, her eyes snapped open, but the rest of her froze. He was standing right in front of her. As she slowly lowered her arms, she realized there was no way he could have not seen what she was doing.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt you," he started. "I just thought maybe you could use some help."

Her eyes were wide and her mouth was open. "Umm, what?" She asked, feeling stupid.

He smiled and held up the textbook he was carrying, it was the same one she had open in front of her, what she was supposed to be studying.

"Oh," she said awkwardly. "Right. Um, yeah, sure. I could definitely use some help."

"Great!" he replied cheerfully as he took the chair across from her.

Carley pointed to the place she had been studying with her finger, "So I was just trying to rememb--"

She broke off as he reached his hand across the table and took hers firmly. When she looked up at him he held eye contact with her and whispered, "I know what kind of help you actually need."

The touch of his hand on hers was electric. "What are you talking about?" She whispered back bravely.

"I've been watching you. You can't concentrate, you can't study. You need something, and I can give it to you." He brushed her hand with his thumb while he whispered.

She was completely flustered. She opened and closed her mouth a few times, but no words came out.

He released her hand and stood up, "Follow me."

And before she knew it, she had packed up her books, shouldered her backpack, and was following this strange boy through the dimly lit bookshelves.

The library was very quiet, but inside Carley's mind was a different story. 'This is crazy! I'm a crazy person! What the hell am I doing? He wants to have sex me. At least, I hope he wants to have sex with me. I want this stranger to fuck my brains out! What is wrong with me?' But still she followed.

He led her up a flight of stairs, past sections of books she didn't even know existed. There was a door marked "STAFF" that he entered without hesitation.

"It's okay. I work here."

Then the books were gone and it was one long hallway after another. Finally they stopped at an unmarked door, which the boy unlocked with a key he produced from his pocket.

When he opened the door, the light from the hallway didn't reveal much inside. And even after he flipped on the light switch, the ancient bulb did very little to illuminate the room.

Carley took a deep breath and followed him inside, where he promptly closed the door behind them. It took a second for her eyes to adjust to the poor lighting, and when they did, she realized it was strange room.

The walls were covered with eggshell foam. There were only three pieces of furniture in the room. An old dusty couch against the wall, a small end table, and a large padded bench that looked much cleaner and newer than anything she'd seen in this entire wing of the library.

"What is this place?" she asked. Her body was aching for release, but now that she was here, she wasn't sure if she really wanted to go through with this.

"It used to be a recording studio a long time ago. I've repurposed it. It's totally soundproof, and nobody ever comes up here."

'Soundproof?' she thought. 'He's going to rape me and no one will be able to hear me scream!' She should have been terrified, but instead she felt herself getting more excited by the idea. 'What is wrong with me?'

She watched as he started unpacking things from his backpack. A towel that he left folded on the bench. A long white candle which he placed in a holder on the small table. Then he produced a lighter and soon the room was lit with soft, flickering candlelight.

Carley laughed. "Do you seriously carry all this stuff around in your backpack?"

"No. Not always. Only when I have a date."

"Is that what this is to you?"

He didn't answer. Instead he crossed the room to stand directly in front of her, putting a hand on each of her shoulders, holding her at arms length. She looked into his brown eyes, studying them. They were kind eyes. Trustworthy eyes. But there was something else too. Hunger. He wanted her. And she couldn't believe how much she wanted him.

Suddenly, the distance between them seemed unbearable. She pushed toward him, wrapping her arms around his back and pressing her lips into his. He returned her kiss passionately. His hands slid down her back and grabbed her ass through her jeans, pulling her closer to him. She ground against him and thrust her tongue into his mouth, desperate for closer contact.

Without breaking the kiss, he lifted her off the ground and turned to lay her back on the padded bench. As she leaned back, his lips moved from her mouth to her neck. Kissing and sucking. It felt amazing.

She moved her hands between them to unbutton and unzip her jeans. He pulled her shirt up over her bra-less breasts, and moved his kisses south. She fought to get the t-shirt up over her head as he took her right nipple into his mouth, sucking hard.

Then they were both working on her pants. Scooting the tight jeans and soaked panties down her legs. Her shoes were still on, so they just bunched up at her ankles. But the boy didn't care.

He got down on his knees at the end of the bench, and lifted her legs in the air above him, eyeing her wet slit.

Carley brought her bound heels up and rested them on his back, spreading her knees and thighs as wide as she could to give him easy access. When he started eating her she moaned long and loud. It felt so good. Just a little bit more and she would finally come.

But then the door opened.

"What the hell, Alan!?" It was a girl's voice.

Carley yelped and tried to curl up to the side to hide her naked body. But in the process, she pinned the boy's head between her legs. It took a second to for him to extricate himself.

When he stood up, he was a little out of breath and his face glistened in the candlelight. "Amber! You're early!" His tone was cheerful.

"Dammit, Alan! Who is this?"

"Um, I'm Carley," she stammered. Her heart was pounding. In spite of what was happening, all she could think about was that she almost came and now it was slipping away from her.

Alan explained the situation to the girl, Amber, who was apparently his girlfriend.

"So you thought you could just bring this horny little slut up here--to OUR room--and not include me?"

Carley gasped, and Alan laughed. "God, I love my girlfriend!"

Amber smiled a wicked little smile and pulled him to her. "Come here, let me taste her." Carley watched them kiss. Watched this strange girl lick her juices off this strange boy's face. "Mmm...she's yummy!"

Alan turned back around. "Carley, this is Amber. She's going to work your nipples while I finish eating you."

Carley was shocked. "But I don't-- I'm not-- I mean, I've never--"

But then Amber was crouching next to the bench lightly stroking Carley's arm that was covering her breasts. "It's your first time with a woman? Trust me, you'll love it!"

The absurdity of the whole situation struck Carley then and she thought, 'I should be studying! This is crazy! But I really, really need to come...'

Her lust won over and she rolled to her back on the bench, giving Amber access to her breasts, while Alan repositioned himself between her legs. Labels she had applied to herself seemed far away and unimportant: good girl, A+ student, Will's girlfriend, straight.

The last one went out the window almost immediately after Amber started touching her nipples. It felt so different than a man touching them. She was still pretty rough as she pinched and pulled, but there was a tenderness too. 'Why have I never tried this before?' Carley thought blissfully, enjoying the sensations Amber was bringing to her body.

The interruption had thrown off her momentum towards orgasm, but when Alan's tongue returned to her clit, she could feel herself getting there again.

Then the pleasure stopped again. "God dammit! Make me come!" Carley screamed in frustration.

"Sorry," Alan apologized. "Your jeans are just getting in the way."

While he took her shoes and socks off, so he could slide her pants off her legs, Amber spoke up. "This is so hot! But I have needs to."

"Tough luck, babe. I'm busy down here," Alan replied.

Then Amber got that grin again, "Well I was thinking maybe Carley could help me."

Carley was too horny to even care, "Fine, what should I do?"

"I'm not wearing any panties under my skirt. I want you to finger me while Alan and I take care of you."

Carley took a deep breath, and nodded. Anything to get back to the sex more quickly.

It was a strange thing, running her hand up another girl's leg. So smooth. She could feel the heat of Amber' pussy before she touched it. At first she thought she'd just touch Amber the way she touched herself when she masturbated, but the angle was all wrong. Then she decided to try something Will had done for her in the past.

Amber was very wet, so Carley's middle finger slid inside her easily. She hooked her fingertip back and found the spongey nub inside. With her thumb, she went to work on Amber' clit. She had read somewhere that the g-spot was kind of like the back of the clit. By pinching her thumb and finger together, she was working Amber' clit from both sides.

Carley was concentrating so much on what her hand was doing up under Amber' skirt, that it took her by surprise when Alan finally resumed his work on her own clit.

"Holy shit, Carley! Whatever you're doing, don't stop!" Amber was crouching next to the bench, moaning loudly from Carley's fingers, while her own hands worked on Carley's nipples.

Alan's head lifted from Carley's pussy, "You don't get to come before I do, babe."

Amber laughed, "Watch me!"

Alan ignored Carley's bucking hips as she tried to get him to keep eating her. "I want to come, too" he said.

Then he was standing and his pants were down around his ankles. When he pulled his boxers down, his cock sprung free. It wasn't as big as Will's, but Carley still wanted it inside her as soon as she saw it. Except--

"Wait! Do you have a condom?!" She yelled, but it was too late, he plunged inside her in a single thrust. And she moaned loudly. There was texture to his cock that a condom lacked. She'd never had sex without a condom before. It felt different. It felt better.

Amber started shuddering with pleasure and gave up on Carley's nipples altogether. Both Carley and Alan could tell she was close. Alan started thrusting hard and fast. Carley screamed with pleasure. A boy she hardly knew was fucking her, and she was fingering a girl!

The cock in her pussy felt great, but it wasn't stimulating her enough. She knew she wouldn't come like this. She brought her left hand down to her clit, but then all hell broke loose as Alan and Amber both reached orgasm together.

Amber actually screamed in pleasure, and Alan thrust deeply while his cock convulsed and shot cum inside of Carley. It felt so good. Carley loved feeling each spurt. Her hand moved faster on her clit. Almost there. Almost there!

Then Alan pulled out. "No!" Carley yelled. "Don't stop!"

But it was too late. Amber pulled Carley's hand away from her and collapsed on the floor. Everyone was panting. Alan's cum leaked slowly out of Carley.

Carley tried to finish herself off with her finger, but it just wouldn't happen. "Will somebody please just make me come?!"

Amber giggled as she got up off the floor. To Alan she said, "You need to get hard again, champ. I want you to fuck me next." She turned to look at the desperate naked girl on the bench. "I'll take care of Carley."

Then Amber' tongue was attacking Carley's clit. Carley put both hands on the back of Amber' head to pull her down harder, trying to get more pressure. Her right hand was still wet and sticky as she grabbed a fistful of Amber' hair.

"Yes! God, yes! Don't stop!"

'This is it!' Carley thought. 'I'm finally going to come, and it's from a girl licking my pussy while her boyfriend's cum is leaking out!'

But another interruption came, of course. This time it was a yell from Alan, and it made Amber lift her head up and turn around to see what was going on.

Carley's frustrated yell caught in her throat when she looked up and saw a large male figure standing in the room next to Alan. "Will!?!"

"Hi, beautiful," Will replied nonchalantly, as if she weren't laying naked and sweating on a bench being eaten by another girl. "You weren't answering your phone, so I tracked it here to make sure you're okay." He held up his phone, showing the app that they had downloaded together so they could find each other easily on campus.

"Is this your boyfriend?" Alan demanded. "He just tried to suck my dick!"

Now Will's tone changed to anger, "I just watched you fuck my girlfriend, asshole! I get to do whatever I want to you." He clenched his fists as he spoke. "Now let me taste her on you."

He went to his knees in front of Alan and took his flacid cock into his mouth, sucking off the lubrication Carley had left there. When Alan tried to pull him away, Will pinned both his hands back easily.

"I'm not gay!" Alan exclaimed, fighting against Will's grip on his hands.

Will stopped for a second and looked up. "Neither am I. But it looks like you're enjoying this anyway."

Everyone looked at Alan's cock then, already starting to get hard again from Will's mouth and tongue.

When Will resumed the blowjob, Alan sighed and stopped struggling. "Fuck, it does feel good. But I'm still not gay."

Amber laughed, "Nobody thinks you're gay, babe."

Carley was mesmerized by the sight of her boyfriend sucking this other boy's cock. She knew he had been with other guys before, but she'd never seen it. It was totally hot. She wouldn't have thought this would get her going, but it absolutely did. "Fuck him in the ass, Will!"

'Oh my God, did I just say that?' Carley thought to herself. 'Who am I? I don't even care anymore. Right now, I'm someone who wants to get off while I watch my boyfriend buttfuck the guy I just had sex with.'

Will was standing up now, no longer sucking dick. Alan was fully erect and ready to go again, a big silly grin on his face. Carley took charge, pointing to each of her companions in turn.

"Amber, eat me. And don't you dare stop until I come this time." Amber nodded.

"Alan, fuck your girlfriend like she asked you to. From behind. Hard." He didn't seem to need anymore encouragement.

"Will, take Alan's ass. And look at me while you do it."

Alan seemed scared by this idea, but he didn't protest.

Carley scooted up the bench, so there was room for Amber to lay on her stomach while she went down on her. Alan climbed up almost on top of her, he carefully inserted his cock in her pussy, then arched his back to give Will better access to his ass.

Will spit on his hand, and rubbed it around his large cock. Then he spit again, and rubbed it all around Alan's ass. Alan looked very uncomfortable, but that was nothing compared to his face when Will started to push his cock inside of him.

Alan's eyes bulged and he cried out in pain. But Will went slowly, and by the time he was fully inside, Alan was grinding his ass back against Will, enjoying the sensation.

By the time the boys started thrusting and Amber went back to work on Carley's pussy, the whole pile of people was a sweaty groaning mess.

Carley finally came. And she came hard, yelling commands the whole time, "Oh God, yes! Fuck her harder! Ream his ass!"

When it was over, everyone was sore and leaking cum except Will. They used the towel Alan had brought to clean up, and made plans to meet up again.

After Alan and Amber left, Carley turned to Will, "Go back to your dorm and take a shower. I want your cock nice and clean so you can fuck me with it when I get there."

"Where are you going?" he asked.

Carley sighed, "Back to studying."

Written by: PreviaWynne

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