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Two Moms, Two Laps: Home Rules

by Tx Tall Tales©

"Harold!" Mom gasped.

"Now Alice. I'm not waiting a minute more."

She stood and moved next to him. "Let's go upstairs. I'll make it good."

"You'll do it now. Don't make me repeat myself."

Mom took off her robe, suddenly naked except for panties, folding it and putting it in front of Dad's feet before kneeling on it. "Jeremy? Can your father and I have a little privacy?" she asked piteously.

I started to stand up, but Dad glared at me. "Sit down. Don't let her tell you what to do."

I was embarrassed for her. She was already licking Dad's hardness, her eyes glancing over at me in shame. "She's my mom. She's supposed to tell me what to do."

"Not when she's naked. Then she's a woman. And you're a man, or I hope to God I've raised you to be a man. Sit down and see what a real blow-job should be like. Then you can give your girlfriend some pointers next time around."

"Please, Harold," Mom pleaded, stroking him. "This is wrong." For someone who thought it was wrong, Mom wasn't hesitating over performing in front of me. Hell, she even turned to give me an improved view.

"How is this any worse than you playing grab-ass with him in the car, 3 feet from me. Letting him make you come on his fingers. You forgot to mention that little detail, didn't you? And Marie gave him a blow-job? How come I find out about that from him, and not from my wife of 19 years."

Mom had to pull his cock out of her throat to answer. "I told you about Marie. How she said she loved his taste."

"No, you said she told you he had the sweetest cock. That could mean anything."

"I...I thought I told you," she whined.

"No you didn't. You were holding back. Hell if I know why. Your sister gave our boy a blow-job in the back of our car, and you didn't think that was worth sharing with me?" He turned to me. "You weren't lying, boy, were you?"

He seemed pissed off. I wasn't going to contribute to it if I could help. "No Dad. Aunt Marie sucked me the whole time we were talking about our hunting. It was so dirty. When I told you about taking the shot, that 'Bang' was when I came in her mouth. I came a ton, and she swallowed every drop." I was watching Dad hold Mom's head and push her down on his cock. "We barely had time to get dressed before we were getting gas, then she had to go and tell Mom that I had the sweetest cum. Mom was furious by the time we left."

Dad looked down at Mom, while her eyes looked back and forth between us, sucking him deeply. "Was the Colin stuff crap, just to get Jeremy away from your sister?"

She pulled off gasping. "No. He was being bad, I swear. But that was only part of it. I did want our boy away from that conniving slut. From the very beginning, but you were being obstinate. You wanted him with her, didn't you?" Mom sounded angry. "You knew what would happen."

Dad was standing the whole time. After her accusation he sat down, opening his legs, and pulled her forward, back onto his cock. "You were both drunk, wearing only a t-shirt and panties, and practically begging to sit on the boys' laps. I thought it would be better if it was her on his lap, rather than you. God, woman, you're too much temptation for the boy. An ass like yours rubbing against him for 2 hours? I couldn't do that to him. So I gave him Marie. I knew you could handle Colin."

Mom's head was bobbing up and down in his lap. I pulled my chair closer for a better view, the steel legs scraping noisily against the concrete, no subtleness about it. Mom turned her head, and I almost crapped my pants when she winked at me. Things got quiet for a few minutes, while Mom took exquisite care of Dad. He reached for his beer which appeared to be just out of reach. I got up and got it for him, so he wouldn't have to move. He took a long swig. Mom just kept on going. And going.

I finally had to ask, "Jesus, Dad, how can you last this long? With Penny, I was lucky to last two minutes. Same with Aunt Marie. Against that assault I don't think I'd last 30 seconds."

He chuckled. "A lot of practice and training. Tell him, Alice, how long did I last the first few times?"

She pulled off of him, and I saw she was smiling, stroking his thick cock. "First time? Not even 5 seconds. As soon as he was in my mouth he was coming. God, I almost choked to death. I wasn't ready for it." She looked up at Dad and smiled. "He wanted me bad back then." A long slow lick had me squirming.

Dad laughed. "Back then?"

She grinned, sucking him once, deeply. "I don't think he lasted more than a couple of minutes ever in those first few weeks. But we worked on it together, taking breaks when needed, changing things up, learning together. Doing it back-to-back helped. Now, he comes when he wants to, no matter what I do." She lowered her face, looking at me, while she sucked.

Dad chuckled, reaching down and caressing her face. "Don't believe her. She lets me enjoy it, but when she's determined, I'm still helpless. She's playing now. She knows it, and I know it. It's obvious she likes giving you a show. I could go another ten minutes easy, but if she wanted to, she could have me coming in less than two." He looked down at her, brushing her hair back. "Go ahead, baby. Show him."

Mom looked at me, a smile turning up the edge of her lips. Then she went to work. She took him deep, one hand moving underneath him, the other wrapping around his shaft below her lips. She sucked him fiercely, aggressively, her mouth pounding down on him, his entire length disappearing. Dad leaned back moaning softly, while she did her magic.

I eased in closer, amazed, even though I'd been on the receiving end once. I hadn't been able to see it then, and it was a sight to behold. I pulled her hair back away from her face, and caressed her back with my hand. I could feel her tremble when I touched her.

Dad was right. It couldn't have been more than a minute before he was holding her head and exploding between her lips, groaning her name. Her movements changed, becoming more gentle, more playful, while she finished him. When she pulled away a full minute or more later, he was only half-hard, and his cock was clean.

He tilted up her chin, smiling. "Still incredible. The best ever."

Mom gave his cock a kiss, then climbed back into his lap. He held her close, and they kissed briefly.

"Did you notice?" she asked him. "When he pulled my hair back and touched me? God, I came so hard, I almost had to stop."

Dad smiled, his eyes only for her. "I noticed. So fucking hot, I almost lost it right then." He turned to me. "Was your Aunt anything like that?" he asked with a smirk. He knew the answer.

I shook my head. "Jesus, Dad. I didn't know. Aunt Marie didn't blow me, she let me come in her mouth. I'm going to have to teach her how to give a blow-job like that."

Mom and Dad both laughed. "Good luck with that," Dad said. "I'd concentrate on Penny, she's a lot more likely to have that kind of potential. Give her 20 years, and maybe she'll be half as good as your mother."

Mom blushed. "Now you're teasing me," she said softly.

"God's truth. You are one in a million. Saying she'll be half as good as you in 20 years is giving her the benefit of the doubt," Dad told her, hugging her close. "I'm the luckiest man in the world."

He turned to me. "Show's over, young man. I'm going to take your gorgeous Mom upstairs now. You know how I told you she has the most incredible ass ever? I'm not talking about how it looks."

She giggled, doing a little wiggle in his lap.

I stood up and gave her a hand, getting up off of Dad. I leaned over and picked up her robe, opening it for her. She slid her arms into the sleeves, before turning to face me. "Enjoy the show, Jeremy?" She reached down and rubbed the front of my pants.

"Don't tease the boy, Alice," Dad growled.

She pouted cutely. "Close the deal with Penny, or you'll be getting blisters on your palms."

Dad opened his arm for her, and she slid in close. "Can you clean up for us, son?"

"No problem. Have fun," I teased.

He smiled. "I can pretty much guarantee that."

Fifteen minutes later I was upstairs. The parents were the noisiest they'd ever been, and when I walked by their room, I saw the door was wide open, and Mom was riding Dad, facing the door. She smiled and winked at me, then lifted her hips high, and let me see her slowly take his full length, groaning loudly. I headed for my room, leaving my door open as well, taking my time releasing my own need, several times, while imagining it was me making Mom scream like that.


Hope you enjoyed this chapter in the Lap Moms saga. Chapter 3 should be available soon. Thanks for the reads and votes.

Written by: Tx Tall Tales

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