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Seizing Moments

by oldfart4fun©

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Seizing Moments

Part 1

I felt my stomach tighten when the bedroom door suddenly flung open, hitting the wall with a loud thump. I tried desperately to click on the small "X" at the top right corner of the screen, but my hands were slower than my eyes. "Oh shit!" I heard Katie say from behind me. "We need to talk Danny," she mumbled, closing the door firmly as she left. I cleared the screen and stood up, pulling my shorts up and fastening them. I tugged my shirt down over my shorts with a long sigh of regret. I knew it was a risk, one I have taken many times before, but the rumble from the old garage door opener had always warned me of her arrival.

I opened the door and looked down the empty hall, dreading the inevitable. I moseyed my way down the hallway like a death row inmate taking his last journey of life. I could feel the sweat beading on my forehead as I braced myself for the pending argument. Walking slowly into the living room, I could see her sitting at the dining room table with her back to me. I looked upward, hoping she would have a little mercy on me, realizing I am just a man and could not help my lustful curiosity.

"Honey," I said in my best submissive voice, "I'm really sorry, I hope you believe that I'm really, truly sorry about that." She sat there motionless, not saying a word. At this point, I wasn't sure if talking to her was such a good idea, "I can see you're really pissed, do you want me to leave for a few hours ..."

"No!" she interrupted me with a harsh bark, "I want you to tell me what the fuck you were looking at on that damn screen." Her voice was low, but the tone was that of Blair Witch herself.

"Well," I said, still concentrating on being calm and remorseful, "that was something I certainly didn't want you to see." I spoke coyly, "did you actually see what I was looking at?" I immediately realized that I was not doing myself any favors here, especially when my mouth was moving.

"Yes, dear," she said, apparently not really meaning the 'Dear' part, "I saw the video you were watching, and I assume it had something to do with some guy watching his wife fuck one of his dear friends."

"Well, no," I replied, seeing the very bad direction this was heading, "it was actually his boss doing the, well ... the, you know what." I began to wonder if I should start to work on my communication skills, after the divorce was final.

"Oh, well thanks for the fucking clarification Danny!" She spat as I reframed myself from shouting back. There was a brief moment of silence before she placed her head in her hands and started to whimper.

I felt about two inches tall as I walked around and bent next to her, taking her in my arms. "Oh baby, I'm so sorry, it's just a fantasy ... you know that." I said as she covered her face with both hands. "I haven't even mentioned the sharing thing in months, but I have to release my sexual tension somewhere." I pleaded, pulled her head to me as she seemed to cry louder.

Her head was on my shoulder when I realized something was wrong, she didn't usually cry like this. I leaned back as she held her hands tight to her face, pulling one hand from the side of her head. She opened one eye as she let out a short giggle, pulling her hand back in place as she laughed.

"What the fuck Katie, you little schemer, you're not crying." I said as she let out a hearty laughter, "You little shit you, what the fuck."

"You need to be more careful honey," she said wallowing in her moment of achievement, "by the way, the garage door isn't working." She gave me a smile.

Katie knew all about my fantasy, even came close to fulfilling it about six months before this happened. It all started with a little joke that Sam, a friend of mine at the time, made about Katie being such of a flirt. She had already confessed to me that she liked him, and even mentioned that he would make a good subject if she decided to fool around. After much coxing, I finally got her to admit that she got a little excited when she thought about sleeping with him. I managed to talk her into a date with him, but she decided to back out at the last minute. I should have known better than to think Katie would actually go through with something like that, knowing she was from a religious family.

I eventually got over it though, deciding to keep my fantasies in a more traditional way. I started to hang out on blogs and chatting with others husbands that shared my particular fetish. I found a way to live my fantasies through other kinky couples that posted stories on various websites. Then I discovered pictures and videos, finding a never-ending supply of hot wives that love to share.

After a while, I started to share some of Katie's sexy and nude pictures, finding a flood of followers that seemed amazed at how young and hot she was. It was a huge turn on to read the very descriptive comments as the men described what they wanted to do to her. I also encountered several husbands that liked to swap pictures of their own wives, but soon found out that we were quite a bit younger than many of the participants.

Katie was definitely better looking than most wives I got in return. She had long black hair with hazel green bedroom eyes that sparkled whenever she smiled. She was a bit more on the petit side, being just over five feet tall and weighing only 105 pounds, but even her small "B" cup breasts seemed to fit her sexy tiny figure quite well. Her most attractive asset was by far her bodacious ass, well rounded and very firm. After a lot of encouragement from me, she learned to dress a little sexier. I was constantly buying her little short shorts, or micro miniskirts to wear, which she seemed to take to like paint to walls. I use to enjoy watching the guys ogling her from behind as I observed them from a distance. I can never remember being jealous about other guys looking, or even commenting on her. I actually found the idea of them desiring my wife quite erotic.

I found out that one of the more common consistencies of couples in this lifestyle was their ages. They seemed to be much older than we were, not to mention most of them had been married for many years. There were times that I had to deal with people shunning us because we were only married for a few years, or when I mentioned we were still in our early twenties. I figured we would never meet any of these folks anyway, so I just ignored their comments and had fun with the more open people that I encountered.

The months went by with not much happening until Katie's boss promoted her to office manager, but this meant she had to move to a different branch. After a couple of weeks, she revealed to me that her new boss was a total flirt. He began with small comments on her clothes and expressing how nice her body looked, but soon progressed into randy remarks about her ass, or trying to guess what color panties she had on. There were times that she mentioned catching herself blushing, but she never seemed to be upset about it, talking about it as if it amused her. I was under the impression she actually enjoyed the attention when she admitted flirting with him too.

That is when I began to see some minor changes in her office attire, with shorter skirts and tighter tops, even her makeup seemed to look a little sexier than usual. One night she was having a small problem getting over the top, if you know what I mean, when she stopped me and asked if I wanted to role-play with her as a secret lover. I naturally accepted her proposal, slipping right in the role as I fucked her. "I'm so glad you got away tonight baby," I whispered in her ear as she closed her eyes. "I've been thinking about fucking you all day," I could hear her start to moan. "Your pussy feels so good. I want to fuck you all night long, and then send you home to hubby. You can tell him you just got fucked by his friend." I could feel her pussy reacting as her nectar started to flow. "Does your husband know what a little slut you are? Does he know you like to give his little pussy away?" I could feel her start to squirm under me, "You want to be my little slut baby, let me use you as my fuck buddy?" I nibbled on her ear as I whispered to her, "Do you like being a bad little wife? You want me to cum inside you ... send you home to hubby all full of cum?" This brought her over the edge as she cried out with a colossal orgasm.

This little game was the beginning to a completely new chapter for us, and to think she is the one that initiated it. I finally found a way to bring Katie into my little world of kinky sex, and one that she was begging for all the time. I began to use these little moments to bring her deeper and deeper into that world of sharing, watching, and even exposing her to strange men, if only in her mind. I slowly, but methodically softened her tolerance of having sex with other men and was clueless of the deed myself.

It was about a month later when Katie called me from work, which startled me since she never did that unless it was important. "Danny," she said, "Do you still want to watch me with another man?" she asked as I felt a pit open in my stomach.

"Well yeah, but only if you're sure about it," I said, recalling the disappointment from the last time we tried this, "Don't start this again if you're not really sure about it."

There was a short pause that seemed to last forever. "Well, Tony wants me to have lunch with him today," She paused again. "If you want, I can see how far he is willing to take this flirting game he plays," she said with a giddy tone.

This time I took a moment before agreeing, as I screamed with elation on the inside. I was a little reluctant to start this again, but my curiosity was far more powerful, "Yeah, yes I mean, of course I'm ok with it," I stumbled with the words, "Take your time, and call me of course, but yes ... that would be great." I shook my head with disbelief as she said she would try to call later and hung up.

I sat there at my desk with a raging hard on, feeling my cock straining against my trousers as I thought about the possibilities this might mean. I had to brush off the notions though, knowing I could not do anything at this moment anyway. Work went brutally south from there with problem after problem, but it actually kept me busy and before I knew it, it was time to head home.

I checked my voicemail one last time, but the phone call never came. I drove home as the thought that they never made it back to the office seemed possible, but not something I would have expected from Katie. I pulled up in the driveway and hit the garage door opener, realizing her side of the garage was still vacant. I pulled in and closed the door, wondering if she was still with Tony as my mind tried to make sense of everything.

I looked at the clock as I sat at the dining table and realized she wasn't that late at all. I moved to the living room, trying to occupy my mind with television but it was a futile attempt. I almost jumped to my feet when the rumble from the garage sounded off. My cock twitched a little as she walked in the door as the anticipation built.

"Well," I said as she placed her purse and keys on the counter, giving me a sheepish smile. "Please ... tell me or shoot me!" I said as she chuckled.

Well, he defiantly wants more than flirting," she said as I let out a sigh, "I hope you're sure about this honey, I really don't think I can back out now." She smiled and gave me a wink.

"Really, that means what? Did you do it with him today?" I asked with shear excitement.

"No, not yet," she said raising her skirt slowly, "but he got to feel whatever he wanted at the restaurant today." she said as her raised skirt revealed the absent of her panties. "And he even got a trophy today."

"Shut the front door, he took your panties off in the restaurant?" I shrieked, "How far did you go with him?"

She looked at me with a bashful smile, "Well, we necked like teenagers as he took complete liberty at my body, and I mean complete liberty." She said as she started to unbutton her blouse, "He had my blouse unbuttoned as he sucked on my nipples before he gave me these," she pulled up her bra to divulge several love bites on her milky white tits, "He even made me expose myself to the waiters."

My cock was instantly rock hard as I took her by the hand and pulled her to the bedroom. I quickly stripped her naked as I absorbed the sight of her tits with several hickeys from another man. "So he showed you off? How much did you reveal?" I asked as I stripped in record time.

We fell on the bed as she giggled. "Well, everything," she said as I placed my hand between her legs, slipping two fingers into her moist tight pussy. "He had my skirt up around my waist and my shirt was completely open when the first guy walked up," she said as I moved between her legs. "Tony pulled my hands away, giving the guy a good long look at me," I placed my cock against her pussy as she let out a soft moan. "The waiter decided to bring a couple of his buddies to see, so I let them get a look at me too," she explained as I rubbed my cock up and down her dripping wet slit. "He wants me to go home with him tomorrow after work," she pulled me to her as my cock entered her with little effort. "Oh yes, oh fuck me baby, I need to be fucked so badly." She closed her eyes as she fucked back at me, forcing my cock deeper inside her. "Oh yes, I wanted to fuck him in his office today," she said as we fucked harder. "Oh yes, he wanted to fuck me too, but we kept getting interrupted," she pulled me to her as her climax shook her hard little body. She squealed in my ear as the waves of pleasure surged inside her.

I fucked her with long deep thrusts as she screamed violently from her huge orgasm. I slowed down as she began to calm, delaying my own orgasm briefly, "Oh shit baby that feels so good. You really want me to fuck him, don't you?" She said as she pulled my ass to her with each stroke. "He does have a huge cock," she revealed, looking up as I smiled. "He wanted me to suck it," she said, "but I just couldn't fit him in my mouth." She was telling me she had actually sucked his cock today. "We were so close to fucking today, but I knew you wanted to watch," she began to moan as she closed her eyes again, gearing up for another climax. "I know you want to watch him fuck me with that huge cock of his?" She bit down on her lip as she closed her eyes, "Do you want him to cum inside me too, do you baby, do you?" Her back arched up as let out a loud squeal. I started to pump her rapidly, bringing her climax to a peak just as my balls start to tighten. "Fuck yes, fuck me baby ... fuck me hard!" she screamed loudly as I grunted, feeling my cock start to pulsate. I fucked her forcefully as we came together.

We had a very late dinner that night, eating as we talked about the next day. There was this little problem with Katie not being on the pill. We never saw a need for it with my immune infertility disorder, which in laymen's terms means I cannot have children, at least without a lot of medical help. We discussed condoms, which she hates, and spermicide, which was an option, but she wanted to talk with Tony about it too.

As it turned out, Tony was a little concerned about the possibilities of her getting pregnant too. We talked about it a few times, but Katie seemed to lose interest after a while. I figured she got nervous about the whole thing since she was not on the pill. I finally told her that is was up to her whether she wanted to go on the pill before we went any further. The idea soon faded away and I felt duped again, but I was still happy that she let it go that far.

Please see what happens in the second part of this story, which will be out shortly.

Thank you for reading my stories and I hope you enjoy them.

Written by: oldfart4fun

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