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The Face-Painter Ch. 05

by rmdexter©

"Unnngghh," the old guy in front of me let out a husky groan which drew my attention away from what was happening behind me. I looked down to see him staring right at my heaving tits, my thrusting stiff nipples mere inches away from his face. I looked down at his hand manipulating inside his pants, and watched as a wet spot appeared on the front of his crotch. My eyes opened wide as he continued to work his spewing cock, the wet stain on the front of his khakis growing bigger as he continued to shoot. He shot for a long time as he started right at my round firm tits; and I have to admit I thrust me chest even a little further towards him.

"Thanks babe," I heard the guy behind me whisper into my ear as he moved slightly away from me at the same time as he withdrew his hands from the bar above us. I could feel him moving his hands between us as he stuffed his spent dick back into his pants. I was still gasping with excitement as he reached past me and pressed the button to indicate he wanted to get off at the next stop. As he withdrew his hand I felt him let his fingertips slide stealthily up my side.

"Aaahhh," I gave a sharp intake of breath as his hand quickly encompassed my heaving tit and gave it a gentle squeeze. As quick as it had come, his hand withdrew and I felt his fingertips slide over the soft material of the back of my skirt as he moved towards the exit. I looked out the window and as the bus pulled away from his stop, he looked back at me and gave me a contented smile, those dazzling white teeth of his sending a shooting thrill right through me.

"Hmmppff," the old guy in front of me gave a little grunt that drew my attention once more. I saw him smiling up at me, having just seen the Latino guy blatantly grope me right in front of him. Someone had pulled the bell for the next stop and the old guy grabbed a shopping bag he'd had between his legs and placed it over the wet stain in his crotch. As the bus slowed, he rose from his seat and as he moved past my side, he reached up with his trailing hand and I felt him grope my right tit as well. He gave it a couple of good squeezes before letting go and exiting the bus. He never looked back as the bus moved off; leaving me still breathing raggedly from the bizarre adventure I'd just been made part of.

I could feel the dampness of the Latino guy's warm cum on the skin of my back, a sluggish trail continuing to slide its way downward. Anxious now that somebody might spot it, I picked up my knapsack from between my feet and slung it far back on my shoulder so the bulk of it covered my lower back. Looking up, I noticed the stop closest to Connor's house was coming up. I rang the bell and slowly made my way to the rear door, trying to be careful not to disturb the warm gob of cum on my back.

The bus came to a full stop and I exited cautiously, and then found myself standing there as if in a daze as the bus moved on. My legs were trembling as the reality of what had happened settled in my brain. I didn't ride the bus that much but I would have been shocked to think that something like that could have happened. But it had happened with one guy getting off by rubbing himself against me while another had jerked himself off in his pants right in front of me! And I had some of the evidence to prove it......the warm semen clinging to my skin!

I looked quickly around and noticed that no one was on the street. I took a few steps down the quiet side street that lead to Connor's house and stopped beneath the shade of large tree. I slipped my knapsack off my shoulder and reached behind me with my hand. I touched the damp sticky gob and I slid my fingertips down into the back of my skirt and then brought them upwards, gathering up as much of the slimy fluid as I could. Jesus, there was a lot. Bringing my hand forward, I gasped as I looked down at the milky wad of semen clinging to my hand. The Latino guy's silvery cum seemed to flow lovingly over the surface of my skin, the thick viscous fluid moving slowly as I tipped my hand this way and that. I spread my fingers slightly and marveled at the way it formed web-like strands that glistened hypnotically. The masculine smell subtly invaded my nostrils and I brought my hand closer to my face, the lure of his manly seed seeming to control my body unconsciously.

"Mmmmm," I let out a little mew of satisfaction as that scent I had so quickly come to love so much shot right to my brain with a little spur of excitement. I took a quick look to make sure there was still no one around and then lifted my cummy hand to my mouth. One huge enticing gob hung from my fingertips and I dangled it in front of my hungry mouth; almost mesmerized by my desire to have that deliciously lurid taste in my mouth once more. I moved my fingers closer, the distending silvery gob drizzling lower as I extended my soft warm tongue.

"Mmmmm," I moaned again as silvery goo landed on my tongue and I savored the delicious sensation of the thick milky cream settling on my tastebuds. The first time I sucked a guy off, he'd cum almost as soon as I slipped my lips down over his throbbing engorged cock. As that first gush of his spewing semen flooded my mouth, I knew I was hooked. A powerful hot cock feeding me its love juice was thrilling beyond anything I could imagine. The warm silky fluid felt simply exquisite in my mouth, and the comforting feeling as the manly seed coated my throat on the way to my stomach was overwhelming. As I'd swallowed my first load, a shattering climax washed over me. My body trembled through a luscious tingling orgasm as I swallowed every drop. I could never understand how some girls would never swallow, always spitting it out or pulling their mouths off when the guy started to shoot. Once I'd had a taste of it, I wanted more.....and more.

I licked all of the shimmering slimy cum off my fingers and reached back behind me for more. My fingertips moved around my lower back gathering up the slithery goo. I brought it once more to my waiting mouth and slid my shiny fingers between my glistening lips. I purred again as the taste of the Latino guy's warm seed sent a shiver of desire right through me. I put my hand around to my lower back once more and eagerly gathered up as much of the rest of the wickedly sticky mess as I could. I was incredibly aroused and anxious to get to Connor's house. I knew the way my body was feeling right now, if he let me suck that beautiful big prick of his, it wouldn't take long for me to cum with just the feel of that incredible massive cock filling my mouth. Sucking the final gooey strands of semen from my fingertips, I turned on my heel and made my way hurriedly towards Connor's.

It only took me a couple of minutes to reach his complex. As I made my way up his driveway, his neighbor Margaret waved to me while she was watering some flowers in front of her house. I'd met her briefly a couple of times previously when I'd been here. She was a pretty older woman; and as I waved back I noticed how great she looked in the tight top and short shorts she was wearing. I was surprised that I found myself noticing how sexy she looked; something that had never even entered my head at all when I'd met her previously. Those big tits and long beautiful legs of hers sure looked great in that outfit she was wearing. But it was something more than that, the contented smile on her pretty mature face seemed just so blissful, like someone who is totally satisfied. She looked incredibly sexy, and I felt a tingling shiver run down my spine as I looked over at her. She gave me a knowing smile as I approached Connor's house, her tanned arms glistening in the sun as her mature hand held the spewing hose before her. In the aroused state I was in, it looked like she had her delicate hand wrapped around a shooting cock, the gushing water reminding me of the huge load of semen Connor had shot into my mouth last night.

With those lustful thoughts swirling in my brain, I hurried to my brother's door and rang the bell, praying that he was home.


"RING!!!!!!!!!"......... "RING!!!!!!!!!!"

"Who the heck is that?" I thought to myself as I got up from my spot in front of my computer and made my way to the front door.

After that wild wicked night that started with my teasing mother, then Zoey, and then finishing after dropping multiple loads either into or all over Margaret; I'd crawled into bed totally whipped and slept until almost noon. I'd grabbed a quick shower, pulled on some loose gym shorts and grabbed a quick bite before getting to work. I was still behind on this article and if I didn't get it in soon, my boss was likely to rip off my nuts and use my sack to carry his golf balls in.

"Zoey, what are you doing here?" I exclaimed in surprise as my sexy little sister burst past me into the living room, her curly blonde hair swirling about her shoulders.

"I.....I wanted to see you," she stammered as she turned to face me, her pretty young face flushed pink.

"But, aren't you supposed to be in school?"

"Yeah, but I skipped out. It's Friday and we weren't going to be doing anything important."

"You shouldn't do that, Zoey. You know how pissed off Mom would be if she knew."

"I know, but I.......I really really wanted to see you," she said with undisguised longing in her voice. "And I'm going away with Jenna tomorrow."

"What?" I asked, totally confused as to what Zoey's cute little friend could have to do with anything.

"Last night, I totally forgot about going to L.A. with Jenna and her parents this weekend. She got accepted to USC and they're going down to check things out. I promised I'd go with her."

I don't know why, but the first thing I thought of after listening to what she was saying, was that my mother would have the house to herself this weekend; that Zoey was going to be away on the night of our "date". That could possibly make things tomorrow night all that much more interesting. "So how long are you going to be away for?"

"We're going first thing tomorrow morning and then we'll probably be back late Sunday," she said hurriedly. "If I'd known what was going to happen last night, I never would have agreed to go. I.....I totally forgot. I'm sorry to have just shown up here like this, but I.....I didn't want to wait until after the weekend." She paused in her rambling and looked at me standing before her in nothing but my gym shorts, her eyes zeroing in on my muscular chest before dropping to my midsection.

"Wait until after the weekend for what?" I asked innocently; although I knew exactly what she was talking about.

"You know," she said a little coyly, "my first lesson. We kind of got interrupted last night."

"What lesson?" She looked at me and she knew I wanted to hear her say it.

" cocksucking lesson." There, she'd had the courage to put it right out there. " promised you would teach me."

"Are you absolutely sure about this?" I knew that with her showing up here like this, there was no doubt that she wanted me to keep filling up that pretty little mouth of hers with my cock. I looked her curvy young body up and down and like last night, I knew I had no willpower to stop what was going to happen. But based on what seemed to be her intense level of desire, I was hoping to work this as much to my advantage as I could.

"Yes, I'm sure. I want you to teach me, Connor. I'll do whatever you tell me to do."

"Whatever I tell you to do?" I asked, putting the emphasis on "whatever".

"Yes." She looked at me with almost a pleading look in her eyes. "I loved last night. I wish stupid Mom had never called from that movie. Please Connor, please will you let me do it again? I'll do whatever you ask me to do or want me to do."

"So you'd do this wherever I want, whenever I want?"


"And if I asked you to wear something that I pick out for you, you'd wear it?"


"And if I had you over here spending the night, you'd suck on my cock for as long as I told you, even if that was all night long."

"Oh yes," she replied and I saw a shudder of desire go through her body.

"And what if I wanted to cum all over your face, or your tits?"

"I.....I'd love that." Her face was even more flushed now.

"So you are still a virgin, like you said, right?" I was working towards wondering how far she was willing to take this.

"Yes, I really am. I never did anything besides use my mouth or hand on those other guys."

I paused for a second before looking at her intently. "What if I wanted more?" I said, this time with the emphasis on the "I". We both knew exactly what I was talking about.

She hesitated for just a second, a look of pure happiness lighting up her beautiful blue eyes. "I'd love that, Connor. I've always dreamed that it might be you." Even I hadn't expected her to be that truthful; but it brought a soft smile to my face just the same.

"That's nice, Zoey." I paused for a second as I decided how this was going to go. I wanted to feel that hot sweet mouth of hers a few times before taking her cherry. I wasn't going to rush that, I wanted the circumstances to be just right. "Well, we'll see how things go with your lessons before we move on to anything like that." She had a bit of glum look when I said that. "If your lessons go well and you get a good mark from the teacher, maybe we'll have some other lessons for that too. But I wouldn't want it to be hurried; I'd want the situation to be perfect for you." This brought a big beaming smile to her face.

"I'd like that." She paused and looked down at my half-hard dick pushing against the front of my gym shorts. "When.....when can we get started?" I could see how hungrily eager she was to get my prick back in her mouth.

"You really love the taste of cum, don't' you?"

"I love yours, Connor."

Perfect, that was just the type of reply I was hoping for. If she wanted these cocksucking sessions to be like lessons, then I was going to make this teacher/student relationship just the way I wanted it. "That's good, Zoey; 'cause I've got a lot of cum for you. I'll feed you as much as you can take." A lustful shudder went through her body again. "What time do you have to be home?"

"Mom'll be expecting me home from school at the usual time, so I've got about an hour and a half."

So I had the use of her and that gorgeous hot mouth of hers for the next ninety minutes or so, then I had my appointment with Catherine later this afternoon. I definitely had faith in my recuperative powers, but I didn't want to overly push it. I hadn't cum yet today and looking at that hot wet mouth of my little sister, I knew I'd be able to fill it with a couple of loads and still have some leftover for Catherine. To hell with the article I was working on, if it was late, fuck it; this was going to be so much better.

"An hour and a half, that's good," I said as my eyes roamed up and down that curvy young body of hers. "In that much time, we'll be able to take it easy and I'll be able to give you a couple of loads." Her eyes instantly flew wide open and she looked at me in surprised anticipation, her big chest heaving as she breathed raggedly. Perhaps she thought I'd give her one quick load and then dismiss her.

"You are okay with that, right?" I asked as I took my hand and stroked my fingertips across my firm chest and down over my midsection. "You are okay if I want to take my time and work that sweet mouth of yours over real good?"

"Y.....yes, I'd love that," she said with a shudder as her gaze followed my hand downwards until I ran it over the protruding bulge in my shorts. Just looking at that gorgeous curvy body of my little sister had my cock swelling quickly. As anxious as I was to put her through some little "compliancy tests" I had in mind, I knew I'd have to get off soon or I wouldn't be able to even think straight.

"Good; then let me give you your first mouthful right now. That'll take the edge off while I decide what I'm going to do with you for the next load. You can get down on your knees right here," I instructed as I nodded to a spot on the carpet right in front of me. She slid her knapsack off her shoulder and eagerly dropped to her knees, her face mere inches from my bulging crotch. "That's a good girl, now take my shorts off."

Her hands came up to my hips as she grasped the waistband and started to tug downwards. I shimmied my hips a little bit to help her and then I watched her eyes as my shorts started to come off. Her gaze was glued to my stiffening dick as the elastic waistband caught for just a second on the swelling crown before she gave a little tug and they dropped to the floor.

"Haaahh," she gave a sharp little intake of breath as my unconfined pecker sprang up before her, almost hitting her in the face. I stepped out of my shorts and kicked them aside before standing before her, my hands on my hips. Out of the restricting confines of my shorts, my dick continued to extend and swell as the pulsing blood coursing through me rushed to my groin.

"Go ahead, it's all yours, show me what you can do, sis," I said as I looked down at her, her mesmerized gaze locked on my rising cock.

"I.....I can use my hands this time, can't I?" she asked, remembering that last night I'd strictly made use of her mouth that first time.

"Of course you can, sweetie. If I'm going to teach you, I'll need to see what you can do before I decide what we need to work on." I had no doubt from the way things went last night that she was a natural-born cocksucker who absolutely loved having a hard dick filling her mouth; but I wanted to make her think I was interested in judging her abilities from an almost "academic" point of view; not just to satisfy my own lascivious needs.

I looked down at my little sister's cute cherubic face beautifully framed by her lustrous blonde curls. As her eyes dropped back to my lengthening rod, I saw her tongue slide out unconsciously and wet those soft pillowy lips of hers, making them all that much more inviting. A surge went through my dick as it continued to rise, her eyes glazed over with desire as she reached towards me.

"It's so beautiful," I heard her mumble to herself as her delicate little fingers slid up my strong thighs and into my midsection. I watched as the fingers of one hand slipped over the topside of the stiffening shaft and then she closed her fingers around it in a warm loving corridor. "Oh my God, it's so big around." She moved her hand slightly and I could see that there was still a big gap between her fingertips and the heel of her hand.

"I think there's room for both of your hands there, Zoey. Go ahead." She reached her other hand forward and slipped it around the burgeoning shaft above the other one; both hands closing over the outer sheath just beneath the long pronounced head. Her soft warm hands felt wonderful on my pulsing rod and after just a couple of tentative strokes, my dick was so hard, I'm sure a cat couldn't have scratched it.

"'s so big," she said, almost awestruck by the size of my pulsing erection. She looked up at me, her eyes glazed over with desire. " big is it?"

"It's a little over 10" you think you can handle it all?" I said with a tone that implied that I'd be disappointed in her if she couldn't. There was an immediate look of panic in her eyes as she looked down at the engorged crown mere inches from her face, I pearly drop of pre-cum glistening in the wet red eye.

"I.....I don't know," she said with a note of anxiety her voice. She paused and her gaze swept over the full length of the powerful truncheon she held in her tiny hands. "I.....I'd like to, if you think I can. I'll do whatever you want me to, Connor."

"That's good, Zoey," I said as I looked down at her, "because if you want me to teach you to be the best cocksucker you can'll be taking every last thick hard inch all the way into the pretty little mouth of yours."

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