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by eroticlitty©

A tale about a foray into MILFitude :) hope it goes down well!!!


I typed MILF into Google. In 0.14 seconds 524,000,000 search results pinged back at me. The most interesting definition for MILF that I found was...

'For many women closing in on menopause, being seen as a MILF suggests a certain physical power over men....'

Hmmmm physical power over men.

Now, I'm far from the menopause (I hope!) but the first time I was called a MILF it did make me feel rather old but then when I thought about it, it does seem rather sexy. To be lusted after by younger men mmmm however I would consider it very unflattering if I was to be called a cougar...that's just wrong.

Maybe when I'm in my 40's and in need of a young man to keep up with my overwhelming sexual appetite then I will become a cougar, but it's not something that I aspire to be. But to have that physical power, to know that with one look you can bring a man to his knees, weak with sexual longing, with one sweep of your palm across your breast you can have him aching for your touch well, that is a physical power that all women aspire to have.

I have recently become acquainted with a lovely young man in his early 20's. He really is eager to please me and he likes to fuck me hard, cum in my cunt pat me on the arse and send me back to my boyfriend.

This is a massive turn on for me as my boyfriend is in his 40's and has no idea that when he puts his little dick in me I'm still thinking of my special friend.

My boyfriend and I have sex about twice a month, when he can be bothered, and it's not that great, sort of two thrusts and a spurt and it's done.

I meet up with my friend at least twice a week and we can be in bed for hours. Sometimes we go for a walk along the beach and if the weather is good we find a quiet spot and we fuck. He always likes to take control. I used to think that in that sort of relationship the older, more experienced woman would take the lead but, oh was I wrong.

I have taught him a few things however. He is now very experienced with his tongue and knows just how to eat my pussy so that I squirt in his face when he presses onto my engorged gspot. He loves to take his time exploring my body with his fingers and tongue licking along my pussy lips before teasing my clit. His face lights up at the way my nipples pucker as he sucks and blows on them, rolling his tongue around the stiff nubs as he grabs my firm arse, knowing that having my tits spanked can almost always bring me to orgasm. And when he inserts a finger into my arse..Well fuck me, its indescribable.

The first time he ever fucked my arse was immense. He had only done it once before and was so desperate to try it again how could I say no to my eager young beaver?

We had both left work early so that we could meet at his flat. His housemates were out so we had the place to ourselves. It had been a few days since we had last got together so we were both extremely horny. We had been seeing each other for a few months and the last time we fucked he rode me bareback spilling his entire load into my pussy, it felt so good that I decided it was time to let him fuck my arse. I just love the feeling of cum trickling out of my freshly fucked arsehole and down my thighs...makes me feel like such a slut.

The last time I had my arse fucked the guy was really rough and I ended up bruised and a little sore so after having time to heal I was ready for it again.

As soon as we were through the front door he started removing my clothes. He held my wrists behind my back and started to kiss my neck, my collar bone and along my shoulders. Knowing he prefers my more mature body to that of the girls his own age is so fucking hot. I could feel my pussy start to twitch as his fingers unclasped my bra and he pressed his hard cock against me. I quickly wrapped my hands around his neck relishing the feel of his tight hot young body under my fingers. My naked breast pressing against his chest as he hurriedly removed his tight black boxers.

His hands slid from my stomach down to the red panties I was wearing and he pushing the flimsy lace to one side he dipped his fingers between my pussy lips. I shuddered against him as the tip of his finger found my clit and I could feel myself get wetter and wetter. He pressed his thighs between my knees and forced my legs open wider. Inserting the tip of two fingers inside of me, he started to kiss me as he swirled his fingers around just inside the entrance to my cunt, the heel of his palm pressing lightly against my clit and I felt my knees start to grow weak.

We were both panting now, and flushed. I could feel the wet spot his cock had left on my stomach and I reached down and wiped my fingers over the wet tip of his cock, brought my fingers to my mouth and started to suck them. This really turned him on so I started to suck them a little harder and a little deeper using my other hand to milk his thick shaft. Before long he removed his fingers from my pussy, ignoring my protesting groans and placed them in his mouth. Watching his tongue move over his fingers and greedily lap up my juices made me bite hard on my bottom lip and I couldn't wait for his tongue to be in my pussy.

He led me to the lounge and sat me on the sofa. I shook my head afraid that his housemates would come home and catch us. He just shook his head and said that they would be gone for hours. There I was, naked and horny on his communal sofa, strangely aroused that we could get caught, what would they think if they came in and caught him fucking a woman nearly 15 years older than him?

He motioned for me to turn around onto my knees. His left hand spanked my round firm ass cheek and I presumed that his right hand was pumping his cock. My heart skipped a beat and then I felt it. I felt his tip press against my worried little arsehole. I think it was still in shock from being plundered the last time and so it was clenched tight despite my yearning for it to be filled.

I tried to push back against him but he held onto me to keep me still. Slowly he slid the tip in and I cried out in pain. He held still for a moment to let me adjust to the pain and as it subsided I felt the familiar tingling sensation in my stomach. Another inch popped into me and I gasped. It hurt so much but felt so good, he wasn't fully hard yet and I began to feel him growing inside of me, pushing the walls of my anus further and further apart. I gripped the sofa with both hands as yet another inch slid into me and I held my breath. I didn't think I was going to be able to take it all.

'Oh baby, you are so tight' ... I heard him say as he grunted and groaned and pushed deeper still.

Now that the pain was ebbing I began to push back. Fuck, I was going to take every inch he gave me. Reaching between my legs I started to rub my clit furiously, he was going to make me cum as he fucked my arse!!!

Placing both hands on my hips he finally rammed fully into me until his thighs were pressed against my bottom. Reaching for my hair he pulled my head right back and moved his hips in a wide circle stirring my arse with his prick. That was enough to send me over the edge and my orgasm shattered me. I came so hard I leaked cunt juice all over the floor. Then he withdrew, tumbling out of me, leaving just the tip of his cock inside.

Then, without warning he jammed his cock into me again. Fucking my arse through my orgasm made the feeling so intense. Every inch of his dick was crammed into my tight hole. Again and again each long stroke that he plundered me with made me push back harder.

That's the thing about younger men...they have so much more stamina and so he fucked me this way for what seemed an eternity before he cried out my name and shot his full load into me.

Collapsing in a heap on top of me his cock still buried to the hilt I rolled over so that I was sat astride him. I knew that when he took his cock from me there was going to be one hell of a mess and I didn't want to miss a drop. Gradually his cock got soft enough for me to ease it from my arse. He was still a big boy, even when semi erect and I couldn't wait to take it into my mouth and suck it clean.

You see, that's the thing about milfs....they might look mature and poised on the outside but they have very very dirty minds.

Written by: eroticlitty

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