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Screwing The Swindler's Brother

by Nightwork1©

Chapter 1

Amy could feel Eric's cock as it filled her pussy. Her hands dug hard into the soft leather of the front seats of her Honda Pilot SUV. She was sitting in Eric's lap, her back to him, legs spread wide, her black cotton panties balled-up on the floor around one of her ankles, her long skirt in a bunch around her slender waist. Eric's hands expertly teased her stiff nipples and caressed her firm tits. Knowing how she would be spending the thirty minutes or so before her two children got out of school Amy had wisely left her bra at home.

Amy could sense that Eric was getting close to blowing his load into her waiting pussy. She wasn't sure what it was; the guilt of knowing what she was doing behind her Husband and her family's back, or the risk of getting caught in this torrid affair; the likes of which she had never participated in before in her life. In truth though Amy couldn't believe that she had ever even let this man touch her, let alone fuck her, sometimes several times a week. Maybe more of the story needs to be told in order for this all to make sense.

It all began near the start of the school year. Amy lived in a rich area of North Las Vegas in a mostly Asian community. Her children, as did most of the children in the area whose parents could afford the tuition, attended an exclusive private school. The vast majority of these families were Asian and rich. Most of the women didn't work but rather filled their days while their children were in school with shopping, walking, playing on Facebook and gossiping with each other.

So when news came that one of the school's parents, Jim and Michelle, had been arrested over an investment scam, that news ripped through the small community like wildfire!

Jim and Michelle had always stuck-out in the Asian community being among only a few of the non-Asian families who lived in the private gated community. Like most of the rest of the wealthy parents who lived in the area Jim and Michelle's children also attended the same private school as Amy's children.

It had taken a while for Jim and Michelle to work their way into the complex social circles which comprised the small community but over the course of the past three years or so Jim and Michelle eventually became welcomed as a part of the community. When asked what they did for a living Jim and Michelle mentioned they owned an investment brokerage firm. Occasionally, perhaps at a party Jim would talk casually to some of the other husbands and mention in-passing some of the crazy returns he and Michelle were getting for their clients.

It had all sounded so good. For a small investment of ten-thousand dollars Jim and Michelle practically guaranteed a return on that investment of 40-50%. Apprehensive at first many families only bought in for the minimum amounts but soon saw their bank accounts filling quickly with dividends. It was like owning part of a gold mine and many of Jim and Michelle's friends and neighbors quickly contributed larger and larger amounts expecting larger and larger returns.

Amy now felt the spasms of an orgasm beginning to ripple through her petite body. Beads of sweat ran-down her face as she closed her eyes, gritted her teeth and for a few precious moments forgot all about being a wife, a Mother or that her kids would be running-down the steps in front of their school looking for her SUV in less than fifteen minutes.

However as Ponzi schemes generally do, cracks began to form when the dividends began becoming smaller, dates when payments were expected were missed then Jim, Michelle and their kids disappeared without a trace. That was when the bottom fell-out and it was discovered that Jim and Michelle had walked-off with millions of ill-gotten gain, much of it from their friends and neighbors in the community.

Unfortunately Jim and Michelle were better at swindling investors than they were at making a clean get-a-way, especially with two small children in-tow and were caught a month or so after living under fake names two states away.

Amy could feel Eric's cock erupting deep within her pussy. Unable to contain all his cum she soon felt a trickle of it running-down her inner-thigh. Thankfully any mess which inevitably ended-up on the seats of her Honda Pilot could be cleaned-up quickly. Eventually. But first she was going to allow her Pussy to milk Eric's cock for all it was worth; she relished every spasm. She loved hearing his groans as his hands momentarily stopped their exploration of her mostly naked body.

It was after Jim and Michelle had been arrested that Eric had first come into the picture. Michelle was his only sibling and though the two spoke only rarely, when faced with fifty years in a Federal Prison and her children going into foster care Michelle asked her Lawyer to get in touch with her Brother Eric.

Eric had never been particularly close to his Sister or her family. He saw his Niece and Nephews once or twice a year and largely corresponded via E-mail or Facebook. However they were family so when Eric got the call about his Niece and nephew needing a Guardian, he immediately re-arranged his life, at least temporarily, to be with them.

Amy collapsed onto the seat next to Eric in the fetal position. She could feel Eric's cum running-down her leg. She knew she would need to clean-up and put herself back together shortly but for now she allowed her body a few precious moments of rest; her husband of fifteen years had never been able to fuck her the way Eric did.

Jim and Michelle's house was seized by the Treasury department so the first thing Eric did after driving the thousand miles from Seattle was to rent a condo in the same area. Despite all the turmoil in their lives Eric's Niece and Nephew seemed to be excelling at the neighborhood private school so he paid the remainder of their tuition to keep them there until the end of the school year when they would be transferred to schools closer to where Eric lived in Seattle.

The first thing Eric noticed when he arrived in the community was just how hated he was. People automatically assumed that he was just as crooked as his Sister and her Husband were. Eric was very successful but it wasn't from fool-hardy investment scams, rather he was a senior Engineer for a large aerospace company. He had never married but had dedicated much of his life to his career which afforded him a very comfortable lifestyle.

The community though did not see him that way and looked instead at him as if he were public enemy number one. There were slurs and insults hurled at him everywhere he went. One morning when he pulled-up to the front of the school to drop-off his niece and nephew he decided to put an end to as much of this turmoil as he could. He parked his car then got out of the car, told the kids to go inside the school then, his six-foot five frame towering above the mostly Asian, female crowd gathered around him he said,

"As you all know I am the guardian of Jim and Michelle's children. My name is Eric, I am Michelle's brother. I have never had any dealings with Jim and Michelle financially. I am sorry for the losses you all have sustained but I had nothing to do with any of it."

From the crowd someone yelled,

"You seem to live pretty comfortably with your shiny BMW. Do you actually expect us to believe that you had nothing to do with any of your Sister's scams?"

Eric replied, "That's a fair question. I am a senior Engineer at a large aerospace company based in Seattle. My career has afforded me a very comfortable lifestyle. I can assure you that this car was not paid for with your investments. When I was eight my Sister asked me to lend her money I had recently gotten for my birthday so she could open a Lemonade stand. I did and she promptly spent that money on Elvis Costello records. I never got that money back from her and from that day forward I have never lent nor given her a dime of my money."

Eric stood there for the next thirty minutes answering questions yelled at him from the crowd until slowly the crowd began to disperse. Amy stood there, silent. She and her Husband had lost quite a lot of money in Jim and Michelle's scam-It eventually had cost them their house-But she wasn't about to admit that in a crowd of her peers so she remained silent, though she had to admit that deep-down there was something intriguing about this man.

Amy heard the sound of Eric sliding his pants back-on next to him and knew that she too should be putting herself back together. Slowly she rose, stretched her arms out above her head and gave Eric a grin as she reached-down to her feet and retrieved her panties. Yeah she knew this wrong on so many different levels but she didn't care. Eric gave her a quick peck on her lips just before he opened the door and got-out of the rear of the SUV leaving Amy to pull her top back over her sore nipples and to clean-up the mess on the seat below her.

Five minutes later, clothes back in all the places where they belonged, rear seat cleaned and a fresh dusting of Febreeze in the air, Amy sat in a line of other luxury SUV's and sedans stopped in front of the school waiting for her two children. She could see Eric sitting in his BMW sedan four or five cars in front of her SUV.

It hadn't taken very long for Amy to find-out where Eric lived. She saw his BMW drive-by her condo frequently on the way to his own condo. Amy soon realized that he lived just around the corner from her in the same gated community. She watched his moves for a couple of days. He was definitely a creature of habit; every evening after he picked-up his niece and nephew he returned home, parked his car in the garage then walked across the street to a set of communal mailboxes. Then he walked back into the garage, usually with a messenger-type bag hanging over one shoulder, shut the door and rarely went anywhere after that. Soon Amy knew how she was going to confront this man.

A couple of days later the time seemed right for her to get the answers she was looking for from this mystery-man. It had stopped raining a couple of hours earlier and it was crisp, cool and a little damp as day faded into evening. It was after dinner and Amy made certain her children were busy with their homework then told her husband who was working in his study that she was going for a walk. He barely acknowledged her as he quickly returned his focus to an E-mail he was writing. The last thing Amy did before leaving the condo was to go upstairs and change into a pair of nylon work-out pants and a hooded sweatshirt with a large pocket on the front. Inside that pocket she slipped a small .22 revolver her Husband kept hidden in their closest.

Amy waited in the bushes along a block wall. She was hidden from view but had a clear view of Eric's house. Right on time, five minutes after she crouched-down in the wet brush she saw Eric's garage door open and watched his car pull into the garage.

Amy heard Eric instruct his niece and nephew to go inside and start their showers and their homework as he walked towards the mailboxes, a satchel draped over one shoulder. His back was turned to the brush where Amy was hiding as he opened the mailbox. That's when Amy made her move and snuck into the open garage door, hiding against the forward wall next to the open garage door. This was so unlike her; she had never felt this charged-up in her life! Normally a very submissive woman loosing her house and almost all that she loved she was convinced that Eric knew more than he was letting-on. Just then she heard Eric's soggy footsteps coming into the garage.

Eric walked back into the garage studying the day's mail. He stopped near the front of his car and clicked the garage door opener as he tossed some junk mail into a nearby trash can. As the door was lowering Amy made her move.

"Stop what you're doing! I have a gun and I want answers!" Amy said as she pulled the revolver from her sweat shirt and walked towards Eric, her hands shaking.

In the next instant Amy saw Eric pull a large, semi-automatic gun from his bag. He grabbed her, knocking the gun she held out of her hands before he roughly pushed her up against his wet car and held the barrel of his gun to her head. Amy felt the cold steel from the barrel of the gun pressed hard against her temple. Just then she heard the garage door slowly close as she stood there with Eric pinning her to his car.

"Do you have any other weapons!" Eric barked as he kicked the revolver she had been holding across the floor and set his out of her reach on top of the car.

"No...I just...I just wanted to ask you some questions." Amy whimpered.

"All I've done is answer questions since I've come to this place!" Eric said as he roughly patted Amy down with one had while he kept her pinned to the car with his other. "The Police, the neighbors, the media! I don't have anyone's money but my own!"

Eric found Amy's cell phone in the pocket of her pants and expertly popped the battery out of it before dropping it onto the trunk lid of his car.

"You're not really an Engineer are you?" Amy asked.

"Yes, I am. Though I spent the first twenty years of my career in the Air Force with Special Forces." Eric said as he still held Amy pinned to his car.

"I'm sorry. You see my family lost our house because of your sister. Times are tough now. My Husband works two jobs. We have a lot of debt." Amy now softly sobbed.

"That doesn't give you the right to pull a gun on me!" Eric barked.

"I'm sorry. I wish I hadn't. Will you let me go now?" She asked as tears ran-down her face.

Now Eric got a sly grin on his face. "No. Not just yet. You falsely accused me and now you're going to pay!"

In the next instant Eric allowed his hands to explore under Amy's sweatshirt. One hand roughly cupped one of her tits. "I'll bet your husband enjoys these store-bought titties of yours." Eric said quietly into Amy's ear.

"Please...Just let me go. I'll scream." Amy stammered.

"No you won't. Remember you entered my property un-invited. You pulled a gun on me. If I shot you it would be ruled self-defense. If you survived, and not many who get shot at close-range by a Glock .45 do, you will go to jail." Eric explained calmly.

"What are you going to do to me?" Amy asked, scared more now than she ever had been before.

Eric ignored the question but rather released the clasp on Amy's bra, allowing her 36C-sized tits to spill-out into her sweatshirt then he removed the sweat shirt and bra and tossed them both into a heap on the ground. It was cold in the garage and Amy hoped that's why her nipples were so hard.

Next she felt her soft Nylon pants sliding-down off of her ass. Eric, still holding her against the car with one arm now moved her to the front of the car and bent her over the hood.

Amy was left pinned against Eric's wet car, wearing only a pair of pink cotton panties. She whimpered as she felt Eric open his pants and now felt his engorged cock against her ass; only the thin material of her cotton underwear separated her ass from Eric's cock.

Eric roughly pushed the crotch of Amy's panties aside and fingered her, roughly cupping her hairy mound. Amy could feel herself getting wet. She tried to stop the feelings, but it seemed the harder she tried the more her body tried to betray her, preparing it's self for sex.

"Please, I've only ever been with my Husband." Amy stammered.

"Your Husband?! Then today is your lucky day. I'm going to do you a favor and show you how a real man fucks. A man who doesn't have to worry about what school his kids get in to. A man who doesn't care about what the neighbors say or what they drive. A man who doesn't buy into every hair-brained investment scheme he hears about at a neighborhood party. Yes, today is your lucky day sweetie. Today you're going to find-out what it's like to be fucked by a real man!"

Before Amy could respond Eric tugged hard on her panties, snapping the elastic waistband then discarded them onto the ground. A moment later Eric's cock invaded Amy's pussy like an army at war! Amy gasped as for the first time in her life she felt a cock tapping against her Cervix.

Eric fucked Amy hard. He was pissed and didn't care what the ramifications of his actions were. He had up-rooted his whole life and if this little piece of Asian pussy, with her slight love handles and fake tits roughly swinging around was what it took to get him through he was happy to have it.

Amy could feel Eric's cock roughly fucking her pussy. He was larger than her husband. His hands squeezed her firm tits as he mindlessly flicked her stiff nipples. Amy felt disgust and at first tried to take her mind to another place. She tried to conjour-up a happy childhood memory but then she began feeling a sensation from deep within her core.

Suddenly Amy didn't want this assult to stop. She found her self now grinding her Pelvis into her lover, trying to drive him deeper inside of her. A moment later her mouth hung-open, she couldn't produce any words, just a low series of groans as for the first time in her life she felt the sensation of an Orgasm washing-over her body. In a matter of seconds the sensation passed and Amy fell into a heap on to the hood of the wet car, now making no effort to stop Eric's assault.

Eric came a short time later. When he did it felt like a firehouse had let loose inside of her womb! Amy could feel Eric's cock throbbing deep within her as pumped his seed into her waiting pussy. Eric kept going until Amy felt his cum leaking from around his cock and running-down her leg. Eric for the first time now un-pinned her from the rear of the car and Amy fell into a heap on the ground next to the car. Eric stood-over Amy, allowing his cock to drip the last of his cum onto her naked torso.

Amy was stunned. She knew she should be angry but she had to admit, that deep-down that she had enjoyed that; maybe more than she was willing to admit. She watched Eric tuck his now deflated cock back into his Jockey shorts. Now he looked-down at her and said,

"You enjoyed that didn't you bitch!"

Amy nodded.

Amy used her ripped panties to clean herself up as best she could then hurriedly re-dressed before Eric opened the garage door to let her out. As the door was rising and Amy stood there dumb-founded Eric handed her gun back to her, un-loaded and said,

"Tell your husband to get a real gun."

Amy walked back to her house in a daze. She opened the front door, went upstairs and took a long shower. She could feel Eric's cum dripping-out of her in globs. Her pussy was bruised and sore and her nipples felt raw to the touch, there were visible marks from Eric's hands from where he had squeezed her tits. Amy had never experienced sex, or rather fucking like that before. She knew she should be mad; she knew a crime had been commited and she should call the Police; Eric had violated her but she had to admit that deep-down, she liked it. And she wanted, no needed to feel that sensation of an orgasm ripple through her body again! She climbed into bed and fell asleep a few minutes later wondering if she would ever experience anything like that again.

Chapter 2

Amy was sore for all of the next day and every time she pee'd she could smell Eric's cum. She knew that should disgust her but for some reason she was finding it a turn-on. She wanted to talk to Eric, actually rather than talking she craved feeling an Orgasm ripple through her body again but she didn't know how to approach Eric.

Amy now became even more fixated on Eric's coming's and going's the she had been previously. His life appeared to be very routine. Every morning at 7:25 his garage door opened and his car backed-out of the garage, his Niece and Nephew in the back seat. At Eight the car returned with only Eric inside. He parked in the garage and got-out holding a cup from Starbucks. Three days a week he was gone all day, Amy surmised that he must have an office someplace near-by.

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