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White Whore Ch. 03

by MistressSea52©

My master’s cock was bottomed out in my hot tight cunt; I was constantly clenching my pussy muscles as he just held me down. We were anxiously awaiting the arrival of the man behind me. He was stroking his hands down my back, stopping right before he reached my ass. He was teasing me, everyone in the room knew that I loved black cock, and would take all I could. He suddenly reached up and gripped the hair at the base of my skull, pulling my head sharply back to kiss me. It was him fucking my mouth with his tongue, like his big black cock would soon be fucking my ass. My pussy contracted around my master’s hard cock. Finally the other man stopped kissing me, and let his hands rest on my hips. I could feel the thick hot black cock sliding down my ass. I wanted to feel both of their cocks fucking me.

As I moaned in anticipation I saw another strong black man approaching my naked white body impaled on my master’s cock. I moaned even louder, they were going to use me. Fuck my hot white body with their hard black cocks like the whore that I was. Finally the black man behind me had his cock positioned at my asshole. The man approaching me was standing at arm’s reach, just watching for now. His black cock was already hard; he was almost 9 inches long, but not quite. The man behind me gripped my hips in his large hands, and thrust his big cock all the way in my ass with one powerful thrust. I screamed as he penetrated me, my ass wasn’t used to being fucked. My insides were burning from having my pussy and ass impaled at the same time.
But I loved the pain. I loved these strange black men looking at me, wanting to fuck me. I loved being their white play-toy. The man standing in front of me got tired of simply watching, so he stepped closer and shoved his big cock in my mouth. I was being fucked in all three holes by my Master and two of his friends. I was cumming constantly. My master was finally starting to move his cock in my pussy, and his friend was moving in my tight ass. I could feel their cocks rubbing against each other, and my body was stretched to the limit. The cock in my throat was mimicking the ones in my cunt and ass, and just fucking my mouth. I had never felt so full in my life. I sucked the cock in my mouth, loving the taste of it. All three men were moaning as they fucked me. My pussy was still gushing over my master’s cock, and he looked at me. I saw his eyes light up at the site of my pretty white face getting fucked by a big black cock.

“ You like that don’t you little whore? You like your master’s cock in your cunt while my friends fuck your mouth and ass? Do you slut?” My master growled up at me. I took the cock out of my mouth to answer, “Yes, oh god master, yes. I love your big black cocks making my pussy cum. Fuck me, I am your toy. Your little white fuck toy.” I moaned in reply. “Bitch, get that fucking cock back in your mouth! You little white cunt, you need to get that cock in your throat now!” the man in front of me growled. I began licking around the head of his cock, just to rest my mouth for a minute. “Slut I said suck my cock!” he yelled and shoved his big cock in my mouth. I moaned around him, I loved being called a slut and a whore. I was one, I’d do anything for black cock, and they all knew it. I loved letting these strange men fuck my ass and my mouth while my master’s cock was filling my wet pussy. I saw a video camera in the corner, and still camera’s all over. I moaned louder and fucked into the cocks in my ass and cunt when I realized how many people would see me treated like the white whore I am.

I screamed as another orgasm ripped through my pussy. “You’ll pay for that whore, that and every other time you came on my cock without permission” he snarled at me as he slammed my hips onto his hard cock, and his friend roughly fucked my ass. I moaned loudly in reply, I couldn’t wait for my punishment. My master was fulfilling so many fantasies, I hoped he would do all of them. The cock in my ass was stretching me out as he slammed into me, forcing my cunt on my master’s cock, and my mouth on the big black cock in front of me. I moaned in my throat, loving their treatment of me. I was their whore, God, I loved the way their cocks made me cum. Everyone in the room was watching me. Four more black men, with hard cocks taking turns fucking the mouths of two luscious whores like me. Their big cocks hard, waiting for a chance to fuck my ass, pussy and mouth. I came again just thinking of all the hard fucking I was going to get.

The man behind me, pumping his cock in and out of my tight ass began pounding his dick in and out of my ass, grabbing my hips and pulling them back as he slammed his hips forward. His cock was huge in my ass, and I could feel both cocks in my body rubbing against each other as the double fucked me. The hard black dick in my mouth was continuously leaking pre cum into my mouth, god he tasted good. I wanted him to cum in my mouth; I loved to swallow hot cum. I knew he could cum at any second, and I wanted to taste it. I let my mouth come up off his shaft, so I could play with just the head of his cock for awhile. “You little white whore, did I tell you to stop sucking my cock?” the stranger asked me. “No I didn’t, I want to cum bitch, and I want to cum all over your pretty face and your big tits. You hear me? Now suck that cock into your throat whore!” he screamed as he shoved my face on his cock once more. My master started fucking my wet pussy harder, making my ass fuck the other cock all at once. I felt so good.

The huge black cock in my ass began to swell even bigger, I knew all three men wanted to cum. And I wanted them too, I wanted to full of their cum. But the cock in my ass was soon pulled out of me; my master gripped my hips and held me down on his cock, not letting me move. The cock in my mouth slowly pulled out of my throat, and the tip paused in my mouth long enough for another taste before it left me completely. I moaned in disappointment, my master laughed and lifted my naked white body off his hard cock. I was almost crying with want as he lowered me to the floor. I wanted their cocks inside me again.

Why weren’t they using me anymore? I was on my hands and knees on the hard floor, my large breasts hanging down from my chest. I looked up and saw all five hard black cocks circling my naked body. I shuddered in anticipation, wondering if my master knew my other fantasies. I saw the other two beautiful white whores in the corner of my eyes, watching me but caressing each other. Pinching and pulling on each other’s nipples, as I watched them, wishing they were with me they soon kissed deeply. I moaned as their tongues swirled together, I wanted to cum. I began to beg my master, “please, my black master. Please let your white whore be fucked and satisfied. Please master. I need your black cocks.” “You’ll get what you deserve bitch.” He replied and laughed.

Written by: MistressSea52

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