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by youbadboy©

Her dress had buttons all down the front, and as she watched, I began to unbutton each one of those buttons starting at the top. She had no bra on and it was not long before the dress lay open down to her hips. She was looking at my chest, rivulets of sweat running down, and I continued unbuttoning and tugging the top of her dress open until her perfect tits came into view. Both our heads bowed over her beautiful breasts. I leaned down, nuzzled into her and took a nipple in my mouth. The heat of her body, her skin slippery and moist.

"Ohhh, God," she moaned, pressing the back of my head into her chest and I felt her nipple harden in my mouth.

Utterly aroused as I sucked on her, I ran my hands up her thighs as her dress hung open down each side of her and began palming her ass over the the tiny pair of panties, the little fabric barely covering her.

As I ran my fingers around her thigh and began tickling up along her crotch she cooed, "Mmmmm. You're going pretty far."

"You started this."

"Hmmm, how?"

"Grinding my lap."

"I was just cutting your hair!"

I continued rubbing her puss, and began pulling the fabric of her crotch aside. She waggled her hips over my cock, leaning back to give me access. Her eyes got wide, as she looked down between us and unzipped my shorts.

"Daddy hard?"

I slid myself down in the chair, and we were awkwardly fumbling with each other, obvious arousal in this hot room. We were both sweating, a sheen of moisture on our skin. She let her dress fall to the floor. My cock sprung free between us and she slid herself toward me, right over my bare cock.

Fuck! So good.

Without us saying anything, we were squirming around, in utter concentration. I knew what she wanted. My bare cock tipped inside her panties, positioning it into her slit, which was opening right over my cock as she sat down again on my lap. As our sexes touched, we paused, the feel of her slippery wetness was exquisite. Her juices opening her cunt. The feel of my cockhead lingering right at the entrance of her pussy. And then, very slowly, so slow, I pulled her close. Could feel her lips spreading, lowering herself over me, her hips tipping to me and I could feel my cock slide right inside that tight little hole.

Oh, fuck.

Her head went back, hanging off me. Impaled on my lap. Her hair fell back between her shoulders, and she let out this guttural moan, going limp in my arms like a rag doll.

"What you wanted little girl?"

And god she was so tight.

"So big." She groaned. Her mouth hung open, she could scarcely breath. I pulled her forward and slid her back, and she opened her legs wide, looked me right in the eye with such a wicked hungry grin. "You have no idea. Fuck me daddy."

She began to undulate her hips, grinding her clit right at the base of my cock, wrapping her arms around my neck and holding me close to her, so her tits were pressed tight against my chest, skin to skin. Our bodies wet with sweat as we slid together, humping on the chair. She turned her head to me, smiling and planted a soft kiss on my lips.

"I've fantasized about this for such a long time you know."

I grasped her long hair and pulled on it.

"You have have you. Such a bad little girl. What am I going to do to you?"

"Oh! I don't know daddy." She was surprised at my roughness as I pulled her back by the hair and continued to fuck her, lifting her up and down on my cock. She was so light, this small bird I was holding in my arms, clinging to me. She holding on to my neck for dear life. "Uh, uh," grunting with each thrust.

"You like that? You deserve a good spanking!"

"Oh, yeah. Oh yeah. Oh, you like my little pussy? Fuck me, fuck me hard. I been so bad. Does it feel good pulling my panties to the side? I;m so bad, letting you in." She clung to me.

"Oh, fuck yeah."

"Take me over to the bed, if you want to. I'll let you do anything to me."

Anything. God it made me wild.

We fucked harder in that chair, whispering nasty things to each other. I let go her hair then, as she continued to cling to me, riding me. Softer slower. I pressed up inside in long slow strokes. So deep. My cock pressed deep into her belly, she let her feet touch the ground. She was lifting herself up, and setting back down, slow and soft. She lowered herself down hard and held me inside, squeezing my cock inside her vagina, and rotating her hips over me. Grinding her clit down hard, her hips began to shake. "Oh god, I'm gonna cum!"

The way she ground down on me, I held to her pressed her along my body, her legs wide and looking down at her shiny wet belly right down to her open legs, and felt my cum rise, spraying ribbons of cum up inside her. She could feel it and she was pounding up and down on me. "Do it, do it!" She groaned. "Cum in me, oh god yea, fill me up."

As I was cumming, I picked her up and holding her in my arms, walked her to the bed and lay her back into the mattress, staying inside laying her down and rolling over on top. I was still so fucking hard.

I shot ribbons of cum into her little cunt. She clamped her legs around me and squeezed. The slippery feel of her pussy squeezing on me as my cock twitched and sprayed inside her. Oh fucking god. Our bodies shiny with sweat and cum leaking down onto my thighs.

I hugged her to me and could feel our chests sliding together in the heat. Her mouth was moist and soft as we kissed again, her lips all swollen, her cheeks red, and her hair disheveled and wild.

I let go and slipped out of her, my cock was still rock hard.

"What do you want me to do?" MY voice a growl.

She lay looking up at me, her arms curled into her dark hair. Legs open wide around me. Considering.

Finally she says, "That's the thing, I am yours. There isn't anything that I wouldn't want you to do. Do you want to lick me all over? Do you want my mouth, my pussy, my ass? Fuck me slow, tease me, fuck me hard, ride me, make me scream, make me beg! Pull me back to the bed, don't let me go.


What He Did Next

What he did next I hadn't expected. Anticipation coursing through my blood. He whispered, "Kneel." And I got in position. "Yes," I could barely speak. I kneeled.

"Higher." His voice a rasp, and I raised my ass in the air.

Silence. I heard his padding steps at the end of the bed. Watching me. I wanted to peek. I waited. I felt silly, and gradually, waiting, lay my forehead down upon the mattress. To have him looking at me, to be completely naked, his eyes on me, my heart really began to pound. What was he thinking? To be looked at like this. He was close, so close, feeling the mattress move. I could feel him, radiating by me. His breath.

To be looked at, the shame that made me so fucking hot, how wet, I was creaming between my thighs. God, I could feel my pussy slipping open, its gaping wound. The wetness so full, began dribbling down the inside of my thighs. Oh fuck, touch me. DO something.

But I waited, he walking circles, along my side, looking at my naked body, my narrow hips, my breasts hanging down. I turned my head on the mattress and could just see him.

What is he doing back there? How close is he, what is he thinking? I am so fucking wet.

And in the silence, my body grew electric. Fuck, I could cum like this. The cum was already dripping down my thigh, it was all the way to my knees. In silence, I could just feel my heart beating, feel it in my neck. I held myself there for him, waiting. Take me. Take me. TAKE ME. Thinking about what his cock felt like up inside me, the aching, the itch. My hips began to move, I squeezed my cunt, the stiff rod, imagining it there between my legs.

My breasts brushing the fabric of the sheet, the light of the room. The heat. My sweat. I could feel the dampness of the heat on my upper lip, blinking, waiting.

When, his voice. Even, said, "Mine."

I whispered, my voice catching in my throat, "Yours."

Just the vibration shook my little cunny, and I reacted by spreading my legs a little wider.



He pressed a thumb deep under my shoulder blade and drew the tips of his fingers down the center of my back.

"AAAAhhhhhh." My whole back arching, my ass lifting high into the air, as the tips of his fingers pressed in along the line of my ass, and through the folds of my puss.

"Ohhhh, yes." My skin felt soft and caressed. Beloved.

"God that feels so good." His hands wandering over my body, I could not help but press into his hand where it caressed me, undulating there on the bed. His little kitten, feeling like a caged bir.

He was gripping my narrow waist, over my ass cheeks and down the back of my thighs, brushing my puss with his thumbs. I stretched my foot back toward him, sensing where he stood and stretching out pressed my foot along the length of his hard cock, and groaned at the feel of it. Curling my toes, running my foot along its length. We were burning up.

I was so fucking aroused, his low guttural moan, the sound of his voice shaking my insides. Come inside, come in, push it in.

And that is what we did, for the longest time.

His hands fell away from me, and I felt the mattress compress. Then nothing. Silence. He was looking at me again, I could sense it.

I waggled my ass around, seeking skin, contact with his body. His cock, imagining it right behind me, hard and ready. God dammit. Push it in.

Holding myself there, ready, finally I said, "What are you doing?" And glancing back, his hands finding my hips again.

"Touching you, worshiping you."

"You want me?

His hands at my waist tightened, and I felt his cock bump me between my legs. His answer. Yes. Yes, do it! I groaned and held myself, stiffening getting ready. His cock touching along my slit, my soaking wet slit. The hairs of my puss tingling, brushing his skin, warning me. My slick center spreading.

"mmmmm." His deep groan, finding my opening, the push of his body, the pull of his hands and I was opening, sliding, feeling his cokhead pop inside me, right up inside. Just inside, and out again.

I was holding my mouth open, as if taking it in, as if sucking him with my mouth. My lower lip drooping open, my eyes unfocused, it was there again. Popping inside, and slipping back out. Ohhhh, each thrust ever so deep, so slight. Taking me over and over and over.

And then he had my hair, my jet black mane of hair, he was tugging me back. Pressing me to the mattress and fucking me down into the mattress. His lips at my ear. I lifted my head, feeling him fill me, ride me. Oh, yes, Ride Me. His cock sliding in, filling me, his hardness resting up inside and I felt my legs spreading wider and wider, hugging down into the mattress taking him all the way in. The angle of his cock, the roughness of his thrust was so crazy fucking hot. I rocked my ass against his abdomen, and he whispering in my ear. "Baby girl, going to cum in you. Fill you up."

I could only grunt at the thrusts, and his cock slipping, pressing into me hard, sliding inside, oh god, it ached, itched, his head touching my belly. Fuck! I could feel him, faster, faster, and my trembling body giving way. The bottom dropping out beneath us. Falling. And white, and my eyes turning back to him. His mouth at my ear breathing. And my orgasm rocking through me, spasming, "Oh fuck, daddy, yes."

His cum rising, his cock held deep into me. And his whole body arching behind me. And then grinding and thrusting. Oh god it wouldn't end.

I was sopping wet, the sound of his cock sliding inside, the slap of our bodies.

Our wet skin, he rising up and his hand at the center of my back, the pool of sweat between my shoulder blades, as I lay there licking my lips, taking in every movement, motion, moment. His jism running inside. Imagining his seed in me, he could make me pregnant, skin to skin, my little cream pie. I wanted to spread my legs and show it to him.

He lay above me, his softening cock still inside. I look back it him, starting to breath again. "You like that daddy?" I cooed out, seeing the side of him laying supine over my body. My ass arching into his sex, still pressed into me. I could still feel him inside my body.

My breasts swaying as I lifted up on my elbows, his hand sliding around me and grabbing my tits. Holding me by my tits and leaning over me, he nibbled my neck and I giggled. I could feel his abdomen up my backside, still inside me, pressing me lower into the mattress. Fuck was he still hard? His weight on me. His naked body moving over the top of me. Stroking, and squeezing me.

So sensitive, I could feel his cock sliding up inside me again.

"There's some things I'd like to do to you."


I looked back at him. My heart skipping a beat.

"You can say no."

His hands scritching at me, saying nothing more.

Trembling I say, "Yes. Anything. Yes. Anything at all."



That's the thing about.

Written by: youbadboy

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