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We checked into the hotel, a little nervous. It had been a quiet flight; both of our minds had been wandering. Thinking about what waited for us in Chicago. My husband had arranged for a man to meet us.

"He's 26, black. And very experienced," Victor told me as he responded to his emails; setting up a time and place to meet. "He's even said the thought of seducing you makes his cock rock hard." Hearing this young boy fantasized about me brought a heat to my face.

As we sat in the café waiting for him to arrive, I felt my pussy quiver in excitement; the moisture collecting and dripping down my slit. My clit throbbed against the tight fabric of the black thong that clung closely to my body.

"Vin?" Victor stood, extending his hand to this beautiful young man. His caramel skin, bright hazel eyes burned with a sensuality I hadn't seen.

"Hi, Victor?" He smiled, eyes flickering across the table, caressing my sensitive body with his gaze. An unintentional gasp escaped my lips as my fantasies had all become real.

"This is my wife, Finny." Vic smiled sitting beside me.

"Hi," he looked down at the table, suddenly shy. "I'm Vince." His gaze migrated to my blushing face. All hints of his shyness had gone and left behind a dangerous, sexy beast that threatened to jump across the table and rip the clothes from my body.

Victor, sensing my nerves stood and headed for the bar.

"While he's gone..." Vince leaned in.

"Yes?" I felt naughty flirting behind Vic's back. I wondered where it would go. Leaning in, I felt my breasts peaking out over my black lace bra. I felt his gaze burning down my shirt. My nipples hardened, knowing he was more than interested in me.

"Why don't you tell me just how wet you are?" He grinned.

"Oh... umm..." I blushed, feeling a rush my pussy begging for his cock.

"Cocktails?" Vic asked, rejoining the table.

"Oh thanks honey," I smiled. "Let's take this to our room." He was a little surprised, but obeyed.

"This is our room," Vic spun as he entered our hotel room. We had really only spent the time to shower and head down to the café. Our suitcases were still lying open on the bed.

"I hope you don't mind, I really have to pee." Vince smiled, heading to the bathroom.

"So?" Vic asked as soon as the door closed.

"So, what?" I blushed, knowing exactly what he wanted.

"So... you... and him?" His gaze fell to the floor.

"I wouldn't say no," my hand unconsciously caressed my breast, feeling my hardened nipple just below the fabric.

"Sorry about that," Vince opened the door, smiling. "Why don't you tell me where you'd like this to go?" He sat on the bed.

"I don't know, I guess I just thought we'd see where it goes." My knees started to weaken. Sitting on the bed beside him, I felt his gaze penetrating. He grinned, knowing how excited I was. My pussy soaking wet, my body was already there.

"Vic, come and sit with your wife," he stood, making room for my husband.

"Oh, ok." Vic sat instantly.

"Show me how you touch her."

I felt Vic's hand softly touching my lower back, reaching up under my shirt. His soft touch was nice, my excited body responded very quickly.

Pulling my shirt over my head, I felt his hands crossing to my breasts, cupping around the padding. Vince stood watching, our eyes meeting as I lay back. Vic reached around, unclasping my bra. His hands caressing warmly as he pulled my breasts out into the open.

I moaned loudly as I felt Vic's hot mouth on my nipple, sucking and nibbling. Opening my eyes, I caught Vince watching patiently from the corner. Feeling Vic grind between my legs, hitting my hard clit perfectly, God I just needed something big inside my tight little pussy.

"Ok, Vic." Vince beckoned. "It's her turn. Finny, I want you to come here and show me what you want." He sat in the recliner positioned in the corner of the room. "Vic, stay there and watch."

Standing up, I felt both men's eyes watching me feverously. My breasts hung freely, hard nipples pointing straight in the cold room.

His eyes watched as I inched nearer. I could see his throbbing bulge painfully pressing against the front of his slacks. Dropping down to my knees, I caressed up his legs; inching closer to his throbbing mound. Grinning as I watched him grasp the arms of the chair as I nestled against his thick cock.

Sucking against the fabric prison, I felt his head and his balls. My eyes, met his as he watching longingly at my breasts. Standing up, I slowly unbuttoned my pants. Watching Vic was I pulled my pants down in Vince's face, sitting in his lap to pull my ankles free. Feeling his thick cock against my ass was pure magic. The soft fabric of his khaki slacks did little to hide his pulsing member.

My thong, dripping wet, was the last piece of fabric between this strange man and me. Grinding my ass down, I felt his shaft grow thicker. Thinking of him slowly penetrating me, my pussy quivered.

"You want to show me your sweet pussy?" Vince whispered in my ear.

"Mmm, god yes!" I moaned, bending over. Slowly, I peeled the fabric back from my drenched cunt. I could feel his breath on my sensitive, swollen skin; my clit glistening with moisture.

"What else do you want?" He blew on my throbbing clit.

"I want to feel your tongue," I whimpered, feeling my asshole pucker as I spoke.

"I bet you do," he whispered, breath tickling my nether region. "Vic, come lay before her." I demanded. My husband jumped up from the bed faster than I'd ever seen. Lying down below me, I noticed his throbbing cock.

"I wanna taste his precum," I begged, reaching for my husband's zipper.

"Good, take his cock out and lick it like a lollipop." Vince allowed.

As soon as my wet tongue touched Vic's head, I felt Vince's tongue on my gaping pussy.

"Oh fuck!" I moaned, grinding down against his tongue. Sucking Vic's cock into my mouth, I grinned as he tensed against my heat. "You like it when I suck your cock, don't you?" I asked, my eyes meeting his.

"Yes baby... so good," he moaned, thrusting his cock deeper into my mouth.

Sucking my clit into his mouth, Vince slid his tongue into my pussy. Grinding back, I pushed his tongue deeper inside.

"So fucking good!" I moaned. "I wanna cum so bad."

"Yeah, you want to cum on my tongue?" Vince teased, lapping at my clit faster and faster.

"I'm so close..." I whimpered, begging him to continue. "Oh! Oh! Oh shit!" I shuddered, his fingers sliding deep into my throbbing pussy. Suddenly, I felt his hot tongue slowly licking my puckering asshole. His fingers massaging my g-spot like a champion.

"Are you ready to cum for me?" He stopped, teasing.

"Fuck! So Goddamn close! Fuck me!" I begged, trying to find his mouth with my ass. It felt so sweet as his fingers slid back inside me, his tongue slapping my asshole gingerly. My body shook suddenly, orgasm shot up my spine as I collapsed on top of this young man squirting powerfully.

After regaining my breath, my eyes opened. My husband below me with his rock hard cock, my naked body collapsed on top of this well dressed man.

"Are you ready to be fucked?" Vince asked as I crawled off him.

"God yes!" I moaned, reaching for his zipper.

"Vic, sit back on the bed." He ordered, standing up behind me. I heard his pants hit the floor, the clang of his belt buckle and cell phone. Turning around, my mouth fell open as his cock straightened out as he pushed his boxers down to the floor.

"Oh my," I gasped, reaching for his beautiful penis.

Pushing me into position, Vince moved me into doggy hovering over my husband's naked body.

"Now take care of your husband," he whispered in my ear. Leaning down, I sucked Vic's cock into my mouth dropping balls deep into my throat.

"Oh...oh...mmm," I cried as I felt his thick cock pressing into my tight pussy, the ripples of his condom catching in all the right places. His hands squeezed my shoulders as he thrusted deeper, slowly pulling out. I moaned louder each time he buried his perfect cock in my tight pussy, feeling his balls slap my clit. His hand trailed down to my ass, nails raking down my soft skin. As he squeezed my ass, I felt his finger teasing my asshole, spreading the wetness from my pussy across my puckering hole.

His thrusting pushed me closer and closer to cumming, the sweet taste of my husband's precum collecting on my tongue. I felt Vic's veins throbbing on the underside of his cock; I knew he was seconds from blowing his load. Feeling his hips bucking against my face, his moans spurred me closer. I was ready to cum.

"Mmm, you're squeezing so nicely." Vince smiled, kissing my back. "You can cum," he gave me his permission. Oddly, that's all I needed. Seconds later, my body shuddered and shook as I moaned and cried cumming on his cock. I felt him pull out. His cock slid up resting at the border of my ass.

I was scared, but excited. Would he push in? Shortly, I got my answer. Feeling his thick head press into my ass, I whimpered. Feeling his balls slap against my sensitive pussy, fuck, I couldn't believe how good it felt. His cock, balls deep in my ass. His cock was throbbing too, my ass clenched against his monster cock and I felt the most intense pleasure I had ever felt. His veins, the ribs of the condom, pushing past my sphincter, I cried loudly as I experienced my first anal orgasm.

Pulling out, he pulled the condom from his cock and shot his load up my back. Feeling the hot cum trickle down my back, I shivered happily collapsing on top of my husband.

"Thanks guys," Vince smiled as he pulled his clothes on. "I hope you had fun."

"Oh absolutely!" I moaned, still feeling my orgasm resonating through my body.

"Thanks," Vic smiled, his cock already growing hard; ready for dessert.

Written by: VinsanityOrElse

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