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A Mutually Beneficial Arrangement

by LeashedSub©

Have you seen the movie Office Space? You can tell the writers never worked in an office environment. If they had, they'd have known that their parody of its inanity was an understatement. I had kept my head down for five years struggling never to raise expectations high enough that I'd actually have to try. Two hours of work per eight hour day had seen me rise into lower management with an interior but private office - and that allowed my guilty pleasure leading to that one fateful day.

A knock at my door forced me to hide my porn - a neat little app I had installed that kills the volume and hides the browser on a different desktop. I opened the door to a woman I'd never seen before.

"Hi, Jerry Soltack, right?" she asked while brushing past me into my office.

"Yes, that's the name on the door," I said irritably, wanting to end this interruption and get back to my porn, "what can I do for you, Misss...?"

"Tanner," she answered tersely. "I work in IT."

I closed the door and swallowed the lump in my throat. Maybe my app wasn't as clever as I thought. Looking her up and down though, I wouldn't have minded seeing her bare it all on my screen. Her short black hair hung just below her ears with an air of authority; her large hoop earrings dipping below. She had olive skin, perky B-cup breasts pushing out of a tight black blouse leading to a black skirt crossed with buckles. Shapely legs flowed down to tall patent leather heels.

"I noticed you've been working on some interesting new projects lately," she continued. Before I could stop her she struck a series of keys on my computer, pulling up my hidden browser. A man on a leash was being dragged about by two women, each of them grinding his face into their hairy bushes and passing him back to the other. "I am glad though that you're... excited... by your work," she teased as she sat on my desk.

I sat heavily into my chair. "If you were getting me fired then you'd have talked to my supervisor, not to me, so I assume you're blackmailing me? What do you want?"

She pulled off one of her heels and pushed it onto my face, the toes on my forehead pushing me down into my chair. "I'm not blackmailing you, I'm propositioning you. It seems to me that in this office we have a dominant bitch who likes her sluts on their knees and leashed, and a pitiful skank who'd rather get his poontang on his face than on his dick. All I'm proposing is a mutually beneficial arrangement. If you want me to leave, then I'll walk out the door and you'll never see me again. But I don't think that's what you want. If it was, you wouldn't have sat there with my foot on your face for this long."

At this she slid her foot down across my face being sure to drag the sole across my mouth. "I think what you want, is to hurl yourself to the ground at my feet, stick your tongue as far up my asshole as you can, and beg me to make you my sex slave." Her toes pried my bottom lip down and filled my mouth. I nodded silently, half of my own accord, half of her foot pushing my head up and down for me. This was too surreal, like something straight out of a porno. I'd had femdom fantasies for as long as I can remember, but my string of girlfriends had never taken it seriously. They'd slap me on the ass twice and giggle, or pinch my nipples, or ride on top. Here, in my office!, was a woman who finally seemed to understand how I dreamed of being treated, and wanted the same.

Her foot slowed its motion and she cocked her head sideways. "Are you waiting for a fucking written invitation?"

I snapped out of my trance, pushed my way past her long smooth leg and onto the carpet. I dove under her skirt with my tongue extended, shooting like an arrow for her ass perched on the edge of the desk. I smashed clumsily into her panties, my face mashed against her crotch. "Nnnnhhh!" I groaned through clenched teeth, surprised and devastated by this barrier to properly worshipping my mistress. Idiot! Why wouldn't she be wearing panties at work?

"Ha, I think you have enough enthusiasm for my slave," she laughed haughtily while placing a hand on the back of my head. "Now I want you to smell my crotch. Your head will spend a lot of time here so you'd better learn to love it. Drink in my scent. Fill your nose, your lungs, your blood, your body. Not just my pussy either, I want you to smell my juices, my sweat, my piss, my shit; I want you addicted to my whole bouquet. I want you to turn and turn tonight in a sweaty, sleepless fever in withdrawal from my musk."

I breathed in and in as she commanded, puffing my chest as much as I could to be saturated with her, never wanting to breath out and lose my new Goddess's gift to me. After a minute of this she gently squeezed my head with her thighs causing me to gasp and drop to all fours. Stepping down from my desk she looped a bit of cord around my neck and clipped it into a leash. The clink of the clasp was the most satisfying sound I had ever heard. I filled with warmth at the prospect of being leashed, being owned. I sank as low as I could to the ground, trying to melt into the carpet, fighting to be as far beneath this woman as physics allowed. She pulled me up even to her waist and stuck two fingers into my mouth, fingering it like a cunt. "I assume we have a deal then?" I nodded vigorously.

"Good," she sighed, sitting back on the desk. "I believe I already told you where to sign." She pulled down her panties, finally exposing herself. Her bush was neatly trimmed in the center - full but out of the way. Her pussy was very dark and taut, powerful. Her pussy was for fucking, not for being fucked. She rolled back on the desk lifting her shapely ass in the air. It was narrow but full and deep. You could get lost down there.

Analingus had never been a fantasy of mine, but at this moment, pleasing my new owner was my only desire. I lurched forward a second time with my tongue, this time slithering around and into her hole.

"Mmmmmmmmm!" she moaned. "That's it... deeper, slave..." I complied as best as I could, stretching my tongue until it ached and burying my face between her cheeks. "Ahn! That's where I want it! Oh it's so gooood." She leaned all the way back and groped her own breasts.

"Push in and out, fuck my ass with your tongue! Yes! Keep at it."

I tongue-fucked her ass for several minutes, though I would have for hours had she demanded it. Her hand slid down her body to her pussy as she began fondling her womanhood.

"Do you consent to becoming my property, slut?"

"Please mistress! Make me your bitch!" I spat as quickly as I could, anxious to return my tongue to her hole.

"Do I own your mouth?"

"Yes, mistress! It is only to worship you!" leaving my tongue buried in her ass, struggling to speak around it.

"Do I own your dick?"

"Yes, mistress! It belongs to you!"

"Do I own your ass?"

"Yes, mistress! Beat me as you wish!"

"Do I own your asshole?"

My tongue shrank from her ass as I was momentarily taken aback. I wanted to be dominated, but penetrated? I felt her stir and hurriedly filled her once again.

"I asked if I owned your asshole, slut. Do you belong to me or don't you?"

"Yes, mistress," I whispered.

"Yes mistress, what?"

"Yes, mistress, you own my asshole."

"So of course I can fill it with whatever I wish?"

"Of course, mistress, you may fill my asshole," I choked out. I wasn't about to let my fear or my pride get in the way of my new owner's will.

"You sound scared, slut. I've known you for less than 15 minutes, yet you're on a leash with your tongue in my asshole. I would have expected a skank as easy as you to have spread his ass to everyone he's met. Have you never been fucked, slut?"

"No mistress."

"Oh, you don't know what you're missing. I'm glad though, I've always wanted to take a man's virginity." I swallowed a little at this prospect, then felt her hand in my hair dragging me even more forcefully into her ass. Her other hand began forcefully rubbing her clit "Give me three big, thrusts, slut, then you're done." I nodded and lunged, once, twice, three times. On the third she grabbed my head with both hands and held me, smothering me in her beautiful ass. She bucked her hips and groaned through clenched teeth as she came, her cunt oozing down onto my forehead. At last she let go and I fell to the floor, again gasping for air.

She kneeled next to me and smiled, then wiped the juices from my forehead and forced those fingers into my mouth. My first real taste of her pussy! Her bittersweet nectar overwhelmed my senses. I sucked and licked her fingers furiously, eager to savor every drop. She laughed and pumped her fingers, then leaned down closer. "Get your dick out," she said tersely into my ear. "It's your turn to cum."

I nodded, thankful for the privilege. I hurriedly opened my belt and tugged down my slacks. She pulled them all the way off and slapped my ass hard, then dragged me up by the leash until I stood. She grabbed the back of my head and pushed my upper body down on the desk. "I want you to understand your new role, Jerry," she taunted as she moved behind me, placing one hand on each side of my back. "I play pitcher. If you're going to play for my team, you're playing catcher." She rubbed her crotch up and down on my backside, the hairs of her bush tickling my ass. "For spring training, I'm just going to fuck you with my cunt. Next time though, you're getting my fastball." She thrust symbolically into me and moved her hands down to my thighs. "You are a team player, aren't you? Are you a team player... Jenny?"

"Yes, mistress," I gasped, more turned on by my new name and my new position than I would have ever thought possible.

"Good. Because I'd really hate to trade you to the 'other team.' As long as you don't mind a woman training you to be a woman, we won't have to worry about that." I nodded. As long as I was a good girl, my mistress would keep me a lesbian. She began humping me doggie style, occasionally reaching over to stroke my crack or smack my ass. "Stroke your clit for me, Jenny, I want to see you cum."

I reached down and jacked off as commanded. With my other hand I reached back and pulled my left cheek apart, inviting my owner deeper inside me.

"Awwww, you're such a good girl, Jenny. I think I can train you just fine. I want to hear you moan though, I want to hear how happy you are to have your owner pushing into your cunt."

Like a good slut I moaned with each thrust. As my orgasm built, I wasn't moaning on purpose anymore - the sensation of her mound on my asshole was all the convincing I needed. She seemed to sense this and slapped my ass hard. "Don't you cum without my permission, slut! I own that clit now!" The pace of her thrusts quickened and my moaning coalesced into one continuous sigh. I began to push into her, following each retreat to meet and accept each thrust.

"What's your name, ho?" She smacked my ass. She was my pimp.


"Who owns you, Jenny-bitch?" She smacked my ass. She was my owner.

"Mistress Tanner owns me!"

A sharp tug on the leash brought me off the desk. She pulled me back further, sitting into my chair and bringing me down into her lap.

"Ride my cunt, Jenny-bitch," she hissed into my ear. I rubbed my ass in her crotch and craned my neck, stroking my dick and straining not to cum until ordered to. "Look at you. You're a dirty, fucking skank. Are you sure you have a virgin cunt? You seem pretty good at playing cowgirl."

"I'm a virgin, mistress, I promise!"

"That's very good, Jenny. I'm going to make it worth it to you to have saved your ass for me."

She reached both arms around my thighs and dipped a finger on each hand into her cunt. "I told you I was going to fuck you with my cunt, and I'm a woman of my word." With her right hand she pushed a pussy-drenched finger into my mouth. "Suck on my cunt, skank." I closed my lips around her finger and circled into with my tongue. "Good girl, lick up every last bit of that precious cunt juice."

She drew her left arm away from her pussy and moved it below me. I felt a moist finger circling the base of my asshole. "You never thought a man could be double penetrated by a cunt, did you, bitch?" she teased, momentarily rubbing her right fingers over my lips.

"No, mistress!"

"But you want it, now? You want me to finger-fuck your cunt, Jenny?"

"Yes, mistress!"

"Beg me. I don't want you to spread your ass because you're a ho, or even because you're my ho and you can't say no to me. I want you to spread your ass because you need to be DP'd. Because you're a fuck-hungry cunt just waiting to be filled."

"Please mistress. Please DP me. I've never wanted anything so bad in my life. I need your cunt inside me."

"You're going to make an excellent slave, Jenny." She smiled and turned my head to meet her. She french-kissed me, swirling her tongue all over my accepting mouth. She drew, back kissed me once more on the lips, then pushed her left middle finger deep into my asshole.

"MMMMFFFFF!" I half-shouted, half-moaned, amazed that no one else in the office had heard us yet.

"That's what I wanted to hear, virgin! Take it like a bitch!" My mouth fell back open still and she fit all five fingers inside, her earlier tenderness evaporating. "Choke on it, skank! Cum for me! Cum for me while I fuck you in both your holes!"

Her left finger twisted and wiggled in and out, in and out. A sensation I never could have imagined, and she was right, why would I have wanted to live without it? I knew then my life as Jerry was over. I would spend the rest of my life as Jenny, a male lesbian, a slave to Mistress Tanner. No one else could ever reduce me this low.

"Mmmmmmmnnnnnnnnn" I moaned against her fingers as I spurted into the air, shooting several feet on to my desk. "Mmmmmmmmmnnnnnnn!" She drove her left finger in up to her hand and bent it, rubbing the walls of my ass. "Mmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnn!" I moaned one last time as my orgasm subsided. My owner withdrew her fingers and pushed me off her lap. Too weak to stand I fell onto all fours, my hands falling into cum.

"You were quite a lay, Jenny." She stood up and casually smacked my ass as she seductively strolled up to where my head hung gasping for breath. She lifted her foot and I kissed it without hesitation. She grabbed my shoulders and turned me onto my back. She straddled me now, my limp dick fitting between her ass cheeks. She reached under my shirt, ran her hand over my nipple, and groped my chest, squeezing it like a full breast, then leaned down to make out with me once again. Her earrings dangled down and her soft hair swept over my face. "Would you like to be my girlfriend, Jenny?" she asked sweetly.

I nodded tearfully as her tongue probed my mouth. I had never felt so vulnerable. My submission went beyond sexual now. I needed her. To be loved by her. To be owned by her. She broke the kiss and smiled, then grabbed my hair and stood up. She pulled my face into her cunt one last time. "Remember this scent, Jenny. This is why you will always belong to me." She clutched my hair tightly with one hand, running the other through the length of it, loving scratching my scalp.

I inhaled deeply and held it in as I head before. She laid her panties on top of my head. "Keep these, you'll need them for those withdrawal symptoms I promised. And here's my number, call and ask my permission before you sniff my panties. I nodded quickly, my face still pressed to her cunt, dreading that she'd take it away any second now.

She tousled my hair then stepped back, and I fell to the floor. "Now be a good girl and clean up your office. I expect to hear from you tonight, Jenny." She walked to the door and stepped out. I held her aroma in my throat as long as I could before I breathed out and collapsed into the fetal position.

I reflected on the best sex of my life and realized... it had barely been sex. I had only been permitted to touch her feet and her asshole. I hadn't even seen her breasts. If she had made me feel this good with nothing but her fingers, what could she do with her whole body? I moaned thinking of the new heights my owner still had in store for me. I looked at the card she had left me. A business card from our company. Her first name was furiously scratched out with "Mistress" substituted above it. I saw her cell number and cried. My Mistress, my Owner, my Goddess. I was Jenny Soltack, and I belonged to Mistress Tanner.

Written by: LeashedSub

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