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Happy Father's Day

by WayneGibbous©

She sucked her dad as I fucked her, I knew from times before with some others we'd had sex with that she loves sucking and fucking at the same time. She's told me it's her two favorite activities.

She was spread open as wide as she could go, something I knew meant she was super-horny and I slid my swollen cock straight down into her over and over and over.

Then, hearing whimpers from her, I knew she was close again so I went a little faster and pushed harder and held myself deeply inside, knowing that would get her off.

Her dad and I'd been making love to her for less than twenty minutes and we had her through her second orgasm.

One thing her dad had done was to bring a supply of those pills you see on the ads during the evening news programs and I've got to say, they made a difference. Not just with her father but with me. I could tell and so could Tara. She wants me now to get some of my own. I told you she loves sex and, well, it did give me a cock like I had when I was eighteen and is Tara pleased with that.

So Dean and I kept Tara in bed for most of the weekend, taking turns with her, giving her the loving that she so adores.

That was how I began sharing my wife with her father. And it all began on Father's Day.

Written by: WayneGibbous

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Category: Incest/Taboo Stories