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The Erotic Sleepover

by BrettJ©

"Yeah, but he still hasn't got as much style as Daddy," Jenna countered. "That matters to a girl, it's just as important that you know how to use it as it is how big it is. Don't you agree, Riley?"

"I, uh, I really couldn't say," the girl giggled nervously.

"Oops, sorry, dumb me," Jenna laughed. "Let's fix that. Why don't you show us what you wore under your coat? Then you and I can help undress Daddy and fuck his brains out."

With a bit of flourish, Riley threw her coat to the floor. Everyone gasped as she had surprised them all. Black PVC, a corset top and a tight pair of shorts. She had worn stockings and black stilettos and looked exquisitely trashy. Just then, Veronique arrived and gave her family a big hug while she stared at the stunning blonde in fetish attire.

"Fucking A!" Jenna smiled, kissing her lover. "Fuck, Daddy's already getting hard. Let's show him his little sluts know how to please him."

Riley was grateful that Jenna had been showing her how to give head using her favorite dildo. As Jenna tugged her father's cock free of his pants, Riley slipped her mouth around his shaft and began sucking him. She didn't gag and discovered that she really liked the taste. Jenna joined her a minute later and both naughty girls were sucking Mike's cock while his wife and daughter finger-fucked each other on the nearby sofa.

"Damn, you gorgeous bitches, this is incredible, you sure know your way around oral sex," Mike groaned. He was almost afraid his legs wouldn't hold him much longer.

"I told you Daddy," Veronique giggled. "All of the women in this family are crazy for oral sex and we're cock-crazy sluts, too."

Riley let Mike's cock slip from her mouth with a "pop". "Hey, I'm not a member of this family and I love oral sex and I think I might be a cock-crazy slut, too!" She giggled.

"You're practically a member of the family, you are my daughter's girlfriend," Kelly chuckled. "Girls, I think Mike's going to cum -- so ease off. Riley, if you're ready, I think my husband wants to fuck you now."

Riley nodded. "I am ready, I've been ready for days, but I want my baby in on this too. Jenna, I'm going to have your Daddy fuck me from behind. Go in front of me on the arm rest of the sofa and I'll eat your pussy. I want you to be in on my first fuck, too."

Jenna nodded and quickly did as she was asked. She had hoped Riley would make such a suggestion because she wanted to be a part of this, although she also wanted Riley to be comfortable with her choice. Evidently, she was. Mike's wife and older daughter were helping to undress him, unable to avoid naughty little kisses while they did so. Veronique even squeezed his cock a time or two and winked at Riley. "This is going to be a really hot show," she told her girlfriend. "I remember the first time Daddy fucked me, I thought I had died and gone to the gates of heaven. It might hurt for a second Riley, but after that, you won't believe how good it feels. Daddy knows what a girl likes and you are never going to forget this." She leaned over and gave Riley a kiss for good luck, which was repeated by Kelly. Mike's fingers had been grazing the young blonde's pussy. She was wet enough.

"Are you ready, Riley?" He asked.

"Oh yes, please fuck me," Riley cried out. To brace herself, she buried her face in Jenna's cunt and began to eat her with relish. An instant later, she felt the force of Mike's thick cock penetrating her walls. After that, it was nothing but pure erotic bliss. There had been no pain and Veronique was right, it was good, it was so, SO good. "Oh God, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me DADDY!" She groaned out. Mike chuckled. Since they all did think of her as family, why not call him Daddy? It turned him on and he grabbed her smooth hips and kept up a nice rhythm. His "daughter" was eating Jenna and her face was contorted as it usually was in the throes of pleasure.

Veronique was straddling her mom's face and Kelly was lapping at her pussy like it was fine wine. She managed to lean over and kiss her father and smile at her sister. A lot of people might have thought they were crazy, but the lifestyle worked for them. Peter would have to learn that she wasn't going to change; he would have to accept that she loved her family in this way and that girls were a huge part of her sexual makeup. Why would anyone not want to do it with women as gorgeous as her mom, sister and now, Riley? The times Peter had fucked Kelly, she had wrung his balls dry and Jenna was more than ready to screw him. If he was enough of an idiot to blow that opportunity, it was his loss.

Riley was cumming on the wonderful cock buried deep inside of her. Fucking was great and she looked forward to being fucked some more. "Daddy" was a great fuck and she wondered what other men were like. Once she hit university, she would find out. It would always be Jenna who remained her truest love, but Jenna wasn't greedy. Obviously, because she shared the love of her family as often as they were able. Riley felt her pussy contract and when Mike pulled out, she and Jenna got his cum. Her first taste of spunk and she was sharing it with Jenna -- how perfect!

After a bit more swapping of bodies, something wonderful was announced. Mike and Kelly had secured Jenna and Riley an invitation to the next meeting of their little "swap club", if they so desired. From the look on the girls' faces, they sure would be in attendance. A second announcement floored Riley and took everyone but Kelly by complete surprise. Also in attendance would be the two newest recruits to the swinging lifestyle -- Riley's own parents!

Written by: BrettJ

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