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Sir And Baby Meet At Last Ch. 04

by CeeeBeee©

It was only just getting light outside and she was sound asleep; exhausted from all that had happened the previous day she had drifted off quickly and had hardly moved a muscle all night. He had been up long enough to shower and get dressed and he stood at the side of the bed looking at her. He bent close to her ear and spoke softly "Wakey, wakey baby." She stirred a little and he tried again a little louder but still gently. "Come on baby; time to get up." She opened her eyes to see him looking down at her and a flutter started in her tummy straight away.

She stretched lazily, smiled up at him and yawned out "Good morning Sir; what time is it?"

"Out of bed and on your knees please," he replied.

She stopped mid stretch and blushed furiously; she had morning breath and needed the loo; surely he's teasing. She looked at his face questioningly.

"We haven't got all day baby; knees, now."

He wasn't teasing; she pulled back the duvet and slid down to the floor on her knees, still shaking sleep from her brain.

"Facing the bed please," he instructed and she clumsily shuffled round. She clasped her hands behind her back feeling the stretch in her muscles from being bound the previous night. "Arms on the bed please," he directed as he grabbed a bum cheek firmly in each hand. She put her hands forward just in time to stop herself from falling over as he pulled her up roughly by her bottom; spreading her cheeks wide. The movement forced her legs into a standing position with her head and arms pushed onto the edge of the bed. He put a hand between her legs and spread her pussy lips as she heard him unzip his trousers. "Good girl; I do like a slut to be nice and wet and ready in the mornings," He told her.

She wasn't surprised at how wet she was; she felt turned on as soon as she had heard his voice. She began a breathy "Thank you Sir." He had her pussy spread with one hand and the other on his cock and before she could finish her sentence he had forced the full length of his rock hard cock into her. Her "You Sir" was muffled as the force of his thrust pushed her face into the mattress and all she could do was moan. He grabbed her cheeks again; digging his fingers deep into her flesh; still tender from last night's spanking. He pulled her bum cheeks wide apart and fucked her hard and fast. She could feel the roughness of his jeans against her pussy; he hadn't bothered to pull them down let alone take them off. She tensed her body; pushing back against him so that she could enjoy every inch of him pounding into her. He pulled his cock out of her as quickly as he had began; grabbing a handful of her hair he yanked her back up off the bed and pushed her shoulder down until she was back on her knees. He snapped her neck back and grabbed her chin; turning her face to him he stuffed his cock into her mouth. He was already cumming as his cock hit the back of her throat and he held her head still; his cock deep in her mouth, her nose buried in the fly of his jeans until he had finished and she had swallowed it all.

He let go of her hair, stepped back releasing his cock from between her lips and zipped himself up ."Make yourself at home in the bathroom baby; I'll go and make coffee." With that he walked out of the room leaving her on her knees breathless, stunned and desperate for more. She felt desperately horny now and her hand reached between her legs and started to stroke her sodden pussy. He shouted up the stairs; "And no playing with that pussy baby."

She smiled to herself and shook her head "I swear he has CCTV," She thought to herself as she reluctantly withdrew her hand. She stiffly got off her knees and headed for the bathroom. She looked in the mirror and was not impressed; her long curly hair looked like medusa, her face wasn't flushed it was more like a beetroot and her lips were very swollen from all the cock sucking. She looked down and noticed that all her toiletries were on the edge of the sink. Grateful to see her toothbrush she started to brush her teeth and turned on the shower. Stepping under the hot water felt wonderful and as she washed her hair images of what she had done yesterday in the shower got her hot and bothered. She started to soap her tits and flinched at the slightest touch of her nipples; they were so tender from the clamps and his twisting and pulling. She squeezed her boobs and inspected her nipples. They were so hard and seemed a far deeper pink than usual; there was some grazing on them from the bricks when he had had her against the wall. The images kept flashing through her mind and she was getting hornier by the second; her hand wandered to between her legs and she rubbed her clit a few times as she gently circled her nipple. Then she thought better of it; CCTV or not she was going to do as she was told. He had told her last night there was punishment due from cumming without permission. She had thought last night she was looking forward to it; the spanking was delicious, but now she wasn't so sure. "Maybe he won't remember if I'm a perfect little slut today," she thought to herself as she quickly rinsed her hair and stepped out of the shower.

Going back to the mirror she tamed her hair and put on some moisturiser; looking again at her face she knew she would just have to do and decided that her swollen lips looked pouty. She took a deep breath and started to make her way downstairs; he had seen every inch of her but this being naked thing was taking some getting used to. She followed the smell of fresh coffee into the kitchen; he was sitting at the table with a cup and looked up as she stood awkwardly in the doorway. She couldn't help but try to hide her tummy with her arms. "Sit down baby," He said as he pulled out a chair and got up to pour her some coffee. She gratefully sat down; knowing the beetroot look was back she tried to hide under her hair. He sat back down facing her and put her hair behind her shoulders, unfolded her arms and then spread her knees apart. She looked at him and smiled sheepishly as he leant back in his chair watching her. "Still got no tongue baby?" he teased. "I hope you're going to drink that this time," He said pushing the cup closer. She grabbed the cup and took a sip; glad of the caffeine and grateful of something to do with her hands.

He reached forward and touched her nipple; she flinched automatically. "Are your nipples sore baby?" He asked with compassion.

"Yes Sir."

"A slut's nipples should always be a little sore baby." She could hear the amusement in his voice as her blush darkened and he gently stroked his thumbs back and forth over her ever hardening nipples. "Drink your coffee," He told her as he continued to drive her crazy stroking and circling and gently squeezing. She nearly choked as one hand moved quickly to her soaking pussy pressing onto her clit and the other hand twisted her nipple sharply. "Always nice and wet baby; you're turning into such a good little slut. Drink up." She drank the rest of her coffee down in one; eager to put the cup down and concentrate on the wonderful things he was doing to her. Losing her inhibitions as he drove her closer to the edge of an orgasm she spread her legs nice and wide for him. He stopped as soon as her cup hit the table; "Finished already baby?" He wiped her juices off his hand onto her inner thigh then stood up and cleared the cups into the sink. "Would you like some breakfast baby?" He asked.

"No thank you Sir," She replied with frustration; how could she eat now she wondered. She didn't have the words to ask him to play with her again but she kept her legs wide apart in the hope he would continue.

"Of course; you've already eaten." He laughed a little as he put some bread in the toaster. As the toast popped she realised she wasn't going to get any more attention and she relaxed her legs a little; keeping them spread but not so wide. He saw the movement and told her; "No; keep your legs where they were please, I quite liked the view." He buttered his toast and sat back down taking a bite he sat and studied her; she felt the redness in her face getting worse. "Squeeze your tits for me baby," he directed as he continued to eat his toast. She put a hand on each boob and squeezed; "No baby; squeeze them for me." She understood what he meant and squeezed them so that they were firm and her nipples were pointing straight ahead as if she was posing for a porn shoot. "That's it, good girl; stay like that please." He poured some more coffee and started eating his second slice of toast enjoying watching her as the redness in her face travelled down her neck and chest and the juices coming from her pussy started to pool on her chair.

He took his time finishing his breakfast and her legs began to ache from being spread unnaturally wide for so long. She was relieved to hear him finally speak; "I thought we would go for a walk this morning baby; let's get you ready."

With that he led her by the hand back upstairs and into the room where he had put her clothes; they were all out of her bag and on the bed. He passed her a plain black skirt, the stretchy type with no zip or buttons and a white shirt she hadn't seen before. He stood and watched as she pulled on the skirt and looked at the shirt; "This isn't mine Sir" she said.

"No baby, it's mine; put it on please." He waited as she reluctantly started to try it on. She was embarrassed; she knew she would struggle to fasten it. It was far too tight and her tits were straining against the non stretchy material and she hated not wearing a bra. She nervously looked up at him; expecting him to look disappointed. "Good girl." He told her and, as always, her tummy did a little flip at those two little words and, knowing he approved, she felt a little better.

"Can I wear a bra please Sir?" She thought it was worth a try.

"Did I give you a bra baby?"

"No Sir"

He sighed; "On your knees baby; position one please." He said in his no nonsense voice.

Wishing that she hadn't asked she quickly got on her knees with her bum in the air; her head on the floor and her arms out in front of her and waited to be spanked for questioning him. He pulled her skirt up to her waist and she braced herself. He rubbed her bum and said "Spread your legs please baby." She spread her legs and he started to massage between her pussy lips; she was already wet and he rubbed until she was soaking and moaning softly. He moved his wet fingers to her bum and worked two fingers into her and pushed them in and out as she started to rock back onto his hand. "Stay right there," He instructed as he walked out of the room and she waited, aching for more attention. He returned and began to rub her again this time he pushed three fingers into her bum and began to fuck her pussy with her plug until she was breathing heavily and moaning with pleasure. "Ok baby, time for your plug now." He warned her as he pulled it out of her pussy covered in her juices and gently but firmly pushed it into her prepared bum. There was only a little pain this time and she moaned at the wonderfully full feeling; "Such a good girl." He praised her as he gave her one hard spank, pulled her skirt back down and told her to get up. "Let's go for that walk." He said and she followed him down the stairs and to the front door. He handed her coat to her and she gratefully put it on and zipped it up to hide her shamefully tight shirt. He unzipped it and told her they were going in the car so she wouldn't be cold. The cold was not her concern but she thought better than to say so.

They got in the car and he strapped on his seat belt and looked at her expectantly. She knew what he was waiting for and she felt herself blush and wanted to protest but, reminding herself that she was going to be good all day, she got on with it. She pulled up her skirt, spread her legs and unbuttoned her shirt; her boobs spilled out and she put the seatbelt between them. Last night it had been dusk when he had explained how he expected her to travel but now it was early morning and there were people everywhere; she was mortified and struggling to remain brave. He gave her a nod of approval that she had done as expected then, to her relief, he pulled the shirt together. Although it barely covered her nipples at least she wasn't completely exposed. He started the car and they drove off through the busy streets and out into more quiet country roads. As soon as they had left the busier traffic he pulled the shirt back off her nipples and gave them both a quick but hard twist. As they drove the skies became dark and before long it was pouring down with rain and didn't look much like stopping.

Eventually he pulled off the road and into a car park with picnic benches; there no other cars parked up and no sign of any people. "You can cover yourself up now baby," He told her. She fastened her shirt and pulled down her skirt as he got out of the car putting up a big umbrella.

She got out too and asked; "Can I zip up my coat Sir?"

"Of course baby; it's raining!" As if he was surprised that she had asked. He held the umbrella over them both and took her hand as they left the car park and headed to one of the signed walkways. He put an arm around her as she huddled closer to keep out of the rain. They walked and talked and as she was fully clothed and they were doing something ordinary she began to relax and actually managed to complete full sentences. When they got further away from the road and into prettier woodland he stopped and kissed her deeply. She pressed against him as she became aroused by his powerful kisses and was delighted to feel his cock hardening. He unzipped her coat and gently stroked her stiffening nipples, she responded naturally by reaching for his cock and stroking him through his jeans.

"So eager; good girl." He breathed into her ear; "Take off your coat baby."He told her and she quickly complied. "Stay there." He ordered; she took a deep breath at the change of tone in his voice and stood still. He walked away carrying her coat and the umbrella. He stood only a few feet away and watched her as she stood in the pouring rain. She knew this explained the choice of shirt; within minutes it was practically see through and her nipples were straining against the material. She was shivering a little but wasn't sure if it was cold, excitement or fear; she was feeling all three. The excitement was winning and she squeezed her bum around her plug as she felt her pussy getting wetter and waited to see what he would do to her next.

"Pull up your skirt and spread your legs." She quickly pulled her skirt up above her pussy; eager to please him. "Play with your cunt baby." She gasped at the words but her pussy was aching and she gladly put her hand between her legs and stroked her fingers between her wet lips. "What are you doing baby?" He asked her.

"I'm playing for you Sir." She whispered.

"Speak up baby; playing with what?"

She hesitated; he knew how difficult it was for her to say the words. How could she be standing there spreading herself for him and yet feel so embarrassed by a few words? "I'm playing with my cunt." She said, starting with a louder voice but fading with the c word and failing completely to remember to say Sir.

"Good girl; tell me again."He encouraged her; wanting her to push her shyness.

She felt frustrated with herself and, determined not to disappoint him she tried her best to say the words clearly. "I'm playing with my cunt Sir;" she said and feeling pleased with herself she spread her lips and began to circle her middle finger around her swollen clit. She tilted her head upwards as her excitement grew and revelled in the feel of the rain splashing on her face; she opened her mouth to taste it splatter on her tongue. He watched her for a while from under his umbrella; enjoying the sight of her inhibitions disappearing.

"Good girl; on your knees," He commanded and she dropped onto the muddy ground without any hesitation. "Take off the shirt." She was too turned on to even think about where she was or what she was doing; she quickly unbuttoned the shirt and as he walked towards her she handed it to him. "Keep playing baby," He told her as he took his now fully hard cock out of his jeans and began to stroke it inches from her face. She licked her lips hungrily as she continued to play with her pussy and looked up to him waiting for permission to take him in her mouth.

"What do you want baby?" He asked her as his cock taunted her just out of reach.

"Please can I suck your cock Sir?" She asked him, surprising herself at the boldness in her voice.

"No baby; open your mouth and stick out your tongue." He moved closer as she opened her mouth wide and let her tongue almost touch her chin; gasping and begging for his cock and his approval. He stroked his cock slowly in front of her; the end of him lightly brushing against her open mouth and making her tongue strain to taste him. She kept looking at his face with pleading eyes as she moaned and rubbed faster at her pussy. "Would you really like my cock baby?" He asked her. She nodded but kept her mouth open and her tongue straining towards him. "Are you begging me baby?" She nodded furiously; panting like a dog.

He crouched down so his face was in front of hers and kissed her nose. "You are such a good girl; but no baby, now keep playing and no cumming." The thought flashed through her mind of her cumming without permission last night. She thought that maybe he hadn't forgotten and a shiver ran through her. He pushed her head down until she began to lose her balance and she quickly put her hand out before her face hit the mud. "Keep both hands in your cunt slut." He whispered with menace; she had no option but to let her face and tits hit the mud as her hand went back to join the other buried in her sopping wet pussy. On one hand she felt like crying; that she was being treated like this. On the other hand being treated like this was making her as horny as she had ever felt. As he walked around behind her and stroked his cock up and down between her bums cheeks the feelings of excitement won by miles and she pushed herself against him. He thrust his cock inside her and her body from her tits to her face were pushed forwards in the mud. The rain continued to pour on her back and her now sodden hair trailed in the dirt as she turned her face to breathe and he began pounding into her. She had her hands stretching her pussy lips and she could feel his cock scrape against her nails as he slid in and out of her. She squeezed down on him, squeezing down on her plug at the same time and making her cry out with pleasure; taking her dangerously close to orgasm. Within minutes he came inside her and having had his pleasure he withdrew his still hard cock from her. She felt desperate for more and her fingers quickly replaced his cock and she started to fuck herself. He straightened his legs and she was suddenly aware of the rain on her bum; he had still been holding the umbrella.

"Stand up baby," He told her; his voice returning to its gorgeous caressing tone. She reluctantly stopped playing with herself and clumsily got up from the mud. She tried to wipe the mud from her face but just managed to add wet streaks across her cheeks. She felt like a drowned rat and thought she probably looked worse. He took the wet shirt from the ground and gently wiped her face and neck removing as much mud as he could as she stood there feeling sorry for herself. He held up her coat and helped her put it on. She zipped up and pulled down her skirt; she quickly clamped her legs together as she felt his cum trickle down her thigh. He saw her movement and smiled; "No need to swallow this time baby." She thought she might have preferred to as it ran unhindered out of her and down her bare legs. He put an arm around her and pulled her back under the shelter of the umbrella as they made their way back to the car.

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