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The Novelist Pt. 02

by Nicequip©

"Do you know what this is?" Tom asked her holding up the plug.

"Y-yes, Sir." She said tentatively.

"Have you ever used one of these before? Have you ever had one inside you?" He stared hard into her eyes and it made her nervous.

"N-no, Sir. I... I've never had anything in my butt."

She was near shaking, and now she wasn't sure if she would be able to handle this after all. She wondered how he would fit that inside her. It looked so big. Tom, on the other hand, was surprised by her answer. She had a virgin ass, and it made his mind reel.

"Listen closely, Marie. I think Alexis told you to come up here. I think she told you to come kneel in front of me. Is that true?"

Marie didn't know what to say. She didn't want to get Alexis in trouble, but she didn't want to disappoint him either.

"Y-yes, Sir."

Tom lifted one of her hands, and placed the plug in it.

"Stick it in her asshole." He said plainly.

Marie whipped her eyes up to meet his as if she hadn't heard him right. Tom just stared back knowingly and nodded his head toward Alexis' ass. Marie had never ever done something like this before. She couldn't. How could he make her?

"But... Sir?" She stammered.

"Do it." He snapped at her.

Tom stood up and walked behind her retrieving the braided crop. He lashed it once down across her ass, and she yelped knowing how serious he was. She knelt back onto her knees and grabbed Alexis' ass cheeks in her hand. Marie couldn't help but note how much she liked the feel of the pretty blonde's firm butt. She took the plug and brought the end to her puckered opening and began to press. It was no use. Her hole was too tight and she could barely get it to push forward into her.

"Sir? It won't go in." She said.

He lashed out again striking her hard in the rear. Marie quickly began pressing it harder now. The sting on her ass was searing. Marie had come up here thinking she would get whipped, but this was particularly nerve racking for her. Alexis squirmed and squealed below her adding to Marie's embarrassment. Despite her efforts it still wouldn't budge.

Tom stood back watching before he offered an observation.

"That looks like you're hurting her." He said. "I would never have tried to push that inside her without some type of lubrication."

Marie looked up at him with pleading eyes. She didn't want to do this. It broke her heart hearing Alexis whimper in pain.

"But... Sir? I don't have any..."

Tom brought the crop back down on her ass hard.

"Think, Marie." He barked. "Why don't you use your tongue?"

Marie couldn't believe her ears. She had never licked someone there. She didn't know if she could. She felt the crop come down on her ass again. Oh she wished he'd stop whipping her for a minute. This was already difficult enough. She tentatively brought her head forward and then stuck out her tongue and ran it along Alexis' partly stretched hole. She was pleased to hear the whimpers of discomfort turn to coos of enjoyment. Marie thought it didn't taste that bad after all. She tried to get as much saliva on her hole as she could. Then she sat back and squeezed the plug back into her ass. It went much further this time, and Alexis was far less disapproving in her mewls.

Marie, whose life had been awfully vanilla up until yesterday, had almost completely inserted a butt plug into the beautiful woman in front of her. She worked diligently as she slowly stretched open her ass. She pulled it out and brought her mouth back down to moisten the intrusion. Then she inserted the plug again. She continued this routine until finally, with absolute amazement, the tight ring of Alexis' ass crested the width of the plug and sucked it inside her. Alexis let out a loud groan, and Marie looked up at her son with a shocked, yet proud look on her face. She had done it.

Tom stepped over Alexis placing a leg on either side her body. He crouched down over her facing his mother with Alexis' ass in between them. He grabbed onto her ass and pulled the cheeks apart letting Marie get a good look at what she had done. Tom grabbed the end of the plug and pulled on it feeling how lodged it was inside her. Alexis groaned at the pressure it put on her opening.

"You see that, Marie! You did it. How was that?" He asked.

"I... it was..." She didn't know what to say.

"You know what I think? I think you enjoyed stretching my little slut's asshole. Am I right?" He queried with a big grin on his face.

"I... um... y-ye-yes, Sir." She said embarrassed at the truth of her answer.

Tom grabbed the plug and pulled it out with a jerk. Alexis yelped. Tom stuck in two fingers from each hand and stretched her ass open as far as he could.

"You ever seen a nicely stretched asshole? How does that look? I bet you could nearly fit your hand in there."

"It looks so... nasty. But... I like it. I like it, Sir." She said dejectedly.

Now that she had done what he asked, she felt disturbed by how much she had enjoyed it. It had started off badly, but at some point it turned her on to listen to Alexis squirm. She had to admit it fascinated her the way he manipulated her asshole and stretched it so nonchalantly. It looked like a gaping chasm.

Tom took the plug and jammed it back inside Alexis. He had her turn around and face Marie on all fours. Marie felt guilty looking into her eyes after the abuse on her rear. Alexis just stared back stoically. Tom was pleased having the two women on all fours facing each other. He wanted them to see each other.

"So, here's how this is going to work, Marie. You fucked up today. I can't let that go unpunished. So, I'm going to administer your punishment. You're not going to say a word. If you can't handle it, if you don't want to do this anymore, or if you feel like you don't want to be a part of 'all the girls' then you just say stop. I'll stop and you can go back inside. That's all you need to say and the punishment ends. You'll never get this opportunity again. Okay?"

Marie looked worried. She glanced up at her son and said, "Yes, Sir."

She felt better when she faced forward again and Alexis smiled at her. She knew that was all the encouragement the blonde could offer her.

Tom stepped back and grabbed the leather strap. He looked at the fresh marks on Marie's ass and rubbed them gently. She had quite a few already. He stood up and took the strap in his hand and brought it down across both cheeks. He brought it down again in a different place. Slowly he began reddening her entire ass one blow at a time. Marie whimpered as the tears built in her eyes. Tom was relentless. Each blow seemed harder than the last, and Marie wasn't sure she could stand much more. She wanted to say stop. She could feel her lips curling to form the words. She looked forward at Alexis who had so much sympathy in her eyes. Marie saw her mouth the word silently in front of her. "Defiant."

Despite her tears, Marie gathered her strength to endure the pain. Even Alexis was surprised at the intensity with which Tom went about his punishment. It went on forever. Her entire ass was dark red now. There wasn't a spot that had been missed, and the heat emanated from the fresh marks.

Tom stopped for a moment, and Marie sighed hoping that he was finally through.

"Do you want me to stop, Marie?" He asked. "Can you handle your punishment or do you need to leave? Come on, what do you have to say?"

Marie sniffled. Her eyes were puffy from the tears. She looked at Alexis staring back at her. She knew what she needed. Her son was the only one that could give it to her. This was the price for passage, and she had already endured more than she thought possible.

"This girl will take her punishment now, Sir."

Tom was inwardly surprised. He wanted her to fail. If she didn't then he'd have to accept his dominance over her, and there was a part of him that still wanted her as a mother, not a submissive. Each blow was weakening that feeling though, so he continued. He set the strap down, and picked up the braided crop and rained down ten brutal blows on her ass. Marie finally broke down. She didn't move, but she couldn't contain the sobs anymore. It was finally clear to her what Alexis had said earlier. Her son was serious about obedience, and he was certainly serious about punishing someone for the lack of it. Marie knew that he didn't do it to her. She could have stood up. She accepted it. Despite the pain, she'd never been prouder of herself in her entire life.

Tom knelt down next to her. "That's all, Marie."

She smiled at him through her teary eyes, and this affected him deeply. He rubbed the tears from her cheeks and kissed her forehead.

"I need you to stay right here. Don't move."


Tom took a seat behind his desk. He poured himself a finger of scotch despite the morning hour. He sat and stared at the deep bruises that began setting in on his mother's ass. She had done far better than he ever expected. His cock stiffened at the sight. He wanted to fuck her. Tom did his best to put the need aside for a moment. He wanted them to sit there for the time being. He wanted his mother to see what it felt like to pose for him with a sore and bruised bottom.

Tom wondered about the future. He was sure that if he enjoyed his dominance over his mother than she would never be able to go back to upstate New York. Neither of them would be happy with that. She could move in with him, he supposed, although that would create an awfully strange dynamic in the house. Tom was used to having one live in submissive. He had other women stay the night from time to time, but only Alexis was fully invested in his life. He liked it that way.

None of this was really a consideration until his mother found out the status of her divorce and found closure with his father. This reminded him of the voicemail that his aunt had left. He had been so caught up in his anger over Marie's breach of trust that he hadn't really thought about the urgency in his aunt's voice. She had needed to talk to her sooner than later. Tom downed the shot of scotch and felt the warm burn in his throat. He dialed his Aunt's number on the poly conference phone.

The line was on speaker as it rang repeatedly. He hoped it would go to voicemail. And then she picked up.

"Hello? This is Jane." Tom watched his mother bristle when she heard the voice and realized who he had called.

"Hi, Aunt Jane! It's your nephew, Tom." He said.

"Tommy! I'm so glad you called. How is everything?"

"Things are great for me. My mom on the other hand... well... I got your message this morning. I wanted to find out what's going on."

"Is she there? We have some new developments that I need to discuss with her." Jane sounded serious.

"No, Aunt Jane. I called you back to find out what's happening because I didn't want her to get upset by any bad news. She finally calmed down last night, and I don't want her to start feeling sorry for herself again." He stated.

"She did sound really relaxed. I don't know how you did that. I tried for a full week to get her to relax and look at everything optimistically. Wait! Why don't you tell me how no one knew that you're some big time writer? I can't believe you've kept that a secret from your family." Tom knew this question was coming.

"I'll make you a deal, Aunt Jane. I want to handle this divorce thing for my mom. You help me work through the particulars without worrying her too much, and once it's settled I'll tell you anything you want to know. But, you have to keep it absolutely secret until then. I don't like people knowing about my career. You know... because of the, uh, nature of the writing. Is that okay?" He thought it was a fair trade.

"Alright, Tommy, I won't tell anyone you write mommy porn." She was chiding him.

Tom's aunt had a caustic personality.

"So? What's going on?" He asked.

"Well, Tom, for one I'm sorry about everything. I'm sure it's hard for you. But let me lay it out straight for you. Your father is pissed that she hasn't talked to him. He's being extremely uncooperative about discussing anything. It's not been very long. Divorce takes time to accept. I filed the papers and made some simple requests on your mom's behalf. It's fairly nonspecific at the moment because I don't know the details of their finances. So, to get to the heart of the matter, I got a letter yesterday from an attorney that he's hired, which says your dad is basically claiming mental distress from their marriage. It's a countersuit that says he's provided for her and the family and that she hasn't given back either financially or in any capacity as a wife or homemaker to deserve anything. On top of that, there's a separate filing that says she took video of someone in their own home without their knowledge or permission. That's actually a serious offense. Not only is she being sued, but that's the only hard evidence of an extramarital affair, which won't be admissible if this gets complicated. Basically, Tom, your dad wants to get dirty, and he's hired himself a pit bull attorney."

Marie listened with shock and dismay to the words coming through the speakerphone. Tom knew she must be devastated by this turn of events. He felt bad for her. Alexis watched the tears roll down her cheeks. She wished she could hold her, but they were each bound to their current positions.

"Are kidding me?" Tom blurted out exasperated. "Look, Aunt Jane, I love my parents, but I never knew my father could be such an asshole. I didn't realize until talking to her yesterday that things were even bad between them. Tell me worst case, how much could this affect my mom?"

"Well, worst case, he claims some type of marital neglect that drove him into the arms of another woman, has the tape thrown out, and allows the separate suit to go through on the legality of the tape itself. She gets a nominal amount of money of course for being married for so long, but nothing much. My guess is that if he's really trying to fuck her over then he's hiding assets before this progresses. I haven't been able to freeze their accounts. And if the suit on the tape goes through, she could see jail time and a fine. Although, she has a spotless record so I could probably get the jail time reduced to community service or house arrest or something."

Tom's mind was spinning at full speed. He had very little patience for anyone who tried to screw with his life. To say that he was furious was an understatement. He needed more time to think. Tom looked over at his mother, and he could see her shaking.

"How good is his lawyer, Aunt Jane? Be honest." Tom asked pensively.

"He's really good." She responded.

Tom knew by the speed of her answer that this was not a good sign.

"So what exactly? He wants to see her? Is that it? Does he want her back? What does it take to get him to stop?"

"I'm not sure exactly, Tom. Your mom and I discussed it a lot when she was here earlier this week. I don't know what he wants. I think he's angry that she ended everything so suddenly. I think that hurt his pride. Personally, I know this sounds fucked up, but I think he wants to stay married and have his tart on the side."

"He's unwilling to split up their assets at all in case of a divorce?"

"If it comes to that, I think he's willing to give her very little." She said.

Tom thought for a long minute. "Okay. Do me a favor. Call him, and tell him that she's staying with me. Tell him that I'm trying to get her to come to her senses and go back. Promise him that he'll get his meeting with her. Aunt Jane, promise me you'll play nice. Let him think that you're spooked by this letter. Buy me some time, and I'll figure this out. And e-mail me the letter from his lawyer."

It was all he could think of, and he wasn't sure what he'd be able to do.

"I am spooked by this letter, Tom. For the sake of my sister's well-being, I'm spooked by it. Because, no offense, but your father turned out to be a vindictive prick that thinks with his prick. What is being nice going to get your mother? This isn't the time to play nice. And what do you think you can do? I'm the lawyer, Tom. Trust me there's nothing you can do for her now."

Tom was reaching a breaking point.

"Goddamnit, Jane!" He bellowed. "Don't whine to me about your sister! She's my fucking mother! And what good are you doing besides getting trampled over by some dipshit lawyers instead of protecting her?! What I want you to do is trust me. Hang up the fucking phone, call my fucking father, tell him what I told you to tell him, and then wait for me to figure this out. Are you competent enough to handle that?"

There was a long silence while Jane Harmon tried to process everything. She was startled by his tone. "I... but... I don't..."

"Aunt Jane," Tom snarled into the phone, "The only thing that should be coming out of your mouth is 'Yes, Sir'."

"But... I... yes, Sir." And Tom hung up the phone.


Jane Harmon sat in her living room staring at the phone in her hand. It had been an emotional week for her as well. She may have been Marie's younger sister, but she felt protective of her. Marie had married young and started a family. Jane, on the other hand, was more independent. She had worked hard and gone to law school. She worked for a small firm practicing family and divorce law. She didn't think her sister was weak in any way, but she thought Marie had given up on a more exciting life by settling down young. Jane had been married once in her late twenties. It lasted approximately eight months. She never had children, but she did love her nephew.

Jane always saw Tom as a sensitive, artistic type. In all honesty, that was his nature before he moved out to the west coast. She thought it was nice that he was pursuing his writing. It was Jane who, more often than not, told Marie to let him find his own path. She considered Tom to be a gentle soul. Suffice it to say, the conversation that Jane just had with her nephew perplexed her on many levels. If anything it left her a bit flushed and speechless.

Marie had called Jane last night to let her know that she arrived safely in Los Angeles. It had been shocking to Jane when Marie said that Tom was doing exceedingly well for himself. It went beyond shocking when she heard that he was not only a published novelist, but a New York Times bestselling novelist. It was mind bending when her sister told her which books he'd actually written. Jane was a single woman at forty-eight years old. Her nephew's books had been a pastime for her on lonely nights. She spent all day in court arguing, and she enjoyed coming home and reading about women who submitted. She found something striking in the idea. She fantasized about a man that had the capacity to dominate a woman. She had a distaste for rude and cocky assholes. Her fantasy was a man that was masculine, commanding and calculated.

The more that Jane thought about everything, the stranger it seemed. Her sister had been inconsolable while she had been staying at her house. Jane had tried everything to make her feel better. Nothing worked, which is why she suggested that Marie fly to Los Angeles for a few days. It seemed unusual when she called in such a chipper mood last night and, more so, when she said she'd be staying for a full month. There was something about Tom that had calmed her. Now, she thought back on this recent conversation. Tom asked poignant questions. He took control of the situation, and it seemed as if he were developing some course of action. These things stirred something inside Jane. It was the way he spoke to her at the end of the call. It was forceful and commanding. It wasn't until she replayed it in her head one last time that she realized the last thing he made her say -- Yes, Sir. Jane gasped at the realization.


Tom stood up from his chair and walked over toward his mother. He lifted her chin, and saw her teary eyes. He leaned in and gave her a very sweet, passionate kiss on the lips.

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