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The Aching

by fierycalli©

The fibers bite into my skin. i can feel them, one by one the coarse strands branding my skin with their pressure.

i look up to the bonds which have me held, the other end of the rope tied to ring in the ceiling above the bed. my knees barely held my weight, my body stretched up to the heavens, a canvas for His wicked and delicious ideas of pleasure.

my shoulders were beginning to ache though that was nothing compared the ache with my core.

i needed Him. i desired Him.

His breath played over my shoulders, so hot yet at the same time so cold. A shiver runs through my body igniting into a molten yearning low in my stomach.

i ache for Him. For any part of Him.

His words take a moment to sink into me through the fog of my desires.

"Spread your legs, slut..." He commands.

He commands and i obey.

Slowly my legs spread, bringing more strain to my shoulders as more of my weight was supported by the rope bound around my wrists. i groan at the ache but i obey.

Wetting my lips, i let out a soft breath, waiting.

Softly i feel the tips of His fingers brushing down over my back. It is a gentle touch: erotic and delicate. i lose myself in His touch, the sensation so tender that it feeds a part of the ache. i lose myself to Him in that touch.

The sharp sting that suddenly burns into the front of my thigh drags me from my reverie. Like a red hot brand, the leather sears into my flesh as the pain begins to blossom from the metal rivets in the surface of the strap.

Its so intense i cannot even cry out. Closing my eyes i feel the pain melt into my blood, turning it to liquid fire in my veins. So powerful. So sweet.

i immerse myself in the sensation of the pain.

Oh such sweet pain.

The tender touch returns, this time along the side of my neck and down over my shoulder. my body trembles to His touch.

i bask in the sweet gentility that comes from Him after such a shocking awakening.

A shocking awakening that strikes again just when i have been lulled by His touch into a euphoric paradise. This time it comes to my other thigh, just as sharp. Just as searing.

i cry out.

How could i not? Pain blossomed where the strap had struck, little white dots where the rivets were now raising between the pink strip on my flesh. It was beautiful but terrible, intense but peaceful.


Shuddering in my bonds, my head falls back as my eyes close. The fire of His strikes mingle with the sensual caress of His fingers to alight a new ache deep within my belly.

He begins again.

This time His fingers find my neck and trail down over my pulse and across to the other side of my throat. This touch is different. He knows me, knows my desires. He knows how such a touch can make me so weak to Him.

my Achilles Heel.

my body freezes where it is, silently pleading He will take me in His hands and slowly tighten His grip. That He will take control by force as i relinquish it.

But He doesn't. He just caresses my skin.

i can feel the heat of His cock pressing into my ass cheek. i moan but the sound that comes out is a desperate groan, betraying my desires in a few simple notes.

i prepared myself for the strike but it didn't come. Of course it wouldn't. i was expecting it.

Suddenly a pain flairs in the strain of my shoulders as He grips my hips and draws me back into Him. my back arches and my body moves for Him, pliant to His desires.

One. Then two. Then three. Finally four fingers work their way inside my cunt. Deeply inside they begin to curl and release, stroking and stretching my inner walls with a firm touch. Yet even this is sensual in its way and through the pleasure of His touch, i am lulled into false security once more.

Such security does not last long.

His fingers begin to shift inside me, drawing out then plunging back into my depths. He starts to take me hard this way, His fingers stretching me further. His rhythm increases. Strong and fast He fucks me, the force of His hand so hard as it hits against my cunt that i swear He would break me. Split me in two.

i cry out, the sounds not my own. i moan and writhe and pull at my bonds. The force shifts me, jerks me in my place.

It feels good. So good. my pussy is on fire as He pounds it with His fingers. Amidst pain and pleasure i begin to feel the serpent of ecstasy coil deep within me. It coils tighter with each stroke, raising me higher to the edge.

"Don't." He says to me, reading my body. One word and He owns me.

i obey.

i ache.

He takes me.

Now I am suspended - suspended at that crescendo just before the release. i cry out. It hurts. It physically hurts to hold it there and the more it hurts, the hard it is to keep myself from tumbling into the abyss.

Yet still i hold. Still i obey.

i am stayed, unable to even find words to beg for my release. It is agonizing. A torment which sings to the masochist within me.

The ultimate control of me and He holds it.

He holds and He knows it.

A single tear slips from the corner of my eye to run down my cheek, hot and stinging against my skin. Its not just the agony or the pain though which holds me here.

Oh no.

Its the peak of pleasure suspended at its sharpest held in the hand of my Sir and it is beyond sweet.

The more i hold it at bey, the harder He takes me.

Then suddenly He stops.

Drawing His fingers, now wet with my juices, He stops.

It is the smell of my sex that opens my eyes and then my mouth. All four fingers slip between my lips, the taste of my own juices running over my senses. i suck Him ardently. Each finger gets cleaned, my tongue twisting and twirling over His digits.

When He finally draws them from my mouth, i know He is clean.

Then He's gone. His touch. His phallus against my cheek.

All gone.

All gone and me burning.

Ages seem to pass, though truly its only seconds, and He is before me on the tops of His knees. Naked and glorious, His member standing proud against His abdomen, He remains there - those eyes looking upon me with a gaze that seems to sear deep into my soul.

i remain hanging there, aching and burning for Him to consume me. To claim me.

i dare to bring raise my gaze to His.

In that second they connect i feel His hand on my neck, closing it hard on my throat. Air is cut off and immediately i can feel the pressure begin to build. Its sweet. Surrendering.

Half-lidded eyes hold His gaze as my lips part.

"Cum now, slut. Cum hard like the dirty slut you are." His words are harsh, degrading, yet they speak to the slave inside me. i know the affection in their meaning.

Without any other touch other than the grip on my throat, i release.

i cannot cry, for He controls my voice. i cannot moan, for He controls my air.

i shudder instead, my body trembling against the force of nature that was my orgasm. It rips and tears through me like a tsunami, claiming every hidden corner of my world.

Just when i am at my peak He releases me and with a gasp of air, my head bows and my body slumps in my bonds. Panting hard for air, i relish in the sensation that washes through my body. my soul.

Its sweet. Satisfying.

The aching is at peace.

Written by: fierycalli

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