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Shy First Time Swinger Wife Ch. 02

by harukifan©

Jason and Devon led Becky and Sean quietly through the back door of the house. The door to the upstairs was locked, leaving the three kids playing with the babysitter in the living room.

Making the "shush" sign, Jason and Devon slipped off their shoes and moved quietly downstairs, so as not to arouse the interest of the kids.

They came to the basement living room, where 4 wine glasses and a bottle of Spumante were waiting.

"This is one of our favorite cheap wines," said Jason, popping the cork. "It's sparkly!"

Becky and Devon sat beside each other on the couch while Sean and Jason sipped wine and chatted.

"These are a couple of sexy women we've got here," Jason said to Sean.

"We're lucky men," said Sean. "Here's to women!" They clinked glasses.

"How are you feeling about everything so far?" Jason said to Sean.

"I'm good," said Sean. "Everything so far has been great."

"Well, whatever happens, just keep communicating – with each other and with us," said Jason. "I want to make sure that everyone feels comfortable."

"Enough talk," said Devon. "Less talk. More action."

She had made her way to the couch and taken a seat beside Becky, and was stroking the back of Becky's neck, letting her fingers trace up past Becky's left earlobe and gently resting against Becky's face.

"So, Becky...have you kissed a woman before?"

Becky felt a fluttering in her chest.

"No," she said.

Devon drew in closer. "Would you like to?"

Becky closed her eyes and nodded, "Yes."

And suddenly she felt a rush of warmth as Devon's mouth pressed against hers. Their lips parted and Becky was experiencing her first kiss with another woman. She was amazed by the softness of Devon's mouth, the fullness of Devon's feminine lips, the smallness of her. It was almost like they fit each other better than a woman and a man, as if all women were meant to kiss other women.

The kisses lingered as Devon's hands crept down to Becky's shoulders and chest, unfastening her dress, sliding the shoulder straps down, exposing her lacy lingerie. Becky felt her nipples stiffening, felt a surge of heat and wetness between her legs, felt her pulse thickening in her veins, to match the intensity of her breathing.

Now Devon was helping her to her feet, kissing her on the neck, embracing her, and now Becky's dress was off, and she stood before the room in nothing but her lingerie.

Devon stepped back to admire Becky. "I like what I see," she said. "How do you feel? Is this too much too soon?"

Becky felt lightheaded. She shook her head. "No, no," she said. "I want...I want more."

And she lunged at Devon and pulled her closer for another deep kiss, tasting her more fully, moaning with each touch.

Now Becky was helping Devon out of her clothes. Devon wore black lacy panties and a matching bra, and the two women stood close together, regarding and exploring each other, looking and touching and smiling slightly, as if they were amazed by what they had found.

Jason and Sean looked on, enraptured. Jason said to Sean, "Isn't this fantastic?"

Devon gave Jason a sly look. "Quiet over there, we don't need any commentary."

Becky was quiet for a moment, shifting from one foot to another. "What now?" she asked.

"Now I'm going to take you to the bed," said Devon. And she took Becky by the hand and led her to the next room, where a Queen bed awaited.

Sean and Jason smiled and shrugged, and followed after, still fully clothed and drinking wine, ready for the show to begin.

Devon reached behind Becky and unfastened her bra. Becky shivered and sighed, her eyes shut tightly as her breasts spilled out, exposing her taut nipples to this new woman and her husband. She felt a deep swelling between her legs, she was becoming more and more aroused as each layer of her clothing fell away.

"You're beautiful," Devon said, cupping Becky's swollen breasts in both hands, gently stroking Becky's nipples with the tips of her fingers.

"You too," said Becky.

She felt as if a heavy gate was opening inside of her, bringing up feelings that she had always been aware of but had never been able to act upon.

Devon leaned forward onto the bed and traced with her fingers down to the waistband of Becky's panties, pulling back the elastic as if to peer past to see what they concealed.

"May I remove these?" Devon said, with a wry look at Becky. "They're getting in my way."

Becky shivered, too excited and nervous to speak. She could only nod, "Yes." Devon helped Becky lay back onto the bed and slipped her fingers beneath the waistband of Becky's panties, drawing them slowly down past Becky's hips and then sliding them off in a fluid motion. Becky was now fully exposed. Devon traced her fingers over Becky's thighs, the smooth skin of her labia, teasing her ever so slightly.

Devon took her in. "I'm looking at you," said Devon. "Is that all right?"

Becky was silent, flooded with emotion and anticipation. What would this woman do next? How would it all happen? What should she expect and how would she respond?

The next moments were a blur of sensation – Becky gasped as she felt Devon's tongue lapping against her inner thighs, running up over her most delicate places, and lingering over her engorged clitoris. She felt Devon's hands touching her hips and thighs, fingertips drawing closer to the hot center of her desire. Now she started to moan as Devon opened her legs and leaned in closer – Devon's mouth was upon her, she was feeling the full moisture and force of Devon's lips and tongue, lapping and flicking and tasting every part of her.

Becky gasped and writhed, not even caring anymore that a new man was seeing her naked, not feeling vulnerable, letting herself be carried along by the sheer force of this irresistible urge. She ran her hands through Devon's hair, pressing Devon's face farther into her, feeling the intensity of Devon's tongue, the rhythms of Devon's fingers thrusting and stroking her G-spot, rubbing and teasing her clitoris, slick with saliva, swollen with need.

How much time had passed? 5 minutes? 5 hours? Becky had no concept of temporal reality; she existed on a plane of sheer pleasure, a fundamental connectedness unlike anything she had experienced. Now she felt the rush of her orgasm building – a cresting wave of intensity and release. The room seemed to stand still as Becky groaned and shuddered through the last spasms, and laid flat on her back, her legs still spread, eyes tight shut as she breathed deeply.

"My God," Becky thought. "What is this? What just happened to me?" The feeling of being pleasured by another woman had taken her to another place that was beyond anything she had experienced.

Devon stood over Becky and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. "My turn," she said.


Written by: harukifan

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