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My Wife's First "Gang-Bang"

by DooMyWife2©

This is the story of my wife's first ever "gang-bang".

It was a Saturday night, so we went to our favorite playground, the TSC Club, (Tennessee Social Club), in Nashville, TN. It's a swing club and we LOVE to go there, meet people, play, and of course have great sex after a night of "grab-ass" building up to the "main event". That night was a pretty typical night at the club. It was crowded. Lots of new people, and of course, lots of sexy looking, partially clothed, horny women, being pursued by horny men.

My wife, Brandie, was wearing a black nightie that isn't see-through and could be mistaken for a dress. Except for the fact, that it is very short, barely covering her ass, in fact it doesn't take much movement for her ass cheeks, or pussy, to peek out from underneath the tail of it. It is also very low-cut. The neckline came all the way down to the top of her areola, and as she moved about she often showed a nipple. This nightie/dress gave everyone, many flashes of my wife's sexual charms, all night long. She had on a very sexy pair of black satin pumps that have little rhinestones on them and straps around her ankles, (they just SCREAM, "Come fuck me!"). The sexy shoes brought your attention to my wife's sexy, tanned, bare, legs and feet, (as if you really needed an excuse to be looking at them!), along with bringing your attention to the delicate flower tattoo on the outside of her left ankle and the heavy gold anklet she wore on that ankle. Besides the nightie and pair of shoes, she wasn't wearing anything else. Her outfit really accentuates her blond hair and tanned body, and she looked positively FANTASTIC! Her looks alone, just said she was ready to fuck!

As usual when we go to the club, we hadn't planned anything in advance. We just go to the club and see what happens. We have done so many things in and out of the club, it would be hard to put a label on them all. But one thing that we had never done, is Brandie had never had sex, (at one time), with more than just two men, (one other guy and me). In other words, she hadn't ever done a "gang-bang", where more than just two men had sex with her at once.

Well, during the course of the night, Brandie had spotted two different, single guys, that she thought were really cute. She spoke with both of them, danced with both of them, they had both felt her up and they both seemed interested in her.

Right before the club closed, one of the guys was, (and had been for an hour or so), fooling around with another woman. My wife caught him sitting at his table by himself, the woman he had been fooling with had apparently gone to the bathroom, or somewhere else in the club. So Brandie went over to his table, straddled his lap, and sat down in his lap, facing him. She put her arms around his neck and laid a passionate, tongue swapping kiss on him. When they came up for air, I saw her lean forward and whisper into his ear. After which she leaned back and pulled her top down to let him get an up close and personal look at her gorgeous 38C tits. He took the bait, bending down to kiss, lick, and suck on her tits. While his mouth was working on her tits, his hand went between my wife's legs and he fingered her pussy. My wife had her hands clasped behind this guy's neck and was leaning back with her eyes closed, enjoying the sexual stimulation his mouth was bringing to her tits and his fingers were bringing to her pussy. After several minutes of that, my wife leaned forward, kissed him again, said something into his ear again, then got up and came back to our table.

I asked her what she had said to the guy, and my wife said, "I told him, he didn't want to go with that other woman. If he wanted to fuck a woman who really knew how to fuck, he should come to our hotel room and "play". Then I told him where we were staying and the room number."

I was amazed that she had really said that, because my wife isn't usually that forward. Believe it, or not, even though we have threesomes and other sexual situations together, and we go to swing clubs, adult book stores, and sometimes even regular night clubs, where my wife flaunts herself, that's her exhibitionist self coming out, but she doesn't have to "say" anything while doing that stuff. When it comes to up close, personal, one-on-one action, and dialogue, my wife isn't usually very forward. That is unless, she is pretty well liquored up, and/or pretty damn horny! I figured that in this case, she might be a little bit of both. After having that conversation with that guy, my wife didn't know if he was going to come by our hotel room or not.

So, Brandie sought out the other guy that she had been flirting with all night. She found him standing near the bar and she pressed herself up against him and gave him much the same treatment she had given the guy at the table. I saw her kissing him, then whispering in his ear, and letting him feel her pussy while they kissed again.

When she came back to our table, I asked her what she said to him. She told me she invited him to come to our hotel room and she told him where we were staying. I asked her what he said, and she said, that he said, he would definitely come by. I said, "What are you going to do if both these guys show up?"

"I guess I'll have to fuck BOTH of them!", my wife said, with a sly grin, while taking another hit of tequila! Hearing my wife admit that she was ready to fuck two other men, and me, all at the same time, made my cock instantly rise in my pants and in just a minute, it was hard as a rock!

Brandie and I left the club, going to the hotel, knowing that two different men had been invited to come and both had our room number. Any swinger who's ever been in this situation knows that sometimes, only one, or, no one shows up. So, we got to our room, broke out a couple of cold drinks and wondered if one, both, or neither of them, would show up. While we waited, I rubbed and finger fucked Brandie's pussy just to get it "warmed up" for whatever might happen.

Well, they BOTH showed up! One guy's name was Mark, and the other Tony. I invited them in, and offered them both a cold beer. Tony took one and moved around to the side of the bed where Brandie was sitting. Mark sat on the end of the bed, and I sat in the desk chair off the end of the bed. This was a very nervous time for Brandie and our two friends. Everyone knew what we were here to do, but no one knew quite how to get it started.

As we chatted for a while, Tony stood close to Brandie and he was wearing a pair of shorts. Brandie started rubbing his leg while he finished his beer and we all talked. Tony put the empty bottle on the nightstand and took off his shirt, shoes and shorts. Mark took this as his cue, and he removed most of his clothes. Brandie started rubbing the front of Tony's under shorts, and then she pulled them down in the front and began rubbing his cock. Then she bent forward and took his cock into her mouth and started sucking him hard. Mark scooted over on the bed and started playing with Brandie's tits and rubbing her legs. Soon, both guys had their under shorts off and Brandie was sucking Tony and rubbing Mark's cock at the same time. Now Brandie has done two guys at once before, (me and another guy), But! This was the first time that I had ever been able to sit back and watch her with more than one guy at a time.

I watched as Tony had my wife's head in both his hands and was gently shoving her mouth back and forth on his cock. Mark was playing with my wife's tits, rubbing her legs, and she was stroking his hard cock with her left hand. I stood up, quickly stripped down naked, and sat back down in my chair to watch the show, sip my beer, and slowly and carefully stroke my own cock. (I was afraid that with all this action going on I might not be able to hold back until it was time for me to get involved).

Once Tony's cock was hard and she had been sucking him for several minutes, Brandie turned towards Mark, bent down into his lap, and started sucking him. Tony obviously was ready to get some of my wife's waiting pussy. He grabbed her ass and guided her up onto her knees while she kept sucking Mark, and while he stood on the floor next to the bed, Tony slid his cock into my wife's wet, hot, cunt! I couldn't believe this incredible sight before my eyes! My sexy, hot, slut, wife, was getting fucked from behind by one guy, while she was sucking another guy's cock, and all of this just a few feet from where I was sitting and watching! I stood up and went to the end of the bed so that she could play with my cock. Now my wife was fucking one guy, sucking another guy, and stroking my cock all at the same time! How I kept from blowing my load right then and there, I don't know!

I stepped back so that I could watch again as these 2 men fucked my sexy wife from both ends. A couple of times, as I sat in the chair watching, Brandie looked over at me, with Mark's cock still in her mouth and Tony pounding his cock into her hot, wet cunt.

I spoke up and told her, "I'm LOVING this show, Baby!" I told Tony, "I'll bet that pussy is wet and hot! Ain't it?"

He said, "Oh yeah! She's got some great pussy!"

Then I told him, "Well, don't be selfish. Pass it around." (I kind of felt like a movie director, directing the action in front of me.) That got a chuckle out of everyone and he pulled his hard cock out of my wife's pussy. I could see his cock was completely coated with the wetness of my wife's juices. I'm sure he didn't want to stop fucking her, but he did as I suggested, and I'm sure he knew he'd get back in it again, before we were all done.

Brandie stopped sucking Mark and I heard her say to him, "You want to fuck me?" I love to hear my slut wife saying things like that to other men while I can hear her.

His answer, of course, was, "Yes!"

So, pushed him back on the bed, slid up his body, mounted his hard cock, and began to ride up and down on him. He immediately reached up and began to play with her 38C tits. He rubbed and pinched her nipples as she fucked him. We found out later, that Mark is a "tit man" and so, my wife's big tits and large nipples, were just to his liking. Tony had moved around the bed and Brandie bent forward to take his cock, coated with her own pussy wetness, into her mouth, and start sucking him again, while she continued to ride Mark's.

Then I moved to the bed again so Brandie could rub mine as well. At one point, my wife stopped sucking Tony and turned her face towards me. She had her eyes open, looking directly into my face. She was "owing and ahing", enjoying the feelings that Mark's cock was bringing to her cunt. I could see the look of pure, unadulterated sexual pleasure on her face and I couldn't help but bend over and kiss her deeply on the mouth. I could smell and taste my wife's own pussy on her lips and tongue, transferred there by Tony's cock. Just minutes before this kiss, my wife had been sucking two other men's cocks, one of which, had been shoved deep up her cunt. For her to now be kissing me, seemed like such a slutty thing to do, it was a real turn on for me!

Mark and Brandie changed positions with Brandie getting on her back and Mark mounting her from on top, between her legs. I watched as Mark's cock slid easily, back into my slut wife's, well-fucked, hot, juicy cunt! Now Tony got to give his attention to my wife's tits, while Mark fucked her, and Brandie had started sucking my cock. I could hear the squishing sounds of my wife's soaking wet fuck hole as Mark pushed his cock in and out of her, his ball sack made a spanking sound every time it slapped my wife's ass.

"Fuck her good!" I said to Mark.

He said, "You bet! Man, she's got some great cunt and I'm enjoying the Hell outta this!"

I pulled my cock out of Brandie's mouth, (afraid if I hadn't, she would have made me cum), and stepped back. I watched as Mark picked up speed. I heard my hot wife say to this "other man" who was fucking her, "Oh yeah! Come on! Fuck me!" Then she started to climax into an orgasm! I saw her belly muscles tighten, she pressed her pelvis upwards and grabbed Mark by the ass, pulling him as deep and hard into her as she could, as she moaned and groaned through a nice long orgasm. I stepped back behind them and looked between my wife's legs where I could see Mark's cock, buried balls deep in her pussy. I could see her juices frothed up in a whitish foam around his cock and I watched as her pussy spasms seemed to be trying to suck Mark's ball sack inside of her. As my wife's cum fluids pushed out around Mark's cock, I saw them push some of the frothy foam away and saw her wetness coat her own crotch, inner thighs, Mark's ball sack and her ass.

The feelings of my wife cumming through her orgasm was probably more than Mark could stand. He began to grunt and dumped his load of cum up her cunt. I could see his ball sack and ass muscles spasm as he filled Brandie with his load. I saw some it seep out around his cock and dribble down my wife's ass crack, around her asshole, and drip onto the bedspread underneath her. When he was done, he held himself there, his softening cock still inside my wife as they both came down off the ecstasy of their mutual orgasm. Then Mark bent down and kissed my wife, both of them swapping their tongues in and out of each other's mouth. When he rose back up, I heard him say to her, "That was great! I want to thank you for that."

My wife said, "We're not done yet!", to which we all laughed.

Then Mark pulled his softening cock out of my wife, and I could see the cum dripping off the end of his cock and more cum running down the crack of my wife's ass! As soon as he moved, Tony got on top of Brandie and quickly slid his cock into her cum filled cunt. He was obviously very worked up by now and he fucked her hard and fast. Mark was sitting on the bed, next to the two of them fucking on the bed, sipping his beer and watching. Every once in awhile, he couldn't help but reach over and tweak my wife's nipples. My wife quickly built to another orgasm, although it probably wasn't as big as the first one and she moaned and gasped her way through it, while Tony kept stroking his cock hard, in and out of her. It didn't take him long until he added his cum to Mark's. Again, I watched from behind as he filled her with his load and some of his cum seeped out around his cock and ran down my wife's ass crack and dripped on the bed.

Like Mark had just done, Tony, bent down, gave my wife a passionate kiss, and thanked her for the fun. Then he pulled his softening cock out of her and stood up beside the bed.

I was so fucking horny and ready by now, I practically jumped on the bed between my wife's legs! My hard cock slipped so easily into my wife's well fucked pussy, it felt like I was sliding it into molten butter! It was the thrill of a lifetime, when I got to get "sloppy 3rds" from my own wife! I couldn't believe the feeling when I slid my hard cock into her cunt, which was overflowing with the cum of the two men who had just moments before, fucked my wife! As I started the slow motion of fucking her, Brandie turned her head to the side and grabbed Mark's cock, pulling him towards her mouth and started sucking him again.

By the time I watch my wife have sex with someone else, (in this case, with two other men), I am usually so worked up that it doesn't take me long to bust my own nut, so I have to fuck her slowly and carefully until I can get passed the initial urge to cum and control myself, at least for several minutes. The sight of my wife sucking a cock, still coated with her and his combined juices, making him hard and working him towards blowing his load into her mouth, while I was fucking her, was nearly more than I could stand!

I started pounding my wife hard, my ball sack slapping her ass, and I could tell I was going to make her cum! I gave her a couple more hard strokes and then shoved hard into her, grinding my pelvis hard against hers, smashing her clit between us the way I know she likes. I told Mark, "Hold on man! She's gonna cum! I hope she doesn't bite your dick off!"

Brandie started to moan and groan through her orgasm without taking Mark's cock out of her mouth. She greedily sucked on him, and squeezed her hand on his cock, as she came hard. As she climaxed, and started to come down off the top of that orgasm, Mark said, "Man, I can't stand that! I'm gonna blow in this babe's mouth!", and with that, he started to groan and fill my wife's mouth with his second load of the night.

Watching my wife sucking another man's cock, and swallowing his load, while my own cock was buried deep up her cunt, and feeling the heat and spasms of her orgasm waving over her, was all more than I could take! I added my own load of cum up her well-fucked snatch! It was a three-way orgasm, with my wife starting it, Mark joining in, and me following up, we all came together! I don't think we had ever done that before!

Mark pulled his softening cock out of my wife's mouth. She rubbed her mouth with her hand to make sure she didn't have any of his cum on her lips, then she and I shared a passionate kiss. While I laid on top of her with my own softening cock still buried deep inside her. Then I pulled out of her, stood up by the bed and grabbing her hand, helped her sit up on the side of the bed. As she did, I saw globs of cum, the mixture of her own juices and the three of us men, squirt out and soak onto the bedspread.

Tony was standing there, still naked, drinking his beer. My wife said to him, "You want me to suck you off too?" My cock, which had just moments before deposited my load up my wife's cunt, and was now soft, twitched at hearing her say that to this other guy!

Tony said, "I can't turn down an offer like that!" He stepped closer to her, grabbed the back of Brandie's head, and shoved his semi-hard cock into her mouth. Then standing there drinking his beer with one hand, holding my wife's head with the other, he fucked my wife's face without regard to her, but only for his own pleasure. It didn't take but just a couple of strokes and he was rock hard again.

Mark started to dress, and I sat in the chair drinking my beer, watching Tony use my wife's mouth for his own sexual pleasure. I told both Mark and Tony, "That woman is the best damn cock sucker I have ever had in my life!"

Mark spoke up and said, "I can't say that I've ever had any better head."

Tony, who was getting my wife's talented oral treatment right then, said, "I'll have to agree. This slut sucks cock better than any I've ever had."

The whole time we are talking about my slut wife and her talented mouth, she was dutifully sucking Tony's cock. I can tell by the motions she was making with her mouth, head, and hand on Tony's cock, that she was just about to get him off and she knew it!

I told Tony, "That slut can make you cum before you want to, or know you're going to."

Tony was just holding his beer now, (not drinking it), his other hand still on the back of my wife's head, and he was watching his cock go in and out of Brandie's mouth. He was obviously very much enjoying what he was getting and he was close to cumming. He responded, "Yeah, she's got me close. I got to be honest, when she asked me if I wanted a blow job, I didn't think with all the alcohol I've had tonight and the fact that I just fucked her a few minutes ago, that I could get off from a blow job.", then he closed his eyes, bent his head back, and said, "But she's gonna get me off!!", and he moaned as he shot his load into my wife's eager mouth.

As she lapped up every drop and licked his softening cock clean, my wife looked at me, sitting there naked, drinking my beer, with my own cock standing hard and straight once again, from watching her sucking off Tony, she said to me, "Well, I've fucked all three of you, and I've sucked both of them off. You want a blow job too? Or more pussy?" My wife had to be still drunk, highly sexually charged, and feeling like a total slut, to be acting and talking this way, especially in front of two men she's just met a few hours ago.

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