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Dunn In Ch. 05

by niemand1994©

I resrve all rights to this material. All subjects are fictional and over 18.

The display on my phone just said 'mom.'

"Hello dear, it's been way too long since we've talked."

"Yeah, well, it's been a bit crazy around here."

"What's up son? Nothing bad I hope."

"Well, I'll tell you the bad news, Miranda and I are separated."

"Oh my! It's that bad? You know me Rob, I'm nosy, what happened."

Ha! Oh boy. Where do I begin answering that one?

"Well, basically Miranda put her career ahead of us. I was willing to just live with it until I went up to visit Rachael and she told me that she and Sammie decided it was okay if we separated."

There was a chuckle on the other end of the phone.

"Oh son! You visited Rachael's college, alone? I have to come and see you. I am sensing there is a lot more to that story. I don't want to hear it on the phone."

I wasn't sure I wanted to tell her about Rachael quite yet. I don't know why, maybe I was a little ashamed I'd given in to the genetic proclivity towards incest that seems to run amok in my family.

"Well, mom, you're always welcome. I assume dad will be with you?"

"I'm not sure. The old fuck stays in damn good shape and now he's into some damn golf tournament."

I had to tease.

"He still keeping my mom happy?"

She laughed hard.

"Oh son, do you mean does he still suck my pussy till I squirt and then fuck me like a sailor on leave? Hell yeah! We don't do the gym four days a week just to look good. Your old man's a stud at 65. Our regular couples adore him."

"So you're still swinging too?"

"Oh yeah, it's really just the Morrisons, the Mc Clintoks and us but we still have a damn good time."

I smiled and my cock jumped at the visual of the six of them naked and everybody fucking and sucking in the same room. Nobody did any guy to guy stuff but they were all so comfortable that the guys didn't care. Yeah, dp's were indeed on the agenda. My mom the retired librarian and slut.

"I love you mom and I love how you take life by the balls and suck."

She laughed.

"So, Rob, if mom comes to visit, am I going to be stuck in the guest room?"

Her remark was freighted with anticipation. Once again I didn't want to let on about my new lover who just happened to be her grand-daughter.

"Mom, the girls live with me. You sleeping with me would raise a few questions. They're eighteen and twenty now."

"You never told them?"

"MOM! How exactly do I tell my two daughters that my mother seduced me at a youngish age and that I've been fucking her ever since?"

She laughed.

"Pretty much like that dear. I didn't like having to sneak in to see you the last time I passed through."

I remembered that night and it dawned on me that it probably was when Rachael discovered my secret.

"Plus you were a bit noisy mom."

Now I was replaying that night. The vivid images and scent memories flooded back and my cock started to harden. I pulled the sheet back and just watched it grow as we talked. I knew where this was going.

"Rob, you're bringing all those memories back to me. Do you know what's happening?"

"Yes, mother, your hot pussy is filling with blood and your inner lips are peeking out. You can feel your wetness increasing. That nice clit of yours is sneaking out too. You want to touch yourself."

I could hear her breath now.

"You bastard. You always knew how to get me wet. With your fingers, your tongue and that voice. Yeah, son, I'm wet now. What about you?"

"Oh me, not much going on here. My nice seven inch thick cut cock is creeping up my belly, filling up and getting harder, thinking about all the times it's been in Mom's wet tunnel."

I could hear her panting now. I knew just what she was doing. We'd masturbated together many times. It was how we got started. She'll be lying in bed naked. Her lean frame laid out and her legs wide. She'll have her long grey hair in a ponytail and her fingers massaging the shaved mound that was my first. How many times had I opened a door in that house to see this sight? It was how I saw my mother the first time I saw her naked. I was stroking my cock now. I was rock hard.

Mom was panting.

"I'm touching myself Rob. Your mom is rubbing her clit for you. I'm fucking horny for my boy. I want to come there and fuck you son. I want to suck the cum out of that cock of yours and I want you to stick it in my soaked pussy and fuck your mom."

I was pulling hard now. My thumb was picking up the lube at the end of my cock and smearing it on the head as I stroked.

"You mean like I did when dad went to play golf? Yanking that sleep short off you?"

"huff huff, oh fuck yeah , ohhhhhh arrgh. The couch, the couch."

"Yanking the shirt off your naked body, getting behind you and shoving you over to the back of that two thousand dollar couch. My hard cock just in my boxers, poking your ass as I steered you?"

"oh fuck, cumming, oh fuck. More baby more."

"You knew I'd fuck you as soon as dad left. You wanted it. You wanted your hot eighteen year old son to stick his teen cock in your honey hole."


I was furiously pulling on my cock now. The images, feelings and smells coming back as if it was yesterday.

"My hand, pushing my mother over the back of that couch till your beautiful face was in the cushions and your sex was wide open, wet and needy."

"Oh shit, cumming again, so good. Oh son, fuck me! Fuck me on that couch!"

"I pulled down my boxers and you felt my hard teen dick against your hard ass. I'd lean forward, covering you with my body and ask."

"Oh I love this part! Do it, do it!"

"I'd put my mouth to your ear, mother and ask you if you wanted your son to put his cock in your cunt."


I was close too. I was going to give her one more before I shoot cum all over my belly.

"You'd moan, just moan and I would have that teen cock lined up and just slide in. You're a good mom, you'd cum immediately, your juice squirting around my dick as I pounded my mother's pussy on her favorite piece of furniture. I'm going to cum now mom. I can't hold back."

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, do it, do it, cum for mommy. Shoot your cum up my hole. Ohhh fuck, mommy needs to cum once more."

"Pounding my mother as she's bent over the couch. I feel it cumming. I'm going to fill mom's hole with my cum. Hear it? The slapping of our bodies? Oh fuck mom I'm cumming!"

Jets of white spunk rocketed out of me and onto my chest as I heard my mother go over the top one last time. I could see the sight now. She'd be covered in sweat and a line of dark wet stains on the sheets where her cum shot out of her pussy all over the bed. When mom is really really horny, she squirts, still. I was panting now, recovering. I heard her.

"Oh fuck, that was a good one. We haven't done that in a long time. Get ready Rob, mom's coming to visit and I'm not taking no for an answer.

"Mom, the girls..."

I got ready to push the button.

"Son, they're gonna find out sooner or later.

"Mom, Rachael already knows."

I pushed the button ending the call. Yeah, I suck. Ha Ha.

Written by: niemand1994

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