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With Strings Attached Ch. 13

by maxout09©

A tapping sound announced Alice's presence as she walked quickly away from the cafeteria. Even in her upset state Alice still looked very sensual and had a strut that captured your attention. An image carefully crafted by Nicole.

Studying the dress code for the Kennith Academy for Girls carefully, Nicole wanted to make sure Alice would conform to the rules, both the schools and hers; and methodically redid her uniform. All of Alice's white blouses were discarded as Nicole did not allow her now non-virgin girlfriend to wear white. Tap plates were added to the bottoms of Alice's shinny black patent leather Mary Jane's, making the one inch heel shoe sound like she was wearing stilettos. Her knee socks were replaced with an over the knee version in shinny nylon giving the impression of thigh high stockings. Alice's skirts were lengthened, but still conformed to the pinkie rule. The waistband, now reduced to a size 1, was pushed up to her natural waist and required some form of control garment to accommodate the smaller size giving the illusion of a smaller waist, rounder hips and longer legs, an image furthered by the flaring skirt. Her vest clung to her tightly, and made her breasts look larger. The end result was her cloths showed of every curve of her now perfectly proportioned figure and was as close to a sexy schoolgirl look that Alice could achieve without crossing the line.

However her appearance was not the only changes Nicole insisted upon. Unhappy with the consistency of Alice's walk Nicole decided she needed a little aid and purchased a stainless steel butt plug capped with a ruby red Swarovski crystal. The weight and pressure constantly reminded Alice of the invader with every step she took and especially when she sat down, as she feared the plug would make a knocking sound if it ever came in contact with the chair. But what the plug mainly did was affect her stride, the anal invader forced her to role her hips and move in a way that would arouse any lover seeing her approach or leave. Nicole joked as Alice added the matching studs to her ears that she had to be carful as her 'new piece of jewelry' did not comply with the school dress code. To further her humiliation and subjugation, Alice had to attach the dreaded nipple clamps and a thin stainless steal collar around her neck, all hidden by her school shirt and tie.

But the cause of Alice current distress was her confrontation with her friend Kim. Walking through the cafeteria Alice did even recognize her at first. While her transformation was to the sensual and erotic, Kim's was more Goth. Her hair was now black as night, making her skin look even more pail. Her ears now sported three piercings each and one in her nose. Even there use of makeup highlighted their differences. While Alice's makeup was pink and alluring Kim's was dark and brooding.

Forgetting her own situation Alice hurried over to her friend, wanting to know what happened. But the sharp reaction was not what she expected, the words still echoing through her head.

"Get away from me you lesbian freak," shouted Kim loud enough for the whole room to quite down and focus in on the confrontation erupting before them.

"Kim please don't say that," whispered Alice as she felt her last pillar to her old life turning on her, "you're the only person who knows that is not true."

"Not true," spat Kim. "It's not true that you made out with three girls on New Years Eve. It's not true that you were getting busy with a waitress in the back of a Hooter's; Or that you have a girlfriend and a very kinky open relationship; Or how about the fact that you have been lusting after me for the last several years and wanted nothing more than for me to spank you and make you 'my bitch' yes my parents loved reading that one."

Alice hung her head in shame as she listened to Kim rant on. Susan had been very explicit and insistent as to what Alice had to do. Knowing that Alice would not be a very good at showcasing her new outlook on life Susan informed her that she would be setting up a new on-line persona for her; One of a very kinky lesbian finally breaking out of her shell and on the prowl but also rather timid and passive when it comes to real world interaction. Susan even added several entries documenting Alice's desire to be with women, especially strong assertive women and her 'secrete crush' on Kim. Alice knew how people would react to it. The statements, the testimonials and the pictures gave all the information people would need to make the conclusion Susan desired. However it was the statement about Kim that was the most distressing. Kim was her only friend and this confession made it sound like she was after her friend for years. Susan even looked through her inventory of photos and posted a number of the sexier ones of the two of them together.

As Alice reviewed the website she knew that the word of her exploits was getting out from the number of girls seeking to be friended, Nicole had a rule that no boys would be granted permission. While most were from Susan and Nicole's school and obviously curious from seeing the New Year's Eve video, she recognized several names of girls from hers as well. Alice wanted to warn Kim about what was written and tell her she was sorry and how Susan was blackmailing her and she had no choice but to leave it up, hoping her friend would understand and she could have one person really know what was going on.

However what Alice did not know or suspect was that Susan would make sure Kim's parents saw the page. See that Alice truly was not their daughter's liberal friend but a immoral force that had spent the last several years trying to corrupt there sweet daughter. Even if they did not care for her relationship with Dave, he was a boy and allowed there daughter to finally break free of Alice's wicked desires. They would accept her relationship with her boyfriend and her changes as she tried to find herself, as long as she stayed away from that wicked lesbian. They were also relived by how concerned and helpful her friend Susan had been and made it a point to make sure she remained a positive influence.

"I'm sorry," answered Alice trying to cower away from her former friend.

"Sorry," shouted Kim. "I do not want to hear you are sorry bitch. I want you to take down those pictures you posted of me on your page and keep me out of your perverted life."

"Ok," mumbled Alice.

"I'm straight, squeal Kim,"do you understand me bitch. I like boys not girls, especially one as perverted as you. To think I thought you were my friend. I would slap you right now if I didn't think you would get off on it. Now get out of my sight and don't ever look at me or think of me again you sicko."

And with that the last spark of her old life was extinguished, leaving only the world that she was forced to create with Nicole. Wanting to just be alone Alice wandered into the gym locker room, empty for the lunch period, and walked down the hall past the banks of lockers. Reaching the nook that held her locker Alice stopped and stared at her self in the wall mirror at the opposite end of the nook. It looked like nothing remained of her old self as if she was replaced with a new and improved version. Collapsing on the bench in front of her locker Alice began to sob as she heard the sound of the plug hitting the wood bench.

However Alice did not want to think. Thinking just showed her how bad things were and usually led to them getting worse. Taking a deep breath Alice turned and worked the combination on her lock. Getting to the gym early had one benefit, changing before anyone else arrived. Alice did not want to face her classmates in such an intimate setting. She did not want to have to talk about what was posted and certainly did not want anyone to see how she was really dressed. All she wanted was to finish the day and get home even if that meant being on display for Nicole, at least there she felt protected by her.

Turning around to unbutton her skirt Alice let out a surprised gasp as she spotted one of her classmates leaning against the outside of the lockers casually watching her. Caught off guard Alice subconsciously performed the lessons taught to her by Nicole and quickly scoped out the intruder. With a chubby face, short brown hair and glasses the girl had the look of nerdy innocence. She wore a school vest over a white blouse that did nothing to diminish the appearance of her D cup breasts. A school skirt, conforming to the schools unofficial length, showed off her well formed legs that extended from the skirt to a pair of knee high socks and black Mary Jane's. The girl would be considered a little on the plump side but not fat, her weight complementing her larger frame and giving her natural curves and would best be defined as a cute bookworm look.

"Sorry I did not mean to disturb you," stated Jaclyn, "please continue." She had no idea where that statement came from but the adrenaline from the encounter made her too excited to think about it.

"I was just... I mean I was going to," Alice tried to convey that she wanted to change her cloths in private but was too embarrassed too used to other woman telling her what to do to say anything.

A smile crept across Jaclyn's face as she watched the surprised girl before her. Alice stood before her looking sheepish and ashamed, as if she was waiting to be told what to do, to be controlled.

For Jaclyn, she could not believe she was actually doing this. Ever since she was a young girl she knew she was different. When playing with her dolls she would not be interested in any of the male ones. Instead pretending she was in charge of the others. She would tie them up and leave them throughout the doll house. And she always got a strange thrill playing capture games when she got to tie up one of the other kid's especially the girls. Then one night when she was watching an old Star Wars movie with her dad she saw the princess captured and forced to wear a sexy slave costume. At that moment her sexuality became clear, she liked girls and she wanted to control them.

From there the internet furthered her education. With all of photos videos and stories of lesbian domination, Jaclyn had no shortage of learning material. There she learned lots of very naughty and perverse things. She choose the Kennith Academy simply because it was an all-girls school and started checking out the other students from day one, fantasying about which ones she wanted to kiss and which she was to punish. She started dreaming of restraining them like she used to with her dolls. When she turned sixteen, she even worked up the courage to buy a set of steel handcuffs, a present to herself that she always carried with her as a physical symbol of who she was.

"I know what you were doing," answered Jaclyn her nervousness from the encounter evaporating as she started to realize her fantasy coming true, "and I told you to continue, unless you want me to spank you?"

"Spank me," replied Alice in shock.

"Yes, spank you," stated Jaclyn as she slowly closed in on the nervous teen, her eyes wondering over the sexy body before her. "That's what happens to girl's who disobey, they get punished. And it seems to me you want to get punished?"

Alice could only watch as she girl confidently strode over to her pushing her body up against hers and pinning her against mirror. Her leg wedged between Alice's and her larger chest smashing up against Alice's smaller clamped breasts. Alice looked into the eyes of her pursuer now merely inches from her own and nervously breathed in knowing what was wanted of her.

Hormones surged though her body as Jaclyn shivered with excitement as she saw Alice not as a person but a character from her fantasies. It felt so good to feel the girl's soft body pressed against hers, the sound from heightened breathing resounding in her ears the smell of her body invading her nose and the sight of the young girl looking so passive. This is what she longed for, a kinky girl who liked to be dominated and the idea of controlling the sexy schoolgirl was intoxicating. Now all that remained was to taste her prey to make her fantasy a reality.

Alice could feel the girl's hot breath and reluctantly accepted her soft open mouth kiss. Hesitant at first it grew into a forceful wet deep kiss. A lover's kiss, mouth over open mouth lips locked tightly together as Alice yielded to everything the girl did and tried to understand what she desired.

Jaclyn on the other hand was lost in the sensuality of the moment, her first kiss since that awkward peck with Mike in the 6th grade. But this was different this was her first kiss with a girl, her first real kiss. Encouraged by Alice's acceptance she pushed her tongue in deeper taking possession of Alice's mouth forcing her to accept it as their lips slid against each others, the quite of the locker room broken only by the sounds of the passionate kissing by the two girls.

Sensing that Alice had become complicate with the kiss Jaclyn released her hands and slowly and sensually ran her nails down the fabric of Alice sleeves, adding a subtle zipping sound to the kissing. Locking her hands on Alice's hips she slowly began to rub her leg against Alice's stocking covered thigh.

A gasp escaped Alice's month as Jaclyn's thigh made contact with bare flesh, thigh rubbing against thigh and breast against breast causing Alice's nipples and clit to harden. The sensual assault continued as Alice's body slowly began to respond to the stimulation against her minds will. By the time they stopped Alice sank against Jaclyn's thigh gasping for breath.

"Very nice," breathed Jaclyn. "You are a very good kisser, but we have another issue to attend with."

Alice did not have time to answer as she was pulled forcefully towards the retreating girl. Sitting down Alice was easily pulled and draped over her lap, her crotch pressed firmly into Jaclyn's thigh with her legs hanging own on one side and her torso draped over the other. Realizing what was happening Alice held her skirt down and tried to pull away, but found that Jaclyn was too strong for her to escape.

"Move those hands and stay still," ordered Jaclyn as she slapped the back of Alice's thigh, the sound echoing throughout the locker room.

Alice simply slumped over Jaclyn's lap defeated as she slowly pulled her hands up to her whimpering face. The humiliation was almost too much for her. Draped over the lap of a fellow student was bad enough but the impending discovery of her butt plug was just too much and Alice simply accepted that she had no choice in the matter.

"Much better," purred Jaclyn she ran her hand over Alice's thigh. She loved the feel of the soft tender flesh and let her hand slowly push up the bottom of Alice's skirt, her finger running up between her cheeks.

Alice stiffened as she felt her classmate's hand slowly sliding up her ass. In her current position there was nothing she could do to stop the amorous girl from discovering her secret. She held her breath as the girl's finger moved closer and closer to making contact with the jeweled object imbedded in her ass.

At first Jaclyn was confused when her finger bumped into a hard object. Using her other hand to pull back the skirt Jaclyn stared at the red crystal for a few moments before she realized what it actually was.

"You little lezzie slut," laughed Jaclyn as she pushed her finger under the base and against the stem of the plug. "How long have you been walking around with a stick up your ass."

"Just today," replied Alice her face flush with embarrassment.

"Well I like it," answered Jaclyn, her fingers still playing with the jeweled item before raising her hand and delivering the first blow. "It's not nice to play the tease. Dress all sexy and then not follow through."

"I'm sorry I didn't mean too" whimpered Alice as one blow after the other landed on her ass cheeks turning them deep red.

"Sub's are supposed to listen, not argue. So when I tell you to do something you do it."

"I promise I'll listen, I'll be good."

As she spanking continued Alice could not hold back the tears as she listened to Jaclyn's orders. After the thirtieth slap Alice's ass was bright red and she was willing to do anything to make it stop.

"I'm glad to hear you learned your lesson," stated Jaclyn. "Now I want you to stand up and strip." The statement punctuated by a hard slap on Alice's ass.

Relived to be free from the girls clutches Alice stood up and began to remove her shoes. Seeing her conqueror stare at her intently Alice subconsciously turned her back to the girl unknowingly giving her the perfect view of her ass and the plug as she removed her skirt.

Reaching out Jaclyn began to caress Alice's warm ass cheeks. "Yes that jewel is perfect and really complements your red ass," stated Jaclyn.

Gently twisting Alice's hips Jaclyn forced Alice to turn around and pushed Alice's hands away from her crotch. "What do we have here," gasped Jaclyn as she ran her fingers over Alice's hairless vagina.

"My girlfriend made me do it," stammered Alice hoping the mention of a lover would help put off the aggressive girl.

"It's very nice," replied Jaclyn, ignoring Alice's comment about a girlfriend, "any other surprises for me?"

Instinctively Alice's hands went up to cover her chest and collar. Alice was ashamed of the kinky devices she had been forced to wear and now having to reveal them in such a demeaning manner to someone who would obliviously very aroused by them was not something Alice wanted to do.

"Show me slut," roared Jaclyn startling Alice into action.

Biting her lower lip Alice slowly unbuttoned her school vest and began to undo the zipper. The vest; purchased by Nicole as part of her new wardrobe, was cut low to scoop under her breasts and make them look more prominent while the waist was reinforced and acted like a corset making it appear she had a very curvy body. As the zipper lowered Alice could see Jaclyn's eyes light up from discovering one of Nicole's other perverted purchases.

While searching for a sexy dirndl costume Nicole made a discovery. Authentic Dirndl blouses ended just below the bust line. With perverse pleasure Nicole ordered more the two dozen, all in different styles and, except for white, colors. The blouse she currently wore was a full sleeved collared version that looked just like a regular shirt except for the fact that it ended just under her breasts with an elastic cord holding it tightly to her body. With the low scoop for her corset/vest Alice was constantly concerned that the bottom would pull out exposing a glimpse of flesh. Removing the vest Alice stood teary eyed and humiliated before her tormentor. The unusual blouse and school tie the only thing covering her body and remaining secrets

"Now that is an interesting take on the school dress code," laughed Jaclyn as she stood up and slowly circled the mostly naked girl. "You look absolutely delicious but could use a little fill."

Alice nervously looked up to see Jaclyn punctuating her remark by caressing her own breasts as her lust filled eyes stared intently into Alice's. Unwilling to keep contact Alice dropped her head to once again look down at her feet only to have Jaclyn reach out and pull her in for another kiss, her tongue probing as she inhaled inducing a moan from her victim as she stole the very breath from her. Removing one hand from her grip Jaclyn let it roam passively over Alice's body coming to rest over Alice's ass. A slight push on the butt plug caused Alice to moan into Jaclyn's mouth resulting in a giggled and smile from Jaclyn as she continued her oral assault. Lost in the moment Alice broke the kiss and let out a loud gasp as Jaclyn placed her hands over her breasts and squeezed causing the clamps to pinch harshly.

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