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A Different Plan Ch. 02

by such_good_friends©

Greetings to our readers.

We send our thanks to those who read and commented on the first half of this story. Your responses were very important to us—not to approve our decisions to live our lives as we do, but rather to validate the idea that our story is worth telling. We consider ourselves blessed to have each other, to have found each other, to share each other. The conversations that thread through this installment are as close to verbatim as we can recall. They were important—even crucial—conversations for us.

For those who have not read the prior work, this submission picks up where the prior one left off. You will find it here on Literotica as the first submission by such_good_friends. It might be worth your while to start at the beginning if you didn't read it a couple of months back.

As mentioned, our group has a history before and after this two-chapter episode. We have changed our names and some details of our jobs so that we can protect our anonymity. A friend who --unbeknownst to us is a Literotica visitor-- read and mentioned "our" story, so our anonymity may be relative and even fleeting. We'll trust her discretion. Still, we wanted to tell the end of this episode.

Once again, we hope that our story might somehow lead you and your partner to talk about what's meaningful in your lives, to take a chance on growing together, to trust each other and your love for each other.

There are four words in Ancient Greek that translate into English as "love": agape (selfless love); storge (familial love); philia (friendship/love) and eros (romantic love). Yes, this site is "Literotica", and yes ,the story is about romantic love and even some lust. We think our story is beyond eros. Based on the comments we received from the first installment you, our readers, agree.

Thank you.

Copyright 2013, with all rights reserved.

Friday, 7:15 pm

The three couples gathered for the short walk from their beachside suites to the Papagayo restaurant at the southern end of the property. By habit, they "dressed" for dinner so they would not have to carry towels to sit on at the clothing-optional restaurant. Liz wore a blue island print dress that hung simply on her tall, slender frame. Gina selected a black see-through top and khaki skirt that concealed her kidney transplant scar. Susan was stunning in an emerald green dress suspended on one shoulder, with diagonal panels of linen interspersed with sheer material. Their husbands' sartorial splendor paled in comparison: they wore short-sleeved shirts and shorts.

As they walked the dirt paths and road, they paused to exchange pleasantries with old friends and new guests at the resort.

" Nudists are a gregarious bunch, " observed Liz. "I speak more with these folks in a week than I seem to speak with our neighbors all year."

"Yep, and you have more fun doing it," responded her husband, Ted. "You spend all day every day at work listening to other people's personal problems and behavioral transgressions. Hardly a surprise that the last thing you want to do in your free time is to talk to Mrs. Jones about her daughter's first year in college or Mr. Brown's latest addition to his orchid collection."

Liz replied, "My job's easier than Gina's or Susan's. Gina spends her days trying to help families through their relative's catastrophic illness, and Susan spends her nights in the ED saving lives of gang-bangers and old folks with pneumonia."

Charles, Susan's husband, shifted into his teacher's voice. "Each of you lovely ladies chose service careers. Each of you goes to work knowing that you are going to be working to mend broken jobs, broken lives or broken bodies. God bless you for your service. Perhaps that's why you like coming here—because what you see around you is natural, robust, and resilient. "

Paul spoke softly. "That's part of the reason I'm retiring from police work. High drama and high tension. I loved it. But I don't like what it did to me. Down here in St. Martin, it's sun, sand and simple relaxation."

Ted added, "And sex. Lots of sex."

The warm Caribbean breeze washed over them as they were seated at their favorite table with a view of the sea, the bar and other resort guests.


Fred and Ellen drove along the north coast of the island, past Grand Case and past Fort St. Louis over to Marigot for dinner. They wandered through the town towards the marina where tourists and locals mingle, and settled into a table at La Belle Epoque. Part French bistro, part pizza place, it felt like the "comfy neighborhoods spot" near their home in Clayton, except this one had a wonderful view of the marina and lots of pedestrian traffic going by their patio table.

The waiter came for their drink order, and Ellen responded, <<Deux kir royales avec crème de cassis s'il vous plait.>> The waiter smiled as Fred rolled his eyes.

"Dearest, your French is marvelous, but I hope it'll be okay if I order in English," teased Fred.

Ellen gave him a friendly elbow to his ribs. "Nope, I'm ordering. Six years of French between high school and college, and I damn well expect to get some use tonight!"

"Of course, beautiful lady, you go ahead and order for both of us," said Fred. As Ellen perused the menu, he reflected on their seventeen years of marriage. Ellen seemed to grow more beautiful with each passing year. She was happy in her academic work, happy at home, and happy to have the time to spend together. Quite a difference from their parents' lives—both of them had come from broken homes where shame and blame were always part of the daily game.

The waiter brought their cocktails and took their order—salads, local fish and rice. They sipped lightly as the sun set over the marina, savoring the moments. The rich hues of the evening sky played on the boats, shops and passers by.

"Our best vacation in a long time, " began Ellen.

Fred continued, "...and the first time we've had a week-long break from our work in...I don't know how long..."

Ellen replied, "I miss the kids, but it's a relief now that they're in high school that we can get away together for a few days. It was just luck that they both had trips away with their classes over Spring Break, and they both wanted to go. " Ellen looked at her husband. "Besides, it's so nice to spend time with my hubby..."

Fred reached to hold her hand. "...and it's nice to see you unwind. You seemed tense for the first few days we were here, but then something clicked and it's wonderful to be here with the gorgeous woman I married."

The salads were served, and they watched the seabirds soar around the marina as they ate. The entrées were as perfectly timed as they were prepared, the sky passing into night around them .

"Yum. That was delicious!" Fred sank back in his chair. Ellen ordered <<fromage, café, et deux Armagnacs>> --cheeses, coffee, and after-dinner drinks—to savor and sip through the balance of the evening.

Ellen took Fred's hand in hers. "Can we talk about tomorrow night? Safe haven rules?"

Many years ago, Fred and Ellen found their own way to resolve disagreements and explore sensitive areas. Like all couples, they periodically disagreed. They also decided that quarreling and getting mad was unhelpful. Safe haven rules for the couple meant that either could say whatever what was on their mind, and the other would just listen and reflect before responding. The listener could either respond immediately or choose to put the discussion off for 24 hours. That 24 hour "cooling off" period often clarified issues and made it easier to work through problems.

"Safe haven rules. What's on your mind?"

Ellen paused. "Honey, the more I thought about it, the more I think you're right about Gina, Paul and the other two couples. They might be more than just good friends. I think they're pretty open with each other. I think they swing—you know—swap partners."

Fred nodded. "Go on."

"Are you okay taking them to dinner?"

Fred laughed. "Of course!"

"What if they invite us back to Club Orient for an after-dinner drink? Would you be okay going back with them?"

Fred nodded thoughtfully. "Go on."

"How would you feel...I mean, we're on vacation...if we were there while they were having sex..."

"You mean, how do I feel about us watching...or even joining in?" asked Fred.

Ellen nodded yes. "I saw you had the hots for Susan. That's okay. We've been together for almost two decades and it's normal..."

Fred interrupted, "..yes, it's normal to have fantasies but not exactly normal to act on them..."

Ellen said, "Safe haven rules, honey. I get to finish."

Fred agreed, gesturing for her to continue.

"I love you more than anything else in the world. I'm not looking for a new husband. But seeing the six of them made me curious about how they've chosen to live their lives. They seem happy and having fun together. A lot more than we'll ever have with the neighbors in our cul-de-sac back home."

Fred turned serious and looked directly into Ellen's eyes. "Honey, you have my heart, first and always. Never forget that. We're on life's adventure together. Whatever makes you happy will make me happy. But let me flip the question around. Are you excited by sex with others? Understand, as long as we're together, as long as we're supporting each other, as long as we are sharing our lives, we'll go on whatever adventure you want. But I need to understand what's going through your mind. Have you imagined some other woman's hands and mouth ...and pussy... on me? "

Ellen hesitated. She knew the question had to be answered directly but with love and humor. "Dearest, if it feels good, that's what I want for you. If Susan has talents that I don't, I might ask for lessons..."

Fred burst out laughing. "Ok, you're on. Tomorrow night might be interesting. Or not. But tonight, I have you all to myself!"

Ellen started laughing as well and signaled the waiter. <<L'addition, s'il vous plait!>> .


The band at Papagayo that night was a new act on the island featuring jazz standards—Sinatra, Bennett, Ella, Nat King Cole-- instead of the usual pop/rock/reggae. The contrast was as amusing as it was startling—a songstress in an emerald green cocktail dress singing to two dozen (mostly) nude couples on the dance floor. Gina and Paul finally sat down, two dances after the other four needed to rest their feet.

"You two lovebirds always look so great out there!" Charles complimented them, just a little envious of their grace. He might be a wonderful educator, but rhythm was not his strong suit.

Gina grinned. "I think I married the only detective who can follow my lead."

Paul gave her a friendly swat. "Me following your lead? I beg your pardon, ma'am..."

Ted chimed in, "You mean someone was leading?"

Liz rolled her eyes. "Sheesh guys, isn't it time for another drink?"

The waiter brought another round, and Ted proposed the toast.

"To Carol, who is always with us in spirit."

Liz began, "Is everyone still okay with tomorrow night? With Fred and Ellen?"

Susan turned to Liz. "What's on your mind?"

Liz stared into her drink. "I don't know. It just feels a little funny."

Susan rolled her eyes. Charles shot her a 'cool it' glance.

Gina stepped in. "Look, it's dinner. At a nice restaurant. Let's just play it by ear. If they want to come back here and get naked with us, it'll be their decision. If they want to play with us, it'll be their decision. Just as a reminder somewhere along the way, all of us dealt with the same issues—desire, curiosity, jealousy, insecurity --and we discovered that we not only liked to fuck each other but we needed to play with each other."

Paul followed. "It keeps our marriages strong. We get to play with people we like, and we're not cheating on our spouses. "

Liz responded. "You're right, but for the six of us it's more. I love all of you. I'd choose to spend time with you even if we weren't here to be naked and fuck each other senseless."

Gina suddenly understood. "Liz, I need you to trust me on this. Fred and Ellen are where we were a few years ago—knowing that something is missing from their lives, searching for something they can't quite explain, knowing that there's something else out there in their lives and not quite knowing how to find it."

Liz shot back, "And we're it? What makes you think so?"

Susan measured her words. "Liz, all we're talking about possibilities and having a little adult fun. It's not about adopting children or moving halfway across the country. "

Ted said, "You're right. It's just an evening. We like them. Playing with them might be fun for everyone. If it doesn't work out, we—and they-- chalk it up to experience and learning."

Liz remained skeptical, but accepting. "Okay all, I'm beat. Time to get horizontal. Let's head back."


Saturday dawned cool with a light rain. Fred and Ellen dressed, ate a light breakfast and headed to the Dutch side of the island for some shopping. The familiar international brands had some nice shops, but the prices were not good enough to make a purchase and lugging it home worthwhile.

Eventually they wandered into DK Gems, where Deepti introduced herself and chatted with her new customers as if they were dear friends. Ellen's gaze immediately fell onto a sapphire and diamond ring, square cut stones in a platinum channel setting. Both Fred and Deepti caught the look in her eye, and Deepti retrieved the ring from the display case.

"It's stunning," breathed Ellen.

Fred smiled. It would be memento of their trip that she would wear every day. He asked Deepti about the ring, the stones and the cost. Deepti gave a detailed response, as well as a guarantee that any reputable appraiser would suggest a value 20% higher than the price she named or she would take it back.

As it happened, Fred's college roommate was a jeweler. He snapped a photograph with his new cell phone, texted some details and asked for an opinion. The response came within minutes—if the details were correct about the stones and the setting, the price Deepti quoted was a bargain.

Fred looked up from his phone at the two women who were talking animatedly about island life over glasses of fruit juice.

Ellen said, "Well?"

Deepti gave only a hint of a smile. She liked giving great deals to new customers because she knew they would return on their next trip.

"You have something more than a souvenir, dearest." Fred handed his credit card to Deepti.

"I have always had something more than a souvenir...I have the best husband in the world!"


The six chose to sleep in and do nothing except soak up sun and beach for the day. Susan and Charles put on bathing suits so they could walk to the north end of the beach and have a long lunch. Gina and Paul were in their usual spots under the yellow umbrella, reading and napping. Liz and Ted decided to take advantage of the gentle surf and mild breeze and paddle around in a sea kayak. The sun made them sleepy and all followed their usual course of rinsing the sand and grit off in the outdoor shower, followed by an afternoon nap before dinner.

Susan woke before Charles, washed her hair and started primping for the dinner. She was putting on blue eye shadow when Charles yawned, stretched and sat up.

"Getting ready for a date, honey?"

"Better believe it, big boy. We're gonna have fun tonight!"

Charles smiled. His wife's predatory instincts would put ten cougars to shame. He loved that she was happy being the sexual aggressor, and she loved that he was always there for her. He reflected that it might be an unconventional relationship, but that they were happy together and that's all that mattered. Both of them were going to have a wild evening. She chose a royal blue dress that set off her red hair, and matching sandals.

Gina fussed in the small closet. Nude resorts were not exactly generous with space for clothes, and she habitually overpacked. Paul watched her with bemusement.

"You know, we've been to Il Nettuno half a dozen times. Just wear the first thing that feels right."

Gina shot him a look that said not to even think about saying another word. "Look, I want tonight to be wonderful. You wear what you want to wear, I'll make my own choices. Capisce?" Gina decided on a sun-yellow wrap dress that contrasted with her deep olive complexion. Paul knew that she was going to choose her Tuscany look—she loved it when going to Mediterranean restaurants.

Ted stirred when Liz snuggled up to him. "Time to wake up sweetie, we need to get ready for dinner."

"Have I mentioned recently how happy I am having you as my wife? You're the best." Ted kissed his wife gently. "Why don't you take the first run at the shower? It'll take a few minutes for your hair to dry." By the time Ted got out of the shower, Liz was dressed. He gave her a low whistle. Liz's outfit for the night was her "long cool woman in a black dress" with a gold shell necklace and matching anklet. Like the other women, she chose a pair of dressy sandals.


Fred and Ellen arrived first, picked up the reservation and were seated at large table set up on the patio for their group so they could enjoy the sunset. They perused the wine list, and Fred ordered a Gavi and a Barolo. Just as the waiter brought the bottles for tasting, the three couples arrived.

"Fred! Ellen! So great to see you again!" Paul was genuine in his greeting. Ellen wore a stunning sleeveless pale red dress that was demure enough for a family restaurant yet perfectly matched her curves. She turned heads everywhere she went in it.

"Hi guys! We're so glad you're here! Sit!" Ellen motioned for them to sit down.

Gina was the first to notice Ellen's new ring. "Wow, you weren't wearing that the other night. I would have noticed for sure."

Ellen blushed darker than her dress, grinned and looked over at Fred. "My lover-hubby is wonderful."

Charles offered the first toast of the dinner, "To Love!"

Wine flowed, antipasti gave way to small servings of fish and chicken with fresh island vegetables and finally some homemade gelato. Ted regaled the group with pilot stories, Paul told about some of his stranger detective cases, and Charles simply told jokes. The material was old and might have fallen flat, except that Charles was a stand-up comic prior to becoming a teacher and his timing and delivery were perfect. People at adjacent tables were listening in, howling with each punch line. He got a round of applause from his audience and an appreciative glass of limoncello from the restaurant owners.

Ted fished a large SLR camera from his bag—he habitually carried a camera whenever he travelled and had amassed a large collection of nature photos—to take a photo of the group. One of the women at another table turned out to be a photojournalist and quickly organized the group: "Sir, just lean in a little closer... the blue dress...put the glass of wine on the more deadpan and everyone say PARTY!!!!..." The group started laughing again. She handed the camera back to Ted, saying "At least one of them is a great shot." Ted poured her a glass of wine as a thank you.

Ellen excused herself to use the ladies' room and Gina quickly got up to follow. The four men were thinking the same thing—do they ever not go in pairs?—and started giggling. Susan and Liz knew precisely what they were thinking, tried to frown and ended up laughing themselves.

Away from the crowd, Gina and Ellen spoke quietly. Gina asked Ellen whether they wanted to come back to Club Orient with them and open the champagne in a "more comfortable" setting. Ellen paused and looked directly at Gina.

"Gina, it sounds wonderful. We talked, Fred knows there might be more to dessert than champagne, we're excited, but we're brand new at...". She searched for the right word. "...sharing each other with others. We might have to take it slow."

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