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Forgotten Choices Ch. 03

by samwestwood©

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The time that Mark spent away, passed slowly. Melisa waited on the floor, still occasionally allowing a fresh few tears to break her demeanour and slowly slide down her face. She still had no way of judging time passing. Every small sound seemed to vibrate the walls of the basement she had been trapped in. Every time she heard a noise, whether it was just water running through the pipes, or possibly a footstep from upstairs, whatever it was, each time she jerked round and eyed the door suspiciously for a few minutes, not daring to move, before relaxing, until the cycle began again.

After what was only, in reality, about an hour and a half, dark thoughts ran through Melisa's mind

"What if he doesn't come back for me?" she panicked, "is he just going to leave me here to die?"

As she began to panic, her breathing rate increased. Her palms became sweaty and she could see her pulse beating harshly just beneath her flushed skin.

Thump. Thump. The sound resonated through the silence.

Mark, seeing all this on the cameras he had installed, saw the rise and fall of her chest and groaned. He could, of course, have gone down and reassured her, but decided against it. He didn't want to have to punish her again yet, and she needed to get her head round the situation before she even had a chance of behaving as was expected.

He mused over the events of earlier. He hadn't meant to spank her as hard as he had. He had forgotten just how new and innocent she was. Not knowing whether to apologise or just get her to respect his will, he waited, watching with hunger in his eyes at his beautiful girl.

He reminded himself that he must be careful, he couldn't lose control. Something about the girl made him loose his carefully maintained calm. Then he smirked. Running through emotions like only he could. His girl was going to learn to behave, he decided. After all, Mark didn't want to keep Melisa locked in the basement forever. He pictured a time, perhaps far in the future, when he would be able to trust her to sleep in his bed with him and he would be able to take her shopping, and she would be able to look after him, and him, her.

"Taking her was the best idea I ever had" he thought congratulating himself on what he decided must be a stroke of pure genius unmatched by any act of any other man alive. He pondered what to do with the girl when he went down. He was dying to spank her and abuse her again, but he didn't want to break her.

If he was not careful, like a child, he would break his toy because he wasn't patient enough to play nicely. After thinking all this through and letting the scenarios battle themselves out in his head, he finally decided to attempt to be nice to her; he would try and be a shoulder to cry on for a while. Equally, however, he knew if she stepped a toe out of line, he must rectify the situation quickly and efficiently. He could not allow ideas of misbehaviour to cross Melisa's mind, ideas like that would be no good for either of them.

Deciding to leave her to think over her punishment for a while, Mark went and watched some television for a while. He sat on the sofa, flicking through the channels multiple times, unable to settle on a program, with the fire that was quenching him. He was not the most patient of men, and was desperate to go and check on his acquisition, but he had to stay strong, it wouldn't help for him to go charging in there and fucking her senseless; well, that's what he tried to convince himself.

Melisa, on the other hand, was, for the most part, bored. She had been forced to accept that she couldn't do anything about her situation; she tried to get out of the bondage she had been left in, but was unable. She couldn't know when Mark was coming back, so had no way of preparing herself, and she didn't know how she could fight him off yet. She knew she had to be compliant as much as she was able. After all, she decided, submitting to him wouldn't make her weak, it would make her strong. Being able to submit to someone whatever they wanted, to keep herself safe, she didn't see how anyone would call that the weak option. She also needed to try and keep herself, for the most part, unharmed.

As much as Melisa had promised she would be patient and accept whatever was to come, she was easily frustrated, and found herself testing the utmost limits of the chains length. Finding she could pace in a small circle, she wondered round and round, until she became dizzy, at which point she stopped turned around and paced in the other direction.

It had been about two and a half hours since Mark had left when he gave in to his impatience. It was plenty long enough, he decided, and hurriedly grabbed the keys and opened the door to his little dungeon. Fumbling with the key in the lock, with his excitement to get down to the girl, he was aware that he was maybe less in control than he should have been. This time Melisa knew it was actually the door, and wondered how she could have mistaken it before. She took a deep breath and repeated encouraging sentiments to herself.

"I can do this; I will be stronger than him." And other motivational phrases. She tried to even out her breathing. Mark walked up to her confidently and calmly, hiding his raging desires on the inside. He grabbed her face, lightly, by the cheeks, and pulled it in a manner so her eyes were forced to meet his own.

"Good," he whispered "I see a little fire within these eyes, slut," he paused allowing his words to lightly echo in the silent room. Melisa shuddered,

"A feisty little subbies like you will be much more fun to break" His menacing tones struck inside Melisa, and he saw the little bit of fire break, and the natural emotions came to the forefront of her mind. He saw all the emotions flash across her face.

Anger. Hurt. Betrayal. Confusion. Sadness.

Mark expected it as all of these emotions pooled together as a single tear. The single tear ran down her face and dripped down her chin onto her breast. Then the floodgates opened. Melisa tried to stop herself, but every time she as almost there she started again, sobbing.

"ple-as-s-se s-s-sir" she sniffled, "please, let m-m-m-e g-g-go" She hadn't even noticed his arm around her until he squeezed her in what he decided was a reassuring manner. At which she stiffened. She had already failed to maintain the calm and strength she had promised herself. She found herself uttering the words of many captives in the past:

"I won't tell anyone, if you let me go, just let me go, nobody will find out"

She couldn't look away from him, and his eyes were unyielding in their penetrative stare. She sighed at her own stupidity, she knew pleading and begging wasn't the way to regain freedom. Another thought crossed her mind. Was he going to punish her for speaking?

Mark had expected this conversation, this pleading. He used his resolve to stay calm and be kind.

"Now, now little one," Mark soothed, "you know I can't do that. I'm kinder than you think I am right now. Things will get better than you can even imagine right now. You will love me" he stated sounding so certain Melisa didn't even think of denying it.

"I'm not even going to punish you for speaking right now," he continued, "what's going through your mind pet?" Melisa didn't even realise how much she needed someone to talk to, and by the look of it she only had one option. She opened her mouth to speak, and then shut it again in confusion. What could she say without him punishing her?

"I won't punish you for your thoughts, talk to me, I might be able to make things better." Mark tried to comfort her. On the one hand he wanted to know her thoughts, he may be able to use them to train her, use her fears as punishment and her hopes as reward. On the other hand, a strange emotion was seeping through him, one that most people would be fairly familiar with, but Mark living a fairly secluded life, hadn't felt in years. The emotion, of course, was guilt.

Mark didn't regret his actions by a long shot, however he preferred the screaming and shouting to the sobbing. The screaming and shouting he could deal with, she could call him any name in the book, and he would be able to laugh it off, or use it as an excuse to punish her to his heart's content. Crying on the other hand, he could do little with, and it made him more uncomfortable than he had imagined it would. Finally seeing the sincerity in his eyes, Melisa allowed herself to open up to him.

"I'm scared," she reluctantly admitted, taking a deep steadying breath.

"What are you scared of my love?" Mark asked, trying to be the good guy. Melisa cringed at the title, but needed to go on now she had started.

"What if something happens to you? What if I get locked in here with no way to escape? What are you going to do with me? Am I never going to see anyone I know ever again? Will I never get to go outside and see the sky again? Are you going to rape me? Are you going to keep punishing me like you did earlier? How will I get food, and water, and exercise?" She carried on with one hundred and one questions, letting all her worries and concerns out. Mark sighed. The reality of having a kidnapped girl in his basement was surprisingly different to the fantasy. Of course he had expected rebellion, and upset, but for the first time he saw the girl he had captured as a real human being, although only for a moment, he took pity on the girl.

"You're going to have to trust me" he stated. "Now, let's get you cleaned up. Will you behave for me, and we're going to go talk things through?" Melisa nodded. Confused at the level of sympathy he seemed to be emanating.

"I'm going to have to cuff your hands and feet for this, pet" Mark continued "but I won't hurt you if you don't give me reason to, ok?"

"Yes sir" Melisa sniffed.

"Good girl!" Mark untangled his arms from Melisa, making her feel surprisingly alone, her body feeling especially cold where his arms had been heating her up. She hardly trembled then he attached her ankles and wrists to cuffs, leaving just a short amount of chain between them, allowing her to walk with difficulty. She would never get far like that.

Mark added a short piece of chain acting as a form of leash, and slowly led the stumbling Melisa up the stairs one by one. Melisa was confused and scared. Where was he taking her? The emotional overload from the day's events was overwhelming, and her thoughts were confused.

Melisa couldn't understand why Mark had not raped her yet, and why he was even bothering to pretend to be nice to her. After all, she knew what to expect, if he had stolen her away from everything she ever knew and cared for, why would he not take advantage of the perk. Of course, she didn't want him to rape her or beat her more, but at least she would understand that.

She couldn't get her head around the situation; it became easier to just follow. She could do that. She could follow and just take whatever was in store, it was much easier than having to think about whatever may happen, so she shut her thoughts down, and allowed herself to just enjoy a little peace, and a change in scenery as the door at the top of the basement was opened, and she was able to see the house.

The house was so bright after the basement! It hurt her eyes and she blinked rapidly trying to get rid of the sensory assault. Mark led her down a series of hallways until they reached a bathroom, and suddenly, Melisa realised how much she needed to go. Mark led her to the toilet and sat her down. Melisa looked at him expectantly, waiting for him to leave.

"Do you not need to go, little one?" Mark asked, trying not to make the situation harder than it need be, of course, he wanted an excuse to punish her, but he could be patient. Punishing the girl would do no good at that moment.

"I was waiting for you to leave," Melisa pointed out, and then hastily added "sir."

"You know I can't leave you alone pet," Mark pointed out, "it's now or never."

Melisa was mortified. She knew she had no choice other than to do what he wanted, although why he wanted to watch was beyond her, but he stared her down until she finally gave in. Mark wiped her dry afterwards and she shuddered at the intimacy of his hand on her pussy, but didn't try and stop him. After letting herself try not to overthink things, she managed to actually slightly enjoy his brushing of her sex.

Mark chained her to the rail of the shower curtain and began to run her a bath.

"If you're good, pet, I can treat you and be nice to you more often. It's your own actions that get yourself into trouble." Said Mark. Melisa nodded blindly. The concept of being clean, made her feel so much better already. More human even. The bath itself looked so luxurious. Bubbles rose and a shimmer of steam rising. Mark finally turned off the running taps and tested the water with his arm. After obviously deciding it was of an appropriate temperature, he grabbed a towel to wipe the water and bubbles off his arm, and allowed his slave to get in.

As Melisa lost herself into the emersion of water, she let out a sigh, and stretched her muscles. The feeling of being warm and clean and comfortable after all the events that occurred in the last few days was beautiful. All the aches from the punishment she had taken, and from being in various bondage completely left her body, as she sunk into the clean warm water, washing her sweat and tears away.

Melisa shuddered as she felt an invasion breaking her façade of peacefulness. She looked for the source of interruption, but it was just a washcloth. Mark was tenderly washing her body, and it felt good. He seemed to wash all over her body multiple times, only leaving her tits and her sex, until suddenly; she wanted him to touch those too.

Melisa moved his hand with hers, to her breasts, which he began encircling with the washcloth making her heart rate increase, and her cheeks redden, then when she felt she could no longer take the teasing stimulation, he slowly moved down across her stomach at a pace so slow she was itching from need after so much teasing and activity. Her body was desperate for a release. For an escape from reality. She tried to move her body to position his hands where she wanted them, but felt him move away.

"No pet, I'll take this at my own speed." Mark said, before continuing the slow descent again from the top of her stomach. When he eventually brushed her sex with the slightest tickle of the corner of the washcloth, she gasped. She wanted it rough, and yet he chose now to be gentle? It seemed ironic.

Melisa was confused. On one hand she was mortified at the manner in which Mark seemed to feel he was able to take her body as his own and she was hot for him, which she didn't expect. On the other hand, her mind was pretty occupied with the ways Marks tingling touches were igniting her centre. She didn't want to have to beg for it harder and faster, but he didn't seem to be giving her much choice.

"Sir, please!" Melisa finally reluctantly let the words out.

"Please what?" Mark asked his voice heavy in sarcasm.

"Harder. Faster, please I want you to make me orgasm." Finally her need had overtaken her embarrassment. She was alone and stuck in a horrible place, and she needed release, and she needed it now.

For Mark, her mortified admission was all he needed, he sped up, using the washcloth to tease her clit and bringing his lips to her left nipple, where he began to suck and lightly bite, not enough to cause pain but enough to make the girl very aware of the sensations in both parts of her body.

Melisa had closed her eyes and was letting out quiet contented sounds every so often. She didn't care or resist when he slid first a finger, and then two into her. He felt her muscles rippling, as if testing out the intrusion. He forced another finger in there; there was some resistance, but not enough to make it uncomfortable. She was most definitely full though.

Melisa moved slightly up and down his fingers, he carried on with all his ministrations. Melisa had never had so much attention on her orgasms before. Her chest was rising and she was unaware of anything but the sensations this man was causing in her deepest core. She didn't notice half of the bath water sloshing out as she came in frenzy.

Mark waited for her to come down, and her breathing to return to normal, before he spoke.

"Ok, that's enough bath time," he spoke in a cold tone. "Let's get you back downstairs and I'll find you some food."

Melisa was confused. After all that, he was just going to send her back? That was it.

"Well that's what slaves are for" a little voice in the back of her mind said. "He'll use you how he wants and then leave you until he wants more." Melisa resigned herself. With little energy for resistance and no desire for punishment, she adopted the same cold demeanour.

"Yes sir." With that Mark handed her a towel for her to pat herself dry and led her straight down to the basement again. When they got there this time, he attached a much longer chain than before, one that allowed her movement pretty much anywhere in the big bare room, and left quickly.

"I won't be too long, just going to grab us something to eat." With that, the dungeon door closed, leaving the confused slave in semi darkness.

Melisa couldn't understand why he suddenly became so cold after the bath. Had she done something? She couldn't help but believe the words her subconscious had been drilling in to her; she was just a body for his use. Maybe she should just accept that that was how it is. She would be used as to his will, and there was nothing to be done about it. She was still horny after the encounter in the bath, which surprised her. Rather than finish her off, the orgasm experience seemed to have simply awakened her body to the touch of a man.

"On the other hand", she pondered, "if I was just for his use and nothing else, why doesn't he just rape me and be done with it? Why can't he just do it and stop playing with me like this. In fact, why doesn't he want to, what's wrong with me?" her thoughts sour, Melisa sat in the corner, bringing her legs to her chest and sitting hunched up.

"At least he left the towel." She bitterly thought to herself, bringing it up against herself trying to take some comfort in a little warmth.

Mark himself was shaking with desire. He had had to get the girl out of his way before he hurt her in his desire to use her wet moist body. He groaned running his hands through his hair, why did she elicit such a response from him? He stood in the kitchen debating what he was going to do. He didn't want to rape the girl; he wanted their sex to be a pleasurable thing, a reward of sorts. His whole body seemed to be revolving around his hard-on.

He hadn't even meant to pleasure her in the bath like that, he hadn't thought she'd be ready for any sexual contact and her willingness both surprised and aroused him. His thoughts suddenly took a walk down a darker path. As much as he tried to be a good Dominant for her, he just couldn't resist satisfying his own desires.

"Well I pleasured her," he smirked to himself "I should get her to return the favour."

With that, he grabbed whatever food was in his line of sight and virtually sprinted back to where his prize was waiting for him.

Melisa was shocked when the door opened so suddenly.

"Kneel for me slave." Mark commanded. Melisa complied, although blushing at the demeaning act, even that in her aroused contented state seemed to add to the moisture that was already increasing between her legs. She was still hurt at his coldness after the bath incident. He hardly noticed the hurt and confusion in her eyes; he was to desperate to finally feel her soft lips around him, to finally feel the warm cavern of her mouth engulfing his proudly standing erection.

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