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Second Honeymoon

by Wifetheif©

Postscript - A Year later

Don, who was renamed Doug settled into domestic bliss with his industrialist. His owner/lover had invested in Spanish lessons for Don and made him exercise regularly. He was delighted to discover that Don knew how to play golf. They were often on the course where Don knew better than to win. Although he considered castration for Don, the industrialist did not like how that looked. However to protect himself from the maids who were all taken with Don's good looks; the industrialist did order a vasectomy for his slave. That made his maids happy and made no difference to Don.

Bonnie was renamed simply Mel, the Portuguese word for honey. Her owner enjoyed her charms for seven moths and then began the process of breeding her. Keeping it in the country the Hydro-power maven knew of a fellow Brazilian with a large African slave he used as a stud service. It was decided that the two would make very beautiful children that would be very valuable in the Brazilian market. After deciding on a stud fee and the dispensation of any children that issued. the two owners watched with delight and filmed for posterity the mating of their slaves. The films themselves were a nice source of income for the slave owners as Bonnie was quite passionate and vocal. After two months of regular intercourse Bonnie was pregnant. Her Owner was beyond delight when he received word from the gynecologist that she was carrying twin girls.

Written by: Wifetheif

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Category: NonConsent/Reluctance Stories