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New Instructions Ch. 01

by GypsyMind©

As she stepped in the door she caught his sent, a lingering aroma that instantly sent lust through her veins. He'd been gone a week and since she never knew when to expect him again she allowed the indulgence of enjoying it. This time she hadn't seen him in six months, craving him every moment. He dominated her thoughts, controlled her body, sent her spiraling into a sensual coma, he was something she could never get enough of.

The text came in early Friday morning; his special alert tone turned her dreams from normal to erotic. Unable to think of him without getting wet she reached down to touch herself. Her other hand found her phone on the bedside table, his message was simple and at the same time unexpected. Cum Now. Obedient as always her orgasm hit her hard and fast. His power to do that to her still amazed her. Usually his messages gave her a meeting place or told her when to expect him. She wasn't' allowed to cum unless he said and it was uncommon for him to let her cum so easily. Awake now she climbed in the shower to get ready for work. He surprised her again when he texted her soon after she got out. Cum Again. Unsure of how he would know if she didn't she touched herself again. This time she needed a little extra help and since her toy was in the drawer next to her bed, she slid it deep inside her. Closer that she thought she came almost as soon as it touched her. Realizing she'd be late for work she got ready quickly and upon rushing out the door his next message read; Take off your panties. With no time to think about it she slid them off and tossed them in the corner next to the door.

She reached the corner just in time for the bus but found there was only room to stand. Wearing no panties she looked for a spot where she'd be standing without sticking her ass in someone's face! She had no luck and found herself standing with her rear in the face of an elderly gentleman who using her imagination easily passed for a college professor. After the morning she'd had she didn't stop the daydream of needing extra credit from this professor. After a block or so she became aware of how much he didn't mind either. He got braver the longer she didn't stop his advances and soon enough was rubbing the inside of her thigh. She could feel his breath coming harder. A bump in the road jostled her causing his hand to land in her crotch; he quickly took advantage of her panty less state and slid a finger inside her. Before she had a chance to register what had happened his finger had slid back out and was again resting on her thigh. A few minutes later the bus stopped and as the man left he slid a business card into her hand. Stealing his seat she took the last few minutes to collect herself before her stop.

As she walked into her building she got another text: I've sent you a present. You may not cum. She looked at the text. That was curious. His messages today were different. Where was he and why the games when there had been none before? Shrugging her shoulders, she moved on into the building. A present? It couldn't be bad; knowing him it would be exciting.

It was nearing lunch when she was called to the boss's office. What had started as a good day looked like it was about to turn very bad. No one was called to the office unless it was to get yelled at. Stepping through the door she smiled nervously at her boss.

"A package just came for you. I've called you in here because it didn't pass the security scans. The guards however thought they might go ahead and give it to you. I feel like I don't need to remind you that items of a personal nature should be sent to you own home."

The present! What did he send her? She was handed a small box wrapped in plain brown paper. As she un-wrapped the package, a note fell out. Give this to your boss. With slightly numb finders she handed the note over. Her boss showed no expression while he read the note. When he was finished he folded it carefully and placed it in his pocket. Standing he got up, closed his door, pulled his curtains, and paged his secretary, telling her to hold all his calls. She was no longer nervous, she was terrified.

"Finish opening the package."

Inside the box she found a bright pink vibrator. It was nothing fancy, smooth and long, no bells and whistles, just a vibrator. She tried to keep it hidden inside the box. Her boss gave her and all too knowing look.

"Take it out of the box and go to the couch. You may not cum."

They were His instructions. He wanted him to do this! How much was she supposed to do with her boss? Knowing better than to disobey either man; she turned and moved to the couch. Her boss sat back in his chair and pulled out his cock. Ready to enjoy the show he motioned for her to begin. Turning the vibrator on, she rubbed it over her clit. Still sensitive from her attentions this morning it sent a thrill down her spine. It didn't take long for her to become wet enough to slide it inside her. Her boss was stroking himself becoming harder just as she was growing wetter. She began to really fuck herself, loosing her control, enjoying giving a show. The next time she looked up her boss was standing in front of her. His dick was long and thick, it was everything the toy was not. Lust strong and pure coursed through her. There must have been a look on her face.

"I can cum but you can not. I may not fuck your pussy but I am allowed to fuck your mouth. You will swallow."

Without anymore preamble he pushed his cock down her throat. He fisted his hand in her hair and pulled her close. She had no choice but to relax and pull him deep into her mouth. He let her adjust for a minute and began moving. He was fucking her mouth and growing harder as he did it. With a dick in her mouth and the vibrator in her pussy it was taking all her concentration not to cum. She wasn't sure how much more she could take. She knew she wasn't going to last much longer. Her boss began to tense and as he pulled her even further onto his cock, he came. It shot down her throat hot and salty, it was almost her undoing. Her boss smiled at her, reached down and pulled the vibrator out of her pussy. Bringing it to his lips he licked her juices off it and stuck it in his pocket.

"This will stay here with me. I'm told further instruction will be given. For now you may have the rest of the day off. I will see you on Monday."

She'd been dismissed from the office. Worked up as she was she didn't notice the look the bosses' secretary gave her. She had the rest of the day off! Not knowing what else do to she decided to go home first. After a shower and change of cloths maybe she'd feel like doing something else.

As she walked up to her door she became instantly alert. Her door was open, not all the way but cracked enough that she knew someone was in her apartment. Easing the door open with one hand she peered inside. No one that she could see, her TV and stereo were still here, the place looked empty. Stepping inside she stopped to look around the corners. Feeling silly as she creeped into her own house, she started to relax. She must not have got the door closed all the way; it made her glad she lived in a good building. As she stepped into her living room, arms wrapped around her and she was quickly blindfolded. She had no time to scream before she was turned around and kissed. The lips covering hers were harsh and demanding. Her mouth was forced open and a tongue lunged against hers. She was being pushed backwards toward her bedroom. It was Him. He was the only one who could make her body react like this. She allowed herself to start enjoying the sensations that being blindfolded created.

She felt her legs hit the edge of the bed. He pushed and she fell back. Without any panties on her pussy was exposed to him. She felt him kneel at the edge of her bed and before she could take a deep breath his mouth was covering her clit. He gave it one hard long suck then licked her from the bottom of her pussy back up to her clit. He repeated this until she was so wet she was dripping. Gasping now, she was close to cumming. A scream escaped her as he covered her clit again with his mouth and plunged his fingers into her. She still hadn't been given permission to cum but she didn't' think she could stop herself any more. He stopped. He moved away from her. She couldn't tell where he was, didn't know what would happen next when she felt his weight close to her head. His hand was in her hair and his cock was being slid into her mouth. He wasn't as forceful as her boss had been but she knew that she would still be made to take all of him. Striving to please him she sucked as he fucked her mouth. COCK, it was all she could think about. She wanted him in her pussy, she wanted to cum! Again he left her. His next movement had him at the end of the bed again, with one quick motion he grabbed her hips and flipped her, shoving her face in to the bed. Lifting her skirt, he spanked her ass. She felt his dick poised at her entrance, he allowed just the head to slide in, teasing her to the brink of insanity. She heard the words she'd been longing for.

"You may cum now, you may cum as many times as you wish for the rest of the evening."

She came.

Before she could finish he thrust deep and started to fuck her hard and fast. He grabbed her hips and slammed into her, his balls slapped against her clit. As he spanked her she came again. Turning her over, he pushed her further up the bed and put her feet over his shoulders. It seemed he couldn't get any deeper until he grabber her ass and lifted her hips. She could do nothing other than scream his name and come again.

He slowed the pace down, bringing her legs down and wrapping them around his hips. He built her back up again with long slow strokes, pulling himself almost all the way out and with excruciating slowness sliding back in. It was sensual bliss like she'd never experienced before. Her next orgasm built with a steady pressure. He spoke again, this time almost a whisper in her ear.

"I'm going to cum, cum with me. Cum with me now."

He bit her neck, sending her over the edge. This time it was a wave of pleasure washing over her. It lasted for a few long minutes leaving her breathless at the end. In one motion he rolled off her, tucked her into his side, and covered them with her blanket. He clicked out the light and with out another word they fell into an exhausted sleep.

He was gone again before she woke up the next morning. At work on Monday she received flowers and another note to give to her boss.

Written by: GypsyMind

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