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Feel Free to Fuck my Wife Tonight

by Missus_S©

"So, I guess what I'm saying is: feel free to fuck my wife tonight."

And so it began. How they got to that point was both specific and generic - a few beers (and maybe a few more), increasingly bawdy conversation and suggestive body language, and finally a man-to-man chat while Carrie conveniently dismissed herself to use the bathroom.

She returned to the living room to see her husband Tim laughing and tossing back the last of his beer while their friend Shane stood, rooted in place, jaw flapping wordlessly.

"You look like someone just hit you over the head," Carrie said, not unkindly, to Shane.

Shane forced a little laugh. "That's pretty much how I feel," he muttered, then quickly added, "but not in a bad way."

"No hard feelings if you're not interested, though," Carrie reassured him. "You're not going to wound my womanly pride if I'm not your type or you're just not in the mood. We can just keep drinking like nothing happened and I'll fuck Tim after you leave."

"No, I'm interested!" he blurted out a little too quickly. "I'm just... not sure how this is supposed to work."

"Insert tab A into slot B," Carrie laughed. "No, really, I understand. It's a weird situation. Have a seat and finish your drink; I'll grab us one more each."

Grateful to be out of the spotlight, Shane sat back down on the sofa and drained his beer. Tim sat in the recliner, looking rather pleased with himself. Carrie bounced back in with three opened bottles, delivered Tim's to him, and settled in on the couch next to Shane. She rested her hand casually on his thigh and stroked it gently. Shane felt his cock stiffen and shifted in his seat.

"Mmm, feeling a little uncomfortable?" Carrie inquired, turning to face him and moving her hand up towards the conspicuous bulge in his pants.

"Nothing a little attention won't fix," Shane replied, his hand moving to the back of her neck, ready to pull her in for a kiss. Then, as if suddenly remembering Tim, he looked up and asked, "You sure about this, man?"

It was Carrie who responded. "He's always wanted to watch me in action. He might want in on it later, but for now, I'm yours."

Shane looked at Tim as if he still didn't quite believe all this. "Seriously, man," Tim assured him, "Do what you want. Stay out here, take her to bed, whatever. I always get mine eventually."

Carrie straddled him. "I saw you looking at my tits before. Don't pretend you don't want them." She pulled her shirt up over her head, exposing a lacy slate-gray bra. He groaned involuntarily and lost whatever was left of his self-control and hesitance.

She was tall, and straddling him as she was, her breasts sat conveniently at eye level. He massaged them gently through her bra, pulling her towards him and kissing her gently on the upper chest and neck.

"You don't have to be so nice," she practically growled. "You're always too nice. Just take what you want. Be a little bit of an asshole. I like it."

Music. To. His. Ears. His most recent long-term girlfriend had constantly chastised him for being too hard, too hungry, too... animalistic. The experience had left him hesitant, never wanting to offend or hurt. Not a problem tonight, apparently. He roughly pulled her bra up, exposing her tits. He took one in his hand and the other into his mouth.

As he nibbled, sucked, and licked her right nipple, he experimented with her left, pinching it between his fingers to see how much she really wanted. Her moans of pleasure and brief yelps of pain rose in volume as he worked her nipple harder, harder, harder. He bit down, not gently, on her right nipple.

"Ahh, FUCK!" Carrie screamed, throwing her head back. Briefly concerned he had gone too far, he pulled back.

"Don't fucking stop. That feels incredible." she moaned, leaning forward to give him access once again.

Shane, always a breast man, wasn't one to say no to such a request. He caressed, pinched, sucked, and bit her tits as she moaned and cried out. Suddenly, though, she pulled back.

"I want to suck your dick," she breathed. "Please, I want to suck it."

She moved down between his legs, opened his jeans, and tugged down on them. He raised his hips and she pulled his pants and boxers down to his ankles. He kicked them aside.

"God, that's a beautiful cock," Carrie exclaimed, and then lowered her head down.

She swirled her tongue in slow circles around the tip, then moved down the underside to his balls. She pulled each of them in turn into her mouth, sucking and tracing patterns on them with her tongue, then worked her way slowly back up to the tip. Pausing only to glance up and shoot him a wicked grin, she took him into her mouth and went to work in earnest.

Shane had gotten enough blowjobs in his day to recognize a master at work. Carrie's mouth moved up and down his cock, never breaking suction. Her tongue intermittently teased the underside of the head while her left fist remained clamped around the base, gently stroking I rhythm with her mouth. Her left hand massaged his balls. It was all he could do to not come immediately. No wonder Tim always looked so relaxed, with this kind of service waiting for him at home... Tim!

Shane had forgotten Tim existed. His eyes popped open and he looked across the room, making eye contact with his friend. "Damn," Shane muttered in his general direction. "She's good."

Tim nodded. "Mind if I give her a little attention while she works on you?"

Shane managed a laugh, though it came out more like a groan as Carrie worked her way back up to the tip of his cock and stayed there, holding suction and teasing the tip with her tongue. "Have at her. She's got it coming."

Tim moved in behind Carrie and hiked her blue skirt up, exposing gray lace panties that matched the bra still hiked up above her breasts. She moaned around Shane's cock and spread her legs, granting her husband easier access. Shane removed her bra and Tim pulled her panties down and off, holding them up for Shane to see. "You must really have her revved up," he commented, "She's dripping wet."

Tim tossed the panties aside and settled in, on his back, looking up at Carrie's pussy. Still not breaking suction on Shane's dick, she lowered herself down onto her husband's face. He must have been doing something right down there, Shane thought, because her dick-sucking suddenly became much less focused. Tim would hit the right spot, and Carrie would pull back and nearly scream her approval.

Still, Shane knew he was only going to last so much longer. As distracted as she was, she was still on par to finish him off in the next few minutes unless something changed soon.

"Carrie," he managed to grunt, "I'm getting close. We need to slow down or change tactics or something."

"I want that beautiful dick inside me," she proclaimed, then shuddered as Tim apparently hit just the right spot. "Put on a condom and lie down on the floor." She gestured to the end table, where an assortment of protection sat in a ceramic bowl. Damn, these two were prepared. How long had they been planning this?

He quickly got himself wrapped up and positioned himself on his back as instructed. He looked over at the other two and found them just as he had left them: Tim lying on his back, face buried in Carrie's pussy, Carrie still kneeling on the floor, her torso draped over the seat of the couch. Her body spasmed periodically and the sofa cushions muffled her ongoing groans of pleasure.

"Uh, Carrie?" Shane said softly.

She lifted her head and turned to look at him. "You ready to bury that cock inside me?" She asked.

"That's one way to put it," he laughed, realizing he looked a little ridiculous lying naked by himself in the middle of the living room floor. Tim ignored them both, two fingers buried in Carrie's slit, his mouth clamped around her clit.

Carrie leapt up off of her husband's face, ignoring his disappointed muttering, and moved over to where Shane waited. Skirt still hike up around her waist and bra, she positioned her pussy over Shane's dick. "Don't be a whiner, Tim," she said over her shoulder to him. "You always said you wanted me to suck you off while I fucked another man. You can eat me out any old day." She looked down at Shane. "Never met a guy who likes eating pussy as much as him. Now, about that fucking..."

In response, Shane grabbed her by the hips and pulled her down onto his dick. They moaned in unison and began moving as one. He watched with interest as Tim, having quickly removed his clothing, positioned himself in front of Carrie and, gently but firmly, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her mouth onto his cock.

This was as close as Shane had ever been to another man's genitals, and upon less than a second of reflection, he decided he did not care one little tiny bit. His dick was buried in a beautiful, skilled, horny woman. Judging by Tim's nearly-incomprehensible commentary above, Carrie must have been doing just as good a job on him as she had on Shane earlier.

Carrie reached down and grabbed Shane's hands, pulling them up to her breasts. Remembering her earlier reaction, he went to work once again on her nipples, pinching and twisting them. Her muffled moans of pleasure turned to screams and she bucked, hard and fast, as she came.

She collapsed in a heap on Shane's chest, her body shuddering. Concerned that she wouldn't be able to continue, he glanced up to find Tim looking down at him. "Just give her a second," he reassured his buddy. "She'll keep going."

True to form, she sat up and took her husband's cock back into her mouth. When she started riding him again, Shane realized just how close he was to finishing. Wanting to give Carrie at least one more orgasm, he reached back up and resumed playing with her tits. She bucked and moaned but kept Tim's dick in her mouth.

Desperate for release, Shane moved his hands to her hips and slammed her repeatedly down on his cock. She threw her head back and screamed her assent.

"You're such a fucking cock slut, Carrie," Tim said above him. "Look at you, riding one dick and sucking another. You've always wanted do do this, haven't you?"

"Oh, fuck yes," Carrie moaned in agreement, as her body tensed once again in preparation for orgasm.

"Not this time, slut," he said, stepping back. "Get off that dick and lie down on your back."

Shane was disappointed, but also fairly certain that these two wouldn't leave him, erection waving helplessly in the wind. He watched as Tim knelt down next to Carrie's head. He motioned for Shane to join him.

Shane watched as Tim took his own dick in one hand and reached down with his other to grab one of Carrie's nipples. Carrie's own fingers found her clit and went steadily to work. Shane knelt down opposite Tim and pinched her other nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Stroking his dick, he took in the whole scene: Tim fondling Carrie's breast while jerking off above her, Carrie furiously rubbing her clit and attempting to grasp at the carpet in desperation, and his own dick, rock-hard and aimed at the face of that gorgeous woman.

A few focused strokes were all it took. He came hard and strong, cum shooting over her mouth, neck, and chest. She reached up with her spare hand and rubbed it into her chest, then arched her back and screamed as her orgasm again overtook her. Tim came at this moment as well, shooting his cum over her stomach and tits.

The two men collapsed onto the floor on either side of Carrie. Unsure what to do or say, Shane waited for one of the other two to make a move.

"Well," said Tim abruptly, "that was fun."

"Yeah, we should really hang out with Shane more often," Carrie agreed. "I can think of a lot of things that we didn't get around to doing tonight."

Shane lifted his head up. "Oh?" He inquired. "Like what?"

"Let's save that," she laughed. "I think we've all had enough firsts for one night. And we should probably finish our beers"

Written by: Missus_S

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