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Housesitting Ch. 01

by 1000dreams©

"Ding! Dong!" Molly was standing by the door with her small bag strapped to her shoulder. A close family friend of her mother's had contacted her to watch the house of an acquaintance of theirs that same morning. She was available and needed the extra cash. It was mid-August and most of her friends where away on vacation so the timing was perfect. A quiet weekend resting and sunbathing by the poolside of some Mac Mansion sounded like easy money. She was enjoying the last days of her summer break and would be returning to the world of Academia in a few days. After a summer working almost 7 days a week at the local mall she was content to start enjoying her time off.

"Ding! Dong!" She stood at the front stoop of the palatial residence waiting patiently. The doors finally opened on a very elegant 30 something male. He was wearing a sharp business suit and led her into the sumptuous entryway. The deco was tastefully done in a minimalist, modern, Zen type of way. The floors were a combination of wood and stone. The walls were white and mostly bare with small calligraphies of Asian characters. The scripts looked Japanese to her, but she could not tell for sure. He then gave her a quick tour of the main house all the while thanking her for coming on such short notice. He felt obliged to explain that he had to go away on a business trip and that his staff would be off too. Despite his state-of-the-art security system, he never left the house unattended and his regular house sitter had abruptly become unavailable for personal reasons.

Once he had showed her the house and the room where she would be staying, they stepped out on the grounds of the property. There it was and it was even more beautiful and grandiose than what she could have ever imagined. An intricate system of 5 cascading pools sat at the center of a Japanese Garden designed to echo the style of the main house. Quiet, tranquility and absolute privacy were all taken into account for this plush sanctuary that combined traditional and modern elements of the Far East. A pool house almost as big as her childhood house stood next to the main pool and served as a gym and guesthouse. He explained that she was free to use all the equipment inside except for one. But she was so distracted and astonished by the beauty of her surroundings that she did not really hear what he was talking about.

He was gone before she knew it. His personality had fit the style of his attire. Driven and ambitious his demeanor was very concise and his speech pattern very efficient. He had been grateful and polite yet he had not used any unnecessary words. Using only what was required to communicate what was necessary. He seemed in a rush and his car picked him up a mere 10 minutes after her arrival.

Molly stood there bewildered and disoriented as if she had just walked through a very windy storm. She thought to herself that his personality certainly was not reflected into this quiet and peaceful architecture. Now that he was gone, she let the ambiance of the Garden work its magic.

She felt the gentle breeze on her skin as she sat by the pool sipping on a glass of cool lemonade. The sun was almost at its apex and the mercury had risen over the course of the morning. It was high time for a swim and she slowly walked back to her room to put on her very conservative one-piece bathing suit. It was awkward for her to be walking in these foreign surroundings in her swimming attire. She felt out of place. A tingle ran down her spine as she stepped barefoot in the living room on her way back to the pool. These emotions made her hyper sensitive. The wooden floor and the stone floor coverings were soft under her feet. What a sensual experience it was to be discovering this foreign place almost naked. The cool air of the AC had made her nipples pop out and she noticed that they were clearly showing through the material. Though she was alone she felt a tinge of embarrassment. She was walking through this strange man's house and she felt exposed though she knew she was alone. What a thrill! She wanted more of it and she had the whole weekend to get it.

In the middle of the stranger's strange house she grabbed her bathing suit and undressed. She then went seeking the stereo and once the music was on she started dancing and swaying her body to the music. Freedom. She had never been naked outside of a bathroom or of her bedroom and this was pure folly. She loved it. She was excited and her heart was pounding as pressure was building up in her chest. She sensed everything and felt everything and when her hand brushed her hips it sent shivers that rippled all over her body. She then moved her hands up and down and all over enjoying the tingles and the caresses that they produced. When she touched her sex she nearly drop to her knees. She was wet, hot, bothered. The liquid heat was almost agonizing yet it was so good. She was so excited that it became heard to breath. She did not want the experience to stop though. She started rubbing herself against the furniture wanting to experience the materials and fabrics with every inch of her skin. "Hhhh! Hhhh! Hhhh!" She was panting and writhing. The walls were soft against her erect nipples. The cool leather of the couch almost made her come right when she sat upon it. The feeling of doing something that was forbidden brought her to the limits of self-control. She lived for the sensations that were coursing through her and nothing else mattered. She would wrap a leg around a doorframe and stretch herself enjoying the cool air that would rush into her gaping labia. She would straddle a tall bar stool and feel the burning liquids of her desire drip onto the wooden seat leaving a small wet spot after she was done.

Somehow, she made it into the master bedroom. When she saw the inviting bed, visions of the handsome stranger came to mind. A pang of humiliation as to her wanton actions shot through her mind somehow exciting her even more. She slid onto his bed on her stomach getting in at the feet and snaking and dragging her torso against the soft cotton of his bedding. The friction on her skin as she dragged herself up the length of the bed and the smell of the man brought her closer to the edge of ecstasy. Once she was in the middle of the bed, she turned on her back. She parted her legs and lifted her knees to her head opening herself to the cold air. She brought down both of her hands and started masturbating furiously. She gathered the tips of the fingers of one of her hand together in the shape of a pointy spear and applied pressure to her slick and steamy lips trying to jam them as far as they would go. Her other hand was a blur moving feverishly on her engorged clit. Within minutes she exploded in a powerful orgasm. She was spent and collapsed.

When she recovered from her orgasm, her eyes popped open. She was still nude and in the bed of a stranger and the thrill of her mischievous behavior would not diminish. She had not been able to relieve her pent-up sexual frustration for weeks. For some reason she never felt comfortable enough to get herself off when she knew that her parents where in the same house. She had not seen her boyfriend sine the beginning of the summer break and, honestly, his radio silence over the past three weeks had led her to believe that their last phone call might have been their last fight.

She got up and headed to the man's bathroom. She took an ice-cold invigorating shower and wrapped herself in a big thick white towel. She arranged the bedding quickly and once she was satisfied that the room was ship shape she walked out to the pool with another glass of lemonade. She glanced around and when she was reassured that the property was secluded and that no one would be able to see her she dropped her towel to the ground letting the warm breeze drape itself around her. This weekend would definitely be one to remember.

Written by: 1000dreams

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