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Stepmom and Me Ch. 06

by JhMcKn©

Daddy had an enormous erection and his cock curved upward like a Scimitar sword. He reared back and laid another stroke on her ass and again she cried. "Now you fucking whore. Are you going to be sitting on my prick again and piss all over me without asking permission first? You're a fucking whore and you need to be fucked tonight, but I'm not finished punishing you yet." daddy told her.

"No master daddy. I won't do that again. I am terribly sorry, but I lost control of my bladder and the piss just poured out of it. I couldn't help it but please don't hit me anymore. My ass is very sore now from you whipping me." Emmy Lou said to him

About this time Velma, Margie, and I looked at Herb who was in disbelief as he saw his wife being punished. It must have had a tremendous impact on him because his cock was sticking straight out in front of him like a flagpole and was just as stiff. He had come downstairs from fucking Margie not thirty minutes before and had ejaculated semen all over her. I had never seen Herb's cock as stiff as it was. Velma whispered something in Herb's ear and he slowly moved around in front of his shackled wife and said to her "Why don't just shut the fuck up and stick my fucking cock in your mouth and suck on it till master daddy gets finished flogging you."

Emmy Lou opened her mouth like a baby bird waiting to be fed and Herb quickly inserted his cock in her mouth. Daddy gave her two more smacks on her ass with the strap, one on each ass cheek. Then he swiftly hit her cunt three times with the strap. She screamed and proceeded to suck her husbands very hard cock. Herb didn't last fifteen seconds until he spurted semen in Emmy Lou's mouth. He shot so much it ran out her mouth and down the sides of it onto her chin. She continued sucking his cock, perhaps more in fear of being whipped some more with the quirt than anything.

Master daddy asked me if I needed to piss. I informed him I could and he told me to just stand behind Emmy Lou and piss all over her ass cheeks making sure I got the lacerations all wet.

I walked over behind her and as I did so, Margie came over and took hold of my cock. I began pissing and she guided it so it went all over Emmy Lou's ass. Emmy screamed loudly when the hot salty piss hit her open sores. I stopped momentarily to let my piss drain off, then proceeded to piss on her ass again, causing another round of screams from her.

Herb said to Emmy Lou "Don't you dare bite my fucking cock while you have it in your mouth or I will beat your fucking ass dear. If I beat your ass it will hurt more than daddy beating it, so don't bite my prick."

Emmy Lou released his cock from her mouth and said "I won't bite your fucking prick darling. I just want you to fuck me more regularly with it than you have been lately. Now I need to suck master daddy's cock so he won't be angry at me anymore."

About this time Becky and Peter made an appearance with Becky looking like she had been fucked out. Her hair needed brushing and her stockings needed to be pulled up and her seams straightened. She was wearing a pair of ultra sheer back panties and I could immediately see she was leaking gobs of semen into the crotch area.The insides of her thighs were glistening wet where semen had leaked beyond the elastic of her panties and was dribbling down her thighs. Peter's cock was hanging down in front of him and it looked like it wasn't about to get erect anytime soon.

"Becky dear. Did Peter give you the fuck of your life this evening?" Emmy Lou asked of her daughter.

"Oh mother. He has had his rampant cock in and out of my wet cunt more times than I care to count. I am drowning in his seed, as you can see. It is leaking out and into my panties and they are soaking wet." Becky replied.

Not only was Peter's love juice running into the crotch of her sheer panties, it was also leaking out the sides around the elastic and dribbling down her thighs toward her stocking tops. You could see the lines as it traveled down her thighs toward her sheer black stockings.

Since it was about four o'clock in the afternoon, master daddy decided it was cocktail time and he and Peter made up a pitcher of good gin martinis and V.O Manhattan's. Dinner would be around seven o'clock and would be prime rib and baked potato with salad and dinner rolls. He indicated he and Peter would prepare dinner while everyone enjoyed themselves. If anyone needed to clean up before dinner they could do so.

Everyone just kind of kicked back and lit a cigarette and poured a drink. As I expected, my step mother and Emmy Lou took a martini while Becky and Margie each had a Manhattan. I told Becky to be careful because they could sneak up on you if you had too many or drank them too fast.

Becky asked Peter "What else do they call your nuts"?

Peter replied "What do you mean what else do they call them?"

"Well. Don't they have any other names for them besides 'nuts'?"

Peter said "Well dear, they call them balls and cajones so if you ever hear someone tell a guy he has big cajones, they figuratively mean he has big balls and would do things other guys might not do."

Velma jumped into the conversation and said "I know a few guys right here that have big balls and I like all of them. I like my men to have big balls so they can fill my cunt up with the juice that comes from their balls."

Emmy Lou replied that she enjoyed guys with big nuts too because when they fucked her their nut sack banged against her ass and she could feel them. She also said she liked to suck their nuts once in awhile.

That brought the next question from Becky as to why mens nut sacks were sometimes tight and right up to their body while other times their nuts seemed to be hanging down and were very loose.

Master daddy simply told her that the temperature had a lot to do with that. If a guys nuts were cold, the scrotum shriveled up to keep them warm. If the temperature was warm, the scrotum loosened up and let them hang down and made them look like they were heavy. Testicles needed to remain at relatively the same temperature for the sperm to maintain good health for reproduction.

"So Becky. Have you had all your questions about guys and their balls answered?" daddy asked.

"I think so." Becky replied. "At least I now know why they either hang or don't hang and I like them hanging when I play with them."

Velma got up and went to Emmy Lou and asked her if she needed a refill.

"My dear. I do believe I could use another martini. That one was so good and icy cold too. Are you going to pour for me?" Emmy Lou asked as she brushed her hand through Velma's cunt hair.

Velma took hold of Emmy's wrist and pushed it back in her cunt and said "Yes dear. I'm going to pour if you will let go of me."

Emmy Lou replied. "I didn't know I had hold of you dear, but I will grab some of your cunt hair to keep you right here. Do you want me to play with your wet cunt?"

"Yes honey, but not at this moment. Let me get our drinks and then we can go off by ourselves and play if we want to." replied Velma. "I might give you a dribble or two before I get our drinks."

"Could you do that darling?" Emmy Lou whispered to Velma.

"Of course. Leave your hand right there and let me give you a drop or three." Velma replied.

"Oh you fucking bitch." Emmy Lou whispered. "You dribbled on my fucking hand. Now go refill our glasses." With that she retracted her hand and looked to see how wet it really was.

Becky looked at me then her mother. She whispered to me "She has really become a fucking whore lately. She can't get enough cock and she loves all the peeing games that are being played as well as all the lingerie that Master Daddy is buying for all of us. I suppose sometime later today she will want to put her nipple rings in her teats and parade around showing them off to everyone."

"Well. If that is what she wants to do, then let her. You've come on board too with all of this haven't you? You let Master daddy take your cheery and then immediately after that you got fucked by me. Now you're into cock sucking and have had a cock up your ass, so what are you saying about your mother?" I asked.

Velma and Emmy Lou left the kitchen area with their drinks walking hand in hand. Emmy Lou was wearing two and a half inch heels and towered over Velma by at least eight inches. Both of them looked lovely as they walked away with their tight asses swaying and their dark seamed stockings showing off their legs.

"I think we should give them five minutes before we go looking for them." Becky whispered to me. "I want to find out what they are up to because it is more than drinking a martini and smoking a cigarette. I think there is going to be some pussy eating going on between them."

"We will see." I replied. "But right now why don't you fondle my cock and balls and see if you can get me nice and hard again."

In the meantime, Master daddy, Herb, and Peter were smoking and having a drink with Margie in among their midst. Herb was fondling her huge teats as he was sipping his martini. He said "I think I would love to suck your fat nipples a little later today. I might also want to play with your hairy cunt too. It seems as though my wife and Master daddy's wife have left us for awhile to do their own thing which is probably to suck each others cunts."

Margie replied that she would enjoy having Herb suck her teats for awhile. She would also enjoy fondling his nuts and stroking his cock too.

Master daddy told Margie to sit around in the chair and spread her legs wide open so he could eat her hairy pussy. She scooted around and Master knelt down in front of her and proceeded to stick his tongue up inside her cunt. As he was eating her pussy, Herb began nursing on her right teat and Peter put his cock right up to his wife's mouth and said "Here you fucking bitch. While they are doing all of that, you can suck my fucking cock."

Margie opened her mouth wide and took all of her husbands cock in her mouth and began sucking on it. I could tell Margie was in cock Heaven with three men playing with her or her playing with them. She was sucking vigorously on her husband, Peter's cock, while daddy was sucking her cunt and Herb nursed her nipple on her teat. Suddenly she quivered and I surmised she had climaxed. My theory was confirmed as daddy began lapping at her cunt even faster and Margie let go of Peter's cock long enough to holler at daddy "You cunt licker. Suck my fucking cunt even more you prick, because all of you are making me climax."

Master daddy went back to sucking her cunt even faster and with more vigor while Margie grabbed Peter's cock back in her mouth and began sucking him again.

Becky whispered in my ear. "I need to pee and I want to give you a fucking golden shower while I'm pissing. Are you up to having me piss all over you darling?"

I nodded in the affirmative and Becky too me by the hand and we headed toward to large shower in the basement.

"I really need to piss and badly, so lie down on the floor and I'm goibng to straddle you and piss all over you." Becky exclaimed.

I laid down and she stepped over me and straddled my body. She pulled her hairy cunt lips wide open and began dribbling on me. Then, without any warning, her hot pee began flowing out of her big pee hole, splashing off of my cock and belly. She aimed a little higher and it was up on my chest, then suddenly it was over. Of course in the process she had pee going down her thighs and legs and her stockings were soaked at the tops.

"I just needed to piss all over you darling John." she said. "I've been waiting all day to find a chance to do it. I'm so horny again I'm going to need your big cock fucking me and filling me up with your seed."

Becky then sat on my face with all of her big, black, bushy cunt hair covering me and said "Now lick my fucking pussy and spread my cunt lips and suck my pee hole darling. I want to feel your tongue and lips covering my pee hole and clit."

I reached with my hands and spread her cunt lips open and proceeded to begin licking her wet vagina, pee hole, and clit. Her clit was very hard and elongated, so I stopped for a moment and sucked on it. Becky shuddered and screamed, "Oh keep that up you cunt licker. It feels so good and I think I am going to have a climax."

Written by: JhMcKn

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