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Tormented Ch. 04

by FallenTreasure©

He pulled his convertible up to her apartment and stared at the white building. Standing from the car he came round to open her door, taking her hand he pulled her to her feet, wrapping an arm around her waist he dropped a kiss to her temple.

"This is nice."

"Yeah. Like I said I earned ok money when I was dancing, this was my reward." Her pretty face had lit up in a smile as she gazed on what she had worked for. "Come on. I'll pack a bag then maybe we can get some lunch before we go back?"

He motioned for her to go first and enjoyed the sway of her hips in her black dress, she unlocked the front doors and waved to the tall dark haired man sat behind a white marble desk in the lobby.

"Hi Luca."

"Miss Hunter. Sir." He nodded at the pair as they walked through the lobby to the lift, she pressed the button for the top floor and the doors slid smoothly closed.

"Miss Hunter?"

She looked at the floor and laughed softly. "Yeah, to the good people of California I am Lily Hunter. Moved from England after the tragic death of my parents and currently living off their money. It's a blessed life Ryan."

"I always liked you with the English accent," he leant down and whispered into her ear. "It's sexy."

She giggled and swatted him away just as the lift stopped and the doors opened, large white, wooden, double doors greeted them and she took a key from her small black bag. Stepping into the flat she kicked off her shoes and turned back to face him.

"Well, what do you think?" He stared around the spacious, open plan rooms, kitchen, living room and dining room all ran into each other, a door to his left stood open slightly showing the closet and another stood opposite but it was closed. A winding set of black stairs lead up to the second floor but what caught his attention was the back wall. It was made entirely of glass with another set of double doors, also glass, leading to balcony that looked out over the sparkling blue ocean.

"Its amazing. How much money did you make?"

"Enough. I'm going to go shower and change, there's wine or beer in the fridge. Make yourself comfy."

"I'd much rather join you in the shower." He slipped both arms around her small waist and leant down to kiss her. She swatted him away and moved towards the stairs.

"If you do then we'll never leave. I won't be long ok?" She hurried up the stairs and he watched her go a smug grin on his face, then pulling out his phone he dialled and began making arrangements for the rest of day.

She stood under the relaxing spray of the large shower head, the hot water soothed her muscles that still ached slightly from their vigorous use of the previous night, she washed her long hair before soaping her tight, lean body enjoying the feeling of her own hands upon her sensitive skin. She spread the bubbles across her firm breasts her fingers gently toying with her small pink nipples. They hardened under her touch and she gasped softly, sliding her hands down her flat stomach they dipped over her smooth mound and the pad of one finger found her clit. Biting her lip she choked back a groan, she dipped a finger inside herself and her back arched. As she worked her finger deeper into her pussy her free left hand came back to cup her breast, once more her fingers rolling the tender nipple around sending jolts of pleasure through her whole body. She added a second finger and began to move them even faster. The thumb of her right hand began to make quick circles on her small clit and her whole body began to tremble, her fingers pinched hard on her nipple and she cried out as her orgasm ripped through her body.

Slumping against the tiled wall she tried to control her breathing and ran her hands through her wet hair, washing the soap off her body, trying not to touch her over sensitive skin, she stepped from the large shower and wrapped herself in a fluffy white towel. Walking through to her room she sat at the large black vanity and brushed out her hair in front of the mirror, her make up consisted of subtle eyeliner and mascara, blush on her soft cheeks and pale pink lipstick that suited the soft arch of her mouth. She piled her hair into a messy bun on top of her head and pinned the stray curls from her face. From the huge walk in wardrobe she pulled a short silk sundress. White with pale pink cherry blossom print. Dressing in pale pink lace bra and panties, a suspender belt which she attached to skin coloured stockings and slid the dress over her head then stepped into pink heels. Quickly packing a suitcase she returned downstairs and cleared her throat.

Ryan turned from where he stood staring out at the sea, his eyes widened when he saw her and a slow smile spread across his face as he took her in.

"Wow." Her dress was short, the top tight against her body, the neckline high but it had no sleeves, the skirt flared at her hips reaching to mid-thigh, he took a step towards her but she held up a hand.

"No no. I know that look." She smiled and took the handle of her case once again. "Come on baby, treat me to lunch." He smiled at took her case from her and followed her back to the lift, the doors shut behind them and she turned to speak.

She had no sooner opened her mouth when he covered it with his own and pushed her against the back wall, he parted her legs with a knee and pressed himself against her. His hands held her wrists and pinioned her hands either side of her head keeping her still while his tongue explore her mouth, she groaned and pressed her hips forwards feeling the hardening bulge in his jeans, grinding her hips unashamedly against him she growled and, forcing a wrist free, searched blindly for the button that would bring the lift to a stop. Before she could find it he stepped away and stood on the opposite side of the lift his eyes flashing.

"No no baby. I'm taking you to lunch remember?" Her eyes widened and she laughed breathlessly.

"Are you joking? You can't do that."

"You used to love it when I teased you." She smoothed her dress and scowled up at him.

"Ryan, I know I've said it before but you're an ass."

He winked and the doors slid open again, she stepped out into the lobby her heeled shoes tapping softly against the black marble floors, outside she looked around for his convertible but it had gone.

"Where's your car?" He pointed to a shining black Bentley parked on the street outside the building. "That's yours? What happened to your other one?"

"This one seemed more appropriate considering where we're going," he opened the door and allowed her to slide into the comfortable leather seat, a screen separated the front and back of the car leaving where she sat entirely private to the driver. "Sit tight baby. I'll be right back." He shut the door and she watched out of the window as a tall dark skinned man stood from the driver's seat and handed him a covered hanger, he disappeared back into the building and she stared out of the window after him. He emerged a few minutes later, he had changed into smart black trousers, a long sleeved white shirt and a black jacket. He had left the first few buttons of the shirt undone and she caught a glimpse of his muscled chest. The driver opened the door and he slid in next to her.

"Am I dressed ok for where we're going?" He nodded and took her chin between his thumb and index finger.

"You're perfect kid, just relax." The car pulled away smoothly and when they were back on open roads he grinned mischievously. Quicker than even her eyes could follow he reached out and pulled her to sit on his lap, she let out a little shriek as her legs fell either side of thighs and automatically she reached down to pull her dress to cover herself.


"Shh, it's ok. No one can see us." Wrapping a strong arm around her waist he trapped her arms at her sides and widened his legs so that she was spread even further, he kissed her neck and his free hand moved to cup her breast through the silk of her dress. Her back arched pushing her breast harder against his palm and a tiny sigh escaped her plump lips, softly he pulled the band from her hair allowing the long curls to fall down her back before sweeping it over one shoulder. Kissing her neck again he ran his hand back down her body to her left calf, lightly he ran his fingertips up the back of her calf, then over her knee before slipping round to caress the inside of her thigh. He growled against her ear when he felt the silk of her stocking change to the silk of her skin and his hips thrust against her without him even thinking.

"You're wearing stockings?" His voice was low and sent a shiver down her spine as she nodded. "You fucking tease." He ran his hand up her other leg and pushed her dress up in the process where it bunched around her hips. As lightly as he could he trailed his fingernails over the exposed skin between stocking and panties and shivered chased themselves across her skin.

"Oh, Ryan please." Teasingly he ran his fingers over the front on her lace panties and growled as he felt her desire already soaking through.

"Oh god, you wet for me already baby?" She whimpered as his strong fingers ripped the materiel from her body, gently he teased her opening and she tensed against him.

"Ryan, please."

"Please what? " She groaned in frustration and he took pity on her sliding a finger deep inside her, her head fell back against his shoulder and her back arched pressing her round ass hard against his groin feeling the hardness of his erection through his trousers. He worked his finger in and out of her slowly enjoying her soft mewling noises of pleasure, he softly bit her neck and adding another finger keeping up his slow tantalizing rhythm. Feeling the tell-tale tightening of her muscles as she approached orgasm he stilled his fingers and enjoyed the frustrated growl that escaped her throat.

Slowly her trembles stopped and he began his torturous rhythm once again making her groan, this continued the whole car journey, he brought her to the brink of orgasm then just before she was tipped over the edge he would stop making her more and more frustrated. By the time the car stopped outside the restaurant she was panting heavily and her cheeks were burning from desire. He tipped her off her lap and she looked out the window.

"Where are we?"

"I'm taking you to lunch remember?"

She scoffed in disbelief and folded her arms. "Really? You want me to go for lunch now? After what you just did."

He picked her panties off the floor of the car and tucked them into the pocket of his black jacket in an imitation of a handkerchief, her eyes widened and he smiled down at her. He kissed her lingeringly and took her hand. "Come on baby." The driver opened the door and he stepped from the car pulling her after him and slipping an arm around her waist.

The restaurant was intimate and dimly lit, the hostess, a young blonde woman, smiled shyly up and Ryan and fiddled with a lock of her bleached hair.

"Good afternoon Mr Johanson. Your usual table?" He nodded his eyes never leaving Lily as she looked round in wonder; the blonde took two menus and lead them through the restaurant to a small private room, a round table sat in the middle of the room and a plush sofa stood against a wall. He pulled out the chair and waited for Lily to sit then nipped her shoulder; she jumped at the contact and snuck a glance at the blonde who was looking at her with barely contained distain.

"Tell the chef we'll have my usual please." His eyes were burning dangerously as he looked at the blonde and he reached across to take Lily's hand in his. "That's all." The blonde jumped and nodded.

"Sorry sir. I'll go and tell the chef." She scuttled from the room leaving Ryan and Lily alone again.

"Well, she doesn't like me." Ryan laughed and stroked her palm, her already sensitive skin reacted quickly to his touch and her breathing sped up, he took his hand away.

"Don't worry about her." A red haired waitress brought the wine and smiled at Ryan.

"Ry, haven't seen you in here for a while," she turned and her smiled widened as she saw Lily. "Is this her?" He nodded with an endearing look of pride on his face and she reached down to take Lily's hand in her own. "Hi, I'm Lucy. Ryan's told me so much about you." Lucy poured them each a glass of wine before placing the bottle in a bucket of ice, a small frown passed over Lily's face and she lifted her head her small nose twitching as she scented the air. The frown was replaced with a smile and her eyes glowed at the red head. "I'll be back in a few minutes with your food guys, lovely to finally meet you Lily." Then still with a smile on her pretty face she turned and left the room.

"Well she was just the sweetest thing." Lily turned back to Ryan and rested her chin on her hands. "What is she?"

"What do you mean?" he cocked his head to the side and studied her.

"You know what I mean, she's different. What is she?"

"She's an elf."

"An elf?!" Her eyes widened. "I thought they were all gone."

"Most of them are, only a couple stayed after the war."

"Wow, she must be lonely."

"Well she knows me and now you and elves have a much easier time fitting in with humans so she has people. Just none of her people."

"When did you meet her?"

"I've known her for years, this is just the longest time we've ever been in the same place together."

"I've never met an elf before. She's beautiful."

The blond returned bringing their food and shot another look of hatred at Lily. "Enjoy your meal sir." She turned on her heels and stormed from the room, Lily watched her leave with a sly smile on her face.

"She's hot."

Ryan choked on the bite of Walleye fish. "Excuse me?"

She shrugged her eyes wide and innocent. "Well like you haven't noticed, good tits, great ass and I expect quite pretty when she doesn't look like someone wiped shit under her nose."

"You're dangerous little girl." His voice was a low growl and her eyes flashed with arousal. "Eat. You're going to need your strength for what I'm going to do to you when we get back." She shivered and looked back down at her food. They talked as they ate and when the fish was gone he poured another glass of wine and slid it to her.

"So does Lucy know? About us?"

He took a large sip of wine and contemplated her over the rim of the glass. "What do you mean?"

"Does she know what we are? What happens when we're together?"


He thought back to the day Lucy had first come over, they had met through mutual friends almost fifteen years ago during a time when Lily had been gone. They had been sat on his sofa with a beer and she had leaned over and picked up a framed photo.

"Who's this?"


The young elf had smiled up at him. "She's beautiful. You're a lucky guy."

"Yeah I am. I just wish I knew where she was."

"Chin up kid you'll find her." She chucked him under the chin and her eyes widened in horror, almost dropping her beer on the floor she turned to face him fully and placed both her hands on his stubbled cheeks. In front of her eyes he changed, his pupils turned red then seemed to bleed out until no iris or white could be seen, his teeth elongated into curved fangs, his skin lightening until it was almost transparent and shone with an eerie glow, his blonde ringlets changes to a glossy black, his nails curved into sharp, black claws but what drew her attention where the huge black wings that had burst from his shoulder blades, the feathers were black and glossy and shone in the sun coming through the window.

"Oh my god." She took her hands from his face and moved back slightly. "You're an angel?"

"Demon. My parents were on the wrong side of war and were banished."

"The war?"

He shook his head and leant back against the sofa. "It's a long story."

She nodded at the photo and looked sadly at the beautiful girl in the frame. "Is she she like you?"


"I heard stories about the fallen. Is it true about your mates?"

"Both angels and the fallen age as humans for the first sixteen years of life, then from our sixteenth birthday we age one year for every hundred human years."

"So how old are you?"

"Six hundred and fifty."

"Wow, so twenty-two to them."

He nodded. "We are made in pairs and when we find our pair we mate for life. We never love another. When angels meet their mate they stop aging, become immortal and stay that age forever, they can live for eternity with their mate."

"What happens when a fallen finds their mate?"

"We're hunted by the angels, they can only find us when we're together. It's a cruel punishment really, we can't live without each other but together we're in danger so we are forced to make a choice. Live our lives with our mates and condemn them or live our lives alone in the worse pain there is."

"Oh my god. I'm so sorry." She glanced at Lily's picture again. "Is that her? Is she you mate?" He nodded. "And you have to stay away from her to keep her alive?" He nodded again and she threw her arms around his neck. "That is the most heartbreaking thing I have ever heard. I'm so sorry."


He took another sip of wine and nodded. "Yeah she knows what we are and what happens to us."

She ran her fingers over the back of his palm and stared into his green eyes. "Now I have a question for you." His eyes flashed and she closed her eyes.

"Am I going to like this Ryan?"

"At the apartment earlier you were going to say something to me." Her eyes widened in a moment of horror before she carefully masked it. "You were going to call me something."

"I don't think so."

"Yes Lily, you were going to call me something. What was it?"

She hung her head and thought back to that morning, she had been about to call him her mate. She had never voiced the words before. "You know what I was going to say."

"I want to hear you say it."

"Ryan please don't." He took her glass and placed it on the table before swinging her into his arms, he moved to the sofa and sat with her straddling his lap facing him.

"I will hear you say it poppet," she smiled and leant her head on his broad shoulder.

"No one has called me that in so long." He smoothed his hands down her back and cupped the round cheeks of her ass, pulling her intimately to him to feel the hardening length of his cock against the juncture of her thighs. Slowly he rocked her back and forth and soon she was panting her sweet breath hot against his neck, moving one hand round to rest on her knee he lightly teased circles on her skin and she shuddered.

"Ryan, not here someone could come in."

He ignored her and moved his hand up her leg until he softly caressed her thigh and she gasped, his fingers crept higher stroking her soft skin until he finally slid his thumb across her small clit, her head snapped up off his shoulder and she groaned softly.

"Ryan." Her hands came up to clasp the lapels of his jacket and she pressed her hips against his hand, he slipped a finger inside her and groaned at her tight heat, he curled his finger inside her and she gasped her head falling back sending her hair tumbling down her back. Once again the tightening of her muscles forewarned her orgasm and he ceased his movements making her growl in frustration.

"What do you want baby?"

"Please Ryan, let me cum."

"Here? In a restaurant where anyone can come in?"

"Ryan," He stood and placed her back on the floor, she groaned and placed her hands on her hips. "You're enjoying this too much."

He winked and ushered her out of the room, through the restaurant and back into the waiting car. Her skin still felt sensitive as if one touch would send her over the edge, he kept his distance from her but the look in his eyes held unspoken promises of what was to come and she shivered at the lust bright in his green eyes. A deep throbbing started at the apex of her thighs and she crossed her legs trying to ease the feeling.

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