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Fantasy Island

by Wintermyst56©

(By Author previously known as Wintermyst4)

We are on an island. A person can rent it for a week. Just the two of us. It is night, the night sky is clear, you can see stars for miles. A warm breeze is blowing. We have spent the day swimming and just talking, getting to know each other , laughing and enjoying each others company.

I smile at you then look at the sky.

I look into your eyes and tell you to go get that blow up mattress we brought along. You smile because you know something exciting is going to follow.

You bring the mattress to me after you made sure it had enough air in it and lay it down between some palm trees. I kiss you for knowing exactly where I wanted it. I have you lay down on your back. I slowly unbutton your shirt, kissing your chest and taking a nipple in my mouth and sucking on it, swirling my tongue around it, move to the next one and do the same as I pull your shirt off. I blow on it and watch it get hard before the warm breeze caresses it and smooths it out.

As I start to remove your pants, pulling them over your hips, I kiss your stomach, making a line down past your navel, you can feel my warm breath on it, your body shivers with anticipation. As I continue pulling your pants down, I kiss your groin, you feel my lips getting closer to your now hardening cock, wanting to feel my hot moist mouth around it. I slowly move my mouth to your cock, licking it from the base up, flicking my tongue all the way up, under the tip before I lick the top, swirling my tongue around before I suck hard and you feel your cock hit the back of my throat.

You suck in your breath and I smile at you again, loving the fact I can make your body react to what I am doing to you. I finish pulling off your pants and underwear. I walk over and grab the rope, I measured it earlier and I know exactly which trees to tie it to. I tie the rope to your wrist, kissing it, up your arm and run my tongue over your arm pit.

I get up and tie the other end to a tree. I do the same to your other arm, as your eyes follow my every move.

I grab the other two pieces of rope I have left, but first I suck and lick on your ear, down your neck before I kiss your lips, wanting you to know how very much it means that you are submitting yourself and putting your total trust in me.

I spread your legs and tie each of your ankles with the two pieces of rope, taking the other ends and tying them to the trees I picked out earlier in the day.

I know that you know you are totally at my mercy, it makes my heart race.

I straddle your hips, and with my eyes looking into yours, I slowly remove my clothes. Taking my time with each piece of clothing. I arch my back and put a finger in my mouth as I caress my nipples with it, watching them get hard as I run my finger over and over them, pinching them then letting the warm wind blow over them.

I suck on my finger again and move it to my pussy, finding my clit I run my finger around it , I moan softly and close my eyes as my desire heightens.

I then put it in my pussy, feeling the sweet juices of desire forming, needing more but knowing I won't have it right away. I put my finger in your mouth where you can taste my essence, you slowly suck it off , wanting to taste more but I won't give you any access to me, yet.

I move down to your feet. I put your big toe in my mouth, sucking on it, running my tongue between them, sucking each toe slowly before

I go to your other foot and do the exact same thing. I grab the oil and slowly rub it over and between your toes, moving my thumbs in a circular motion as I slowly work up your legs. I stop at each knee and kiss behind them, running my tongue over them before starting my journey up.

I run my tongue in the crack of your ass on my way to your cock, I don't stop there but continue my journey. I grab more oil and rub it over your hard throbbing cock, running my finger over the tip, rubbing the oil in, under it and down the entire shaft. I rub it into the sides before I take my tongue and slowly lick your nuts, you feel my warm breath behind them as I move my tongue under them, coming oh so close to your ass but not going quite that far.

I suck hard as I swallow your cock all the way down the back of my throat, moving my head up and down, I feel it getting harder as I keep sucking and play with your nipples at the same time. Pinching them and running my fingers over them. You moan as I continue to make love to your cock with my mouth, and I decide to rest a minute. I move away from you and take a drink of water, offering you a drink from a straw.

I run my hand over your chest and my fingernails gently up your neck for a few minutes before I grab a piece of ice and slowly run it over your nipples before I cover them with my hot moist mouth. I kiss all the way to your neck, sucking on it and nipping it. I move to your lips, run my tongue around them, gently sucking your bottom lip into my mouth before I kiss you sucking on your tongue. I run my mouth over your ears, running my tongue over them , nibbling on the lobes.

I have left just enough play in the ropes to where you can turn over without me having to untie you.

I have you turn onto your stomach. I grab the oil and rub it in my hands before I rub it onto your back, gently moving my thumbs in a circular motion, feeling the tension in your muscles. As I move them over your back I kiss the back of your neck, working my mouth down and kissing the places my hands have left. I move my hands down from your shoulders, caressing your back, your sides, down your lower back as you feel my mouth taking their place. As I get to your lower back, I lick down your crack before I pull your cheeks apart and swirl my tongue around your ass, gently sucking on it before I stick my tongue in it, pushing it in as far as I can, moving it in and out. I reach for my string of peanut m&m's, and lick your ass as I slowly push them in one at a time.

After making sure of the snug fit, I move my lips down the back of your legs, your knees, arriving at your feet, sucking on your toes, slowly moving my tongue in between them, paying attention to each toe, loving them with my tongue.

After making sure your feet were taken care of, I move my mouth up, again stopping to kiss behind your knees. As I get to your ass, I slowly tug on the string of candy, my tongue swirling around it as I slowly pull each piece of candy out, eating each one before pulling out the next. When all of the candy is gone I again use my tongue, putting it deep inside, swirling it around and moving it in and out. I hear you moan, feeling your body tense.

I stop what I am doing and have you turn around again. I take a drink of water and give you some too. I untie you and move the mattress against a tree. I have you put your arms to your sides and tie the rope around your chest so you can't move them then tie the end of the rope to a tree so you are sitting up watching me.

I kneel down and take a sip of hot coffee before putting your cock in it and swirling the coffee around before swallowing. I use my mouth on your cock, my tongue caressing it.

I stand up in front of you, my own body quivering with need . I stick my finger in your mouth, feeling it suck slowly on my finger. I tweak my nipples watching them grow hard, I kneel close to you. I put my nipple in your mouth, you suck it and swirl your tongue around it as my eyelids close half way from the passion coursing through my body. I move away and use the finger you just sucked on to journey to my hot wet pussy. I find my clit and arch my back as I flick and rub my clit,my body starting to shake as I get close to cumming. I stick one finger in my pussy, moving it like you would your cock as I use my thumb to keep rubbing my clit. I stick another finger in needing to feel some kind of release.

Soon my body stiffens as I feel the warmth flowing from my body, my juices flowing down my legs. I take my fingers and put them in your mouth, letting you lick them clean. When you are done, I put your hard throbbing cock in my mouth, moving it faster and faster, your balls tightening as I feel it quiver in my mouth. Your breathing becomes ragged, your heart is beating faster, sweat is forming on your brow. I kneel over your cock and slowly lower my hot moist pussy over it. You feel me taking you in and when I get to the end I move my hips loving the feel of you in me. I kiss your lips, sucking gently on your tongue before turning it loose and kissing you passionately.

I move my hips faster as I suck on your neck, you moan as you feel my pussy lips tighten wanting to feel your hot cum filling it. I feel your body jerk as you cum hard, filling me, my tight pussy clenching with each spasm. I bury my face in your neck, catching my breath. I put my hand on your chest, feeling the race of your heart. I untie you and we both just lay there, my head on your chest, listening to the beat of your heart, feeling your arms around me. I sigh. As I close my eyes I am thinking of the next time. The next time you can choose what you want to do, as I fall asleep.

Written by: Wintermyst56

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