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Mom's Special Helper

by West1919©

The following is a basically true story of my wife's introduction to sex. All names and dates have been changed to avoid harming anyone in the story. All the participants are over 18. Cathy, as I call my wife in this story, related the details to me many times.

Cathy remembers being 18 as a time when her body had changed but she still had no idea what sex was. Being shy she hadn't attracted any boyfriends yet and had not even masturbated. It just wasn't a subject that she thought about. Little did Cathy realize how that was all about to change. It all started when her mom, Mary, told her she would be staying home the next day from school before she sent her up to bed. "After all, it's your 18th birthday" Mary said. "Dad and I have something special planned for you."

The next morning her mother, Mary, sent her down to do laundry while her younger brothers and sisters were getting ready for school. There were 5 of them so it was a busy time of day in their household. By 8am they were all gone and the house was quiet. Cathy's dad, Harry, was asleep, she thought, as he always was since he worked nights. Cathy came up with a basket of folded laundry into the kitchen when her mother started to fill her in on what this day was about.

"Sit down honey" Mary said. "There is something you father and I want to talk to you about." Cathy remembers getting a glass of juice and sitting down at the kitchen table with her mom wondering what she had done wrong.

Seeing that look of fear, Mary said "Cathy relax. It is something good. Dad and I were talking about about what a pretty young lady you have developed into. I told him how good you looked in the shower the other day when I walked in on you. Your body is fantastic honey"

Still oblivious to where this was going, Cathy shyly shrugged her shoulders and said thank you.

Mary continued on. "There is something important I need to talk to you about and ask you to help me out with. I need to confide in you Cathy because I need help with your Dad. Can I trust you to keep this between us?

"Yes Mom" Cathy replied. "You know I will do anything to help you and Dad"

"It involves the bedroom, Honey, so just hear me out before you say anything. I am embarrassed to say that after your little brother was born there have been weeks and months where I cannot service your Dad's needs in the bedroom. I feel awful because he works so hard and needs that release almost every day. It's very frustrating for him. So I brought up this idea to him last week after seeing you in the shower. I asked him what if we talk to Cathy about becoming my special helper in the bedroom. She is old enough now and very pretty. Plus, I told him, there isn't anybody I know that is more dependable. Believe me Honey that was not an easy thing for me to say because I never would even think of your Dad with somebody other than me. Now though, he is suffering because of my problems and I feel that I could live with and, in fact, even be comfortable with you being my special helper. The reason I asked you to stay home today is because your Dad said yes! So I want to ask you Cathy, will you allow Dad and I to teach you how to service his needs in the bedroom? Will you be my special helper?

Not talking hadn't been a problem for Cathy up to that point she remembered. Stunned silence was all she could muster listening to her Mom talk. Bedroom issues, her parents, special helper, what kind of birthday present is this? Mary was looking holding her hand and waiting anxiously for her answer. Finally Cathy weakly said "Mom, if you and Dad think I should, than I will".

Mary hugged her "Thank you honey. I am so proud of you. You don't know how big of load you have taken off my mind. Dad and I want you to be very comfortable doing this and to learn how to really enjoy it. Dad and I will show you what to do every step of the way so you don't have to worry. We can get started today. Dad is waiting in the bedroom in case you did say yes. Let's start by wearing something special for him. Look at this pretty robe I got you. It will be a surprise for him" Mary held up a flowery satin robe that looked very short Cathy thought. "Thanks Mom."

"Now go take a quick shower and come into our bedroom when you are done. Dad is waiting for us. "When you are done showering, just put the robe on and nothing else. Now get going" Mary stood up and shooed Cathy out of the kitchen and down the hall to the bathroom. "Remember, honey, nothing else!" Mary yelled down the hall after her.

In the shower, Cathy said her head was spinning. Sex with Dad? Special helper? Nice body? What was going on? All she felt was she better hurry and get in there like she was told. Pleasing her parents was always more important than anything. She dried herself quickly and held up the robe. It was beautiful she thought. When she put it on she looked down and saw it was so short it didn't even cover half of her thighs. She checked herself in the mirror and felt strangely good wearing it. She quickly opened the door and walked the few steps to her parents' door. She knocked. "Come in Baby." her Dad, Harry, commanded.

The strange thing was Harry was in bed put had no pajama top on, Cathy had never seen him like that. Mary stood up from sitting next to Harry on the edge of the bed and guided Cathy over to stand right next to the bed. "You look wonderful in the robe Cathy doesn't she Harry"

"Baby, you are such a pretty girl" Harry agreed staring at her in way Cathy hadn't seen before. "Come sit next to me" he said patting the bed. Cathy sat and her mom sat next to her. "Don't be nervous Baby. Mom and I want you to feel totally comfortable with us. Inviting you into our bedroom like this is something we would never ask you unless we thought it was important. You, and only you, will be Mom's special helper for me. Only you Baby" Harry said gently massaging Cathy's shoulders.Cathy smiled at her dad."Thank you Daddy"

Mary chimed in "The first thing we want to teach you Honey is to be completely comfortable being naked in front of us. You have a beautiful body and need to be proud of it. Stand up Honey and take the robe off. Let us look at you."

"Really" Cathy said looking at her mom and then back to her dad. "I don't have anything on under it"

"Yes Baby" Harry assured her. "Don't be shy about being naked in here. Do it for me"

Mary stood up and took Cathy's hand "Stand up Honey. Let's show Daddy."

In a daze Cathy stood up and let her mom untie the belt on her robe. With an open robe, Mary put her hands on her shoulders and turned her around. Harry was smiling at Cathy which made her feel better. She hardly felt the robe slipping off her shoulders and falling to the floor.

"Baby you are so beautiful" Cathy watched his eyes travel up and down her body. "What a beautiful daughter we have Mary" For the first time Cathy felt a tingling feeling between her legs. These compliments were making her feel something new.

Mary sat back down on the bed. "Now turn around Honey and show us that cute butt of yours. Look at that Harry" Cathy felt her mom's hand touching her butt and then one of Harry's. The tingling was getting stronger now. Cathy noticed that her nipples were hard and tingling too.

"What do you think Harry" Mary asked. " I think Baby has the cutest body I have ever seen. I love it. Turn around again and let me look at you. " Harry and Mary sat silently staring at her body. Cathy remembers feeling at ease for the first time while they looked. They really do like it she thought. The tingling was turning into full sexual arousal.

After a minute Mary reached out and touched her hard nipple. "That's what happens when you get sexually aroused Honey Its one of the ways your body changes. Here, feel how sensitive they are. " Mary touched both nipples and Cathy gasped from the sensation that shot through her body.

"Doesn't that feel good honey. It's OK to touch yourself in front of us Honey. Now you do it." Mary said as she sat back to watch along with Harry.

That's when Cathy noticed the bulge under the blanket covering Daddy from the waist down. Cathy used both hands to start touching her nipples. It felt so good. Looking into Daddy's eyes, she knew she was pleasing him. He didn't have to say a word.

"The other thing that changes during arousal Honey is here" Mary said as she reached out a slid her middle finger along Cathy's already wet pussy. "It gets wet Honey. That's supposed to happen so don't be afraid. It makes it easier to slide things inside you. See how easily my finger slides in"

Cathy's body shuddered involuntarily from her first orgasm. Words came out of her mouth seemingly on their own. "Mommy that feels so good. My body is shaking. Daddy will you touch me there?" Harry rolled on his side and reached out to touch her pussy. His thick middle finger slid right in. "Our little girl is a fast learner Mary. She is so wet and excited we should do more" Mary knew what that meant. She stood up and moved behind Cathy.

"Honey you are doing such a great job that now we will teach you what happens when a man gets sexually aroused. Daddy's penis, or cock, becomes very long and hard. Its called an erection. So now Daddy will let you see him naked and see his erection. Its Ok to pull the blanket down now. That's it. All the way off. Isn't it beautiful?" Mommy whispered in her ear.

Cathy remembers thinking it was gigantic. For some reason it didn't scare her though. Cathy stared at it and then looked into his eyes. Sexual arousal seems to be a wonderful thing she thought. She waited for her next instruction. Harry moved to the center of the bed. "Kneel next to Daddy Honey. I will show you how to touch an erection. Cathy got up on the bed and knelt next to her daddy. She smiled and leaned forward and kissed him. He smiled and winked at her. "Listen to your Mom now baby" .

Mary had walked to the other side of the bed and knelt on the other side of Harry. "Now its your turn to touch Daddy honey. Feel this. " Mommy held his cock up straight with one hand and took Cathy's hand and wrapped her fingers around his shaft. " It's so hard mommy" "You aroused Daddy with how beautiful you are. When you see Daddy's cock like this you will know that its time to have sex with him. That means letting him slide his erection into your wet pussy. He will slide it in and out of you. It's called fucking. That's how you will help Mommy. You are going to fuck Daddy whenever he wants. Now the thing about fucking is that men will do it until they do something called "come". Daddy and I talked about what we want you to do when he is ready to come. We decided that it would be best if daddy pulled his cock out of your pussy and put it in your mouth so you can swallow his come."

Cathy nodded even though she didn't know what come was. It all sounded good to her. Her hand had been slowly stroking his shaft while she listened. Nobody needed to tell her that.

"Now since Daddy is already hard, we are going to skip the part where I show you how to get him hard and go right to the fucking part. Then, when he is ready to come, you will see how it shoots out of here and what it tastes like. It's white and kind of gooey and tastes fine. You will love it Honey. When you swallow it, Daddy and I will be so proud of you. Now before Daddy can slide his erection into you he needs to get your pussy very wet and ready for it. You know how good it felt when we touched your pussy with our fingers. Wait and see how awesome it feels when daddy uses his mouth on your pussy."

Mom continued to instruct. "From now on when Daddy says he wants you to sit on his face this is what he means. Now kneel across his chest. That's it. Let him caress those beautiful tits for a minute. OK now move up until your knees are by his shoulders. Good girl. Now lean back and support yourself with your hands. You see how your pussy is right in front of daddy's mouth. He is going to start to lick, or eat as we call it, your pussy now."

Cathy remembers coming almost instantly from the touch of his tongue on her clit. Her hips started rocking back and forth, rubbing her pussy against his mouth. Her eyes closed and, for the first time, Cathy became a truly sexual person, letting the feeling of pure lust take over her body and mind. She remembers hearing herself saying "oh Daddy I love it. Eat my pussy Daddy. I am coming again. It feels so good." In a non-stop stream while she rode his face.

"Cathy you are doing so great." Mary whispered in her ear. "You are ready to fuck Daddy now. Daddy wants to do it in what is called missionary position for the first time. He will tell you what position he wants you to be in each time. There are so many positions and you will love them all. Now kiss Daddy and thank him for eating you so well"

Still kneeling across his chest, Cathy looked at Daddy's wet mouth and cheeks and leaned forward to lick the wetness tasting her own juices for the first time. After a minute Daddy took her face in both hands and said "I love you Baby. You are so sexy and beautiful we are going to do this every day. That's a promise" and then kissed her deeply. The bond between two lovers had been made. He broke the kiss and said "Now roll off me and get on your back. Its time to fuck Daddy."

As they shifted around Mary kissed Harry and said "She is wonderful Harry. I am so happy. You can have the sex you need with a beautiful young girl whenever you want now. Cathy is going to be your special girl from now on. Now let's get you lubed up. You don't want to hurt Cathy with that big cock of yours"

Cathy remembers laying there with her legs open watching her mom lube Daddy's cock with KY thinking she isn't going to have a problem handling that big cock. In fact she couldn't wait to have it inside her. "Fuck me Daddy. I want your cock inside me. I want it so bad." Harry didn't need any more encouragement. He knelt between her legs and grabbed her legs behind the knees and pushed them back to her chest. She felt Mary slide 2 fingers in her pussy with a big gob of KY and then guide the tip of Harry's cock to her dripping hole. First a short thrust and then another and another. The lube was working well. No pain at all.

"How does it feel Baby. Am I hurting you" Daddy asked as he continued the short strokes. "I love it Daddy. I want more" Cathy commanded. Daddy responded with a short thrust and then slowly pushing his cock deeper and deeper. It slid effortlessly into her pussy. Whatever pain virgins are supposed to have didn't happen to Cathy. In a few seconds Cathy felt his balls against her ass. She had it all.

Harry pulled it more than halfway out and then buried it again, faster this time. Then everything but the tip and a fast thrust back in. Cathy could take it all and was loving it. " Now Daddy's going to fuck you hard baby" He took her legs and put her feet up on his shoulders. Leaning forward he supported his weight on his hands. Cathy looked up at him and smiled "I love it Daddy. Fuck me" His hips rose up and dropped back down hard. He started grunting with animalistic passion as the rhythm of his thrusts got faster and harder. And harder. And faster. He couldn't go any deeper so he kept going faster and harder. Cathy was hissing at him in between moans not to stop. The sound of the bed creaking got louder and louder as Harry neared that inevitable moment when he would have to stop and pull out to come. " Get ready Baby. When I tell you it time, I'm going to pull out and you need to get on your knees so I can put it in your mouth. Oh yeah Baby its getting close. Your hot little pussy is making me come. OK Now!"

Even in her state of sexual bliss Cathy knew she wanted to see what that come was going to be like so she scrambled on to her knees quickly as Daddy leaned back on to his knees, his dripping wet cock jutting out waiting for her mouth. Mary didn't need to tell her anything. Cathy was on her knees with Daddy's cock in her mouth in a flash. The force of the first spurt of come took her by surprise but she was determined to swallow it all as she had been told to do. She managed to swallow some of it before the next spurt. The second swallow was bigger and, Cathy found, better. The taste was good and she loved the way Daddy moaned in pleasure while she did it. Finishing the job was no problem. Cathy sucked every last drop out of Daddy and swallowed it all. Pleasing Daddy came naturally to Cathy.

Cathy put her arms around Daddy's neck and kissed him deeply, there was no need to talk. They both knew how absolutely wonderful it had been for both of them. Mary joined the embrace after a minute and the three of them hugged and kissed and sealed the commitment to each other that Cathy was, indeed, Mary's special helper in the bedroom from now on.

To be continued...

Written by: West1919

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