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Cold Reversal

by SteelSaurus©

It was a brisk autumn day as Karl Chapman, Dagwood Strewth, and Jessibelle Dillas met in the lower atrium of the Northern Tropics hotel. They had been invited to spend the three day weekend at Aeryn and Edwin's fathers resort while it was getting refurbished from the summer bustle. It was essentially a merger of a glorified motel combined with a small water park and botanical gardens. All put together it was a very successful venture, likened as a small scale theme park. The trio had reached consensus that a day at the pool was in order and as they walked down the hallway they chatted excitedly with Dagwood rolling the drink cooler behind them.

Despite being the one 'officially' after Jessibelle, Dagwood Strewth felt like more of a chaperone than a suitor as he overlooked between the chatting pair. They bickered and teased and taunted one another and in short, got on like a house on fire. To make things worse, as they neared the pool, Karl Chapman had removed his shirt and had it draped around his shoulders along with his towel. Dagwood had done likewise, but there was a stark contrast between his burgeoning beer belly and Karl's sculpted six-pack.

In fact, Dagwood was a little nervous of how well Karl and Jessi were getting on. For a time, he thought that he was making great progress with Jessi, but the speed in which she had taken to Karl made him wonder if she was simply that personable, or that Karl and she had clicked. And to make things worse to the budding romance, he knew that the 'black guys are bigger' saying wasn't complete nonsense. Most of the guys back home sized up beyond his expectations. Nothing terribly daunting, but surprising none the less. If Karl was hanging along those lines, Dagwood knew he didn't have a hope.

He was able to put his worries aside as they stepped outside onto the little rise overlooking the outdoor pool. It was a breezy day and the outdoor complex, although not in use, still looked nice and relaxing. Lifting the portable cooler down the stairs to a shallow alcove, Dagwood could almost for his worries about things. Karl looked at the pool in awe, it put the size Olympic to shame, "So it's fine for us to dive in?" Dagwood smiled graciously, "Sure, dive on in. Mr. Johnson, Aeryn's dad owns it all. And we're some of the honored guests." "Nice..." Dropping his towel, Karl dove straight in, and again Dagwood felt pangs of jealousy seeing as how he hadn't limbered up or stretched beforehand and was now jetting through the water with ease. You boys have fun, I'm going to lounge off for a bit, and with that Jessi removed her sundress to reveal a luscious red two-piece bikini. But Karl had missed that part; he was already in the water. He missed the ocean something terribly and the Olympic sized pool sent out too strong a calling. Although somewhat cold for his tropical tolerances, Karl endured it as he took off, jetting up and down in the water. Luckily for Dagwood, Jessi hadn't paid them any mind as she was attempting to unfold one of the deck chairs.

Cheerfully swimming along in the pool, the last thing on Karl's mind was sex. But it was the number one priority on Dagwood's after seeing Jessi's change of attire. The red bikini clung to the contours of her body perfectly, accentuating every sumptuous curve. She was paying neither of them any mind, happily stretched out on the reclining deck chairs. Taking a beer out of the cooler and thumbing the cap off, Dagwood thoughtfully stepped over to the water dipped a foot in. "A little chilly..." He smiled, "Someone's gonna be cold when they come out...." Kicking the water off, he drained his beer and returned to the cooler for another bottle. Jessi had found out that late autumn was not an ideal time to sunbathe, had wrapped her towel around her shoulders like a shawl, and was now lounging lazily on the chair, having a cool drink to keep her warm. Meanwhile, out in the pool, Karl sped past, leaving a white froth in his wake.

At this point, Dagwood Strewth was feeling more than a little jealous. Although unconcerned before, Jessi was now sitting up and was watching Karl frolic through the water with growing interest. He took another swig of beer, eyeing Jessi track Karl's course. As he got off of the edge of the pool, Dagwood realized that he was being a sore loser, but what made it worse was that he had only found out he was competing after the race had begun. Perhaps it was the drink, the jealousy, or a combination of both that caused it, but as Dagwood was bending down to dry his legs, he noticed something as Karl hauled himself out of the water. And he smiled.

As the cold hit Karl while he padded over to his towel, Dagwood nudged Jessi whispering to her and jerking his head towards the shivering Karl. Jessi, whose attention had snapped off of Karl the instant he exited the pool, was less than pleased with Dagwood's beer breath wafting across her face. However, she allowed her eyes to wander back over to Karl, and snickered.

Karl still hadn't noticed what had happened, but as he toweled lower, looked down and hastily pulled up the waistline of his trunks. As he looking sheepishly over to the other two, Jessi guiltily jerked her gaze away, but continued smiling as she pulled out a beer for herself. He padded over still shivering and now a little nervous as how to explain what they'd seen, "Sorry about that little slip up. You know how it is, a splash of cold and then suddenly there's nothing to keep your pants up." He looked to Dagwood for support, but the smiling Australian had found a weak point and was eager to capitalize on it.

"So what you're saying," Dagwood smiled, "Is that you're going through a bit of shrinkage?" At this comment Jessi pitched forward, spraying the last dregs of her drink in laughter. In doing so, her towel which she had placed over her chest for warmth, became dislodged, and Karl saw what he had missed earlier. Bent forward laughing, Jessi gave both Dagwood and Karl a prime view of her dark cleavage. Feeling warm and relaxed from the beer, Dagwood felt his manhood begin to bulge. But Karl even when confronted with a direct view of Jessi's cleavage, bouncing and jiggling from laughter, found his libido still thawing out.

A little heated now, Karl piped up, "Hold on now, that's hardly fair passing judgment like that. I've just come from a cold dip in the pool and you expect me to give a good showing?" He turned towards Dagwood, "Plus Dagwood, you may not have gone for a dip but I'm sure the cool air's impacted you as well. Probably not as bad as me, but I'm sure you'll come close."

As Dagwood smiled, it dawned upon Karl that he had inadvertently started something, and feeling challenged, he had lighted upon a weak-spot and was going to exploit it for all it was worth. "I don't know. I'll let you be the judge of that one," Grinning happily, Dagwood tugged down his shorts... "Flwump," The sound effect he made matched perfectly as his heavy flaccid member dropped out of his pants. Jessi's eyebrows went up, and swallowing another mouthful of beer added her two cents, "Wow, that's not bad. Not bad at all... in fact I'd say it's pretty good. Actually, it's really good. It''s... it's impressive."

"Ah well, thank you ma'am, ah thank you very much ..." as Elvis impersonations go, an Australian Elvis left much to be desired, but as Jessi was two tequila's shy from 'floor', she found it hilarious. Dagwood Strewth was the kind of guy who could spout off something trite and it would be guaranteed a cheap laugh or a quick chuckle. On the other hand Karl could weave stories that would have you in stitches for hours, but right now, Jessi couldn't follow a thread.

Karl tried to rally another attempt of reasoning, "Even still, Dagwood's only had the breeze to deal with while I've just come out of freezing cold water after all." Logic and reason tend to fall flat in the face of alcohol. And with Dagwood looking to demoralize Karl once and for all, he wasn't having any of it. "Come on Karl, fairs fair right? What have you got to worry about, you are BLACK after all." And there was Dagwood's trump. It would be unthinkable of for Karl to ignore such a treacherous and underhanded challenge.

Jessi was having a ball. She'd always enjoyed poking fun at Karl in their friendly spats, but more often than not, he would intellectually checkmate her, even though she would never admit it. But now with the alcohol pushing her, she thought nothing of the consequences in humiliating him this way, "Oh stop complaining you big pansy, it wasn't that cold and you've had plenty of time to warm up. Now let's see that tiny penis of yours."

"I wouldn't call two minutes plenty of time," Karl grumbled to himself as he grabbed the waistline of his boxers and eased them down. "Bwap, bwop, bwaaa..." Dagwood's sound effect was spot on and well accompanied by Jessi's mocking laughter. "HAHAHA! Oh my God Karl, seriously? Maybe you did need some time to warm up, THAT is pathetic." Karl could feel himself growing hot inside but that did nothing to warm him up outside, as his cold little penis hung there despondently. "HA-HA, oh man, can you even get an erection on that thing?" Jessi crowed. She was in her glory, laughing at Karl's misfortune.

"Oh don't say that," piped Dagwood loftily, "I'm sure he can manage a good two or three inch stiffy." He continued to smile victoriously.

Karl could feel himself getting hotter and hotter from their comments, cursing his cold intolerance all the while. "Yeah Karl, try and get it up." Despite his glowering indignation from their remarks, Karl couldn't help but feel as though his masculinity was being questioned. Blowing on his hands for warmth, he began to reach down to get some warmth back into his member.

Suddenly Dagwood butted back in, "Hold on, hold on, Jessi, why don't you compare us side by side while we're still down?" It was a long shot, but Jessi had a one track mind at this point. Getting on her knees a little shakily, she gestured for the two to come closer.

As the two stood alongside one another, Jessi palmed the guy's members in her hands, lifting them level to one another. In the one hand was Dagwood's meat, not hard but still of a fairly impressive size, and it stretched more than the length of her palm. Karl, on the other hand, wasn't quite so impressive. He wasn't even mediocre. Still suffering from the cold, his shrunken member lay just short of unimpressive, and barely reached past Jessi's index finger.

"Oh this is hilarious! Oh jeez... Put it away Karl, that's just too funny..." Ashamed but relieved, Karl pulled up his trunks, burning up inside at the laughs. Dagwood followed suit, raising the waistband of his pants over his member. He hadn't been asked, but he knew that the exit was just as important as the entry, maybe more so. That's why he took his sweet time in raising his waistband, inching it up along his semi-hard member, drawing it up impressively for a few moments before his broad head slipped under the elastic of his shorts. Even then, now that they had seen it, Karl and Jessi could see where the bulge of his member was outlined.

Karl's was outlined as well, not because of its bulging size, but because his damp shorts clung to his miniscule member. He briskly toweled himself, trying to dry his trunks and warm himself some while Dagwood packed up the cooler chatting animatedly with Jessi.

Feeling a little better now that the sizing up was behind them, Karl rejoined with Dagwood and Jessi. He knew from her muffled giggle, that it would be an uphill battle with her, but he had always held a soft spot for her, plus now that he and Dagwood were on fairly equal ground temperature wise he felt confident that he would make a very impressive showing next time. He didn't realize just how soon 'next time' was going to be.

Heading back to the complex, the party walked in an awkward silence. It was awkward for Karl anyway, Dagwood was towing along the cooler smiling to himself, and Jessibelle was engrossed in her cellphone. Reaching the glass double doors, they stopped and waited for them to automatically open for them. Nothing happened. Dagwood thumped his head as a thought struck him, "Duh, the place is still under renovation, the doors would automatically open if you're leaving, but to get back in you'd need a key card. Hold on a sec, I'll go round the side way." He then strolled off around the building, leaving Karl and Jessi in a genuine awkward silence. Karl foolishly attempted to fill it.

"Hey, about before..." he starts, but isn't sure about where to go. Jessi pays him little mind, texting on her cell. "Um, back at the pool when we... and you saw us both... and then..."His fill-in-the-blanks speech seems to be falling on deaf ears. "Back when me and Dagwood... well I was still cold and well... I mean that wasn't me at my best you see?" The silence deepens as Jessi pauses texting, but Karl presses onwards. "Guys, well, most guys, can't stand the cold. And I really can't stand it. Get it?" The silence drags on, now at the point of being excruciating.

"Hmph," Jessi gives a snort and flips her cellphone shut. She gives no indication that she has even heard Karl. He begins to open his mouth to continue but realizing he was digging a bigger hole for himself, decided instead to go back to awkward silence. He was relieved when Dagwood walked up to side door, smirking on the other side of the glass, before making a face. "Yes, yes, now open the doors." Jessi made a motion for him to open the door prompting Dagwood to respond with a pantomime act of opening an invisible door. "No, this door," she gestured to the glass door, and he responded by peering at the door with an imaginary magnifying glass. And so it continued with Jessi fuming while Dagwood performed and posed on the other side of the glass doors.

After going through a variety of poses with Jessi getting more and more irate, he ended with Michael Jackson impressions, moonwalking poorly before finishing with series of hip thrusts which made his manhood sway back and forth under his trunks. Luckily for Karl, Jessi didn't notice this, but he did, and felt a knotting sensation in his stomach, as though knowing what was to come next. Finishing, Dagwood pressed something on side of the doors making them swoop back rapidly, "Ta-dah! -- Ow!" This was at Jessi punching Dagwood lightly on the shoulder.

"Having us waiting out there all this time?" She attempts to look affronted but Dagwood's perpetual smile makes her crack. A buzz from her cellphone makes her look down. Jessi looked back up, smiling widely, "Something special has been cooked up for you two," Dagwood and Karl look at her puzzled, but she says nothing more as she turns them round and begins marching them towards the indoor pool, " C'mon, this way."

Both guys still slightly undersized from the cold, Jessibelle Dillas marched Karl and Dagwood into a changing room. The A/C hit them full throttle. It wasn't particularly cold, but it was strong. And with their bodies still wet from the pool, it resulted in a nice chilling effect. "Oooh, I feel as though I'm getting goose-pimples." Dagwood said this happily, rubbing his arms more for the look of it than he was actually cold. It may have surprised the casual onlooker that the pale, burly Australian was taking the chill so well, but then again, most didn't realize that he was from so far south he had penguins on his lawn and on a clear day could see Antarctica. Jessibelle Dillas was faring well herself, and was doing a good job of hiding the effect that the cold was having on her, save in two specific places that both Dagwood and Karl had noticed and were doing their best to discretely look at. Not that it mattered much because Jessi was musing happily at the shivering wreck of Karl. Whatever hope he had of getting a rock hard erection were quickly dashed. Not only was the cool air whipping at his exposed skin, but there was also a slow cold that was steadily creeping up his still wet trunks. Although only halfway up his thigh, it was having a through effect of dampening down his libido. He knew that if it were to reach his crotch he'd be unable to get aroused, let alone a regular erection.

"Alright boy's, drop 'em." Jessi was surprised at the speed in which Karl whipped down his trunks noting on his bravery in the face of certain defeat. However, no amount of enthusiasm could outdo Dagwood Strewth's sheer size, which was unveiled in its entirety a few seconds later. Karl's short shriveled penis was no comparison to Dagwood's meaty member which he was now confidently swinging from side to side making matching 'whump-whump' noises, to the amusement of Jessi.

"Why is yours so small?" she turned to Dagwood, "And yours so big?" Karl wanted to say that it was because of vast difference in their individual tolerances to the cold; himself being lean and not to mention hailing from tropical climate and thus more sensitive to the cold. Whereas Dagwood, who despite being from Australia, had more body fat and could withstand the cold better than he could. He would go on to elaborate on how significant temperature played in erectile strength and that all of this was completely unfair and that they should resume in a more amicable room temperature for both.

Dagwood beat him to the punch, summing it all up with, "Some guys are just luckier than others." Jessi nodded in agreement as Aeryn arrived with not only with a tote bag, but a couple of onlookers as well. There was Aeryn's boyfriend, her brother, her brother's girlfriend, and three mutual female friends of both. Already unnerved, Karl felt like a total outsider with so many unfamiliar faces, especially female faces concentrated on them and could feel his cock contract nervously.

Aeryn smiled, "Got your text. And it gave me an idea..." Edwin gave a 'snerk' but kept quiet as he prepared the Jacuzzi. Aeryn ignored him as she picked up the black bag with pink script on it and showed it to Jessi. Even tipsy, their contents were able to elicit an audible gasp followed by a hushed giggle.

Pulling the bag open some, Jessi reached in, and pulled out was looked like a pale pink pipe wrapped in plastic. As she set it down and pulled out another, Karl got a sinking feeling, accompanied by a shrinking feeling. Putting the bag down, Aeryn turned to the others who were climbing into the bubbling hot tub, "So who's ready to watch a jerk-off contest?"

Taking the first sleeve out of its wrapping, Jessi, still giggling, approached Dagwood first. Already hovering around seven inches both in length and girth, seeing Jessi kneeing in front of his member spurred on his impulses, and steadily took him up to nearly eight inches lengthwise, and an astonishing eight and a half crosswise. Slow the transition was, it was enthusiastically commended by both ladies and gents. Then as Jessi went to slide the sleeve around his member, only to find that he was too large, the broad head of his dick too wide to make it through. This got another murmur of approval as Aeryn got up, stating she'd go and fetch the extra-large size.

Deciding not to bother with opening the other sleeve, Jessi got up and rinsed the original sleeve in the smaller indoor pool before returning with it to outfit Karl. The gap between Karl and Dagwood became a whole lot wider and Karl's member slid right in, barely touching the sides. Karl noted without comment, that once again, he was getting disadvantaged. Instead of rinsing it out in the warm Jacuzzi, where their audience was now lounging, she had chosen the ice cold pool. He thought to himself, 'After this, I'm going to go sit in the sauna and not come out till I've forgotten all about this.'

After a few minutes, Aeryn returned with the other sleeve. It was an opaque gold color with the silhouette of a running horse on the side. "I added that," said Aeryn after someone commented on it, "I've never used it for anyone except this one black guy."

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