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Roofie Coladas

by Cagonzon©

I felt fine, without the heaviness of the previous time, but I did have a certain grade of amnesia. I couldn't remember anything since the day before.

It was insane.

It was awesome.

It was just what I was looking for.

Now that I knew it was safe, I tested it on my wife.

I waited until Saturday, after the kids were asleep and fixed her up a Roofie Colada. She was delighted by the surprise and drank it down in less than a minute. We were cuddling on the couch, watching tv. I kept glancing at her and I saw when her eyes began to droop. Her head lolling from side to side as she fought against the drugs.

Then her head fell forward and she was gone.

I held her head up carefully so she didn't get hurt and stretched her out on the couch. She was breathing normally, her eyes were half-closed and through the open slits her stare was fixed.

Her mouth was open.

I immediately knew what the first test was going to be.

I placed a cushion behind her head, tilting it up a bit, letting her mouth drop open slackly. I pulled off my shorts, my cock standing up at attention as the sight of her there helpless, mouth open and drooling excited me.

Straddling her face I pressed the head of my cock against her lower lip, letting a bit of her oozing saliva moisten it. I then inched my dick into her mouth slowly, until it reached the back of her throat. No gag reflex. Holy shit. I began to slide my saliva-coated cock in and out of my unconscious wife's mouth as it hardened even more each time I felt it bump against the back of her throat.

Even though she was unconscious, she made little gagging noises, and I slowed down to see if she was waking up. They seemed to be involuntary so I sped up until I was pushing her head back against the cushion, fucking her face in the truest sense of the term. Then my cock slipped into her throat and I was skull-fucking her. Her gagging noises became louder with every thrust, and I saw tears leaking from her eyes as she weakly struggled against me, but she remained still.

Soon enough I was shooting my jizz down her throat, straight into her stomach. I emptied myself into her mouth, shuddering and dripping sweat from my exertions, lost in the amazing feeling of throat-fucking my wife.

As I looked at her lying there, she reflexively gargled cum and choked for a moment, my milky discharge leaking from the corners of her mouth, and I saw her sister's face superimposed on hers. It would have normally made me angry, but now I just felt a coolness settle into my stomach.

Your time is coming, bitch. I'm going to exorcise these demons soon.

I carried my wife upstairs to bed, where I proceeded to fuck her over and over as she lay there. Each time I saw her sister in her place, taking my cock in different positions, moaning softly as her body reacted unconsciously. In the end, when I could no longer get it up, I gathered my sleeping wife close to me and fell asleep beside her.

The following morning was the final test. I woke up before my wife did, and kept watching her intently hoping to see her reaction upon waking. She began to stir and stretch, yawning before coughing into her closed fist. I noticed then that I had forgotten to clean her up a bit. Her hair was a mess, still sticky and stiff with cum and her nightgown clung to her body in spots. She still had some make-up smeared across her face.

She looked like she had been up all night fucking.

She opened her eyes sleepily and smiled up at me. I smiled back.

"Did we fuck last night? I feel really sore." she held a hand to her pussy, which was indeed still puffy from the pounding I had given it.

"You don't remember?" I asked her innocently.

She shook her head, frowning.

"It's weird. I feel like it was a dream, but then when I move I feel like a freight train ran me over." she chuckled. "Are you mad? I'm sorry that I can't remember." A worried look had come over her face.

I shushed her and kissed her, morning breath, cum-stained lips and all. "It's alright. I don't remember much either. We got pretty hammered last night." I lied.

"We did?" She was trying to remember and failing.

"Yeah, after Billy's soccer game, we came home, fixed dinner and then I made us some piña coladas." I shrugged. "I guess they were a little strong."

She was surprised.

"Wait, Billy's game was Saturday. You're telling me it's Sunday?"

It was more than I could have hoped for. She couldn't remember anything at all from the previous day. Nothing. It was going to be perfect.


It was still another month before the time was right for Sarah's reckoning. Finally summer had arrived and we shipped both kids off to camp, leaving the adults free to play in the sun.

We were taking turns every couple of weekdays, we would gather at our house or Sarah's, have dinner, talk about shit, go see movies together or stay in and lounge about in the pool. Me, my wife, Sarah and her husband.

I made myself the self-appointed barman at all of our gatherings, fixing up cocktails, margaritas, cosmos, whatever they wanted, trying different liquors every night. It was like reliving our college years and everyone was having fun.

I also took the time to plan how I was to go about the 'taming of the shrew'. I decided that it had to happen at her house, so I began to make the drinks stronger each night, until we were all sleeping over at each other's guestrooms half of the time. None of them thought it was weird, thankfully, just four adults having fun within the safety of their homes. Sometimes other friends would join us but for the most part it was just us four.

When the time finally came, I knew it was right because Sarah's husband had been downing shots pretty heavily and had stayed out of the pool, lying on one of the chairs by the edge. My wife was also on one of the chairs, and she was also pretty hammered. Only Sarah was floating in the pool jabbering on about some shit or another.

I saw my opportunity, so I took it. With a thrill I produced a batch of Roofie Coladas. You see, I had realized that the perfect alibi was that not only Sarah forgot what happened, but the others as well. I of course, had been only pretending to be drinking all night, so my mind was crystal clear and sharp as I headed out to the pool with the three drugged drinks. I gave each of them their drink and quickly got into the pool, staying apart, but not too far, from my sister-in-law.

Soon enough I saw my wife's head droop, and her empty glass fall to the grass. Sarah's husband lasted all of ten seconds longer, almost falling out of his chair as he slumped over one of the armrests.

Sarah was holding on, maybe because she was moving about, but her speech was quickly becoming more and more slurred. She leaned on the edge of the pool and rested her head on her crossed arms, still mumbling, when her empty glass dropped from her limp fingers.

It was time.

My cock was already stiff in anticipation as I rushed towards her just as she was about to slip back into the pool, grabbing her by the waist and keeping her pressed against the edge. With one hand I pulled down my swim trunks, bunching them around my ankles, my dick springing out into the warm water of the heated pool.

I then grabbed the back of her bikini bottom and pulled it down, letting it drift down to her feet as I gazed at the sheer rounded perfection of Sarah's ass, just above the water. I spread her ass cheeks with my fingers, seeing her puckered hole glistening wetly, invitingly. Grabbing her again by the waist with both hands I raised her posterior out of the water for a better look, and I saw the sweet folds of her pussy. I could see her closely-shaved mound of dark pubic hair. It was more beautiful than I had imagined.

I stuck one finger in her pussy, desperate to feel her warm, secret embrace. The folds glided apart under the pressure from my finger and just like that I was fingering my sister-in-law. I extracted the finger and raised it to my nose, taking in her musky fragrance. I gave my finger a lick, tasted her juices, then moved closer, pressing my smaller head against the soft skin of her taint.

I had decided that since I didn't know if I would be able to do this again, I was going to go for the whole nine yards. I had never fucked a woman in the ass before, but I refused to wonder what it was like to do so to Sarah after this night. I had prepared my cock with a thick coating of Vaseline, which had held up nicely after the immersion into the pool, so as I moved my cock towards her backdoor I was sure that there was enough lube to help me pierce her secret entry.

And so we come full circle, to where you began this story, finding me slowly but surely slipping my cock up my sister-in-law's ass, hearing her moan softly but otherwise hang there limply, held up against the edge of the pool as I impaled her on my shaft.

It was a new experience for me, anal sex. To be honest I had always found it kind of gross, but like I said, I was already taking this huge risk. I was going for the entire enchilada.

My sister-in-law's asshole was a very tight fit. I'm not sure if she had ever been fucked in the ass before, but from the resistance it was giving me, I would have guessed not. It excited me even more to think this, that I was taking her anal virginity, and I started to push further and further into her, groaning with the intense pleasure that her anal cavity was giving my cock. After about ten pumps I couldn't hold on. I was too excited by the entire thing. I came inside her ass, shooting a long stream of my cum inside her. It helped to lubricate the movement, and I slid out easily after that.

Throughout the anal rape (let's call it what it is) Sarah had begun to pant like a dog. After I exited her backdoor her body relaxed a bit, and she let out a sigh.

The sigh drove me crazy.

My cock sprang back into life and I quickly pressed it against her pussy and forced myself inside her again, now through the front door. Her back arched against me as I lifted her from the ledge, pulling her against me and biting her neck when it came to rest against my mouth. My dick was all the way inside her as I fondled her breasts from behind, reaching under her bikini top and cupping, squeezing her small tits as I thrust against her.

Her beautiful face was now staring up into the night sky with a slack-jawed expression as I held her impaled on my cock. Soft moans escaped from deep down her throat, guttural responses to my dick's invasion of her womb as I bounced her up and down on my hardened shaft. It was certainly easy, doing what I wanted with her unconscious body in the pool. I didn't last long then either. Before more than a couple of minutes had passed I was filling her pussy with my cum, coating her insides with gooey, sticky spunk.

I hope she's on birth control, I thought, although right then I really didn't give a damn.

After continuing to fuck her like that and emptying myself into her a second time, I was a bit winded, so I picked her up and laid her out on the side of the pool. As she lay there, I took in every inch of her. Her gorgeous face had a satisfied expression on it, so on some level I knew she was enjoying getting fucked. The slut. Her disheveled bikini top hung from her neck, her small breasts hanging freely in the night air, nipples hardening as a soft breeze passed.

She was in perfect shape for a thirty-five year old, with a tight abdomen that women fifteen years younger would envy. She had clearly marked tan lines, creamy skin against lightly tanned. Her hips were perfect as well, curving in to her small mound which was glistening now with pearly drops as my cum leaked out of her. Spreading her long legs apart, I saw that she was still leaking cum from her asshole as well. My cock twitched and I knew that I wasn't done with her yet.

I climbed out of the pool, checking on my wife and Sarah's husband to make sure they were still out. I had almost forgotten about them, so caught up in fucking my sister-in-law that everything else had fallen out of the picture.

Leaving the two doped dupes where they were, I picked up Sarah and carried her into the house, climbing the stairs and entering her bedroom. I threw her onto her marital bed, fully engorged and excited now for what was to come.

I went quickly to the guestroom and grabbed my camera from my bag. I had planned accordingly. I went back to my unconscious sister- in-law and proceeded to take dozens of pictures of her, posing her in different ways.

Then I switched the camera over to video. It was one of those point-of-view action cameras made for climbing or skating or skydiving, so it had an elastic headband that I put around my head, leaving my hands free.

Positioning her like I had done with my wife, I placed a pillow behind her head and opened her mouth. I was going to make a porn movie of my own. I straddled her head and shoved my cock in her mouth, roughly, without taking the care I had taken with my dear wife. I filmed myself skull-fucking Sarah, her soft, full lips straining around my girth. Her mouth was even smaller than my wife's, making it seem like my cock was huge.

I didn't stop fucking her face when I came the first time. I kept thrusting against her, choking her with my cock as I spurted once, twice and a third time down her throat. My cock seemed to have a mind of his own. As if he was also making sure to enjoy every second, every spurt, not knowing when this would happen again. The little guy did well. Even if it was just a couple of drops, he kept spitting out cum into my sister-in-law.

After I was done fucking her face I checked the time. I had been at it for the better part of two hours. Sarah's face and hair were a mess after our first filming session. I still had time before I had to clean up.

Taking care that the camera caught every angle, I positioned Sarah in the middle of the bed, then I climbed on top of her, spreading her legs wide and rubbing my cock against her pussy. Her pussy got wet again pretty quickly as I rubbed the head of my penis against her clit, and I was soon sliding inside her once more, but now taking my time, without the earlier desperation I'd had in the pool. I wanted to make this one last.

I fucked her for a long time like that, filming everything, my cock thrusting in and out of her, her tits bouncing to the rhythm, a close up of her face as she moaned. I managed to get a great shot as I pulled out of her as I came, a thin jet streaking to land on her tits and stomach, making a small pool of cum in her belly button.

Then I turned her over and fucked her like that, pounding against her pussy. I had tried to go for the ass again but the lube had worn off and I didn't want to wait. I just fucked her pussy like that, driving her into the bed, growling her name and biting her neck as I let all of my pent-up rage and frustration pour into her.

I came a last time inside her, my cock jerking in spasms as her pussy tightened around it. She was definitely cumming in her sleep. She was moaning like a porn star by then, and I thought that maybe she had begun to wake up, but no, it was just the physical reaction to my cock inside her, pumping tirelessly.

Finally, lying there, completely spent after fucking my sister- in-law in ways beyond my wildest dreams, I sighed contentedly.

I had done it.

It was over.

I was sure that she would no longer haunt my dreams as she had. I had tasted her. I had taken her through every hole it was physically possible to enter her through. I had filled her up with my cum to the point where I was sure I had lowered my sperm count.

And I got it all on tape.

It was a great feeling. I can't deny it. I had just raped my sister-in-law, but I regretted nothing. Now all I had to do was clean up. Clean up and finish setting up the entire alibi.

I left Sarah where she was, lying in the middle of her bed, twisted sheets all around her, drying spots of my cum all over her body, leaking out of her pussy and mouth, ass pointing in the air, legs spread, hair in disarray. The very picture of a girl who'd been pounded mercilessly.

I went downstairs quickly now, even though I was bone weary. I had nearly spent my entire four-hour grace period, and I was cutting it a bit close. Especially with what I still needed to do.

First, I went to Sarah's husband, and picked him up, groaning under the weight. He was not a slender fellow. I left my wife there for now, she wasn't as crucial. I managed to not get a hernia carrying the doctor up the stairs and into his bedroom. I tried to get him up on the bed next to his wife but was too tired by that point. I decided to make the best of what I had and got to work.

First, and this just shows how committed I was to this endeavor, I stripped the doctor of all his clothes. I observed that, his dick was even smaller than mine, or so it seemed. I didn't measure it, but it certainly gave me a good feeling thinking about how I'd stuck it to his wife.

It might not have been a monster cock, but it was more than she usually got, buddy.

All kidding aside, this part was important. I went to their bathroom and rummaged through their cabinets until I found what I was looking for, what I had scoped out the previous time I'd been in their house.

I went back to the unconscious married couple with the small jar of Vaseline in my hands. I applied a generous blob of it to Sarah's ass, then smeared a bunch of it on her husband's hands. Then I grabbed one hand by the wrist and placed it over his own penis making sure it looked like he had applied the lube himself.

Standing, I examined my handiwork. It wouldn't fool CSI maybe, but a couple of hungover drunks waking up groggily would only conclude one thing. Some butt-fucking had taken place.

Seeing my sister-in-law's ass as she lay there on the bed, a pillow under her hips so it was pointing upwards, I felt the tug of lust again. I knew I was cutting it very close, but I quickly took off my trunks again and climbed on top of her.

Now that her ass was lubed up, I rationalized that it would be better if I made it look like she had actually been fucked. My cock was erect again as I rubbed it against her hole once more, pushing much more easily through her tight sphincter and burying myself up to my balls in her ass.

Conscious of the time, I pumped quickly inside her, making her grunt as I stretched her out again. I still had the camera on my head, so I pressed the record button so I had the evidence for future enjoyment. In less than a minute I was shooting a truly final stream of cum into her, holding myself inside until it leaked from around my dick.

Exiting her, I looked at my handiwork and was greeted by a gaping and red asshole that leaked my milky discharge. I winced. Maybe I had just gotten the good doctor into a bit of trouble. Checking the rest of the room, making sure everything was as I wanted it to be, I cast a last look at my prone sister-in-law.

Here's hoping that I'm cured of your madness. I thought. You fucking slut.

I couldn't help but smile as I rushed downstairs, picked up my wife, re-energized suddenly and went to the downstairs guestroom for the final part of my plan. I tucked my wife into bed carefully before going back out to the pool one last time. I checked to make sure I wasn't missing anything, and saw Sarah's bikini bottoms lying at the bottom of the pool.

I quickly dived in, grabbed them and all but leaped out of the water like a dolphin. I rushed upstairs as quietly as I could and poked my head around the door to my sister-in-law's bedroom. They were pretty much as I had left them, but the doctor groaned a bit as I looked in on them. He rolled over, before letting out a sigh and beginning to snore softly.

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