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A Hike In The Woods

by Wifetheif©

Having Roger lay down on the bed Debbie kissed him deeply, ignoring his halitosis, and slowly kissed her way down his body. Roger's first encounter with fellatio brought a squeal of delight from him, Knowing how quick a trigger virgins tend to have Debbie quickly mounted Roger and rode him to orgasm. Purely for Clyde's benefit, Debbie maid an appropriate moan.

"Oh God, thank you lady," said the awed lad.

Clyde looked at Debbie and said, "Nice work, you almost convinced me that you enjoyed that. There will be no doubt,however, that you will enjoy me in every way possible."

The father looked at his son and said. "The nice lady is coming to my room now, fathers need time with does as well."

Clyde extended his hand and said. "Come woman."

Debbie had a very good idea of what was in store for her, This man would not be gentle or shy like his son, She took the proffered hand and was led to a small room with huge bed in it. Debbie realized that the cabin could not have more than four rooms two of which were bed rooms, Guns, lots of guns, lined the walls of this room, all secured with locks, In a locked glass display case there was a display of bayonets and knives. What room on the walls was left was decorated with animal heads and animal horns. A taxidermy set of bear claws adorned the headboard of the bed, Clyde closed and locked the door once they had entered the room. Debbie felt smaller and more vulnerable then she had at any other point in her life.

"Now woman, come over here and undress me. We won't be leaving this room until I am happy. Needless to say I will be more difficult to please than my son who doesn't know any better. Before we get started i want to thank you for the gift you gave my son. You made his first time very special indeed. The fact that I am grateful means that I will be gentler with you than I first intended IF, OF COURSE, you please me in every way. You can begin now."

Debbie rose up on her tip toes and began to unbutton his flannel shirt. Underneath he was hard muscled. There was not an ounce of fat on his body as he obviously lived a lifestyle that required constant working out. His pecks, abs and arms all had prominent definition.

"Kiss me." Clyde said.

Swallowing her revulsion Debbie embraced Clyde and turned her lips up to meet his as he bent down. His tongue did circuits around her mouth and he kept kissing Debbie until she thought that she would pass out for lack or air.

Satisfied Clyde broke off the kiss.

"Now kiss down my body until you get to my belt buckle. Then kneel before me lower my pants and give me the best blow job I have ever had. You will swallow every drop, of course."

Hoping to win the man over, or at least bring forth his gentle side, Debbie planted soft and gentle kisses across his nipples and along his abdominal muscles. She knelt on the floor and loosed his belt buckle. His work pants she opened next and gently tugged them down. He stepped out of them. By now Debbie was sure that the penis staining against the boxer shorts was one of the largest she had ever encountered. Steeling herself she lowered the boxers and came face to face with an uncircumcised penis of massive length and girth. Debbie was proud of her prowess with blow jobs. Every boyfriend she had ever had praised her skill. Several men had even made marriage proposals to her after a single turn of fellatio. Starting by kissing and licking the balls Debbie went to work. Despite it being risky Debbie deliberately teased Clyde until at last she was sucking on his entire phallus.

Clyde made appreciative noises until at last he grabbed Debbie's head so that she could not turn away as his seed lined her throat. Ordinarily, Debbie did not swallow. These were not ordinary circumstances. At last she thought it was safe to rise from her position of submission.

"That was very nice, Mrs. Phelps. It is fortunate for you that I am a man of my word or I would agree with Roger's wish that we keep you."

Clyde saw Debbie's sudden look of terror and said.

"Calm down, My word is my bond. Of course before you are allowed to leave I am going to be inside your asshole and inside your pussy. When I am done with that I am going to cum several times in your hair Its areal turn on to jerk off into a woman's flowing locks. I have to cum between those wondrous breasts of yours as well. Now take down the sheets on that bed and get on your hands and knees. I like to mount a doe like a buck does."

Debbie did as instructed. She faced the bear claws and contemplated that she too was a trapped animal, She thought of Frank bound up and dazed in the next room and decided that she would be able to handle everything she faced tonight for his sake.

Suddenly Clyde was behind her. Debbie felt his hand upon her pussy as he coated her with some sort of lubricant. Then his huge bulk was surrounding her and Debbie felt his massive member plunge deep inside her. Too startled to react at first, Debbie, who was a resourceful woman. Realized that her silence might be taken the wrong way so she began making purring noises. This spurred on Clyde and he finished a short time later.

Clyde grabbed Debbie and held her close to himself as he waited for his manhood to recharge. Debbie felt his kisses all over her body. They were gentle, like hers had been on his chest. When he was ready he had Debbie lie on her stomach. This time Debbie felt Clyde's lubricated finger enter her asshole. Debbie didn't do anal too often Frank got it for his birthday, their wedding anniversary and the anniversary of their first date. It was something she tolerated for her husband's sake. This would be for her husband's sake as well.

To Debbie's considerable gratitude, Clyde worked his way in gently. The length and girth almost had Debbie cry out in pain but she stifled it. Gently Clyde worked himself to climax. He was out of breath when he exited her.

"You have done well 'mam. You are almost finished."

Next he was straddling her chest, Using Debbie's breasts to masturbate. Afterwards he would not let her clean it off.

"My mark stays on you. He ordered"

He had Debbie sit on the floor while he ran his penis through her long flowing brown hair, After jerking off four times in her hair he announced

"You have fulfilled your contract Mrs. Phelps. Lets go back to the main room,"said Clyde as he dressed.

Night had fallen while Clyde had used Debbie. In the main room Roger was reading by lantern light. He greeted Debbie with a huge smile. Frank was in the sane place as he was, bound in the corner, only now he was awake, His eyes had locked on Debbie as she entered the room behind Clyde. Instantly he knew what had happened to her, In shame and embarrassment Debbie tried to hide herself.

Clyde stood over Frank. "Well look who is awake!" Here is what is going to happen fella. I'm going to remove your IV and your gag. I hear one word out of you and I will slit your throat. You will obey my orders immediately and without question. I'm going to untie you. After you are released you may redress your wife. Once that is done my son and me will be escorting the two of you away from this cabin. We will be hiking a lot of miles so that you loose all sense of direction as to where this cabin is and where you are. I'll give you something for your headache. You will need your wits about you if you want to make it back to civilization. IF you make it back to civilization I could care less what you tell them. They will never find me."

Frank was very angry when his gag was loosed but he knew better than to protest. The ropes securing him were removed and Frank set about restoring circulation to his limbs. When he stood up his knee collapsed under him until he was able to figure out how to correctly put weight on it. He lurched in an odd but manageable gait.

Roger led the couple to a small outhouse where husband and wife relieved themselves after which Frank was permitted to dress Debbie. Debbie was ashamed and embarrassed and had a hard time meeting her husband's gaze as he gently restored her clothing. In Frank's eyes Debbie could see that he had been deeply wounded and not by the knife or rifle butt .

Clyde said. "The only reason that you are alive is because of your wife. She is a first class piece of ass." That comment enraged Frank anew but he knew better than to respond. After thoroughly searching the Phelps' backpacks and confiscating their camera and Frank's knives both Debbie and Frank were joined at the waist with a rope. The mountain men armed themselves and pillow cases were placed over the couple's heads. The mountain man and his son led them on a hike that lasted long into the hight.

When Frank and Debbie were at the very end of their patience and endurance they realized that they were alone. Warily Frank took off his pillowcase. No sign of Clyde and Roger. Not knowing which way to go and both starving the two ate from their camping supplies.

For the first time Frank spoke. "I don't want to know the details. I have a very good idea what happened. I know that whatever you did it was to save my life and for that I am grateful. When we get home I am going to make love to you and this trip won't even collect dust in our memories."

Debbie nodded in agreement

Dawn broke a few hours later and by sheer luck the Phelps' stumbled into a ranger station. Frank waited outside the door of the ranger's office as Debbie told her story. The state police were called and both of then were taken to the hospital. The police and the FBI were able to obtain DNA samples from the spunk in Debbie's hair. It would be months before it would be known if the sample matched any on file with the armed services or police departments. Despite a massive search the cabin of Clyde and Roger was not discovered. Mainly because no one had any idea where to look. The ranger, the doctors and the police were all in agreement. Frank and Debbie were fortunate to have escaped with their lives.

Four months later Frank and Debbie got a call from the FBI. DNA had identified their abductors, Clyde Beckwith and his son Roger. Clyde had been given a dishonourable discharge from the army for criminal activity and stealing weapons. Apparently, while not engaging in malfeasance, he was a first class medic. After returning home, he had kidnapped his son when he was twelve from his mother and had gone off grid. No police agency was even remotely close to capturing him however. The FBI agent ended the call with a phrase Debbie had heard before and often repeated to herself. "She was lucky to be alive."

Debbie, knew instinctively that that was true. But for the last three months she had thought of her encounters with the Beckwith's often.She felt pity for the boy and a spot of tenderness. Despite what Clyde had done to her she could not find it in her heart to hate him. If nothing else he was a man of his world. That was rare enough to find in this world. The real victim had been Frank. Frank had healed physically but not psychologically Although he had not wanted to know the details, eventually Debbie told him everything. It was exactly as Clyde had prophesied, Clyde was now lodged deep in Frank's psyche and would be there no matter how many times or how many different ways she made love to him. If she wept for anyone because of what happened to her she wept for her husband.

The End

Written by: Wifetheif

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