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Ponygirl's Kinky Dream

by BeautifulPonygirl333©

I wake up to the sound of the door opening. Footsteps sound faint, as if I'm in a larger room. I can feel the cold steel of the cuffs around my wrists and ankles, holding me standing. I shiver as the cold air brushes over my nude body. My eyes, covered with a fur lined mask, twitch as I search for him. He moves about the room, gathering his tools of pleasure... And pain I'm sure. Thinking on this makes my body ache from the remembered bruises of our last session. I move my head from side to side, trying to listen for you as everything seems drowned out by my breathing.

I moan loudly as clamps are placed on my nipples one at a time. Pulling on the chains holding me, I try to stretch on to my toes, trying to feel his touch on my burning skin. Pouting as he pulls away, tugging softly on each clamp as he moves. I shake my chains in frustration. Only to yelp in surprise as the falls of the whip land across my tormented nipples. I try to pull back, away from the sudden pain. I squirm, moaning with each hit across my breasts, stomach, and legs. My pussy is wet despite my pain. It stops.

Gasping for air as weights are added to my clamps. One, then two. He runs his hand down the side of my breast, past my navel, further to cup my warm wet pussy. I shudder in pleasure, rocking my hips without shame against his hand. He pinches my clit before pulling away again. I let the thought of begging for his touch run through my head, but shake it away, knowing that begging will only lead to more torment. He slips two fingers into my wetness, rubbing firmly against my g-spot. Quickly as it started, he stops, leaving me panting and moaning in my need for release.

I go still as I feel his hands on my ass, spreading it open wide with one hand. The other rubbing a cool cream into my tight hole. Working his finger and the cream deep into my ass. He works it in and out a few times before adding more cream, working a second one in with the first. I moan softly, pushing back as much as the cuffs allow. He pulls his fingers out slowly, slapping my ass firmly as I whimper my feelings of emptiness. My body shakes with need, wetness starting to shine on my inner thighs. The weights on my nipples swaying from side to side as I try to catch my breath.

I groan as he pushes a slender plug into my ass. Shivering, he uncuffs my wrists, bending me forward, over the back of a chair, cuffing my wrists to the underside of the chair. I know he installed them just for me. I hold onto the legs tightly waiting for the first blow to my filled ass. Hours seem to pass, in what I know can only be a hand full of minutes. I wait, the silence dragging on...

Then the sting of a leather paddle with the word 'slut' carved out on one side and 'pain' on the other. I scream, knowing this is what he wants from me. My pain flowing out with every scream, moan and sob. I can feel my juices running down my legs before he's close to done. I moan loudly as he gives my bottom one last swat, right across the base of the plug. I shake as my body enters into a complete state of submission. Moaning as he runs just the tips of his fingers over my tender bottom.

He moves around to the front if me, still trailing his fingers over my sensitive flesh, pulling firmly on the nipple clamps before brushing his thumb over my quivering bottom lip. He pulls away to replace his thumb with a rubber bit gag. I moan loudly as its locked into place behind my head. He moves back, behind me, pinching the red marks on my ass, making me squirm over the back if the chair. He pulls away, I can feel his eyes on my wet pussy, watching it twitch with need for his touch. I shift on my feet trying to hear where he could be, the only sound is our breathing. I moan just to break the silence, humping the air, hoping to get any reaction from him. Suddenly I feel his hand brush over my back, down my ass to my quivering cunt, slowly pushing one than two into my warmth. He pinches my clit with his other hand, keeping me just on the edge of release. I whimper and moan behind the gag, moving my hips wildly with desperation. Just as I feel my pussy start to ripple around his fingers, they are gone. I scream out my anger over this new denial, whimpering as I hear him chuckle over my pain. I throw my head from side to side, rolling my shoulders as best I can in this bent over position.

I feel him move closer as I shudder. The chains making a soft clink against each other. We both moan loudly as he finally gives me what I crave the most, sinking his hard cock slowly into me. The plug in my ass causing me to be tighter than normal. We are both breathing hard as he hits bottom. I rock my hips as he pulls out to just the tip, slamming back in as he sets the rhythm of our bodies against each other. I'm screaming and bucking as he uses me hard. Pounding into my pussy, over an over. He reaches down an tangles his fingers in my shoulder length hair, pulling my body away from the chair backing, forcing his cock harder into me. I grunt as this pushes him into a new angle suddenly. He slows his thrusts, rubbing just the tip if his penis back and forth over my g-spot. Edging me closer and closer to that bliss full release. He spanks my ass, giving me that small bit if pain I need to get the rest of the way there. I scream, pushing back onto his cock, cumming as he starts pounding my pussy again, not letting my body relax, he keeps up his new pace,. Only to slam into me as he cums, filling me with his seed. He rubs my ass as he pulls out, walking away to clean up. Leaving me stuffed and tied over the chair.

Written by: BeautifulPonygirl333

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