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Freedom and the Widow Ch. 09

by Sputnik57©

Victoria tried to maintain her elegant and confident posture as she led Eric by the new symbol of enslavement he now wore willingly about his neck. She could not help but breathe heavily as her pussy buzzed with sheer excitement in the tight leather she was now so keen to remove; she and Eric were now alone for the first time, and she would express her dominance over him with a fresh enthusiasm that would leave him in no doubt that she was in control. Eric was in a heaven of his own and oblivious to any tiny doubts that Victoria may have had about the impression she was giving; as he walked on all fours, leashed, and watching the ass in the tight leather of the woman who was to dominate him, his cock was rigid and dribbling pre-cum as he thought of nothing other than obeying her commands. Victoria led him to her bed then pointed to the floor, as she sat.

"Kneel and take my shoes off, then kiss my feet." Eric obeyed her instantly and took great pleasure in kissing her elegant feet and each toe with exquisitely painted toe-nails, over and over again. Victoria's pussy oozed in the hot leather as she basked in an erotic bliss which was truly dream-like; her confidence rose as she saw Eric was completely and utterly under her control. She sniggered audibly as her mind went back to the grey, staid world she had left behind; she thought of making a video for the Bridge Club members, how they'd appreciate that! Her giggling excited Eric all the more; thinking his new mistress thought his efforts feeble, he began sucking her toes, which made Victoria arch her back; the tight leather teasing her asshole and reminding her of delights to come. Her pussy tingled as she became more and more dominant.

"You may cease now. I want you to beg to lick my pussy. If you please me, I may let you lick my asshole too." She stood before Eric oozing her new found authority, and undid the top button of her leggings, giving a tug on Eric's leash to prompt his response to her demand. She sneered down at Eric as he looked up at the gorgeous camel-toe; oh how he wanted to sniff her for the first time. The genuine need and willingness to be dominated was evident in his clear response.

"Mistress Victoria, I beg you, please let me worship your womanhood with my tongue." Eric's cock pulsed as he relished the divine humiliation; he was ecstatic at hearing himself beg whilst kneeling naked and leashed at the feet of a middle-aged dominant woman. He was sure that just the scent of her mature and aroused cunt would make him come, his balls tingled the way they do just prior to orgasm and it was as much as he could do to control himself. Victoria's broad sneer echoed his feelings; she had not had her pussy licked by any male before, she had had such a sheltered life; now the first occasion would be at her behest, by a man she would dominate completely.

Her asshole tingled urgently; she wondered how it would feel when her new slave licked that too, and lick it he would, and thoroughly. Victoria pointed to her tight leather leggings and tugged Eric's leash to affirm her acceptance of his humbling request. Eric eagerly eased his fingers into the soft leather leggings at Victoria's shapely hips and eased the zip open. As he worked the tight leather down over her shapely ass cheeks, he swallowed nervously in anticipation. Victoria's pussy bulged with pleasure as the tight leather was pulled from it; the cool air exciting it all the more. Eric looked up at at her as the scent of her pussy teased his nostrils; the inside of the camel toe, now moulded in the leather between her thighs glistened messily; Eric yearned for a command and Victoria sensed this. She was in urgent need of his tongue, but there was plenty of time to enforce her complete control over her slave, and indulge his submissive tendencies. She tugged his leash.

"What are you waiting for; lick the inside of the crotch clean, you're responsible for making it so messy; I want it cleaned before you're allowed to lick me."

Eric wasted no time in pulling the warm leather to his lips; the scent of her glorious womanhood in the leather was tantalizing; his cock bobbed and his anus tingled with submissive pleasure as he tasted his mistress's juices for the first time. The sweet tang of her pussy mingled with the leather gave him an hors d'oeuvres for the delights to come. Victoria now yearned for his tongue as she watched him lap vigorously at the leather; she yanked excitedly at his leash.

"That will do; I want my leggings off now." Eric immediately obeyed and rolled the leather down each elegant leg, helping her step from them. She half smiled, half gasped as she sat on the very edge of the bed and lay back on the pillows she had pulled forward. Eric was ready to do anything as she lay back and lifted her supple thighs, showing him her neatly shaven pussy, glistening invitingly; the soft pink butterfly awaiting his tongue for the first time. She panted as she pointed to it and gave her command.

"Begin!" Eric was almost dragged forward as she pulled eagerly at his leash, not that there was the remotest hesitation from him; he had tongued his ex-wife on occasion, but only after he had got her drunk; she considered it 'dirty' and could not understand why he should want to do it. He was now about to put his tongue to good use, for a woman who was used to having such attention as routine; Eric could not know that this was the first time Victoria had been awarded such a pleasure. Despite her sheltered background she would not consider this intimate act 'dirty'; it would be her right to have such attention from her slave and though it was her first time, it would not be the last.

Eric sniffed hard at the beautiful musky scent of his new mistress's pussy; as his tongue touched the warm sweet folds and he sampled the divine taste for the first time, he was in submissive heaven. Victoria stared wildly at the ceiling and gasped at the wonderful sensation of a warm tongue teasing and cleaning her sweaty and aroused pussy for the first time; she knew she would come very shortly and her calves and toes tensed and pointed to the ceiling too, as she was immersed in a new and exciting world of absolute pleasure. Eric's cock dribbled as it stood rigid with excitement; though he yearned to come, he was so enjoying being of service to a dominant woman for the first time, and did not care if he were allowed to come or not. Such was the level of submission he had allowed himself to willingly sink to.

As his urgent tongue nursed her clitoris, wave after wave of pleasure moved through Victoria's entire body, and her anus tingled as her juices and Eric's saliva dribbled down to the pucker; the cool air reminding her of the pleasure to be had there. She would have her asshole licked too. Gasping, she managed to pull Eric's head back, and lifted her legs further back. Eric nearly came as he spied her gorgeously puckered and inviting asshole. He yearned for the command; Victoria was now desperate.

"Lick my asshole, and make sure you clean it thoroughly." Victoria's thighs, calves and feet now pointed rigidly at the ceiling as she now nursed her eager clitoris with an urgent and elegant finger, and awaited a male subservient tongue in asshole for the first time. Eric was now in submissive rapture; as she sniffed the succulent tang of his mistress's asshole, he could not quite believe where he was. As he tasted the sharp tang for the first time, his balls ached in a beautiful submission as he performed this most submissive of acts so willingly for the first time. Victoria moaned in ecstasy as her pussy dribbled and her anus relaxed and opened obligingly to be serviced by her slave's tongue. As Eric probed lovingly with his tongue, deep into the hot and savoury musk of his dominant mistress's asshole, Victoria moaned as she closed in on a sumptuous and rewarding orgasm; yes, she was in complete control and she would keep this male in his place forever; as these thoughts boosted her ever growing dominant ego, the sound of another male slave being thrashed in the room next door became audible to the both; as the muffled sound of the cane and moaning of the punished slave hit their ears, Eric probed deeper and more with more vigour than ever; the thought of being caned was exquisite. Victoria moaned in heavenly ecstasy as she too thought of wielding the cane mercilessly. She almost howled as an intense and superbly rewarding orgasm ripped through her body. Eric's cock was fit to burst as he eyed his pleased mistress through the cleft of her buzzing pussy; he maintained his thrusts as he she moaned for what seemed like an eternity.

Victoria slowly lifted herself up as the ecstasy subsided and smiled down at her new slave; he had shown her the way things would always be from now on without question; her satisfied pussy stilled tingled despite the overwhelming energy of the orgasm she had just experienced. As she looked at her new property; his cock rigid and need of relief, she thought how it would feel nice inside her; cock put in its natural haven was also still very pleasing to her, but her dominance now took the upper hand. Neither she nor Eric could know at that time that her friends would arrange a treat for them all, whereby Victoria would sample another man's cock whilst Eric watched; he would then enjoy another man's semen for the first time, and enjoy it he would. No, she would continue her humiliation of him. He looked up at her, and as passive as he tried to be; his cock was rock hard, his eyes could not hide their pleading. Victoria was tiring now.

"You may masturbate at my feet; you will then lick your mess from my feet, and the join me in bed. I want to know all about you." With the divine scent of his new mistress's pussy and asshole still fresh in his nostrils. Eric eagerly grabbed his cock and remained on his knees before his dominant mistress. Victoria smiled with pleasure as she watched his fist work rapidly back and forth over his lubricated bell-end, and she laughed contemptuously as Eric grunted like a wild animal and shot loop after loop of hot semen all over her legs and feet; her laughing ensuring sweet humiliation bolstered his delicious orgasm, draining his balls for her for the first time. She looked down with pride whilst his tongue tasted his own salty semen for the first time. She swelled with her now completely natural sense of dominance.

"You have made such a mess; I may have to cane you tomorrow, but I'm too tired after your making me work the way you have. I shall think of ways of having you make it up to me." When she was satisfied her legs and feet were clean , she kept the leash taught as she beckoned him to lie between the sheets with her.

Written by: Sputnik57

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