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Freedom and the Widow Ch. 10

by Sputnik57©

Victoria was so pleased to hear the Eric had no ties at home, and lived within twenty-five miles of her; her wish to enslave him totally grew stronger with each revelation, and Eric's wish to be enslaved by her was reinforced on hearing she was completely independent now, and owned a large house which would need be maintained by a willing servant. The two were a little tired when they appeared for breakfast the next day, Victoria having taken great pleasure in face-sitting Eric several times during the night and milking his eager cock as he pleasured her. Eric could not know that her eagerness to do so was because she had not had the pleasure of controlling a male's orgasm that way before; she had told him a great deal, but had remained economic with her information about her domineering experiences.

Victoria had taken particular pleasure in bringing Eric to the brink several times, as he sniffed and licked her pussy and anus; only to deny him, and then treat both he and herself in taking complete control over when he was allowed to shoot his cream. She had thoroughly enjoyed having him beg, and then gained exquisite pleasure in seeing the cream shoot from his rigid cock at her command.

Eric had followed his new mistress meekly down the stairs having tended her needs in the shower and helped dress her; Victoria smiled with satisfaction at his attentions, both were assuming their new roles so naturally, and both receiving great pleasure from it. Eric's cock was in an almost continuous state of erection, and Victoria's pussy tingled whenever she gave a frequent command or signal to the male she now dominated. Victoria was delighted to see all the males from the night before, all kneeling subserviently before a bench seat where they had their breakfast and coffee; the women sat centrally and in comfort. The women were equally delighted to see her and anxious to hear of her first night's service; she pointed Eric to his place of servitude with the other males without saying a word. Eric went and knelt with pleasure as he watched the woman who was now his mistress, join the other male's owners; from now on, even breakfast would give him an erection. Victoria's practiced stern look turned to a broad smile when out of view of the chastised males; advertising to the circle of dominant women that her first night had been a success. The taxi driver looked even more worn out than she; LeClerc, having finished his coffee, now knelt naked by her command; his cock rigid as he sniffed through the gusset of her panties which had been placed over his head by her.

Cherie was delighted at his humiliation by the taxi Driver, who had expressed her willingness to own the wretch on being made a member of the circle. LeClerc would now face a thrashing before the assembled maids of the household each time his new mistress had a bad day at work.

The women clasped their hands and wanted to know if Eric had been completely obedient; they did not lower the tone of their voices, though Eric was within obvious earshot; this added to his humiliation and was all part of him learning his place. His cock swelled with the sweet sense of submission as the women discussed how he'd been well and truly owned for the first time. Wanda was particularly anxious to know of his circumstances back home.

"So he'll be able to sell his house and put the money in your bank account, for you to look after; you can make him beg for treats that way, you'll own him body, soul and financially! Oh, I'm so happy for you. When we're home again, I have a few friends to introduce you to who'll give you a lot of training tips for Eric; some are most exquisite, you'll love it." Eric swallowed hard and his cock hardened too as he heard the women discuss how his former life would be snuffed out as he inevitably submitted everything to his dominant mistress; she would own him completely and he would willingly pander to her slightest whim. His ass tingled with wanton submission as Victoria's eyes met his whilst her natural and rightful ownership of everything he once owned was discussed.

The look he gave her was one of complete submission and total agreement with all that had been decided for him by the women. Victoria's pussy soiled her fresh panties as she took in his look and generated her own response of authority and finality over him; she basked in his willing defeat and would have her asshole licked by the pool at the earliest opportunity.

Cherie looked at LeClerc as he snorted at the divine scent of his new mistress's pussy, and smiled as she saw the Taxi Driver, Nanette, look eagerly at him, toying with a leash anxiously. She had stamped her authority on him with the cane last night, and though tired, was eager to continue to show him who was well and truly in control. Cherie smiled.

"I do so like to see raw enthusiasm for the cause of natural feminine superiority. I take it you'll be happy to accompany us all to Dominique Martin's party at Gassin on Saturday? She is always so happy to meet new women who have come to their senses; of course, you don't have to take LeClerc along, we can always find someone more suitable." The women sneered and laughed as an audible whine was heard from behind the richly scented and now thoroughly licked gusset. Nanette sneered too and pulled the leash tight between her hands menacingly.

"Oh thank you Cherie, I should love to attend, but someone else will have to show me if he's worthy of my company." Cherie smiled and passed her a vicious cane from a conveniently placed umbrella stand.

"I can see how eager you are; perhaps you'd like to take Leclerc out to the centre of the lawn and have him whine in earnest." LeClerc's cock rose to rigidity as Nanette stood and pointed to her feet. He was there immediately, willing and looking up at the sneering Nanette as she hastily leashed him in her anxiety to cane him severely for his misdemeanour. The women clapped as she strutted away across the patio round the poo to the lawn, whipping the air with the vicious cane whilst LeClerc did his best to keep up on all fours. Lola stood and smiled as she rang the service bell.

"I'll summon the maids to come and watch; I know how he enjoys being thrashed before an audience." Victoria sipped nonchalantly at her coffee, and then pointed to her feet with a wicked smile. Though he had dressed casually for the day, Victoria had other ideas where witnessing punishment was concerned. As he arrived at her feet she lifted her light skirt and held his face to the crotch of her panties; Eric's cock stiffened as he sniffed her dominance.

"You'll strip naked; I want to see your excitement at another male's punishment." She smiled down as Eric duly obliged; the humiliation of being naked before clothed women adding to his already visible excitement. He basked in further submissive ecstasy as maids filed by, laughing at him and making remarks about how pathetic his cock was.

As LeClerc was bent over a chair in the middle of the lawn in front of the women, the giggling maids and the owned males on their knees, Nanette brought the cane whistling down with the utmost malice. She smiled with sublime satisfaction as the wretch yelled like a child as the red line blossomed across his buttocks; the maids cheered and clapped with joy as LeClerc squirmed and bleated through the panties. Nanette's pussy bulged and tingled with delight as she savoured thrashing a naked male before an audience of women for the first time; she would stop her taxi in a quiet back road and masturbate furiously on many occasions in the future, as she recalled the day's events.

Eric's cock was rigid as he knelt obediently beside Victoria and wondered what it would feel like to have her administer punishment. Victoria seemed to sense this and smiled down at him; her panties now sodden again.

"Oh, I shan't thrash you today, but you'll feel the cane from me at some point. When punishment has been served and things have calmed down, I shall allow you to lick my asshole again; the situation has made me so sticky. You'll enjoy that won't you?" Eric's cock pulsed and dribbled as he looked first at his smiling mistress's eyes, and then the gorgeous curve in her skirt. He croaked out his undeniably happy response.

"Yes mistress, I would love to lick your asshole for you."

Written by: Sputnik57

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