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by salimak©

Oh my god, I was touching a boy's naked body, his naked cock was pressing onto me, my hands were on a boy's bare ass, his smooth firm gorgeous ass. I felt myself writhe against his leg, pushing my trembling sex hard onto his tight thigh. I was losing control. Was this good? His hands held my naked body, our mouths were open to each other.

And I pushed him back. Stepping away from him, feeling my legs touch the end of the bed. Looking again, at his cock, his hard naked cock.

"I said you should look at all of me, do you want to? Really? Tell me."

"I do, oh fuck, I do, let me look at you."

"And what will you do?"

"I want to taste you, I want to lay you back, and spread your legs, and kiss your wet cunt, I want to spread your dark brown cunt lips and lick your hot cunt, and turn you over, I want to kiss your tight brown anus, Salima, I want to lick your asshole, I want to push my tongue up your tiny little ass, and push my fingers inside your tight little Pakistani pussy."

I step back and let myself fall onto the bed, still looking at Paul.

"Tell me what you want, tell me what to do. I'll do anything you want, tell me."

"Lie on the bed, spread your legs."

I did. I backed further away from him, not able to take my eyes from his cock, first on the bottom of my bed, then onto it, until I was laying down, still facing Paul, up on my elbows. I spread my legs, I opened my legs for a boy, for the first time, I saw Paul looking at my exposed sex, I was breathless with excitement.

"I want to see all of you, show me all of yourself."

But I didn't move, I knew what he meant, I was sure what he meant, but I wanted him to say it, to tell me.

"Turn over, turn onto your front Salima, let me look at you from behind."

I turned on to my belly, laying flat, forcing myself not to raise my bum in the air, not to push it back towards Paul, my buttocks spreading. I felt the bed move, I felt Paul climb onto it, and then his body was over mine, his lips were on my neck, lower, I felt him moving lower, along my bare back, to my ass, his lips touched my naked buttocks.

"Salima, I want to see all of you, okay?"

"Yes, oh fuck, yes."

And his hands were on me, on my bare bum, he pulled the two small tight cheeks of my as apart, and I knew he could see me there, he was looking at my anus, my clenched brown asshole, I felt utterly exposed, completely on show, depraved, wanton, I felt cool air play across my tight opening.

And then Paul's lips were on me again, on my naked ass, only, oh god, between them, I felt his lips, his tongue, he was licking between my buttocks, it felt so dirty, so filthily shameless, he slid his tongue over the hot tender cleft of my ass, lower, again, I pushed myself back, without thinking, I raised my hips back to his face, wanting this, encouraging him to do this, to kiss me there, and he did, oh fuck, I felt Paul touch his soft lips directly against my tight anus.

"Oh, fuck, oh Paul, oh fuck, oh yes, kiss me there, oh that feels so fucking nice..."

I felt him open his mouth over my most private place, sealing his mouth over me, over my clenched crinkled hairy asshole. I knew I was, I knew boys would prefer girls to be smooth there, smooth everywhere, and I didn't care, it felt good that I wasn't, that my tight brown anus was surrounded by my dark female hair. Paul kissed it, he pushed his tongue over the surface of my sphincter, licking my tender cleft, pressing his tip against the coiled centre of my asshole. My pussy bubbled with arousal.

"Salima, turn around. Turn over, onto your back."

I did, Paul was facing me, on his knees. His cock looked enormous, up close again, thick and long and gorgeous, I wanted it inside me, I looked at Paul's naked body, every inch of him, his bare shoulders, his chest, his hair, his pale white skin contrasting with me, his dark soft pubic hair, his balls, drawn up tight by his retracted scrotum, fat and round and hairy, his stiff dick, I couldn't take my eyes from his cock, I judges his length without shame, guessed it was at least seven inches long, maybe a little more, I reached for it, gripped it with my hand, held the thick hot rigid shaft, and pulled at his foreskin, exposed Paul's swollen purple tip, smooth and shiny with Paul's arousal.

"Fuck Salima you look amazing."

"Yeah? What do you see?"

"Your smooth brown skin, your small beautiful breasts, your nipples, fuck, they're so stiff, and black, your small belly, and bum, you have a fantastic little arse, touching you there, holding your small pert little ass, tasting your tight little anus, I want to taste your cunt, okay, your hot dark virgin little cunt, I want to breathe through your dark pubic hair, and lick the brown lips of your pussy, I can see they're swollen with blood, you can't wait for me to touch you, I can't wait to taste you, to kiss and lick your wet cunt, and your tight little arsehole, smooth, small, do you want me to touch you there? Kiss you there?"

I lay back and spread my legs for him, spread them wide, playing my dark wet cunt for him.

"Oh fuck Paul, I want to do everything, kiss my cunt, please, let me feel your mouth on my wet little cunt, oh, oh god, kiss my Pakistani pussy, lick my dark cunt..."

He waited, on his knees, his towering cock swaying, jerking with pulses of arousal. And he lowered his face between I legs, holding them apart, pushing my thighs, until I felt his mouth touching me. Oh fuck. Someone was kissing my naked cunt. A beautiful young white boy was touching my Pakistani cunt with his mouth, licking, kissing me there.

It felt amazing. His lips moved over my thick damp labia, as his tongue slid up and down between them, entering my vagina, releasing a wave of hot aroused moisture, sliding up to my aching little clitoris. His hands stroked my legs, then moved lower, to my bare bum, between, between my legs, and he touched my anus, where he had just kissed, he pressed the tip of his finger onto the tight slit of my damp hot hairy asshole.

"Oh fuck Paul, oh god, oh god this feels so fucking good... oh... oh fuck... lick me, eat my wet cunt... oh god yes, lick my wet little pussy, touch me, oh god yes, finger my asshole, oh Paul, your mouth is so fucking good, lick my Pakistani cunt and finger my tight little asshole."

He did, he did this, his tongue circled my most sensitive spot, entering my vagina and sliding slowly up to my throbbing clitoris, he started a sweet and unbearable rhythm, I felt something huge building within me. My legs, my belly, my virgin sex pulsed and throbbed with pleasure.

"Oh Paul, please don't stop, please don't fucking stop, I'll do whatever you want me to do to you, I'll suck your cock, I'll take you in my wet cunt, you can fuck me in my tight arse, you can fuck my virgin cunt and arse, just please don't stop, lick my cunt, oh god, lick my hot wet brown cunt, and lick me, and finger my tight little asshole, I'll let you come inside me, oh god I don't care, fill me with your hot fucking spunk, come over me, come over my filthy little slut's face, come over my tits, cover me with your thick cum, fuck my tender asshole, can come in my arse, you can fill my virgin arse with your hot spunk, fill my little cunt, I don't care, oh, oh Paul, oh fuck, lick my cunt, please... don't... don't stop... don't..."

I felt my orgasm start to build in power, within me, within my legs, my body. I wanted him now, I wanted him inside me, I wanted him to fuck me, I wanted him to make me feel like a hot wanton sexual woman. I wanted his cock inside my wet virgin cunt.

"Oh Paul, I beg you now, please Paul, please fuck me, I want it, please do it now, I want you inside me, I want your penis inside my pussy, take my virginity, oh fuck, put your hard cock inside me, please, take me, take my virginity, lose yours, fuck me like a dirty little Pakistani slut, fuck me hard like the filthy little Paki slut I am, fuck me Paul, put your cock inside my cunt, I want you to take my virginity, fuck me hard, let me feel you fucking me like a hot slut, just fuck me hard, let's fuck like a couple of filthy beasts."

I looked up, Paul rose from between my legs, and kissed me hard and deep, I tasted myself on his lips, on his tongue, I tasted the sweet flavour of my own sexual moisture, I drank ravenously of my own pussy juices. And I felt the thick ridge of his hard cock slide against my pubic hair, I felt his solid root press against my clitoris. Oh fuck, this was going to happen, we were naked together, I was naked with a boy, I could see his erect penis, oh god, I looked now, as my thoughts tumbled inside me, at my spread, fuck, my legs were spread, I could see Paul's naked hard penis, I was going to let him put his hard cock inside me, fuck, inside my vagina.

He sat up. Kneeling, my legs wide apart. His cock was still ravishingly hard, sticking up thick and straight, huge looking, fear returned, oh my god, that huge fucking cock was going to be inside my tender pussy? This was happening? Now?

I watched Paul hold his cock down, gripping himself by his thick stem, and I felt it touching the tender surface of my vulva, I felt my swollen damp lips being spread apart by the end of his penis, his swollen round glans rubbing over my wet pussy, then touching my vagina, I was so wet for him. The touch of his cock, the information of what was pressing against my sex was enough for fear to escape and arousal to return.

"Put your cock inside me, please, oh Paul, do it now, I want it now, please, put your hard cock inside my wet cunt, Paul, please, fuck me, fuck me, I want your big beautiful stiff cock deep inside my cunt, please, push your beautiful virgin cock inside my virgin pussy..."

"Oh, oh Salima, you look so fucking beautiful, your dark hairy cunt, your lovely brown skin. I will, oh god, this is it, my cock is right there, oh Salima, oh..."

I saw him holding his penis, and pushing, with his hips, and I felt him enter me.

"OH, oh fuck, oh my god..."

He slid end of his penis inside my vagina, god, fuck I am aroused again, remembering this, I felt the swollen round tip of his cock enter me, the fat smooth dark tip of his penis entered my vagina, I felt him pushing the tight walls of my pussy, spreading me, stretching my tight virgin cunt. Oh my god, I had a boy's penis inside me, inside my pussy.

"Fuck me, oh Paul, please, fuck me, push your fucking cock deep inside my cunt, fuck my tight virgin Pakistani cunt."

And he did, fuck, he thrust his penis inside me, I felt him tear my hymen.

"OH, OH FUCK, ah, oh fuck that hurts so much, oh Paul. Oh fuck I'm sorry.

I cried out with pain, but also pleasure, the knowledge that I was no longer a virgin, Paul pulled his penis almost all the way out of me, I felt the sweet friction of his thick stem pulling the tight wet walls of my vagina, and thrust himself back inside me, hard, quick, there was more pain.

"Oh, oh fuck, fuck me, oh Paul, oh god, oh..."

I cried out, Paul stopped. With his long cock deep inside me, I pushed myself up, on my elbows, I wanted to see Paul's penis within my vagina, I levered myself upwards, looked down at my cunt, our pubic hair was meshed together, he was deep inside me, I could feel his cock deep inside my young cunt, suddenly my dark bush looked thicker, more womanly, with Paul's right next to it, with our genitals touching, Paul's inside mine, his slim pale hips between my dark open legs, his full firm ass gripped by my tight brown thighs. I pulled him to me, his face to mine, our mouths.

"Hold yourself there, oh please, I want to feel our pubic hair together, I want to feel your cock inside me, please, feel your hard cock in my little pussy, oh fuck Paul, we are doing it, you have your penis inside me, you're not a virgin any more, we are no longer virgins. Tell me what my cunt feels like."

"Oh god Salima, it feels fucking incredible, oh fuck, it is too nice, oh fuck, like nothing else, you're so hot, it feels so tight and wet..."

I move my hands to his firm naked ass, and grip him there, stroking his naked bum. I feel him grind our pubic areas together, he cock feel huge inside me, I feel split in two, the pain is still there, but the sensation battles with deeper, rising pleasure.

"Fuck me Paul, fuck me hard, do it, fuck me hard, oh god, I want to feel your hard cock sliding in and out of my bloody cunt, fuck me like a little slut, fuck me as hard as you can..."

He pulled himself back, I watched his thick shaft withdrawing from my cunt, wet and red with blood and moisture, the tights wall of my vagina was being stretched out, I could see how glisteningly wet I was, Paul pushed his cock back inside me, slowly.

The pain returned, I felt myself being pulled, torn again.

"Don't fucking stop, fuck me harder, oh Paul, fuck me like a whore, fuck my tight young pussy like I'm a fucking slut, fuck my cunt Paul, fuck me hard, like a filthy slut Paki whore."

And he did, he fucked me, Paul held himself up on his elbows, and thrust himself back inside me, quick and hard, then back, and back, speeding up, I looked at his face, his open mouth, his eyes, looking down at our naked bodies, at our joined sex.

"Look at my cunt, please, look at your hard cock entering me, look at your beautiful hard cock sliding in and out of my tight pussy."

I felt his penis sliding quickly, more quickly in and out of my wet cunt, I felt his balls as they thumped against my bum, I spread my legs wider, I held Paul's firm bare ass, I gripped his bum, like I'd seen my mother holding my father, Paul thrust his hard long cock deep in and out of my pussy and I pulled his ass, and reached in between his smooth round cheeks, I reached between, feeling the damp humid cleft of his wonderful arse, I reached, stretching, wanting to touch him there, wanting to feel him, I did, I felt the tip of my slim forefinger touch the tight smooth wrinkle of his anus.

"Oh fuck, oh fucking hell, touch me, oh yeah, oh god, touch my ass, please, let me feel your finger on my tight asshole..."

He sped up, but pushed his bum back, harder onto my finger, I held his ass as he thrust it up and down, in and out of me, and pressed my long finger against his clenched anus, I rubbed him there, I rubbed and circled his damp asshole, then pushed harder, god, I felt so hot, and horny, and totally fucking filthy, I had Paul's cock inside my cunt, I was being fucked for the first time, and I had my finger pressing against his tight smooth moist anus, I pushed more forcefully, as Paul fucked me hard, then more again, until in one quick movement my finger was inside him, inside his tender virgin bum, I penetrated his tight asshole, felt his sphincter tighten around my fingers, I slid it in and out, I fingered his arse, as I did Paul said.

"Fuck Salima, fuck I am coming, god, your tight little cunt feels too good, your finger, fuck me, fuck my arse with your finger, I'm coming, you dirty little beautiful sexy, fucking hot, you hot little gorgeous Pakistani slut, I am fucking coming."

"Oh yes, come for me, oh Paul, come over me, please, I want to see you come, come over my body, oh fuck, come over my tits, over my face, cover me with hot your hot spunk, cover me with cum like a dirty little whore..."

He pulled out of me, as I'd watched my father pull his hard cock out of my mother, Paul pulled his penis out of my vagina, and sat up over me, my finger still in his arse, and masturbated, he stroked his big hard cock, quick, rough, I stared at his wet tip and thick shaft, as Paul stroked himself, his cock wet and bloody from my cunt, my broken hymen, his foreskin was pulled back, his swollen tip shiny with my blood, with my pussy, I watched him rub himself hard, fast, until he was coming, fuck, I hadn't seen this close up, I mean, I'd felt Paul when he came in my mouth, but I saw it, more or less for the first time, he held his cock, pulled back his foreskin.

"Oh yes, come over me, oh Paul, cover over my face, I want your hot spunk on my face, spunk over me like I'm your little Pakistani slut..."

I moved my fingers between my legs, I started to stroke myself, feeling how wet and thick my pussy was, and Paul gripped my wrist and brought my bloody fingers up to his mouth, sucked them and started to come, he came on me, with my blood and moisture in his mouth, he held his hard cock, I felt my fingers in his mouth, stared at his shiny red wet cock, as he ejaculated over my brown smooth belly, I saw him, I saw a boy come up close, the first long thick creamy white stream of fluid leaping from his jumping cock, up over my tits, I felt the warm splash of his semen land on my naked body, fuck he was really coming hard, one thick ribbon of hot cum splashed on my chin.

"Come on my face, come on my filthy little slut face."

Paul shifted up, slightly, pointing his cock to me, I felt another splash of his cum land on my lips, my cheeks. And he dropped onto me and kissed me, fuck, I felt his lips on mine, his tongue, he kissed and licked, I tasted myself again, my pussy, my blood, and he tasted himself, fuck it was so deliciously dirty, we kissed and Paul licked his own cum from my hot damp naked skin, he kissed my bare breasts, I felt his mouth pulling at my tight nipples, lower, licking cum from my belly.

"Oh Paul, oh fuck, please, lick me, kiss my cunt, oh god, I want to come with you, I want you to make me come, please, lick my wet cunt, kiss my bloody cunt."

He moved himself lower, his mouth was slurping all over me, over my stomach, into my thick black bush, snuffling through my pubic hair, then lower again, he dropped between my legs, I felt his hands on my thighs, holding my legs apart, then his lips on my cunt, I felt him kissing my swollen labia, licking me up and down, lower, I felt him pushing my legs back, and Paul was licking my perineum, then my anus.

Fuck, I felt his tongue pressing onto my asshole, I widened my legs, reached and held his head closer to my tight virgin anus as he pushed his tongue inside me, then moved back to my wet pussy, and he was licking me there, pushing his tongue inside my vagina, flicking in and out, then up to my clitoris, god I was in heaven, this felt just wonderful, his fingers were on me, rubbing my anus, then penetrating my cunt, curling in, the pressure of his finger inside me felt incredible, my whole body was quaking with pleasure, his fingers were fucking both my tight openings as his tongue was circling and licking my aching tender clit, I was moaning, god, almost thrashing, holding on to him, my legs wide, splaying my hot cunt for him.

"Fuck, fuck, yes, fuck, kiss my Pakistani cunt, lick my bloody wet cunt, oh god, oh Paul, I am coming, oh fucking god, oh my hot wet cunt, oh oh oh fuck, harder, kiss my cunt, there, oh yes, oh fucking yes."

It was my first time, the first time I had a guy's cock inside me, the first time anyone had kissed and licked my cunt. It was the most thrilling and powerful climax of my life. To that point. I was so glad I came, I know most girls don't, first time, I didn't, or wouldn't have, if Paul hadn't gone down on me after he came. I would have got past it either way, but, god, that first orgasm made me greedy for more, more and more, filthier and filthier, it set my template for sex, for what I wanted, I wanted to fuck Paul again and again.

He drew himself up next to me, lay down. I glanced. His cock was still hard. Trembling and rigid above his stomach. We were young. At the time I thought this was the proper way of things. Paul looked at me.

"What time do you parents get in?"

Written by: salimak

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